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Dental Abscess

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  • Bluespots 1

    Abscess on gum

    I have an abscess on my gum i have no teeth so i am a little confused on how i got it. I have had it for about 6 months now and it's getting worse and worse. I do have an emergency appointment for my dentist but it isn't for another month. Anyway i just wanted to see if anybody else has had this.

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  • lisa60827 1
  • kate10772 1

    Back upper molar root canal sinus problem

    Hi, one of my back upper molars is dead and has become infected, I had a root canal and during I could feel a pressure build up my nose. In an X-ray before you could see my sinus was close to the first treatment I had a bad sinus headache and found blood in my Mucas, went to doctor and

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  • robert67979 1

    Wisdom tooth removed, now have infection, what should I do?

    Week n a half ago I had my upper left wisdom tooth cut.  5 days later I developed ab infection lower left of my jaw/corner of chin along with hills & milde fever.  Next day went back to the dentist and got peridox mouth ash & clindamycin antibiotics to hopefully help.  Well, I went the ER last

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  • alexia54878 1
  • evan26688 1

    Tooth hurts to touch, as well as gum

    I had chipped a tooth around 7 years ago and I got it filled in, well I don't know if that has anything to do with this but now i'm experiencing harsh throbbing pains in my tooth and it has no sensitivity or reaction to hots and colds, it hurts to touch and hurts to touch my gums

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  • praveshh 1

    lump in the gum

    after 18 months of my root canal i found this lump which is not visible from above but one can feel it with finger on my gum which is actually painless i.e i dnt feel any pain in that lump or teeth but still i scheduled my apointment with my dentist and he said its fine as far as u dnt feel any

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  • ursulauc62 4

    Very Painful nerve on root canal treatment

    I was told that I needed root canal treatment on a problematic tooth. It had had several fillings which fell out and then I started getting toothache. I went to my dentist who drilled out the old filling and it was very painful - even with all the anaesthetic she could give me - and it was alot!

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  • susan7171 2

    Gilbert syndrome

    can anyone please advise my bilirubin levels are 44 each time imhave my bloods done for years iv not felt right after exercise I feel so,exhausted I feel tired sick sometimes I can not breath right or sleep feels like a big cloud on my chest can not remember things etc dr never said anything about

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  • Tattoohayley 1

    Abscess tooth please help worried

    Hi I have 10 crowned top teeth done 4 year agos Ive had to have 3 teeth root canaled over the past 4 years due to having crowns done Last Sunday my 4th top tooth from the front started niggling at me I knew it was gonna be a infection Monday was a bank hoilday unlucky for me and by monday night i

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  • Freedom 77 2


    Had a dentist appointment yesterday (ive had a dental abcess appear on my gum). Dentist said it was infected and couldn't save the tooth-it might result in extraction!! I had a root canal done and crown put on that tooth over 6 years ago. Dentist said as the tooth was 7th Molar it couldn't be

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  • bossdean 1

    Tooth infection - agonizing pain any advice please

    Like so many here my infection started as a niggling pain in my bottom lefentist t molar. I am due to have a root canal on this tooth in 2 weeks time but the next day the little niggle had exploded into unctrollable head cutting off agonizing pain, i tried relieving the pain just using paracetomol

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  • jazee 1
  • doseofstyle 1
  • susietwoshoes 2

    Thr 8 weeks ago pain in legs

    hi have been doing well went to see consultant at 6 week he gave me all clear . Not using crutches or sticks went back to work at 5 weeks , however although my hip is fine I'm having big problems getting up after being sat down for any length of time, I'm getting muscle pain in both thighs down to

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  • Guest M

    Abscess questions PLEASE help

    Hello, I have an abscess, lower left big tooth (third I think) Anyway, started off last weekend feeling unwell, headache a bit fluey, then sunday tooth started to niggle. Called dentist on Monday as by then pain in jaw, around ear and eye. He said I could go in on the Tuesday PM. He said the

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  • annmariya93060 1
  • jessica20752 1

    Abscess tooth

    So today I go in for a root canal and I'm freaking out because I'm already in pain from my tooth , my face and neck are swollen because of it , people say you can go back to work right away but I'm not sure on that one I look like I got punched in the face. Anyone know the recovery time or how long

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  • heather77330 1

    Teeth problems

    I had a tooth infection and I've taken all the meds but now my head hurts really bad and so does my stomach. How do i know if the infection spread

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  • siobhan05402 1

    Infection under root canal

    So about 4 days ago, I started getting this intense pain on the right side of my mouth. I had a root canal on one of my molars 5 years ago. Today I went to the dentist and he did his X-rays and compared how my root canal was looking. It's still the same. He tapped on top of the tooth and the pain

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  • fee76 1

    How long doestrogen a tooth infection last?????

    Had a root canal in June due to a cracked tooth. Now in March I began to have pain. My dentist discovered an infection. Have me amoxicillin that didn't work and told me to go back to the Endodontics who took off the crown and packed the tooth with meds and gave me doxycycline which worked a little

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  • sarah22247 2
  • Welshkitty 2

    Flucloxacillin and abscess under crown

    I have an abscess under my crown will flucloxacillin work to kill the infection and ease tho symptoms? I'm prescribed them for a stomach infection but wondering if they would work for my tooth, I have to wait a whole week to as my dentist and I'm in agony thanks

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  • Anonymous127890 1

    So many things

    Okay. To start things off I just had my back molar extracted due to a nasty abscess. I was also diagnosed with gingivitis and I grind my teeth at night. Anyways, when I had the abscess I noticed the tooth that was infected was really loose and the tooth next to it was also becoming loose. When I

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  • chris94894 1

    Extreme wisdom tooth pain

    Hi guys, Ive been in an incredible amount of pain the last week or so, i have been to the dentist twice about this and have been told my wisdom tooth is growint at a angle towards my other tooth and that it will need to be taken out. I have been advised there is over a month possibly 2/3 months

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  • thoopsie 1

    Dental abscess treated with amoxicillin

    Hey, i had a root canal, noticed a bump that got really mean really quick, went to dentist, he said it is a dental abscess but its not on one tooth but between two on the gums and not giving toothache just hurting in itself, having finished the course of 500mg amoxicillin 3x daily 5days the lump

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  • Sharpy78 1


    Hey guys need some advice I was diagnosed with a wisdom tooth abscess which is in my jaw bone I was on and have finished a course of antibiotics and have my appointment with the dental surgeon tomorrow to have the tooth removed however the swelling is that tight in one area of my jaw that it

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  • Darkchild101 2
  • r070603 2

    Root Canalled Front Teeth Horrible Sensations

    I am having ongoing problems with my two upper front teeth. I had one root canalled 20 years ago and all was good. Then in November 2016 the other front tooth started having pain, there was a mild abscess but my dentist sent me away and said come back when it's really painful. I got a second

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  • Foxxy25321 2

    Severe tooth pain, swollen jawline!

    Went to the dentist today, after two days of horrible pain, no sleep, and a cranky little atittude! He scheduled me to get a bad tooth pulled a week from today. Meanwhile, He put me on antibiotics and pain meds and my pain has been been better today however, now my jawline is very noticeably

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  • loniboogie 1

    pain after root canal

    I had a tooth that had a temporary filling that filling broke where the tooth was open for almost 6 months dentist said it needed a root canal. Started the root canal did not take antibiotic before now I have excrutiating pain nothing works for long o pain killers how long before the antibitotic

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  • doseofstyle 1
  • david87610 1
  • J1996 2

    Mouth/Throat/Chest problems, tasting metal/salt help?!

    Hello, Basically I will get straqight to the point. It began 4/5 days ago, my mouth tasted metallic but I thought nothing of it, 4 days has passed and today it tastes salty instead constantly, usually after I eat, but at night times it tastes bitter constantly. I don't know whether it is in the

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  • andrea 15937 1

    Wisdom tooth impacted infection! Plz help!

    I started with some pain Tuesday night on my bottom right wisdom tooth. I have taken 4 days of Amoxicillin 500mg. The pain is not so bad anymore but the swelling is ridiculous! It hurts to swallow and I can't open my mouth for anyone to see to look at it. Who has experienced this? Plz help

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