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Ok so basically, i am 32 male, ex-smoker, petrified of dentist so have never really been, until now, Since the turn of the year i have had unbelevable pain every day, am getting little to no sleep, Am living on iboprufen and co-codomol, i signed up to my local dentist, amazing reputation, i have been 3 times in the last 2 weeks, I need, 8 fillings, route canal and 8 teeth extractions, i to date have had, 3 permanent fillings and 2 temporary fillings and anti biotics for a infection. The problem is every day i wake up worse and worse, the pain is now unberable and i don;t know what to do, i feel like i am being gunea pigged, i need to go somewhere, as an emergency, and just have it all done in one go, now, I have been reffered to a specialist centre for the 8 teeth extractions, but the waiting list is 4-6 weeks, I can't have 2 hours sleep and spend every day shaking because of pain, im going to crack, what can i do, where can i go, please, someone, help. 

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    My oral health is the result of many years of neglect, and those infections are just ghastly!

    But even so, I found a dental practice that were warm, friendly, and kind all round. It sounds like you've had some luck in this yourself.

    But the thing is - you've pushed yourself to the dentist. And dentists have seen some pretty grisly sights during their careers, so mouths like ours will never be the worst.

    And that's what I wanted, for a dentist just to knock me out and fix my whole mouth in one hit. They cost us a whole lot of money after all!

    Here are some things you could try:

    1. Get some clove oil, soak a cotton ball in it and squeeze dry. Place it on the tooth and gradually bite down on it. This will help to brush your teeth, eat and swallow fluids as it temporarily numbs the pain.

    2. Look into all sorts of painkillers and check their maximum dosage. The human body can tolerate a lot more pills than what is written on the box. Exceeding the dosage on the box by double is what I've had to resort to (2g panadol every 8 hours for example - as well as doubling the ibuprofen) but I did that with a lot of water.

    3. The antibiotics you have been prescribed should be dealing with the infection as well as the pain. Since they're not, its probably because the prescribed dosage is ineffective. In my desperation I swallowed 3 grams (6 500mg augmentin) and then another 3 grams after 8 hours. And now I'm taking 1 gram every 8 hours and I'm pretty much pain free. Call your GP or dentist, and get as much antibiotics as you can. If your dentist won't help, go to your GP, and if he won't help, get a new GP. You should not have to live in this kind of pain because of a broken health system. 

    I wish I could be of more help, I know what you're going through.


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      Hi Mate, thanks for reply. So a slight update, i basically went to dentist for opening time this morning and pleaded with them to do something, out of the 8 teeth which need out she offered to take one out there and then and said it is a 1 in 8 chance of helping the overall pain, it could be refered pain etc.... So, just under a Local this 1 tooth came out, It was HORIFIC, the 3 injections in mouth, the pulling, twisting, grinding, although i wouldnt say painful i would say the most uncomfortable thing ever. Since it came out at approx 9.30am i have managed to get some sleep, it has bled a lot, taste of blood is horrible, and not local is wearing off the pain is returning, ok, at the mo not as bad as was, but still rather bad. 

      To think the reason i avoided the dentist for 30+ years was due to being petrified and i have been 4 times in 2 weeks, and i still need another 4+ appointments, they should not be allowed to leave you in such pain, animals are treated better than this.

      She did say i could go private and have it done saturday, i said, saturday, its only bloody monday i can't see myself making tuesday right now, let alone saturday, coupled with the fact i don't have a spare grand plus lying about. The other option was to be refered but without sedation, just a local, after having this 1 out with local, it was bad enough, no way i can have a further 7 out just with local.

      I am between a rock and a hard place and in AGONY just because i am not rich and have a severe phobia. 

      Not happy at all.

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      I remember my dentist had to brace himself and play tug of war with one of my back teeth that was deeply rooted! The best part of it all was knowing that I would leave the practice free from living in agony!

      And you, you got it done, your gums and mouth can begin to heal where that tooth used to be.

      Four times in two weeks? Do you feel as apprehensive going to the dentist now as you did over the past 30 years?

      And I fully agree with you about animals being treated better - the facts are that before you stands a dentist,the only person who can free you from the agony in which you live, and he can do that in less than an hour, but he will adamantly refuse to do so - because you aren't wealthy enough to afford such extremely high prices. Money has more power over human beings than it should - we can actually turn away from tortured beings while holding the keys to their wellbeing and freedom.

      Have you consulted with your GP with your phobia? If the dentist won't offer sedation, then your GP might prescribe something if it means making you well again, that is his job after all.

      Keep me updated Tezza.

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    Hello tezza1234

    I have been in pain for a month. Unfortunately my X-rays don't show anything wrong with my teeth . I take ibuprofen 4 times, extra strenghth Tylenol with it and sudafed every four hours. Make a schedule so one dose is right before bed. Call your pharmacy to see how much u can take.  The doctor at the emergency room told me to take 800mg three times a day, but you might be able to take more. I take 600mg for times a day.  You can also get the numbing gel for toothaches. I hope this helps.  If you have heard of any dentist that goes to different countries to help or some type of human service work than call them. They will probably have more compassion for someone in pain.


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