Depressed for a while.

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I'm not sure where to start with this so i'll just say i'm a male around the late 20's mark. I used to live life with my foot to the floor, every minute of every day I was doing somthing. I derived a lot of enjoyment from sport.

Anyway around 2 years ago I suffered a sports related spinal injury. It wasn't actually anything life changing. However it was 24/7 pain and I coudn't do much at all, occasionally I coudn't move for it. Physically things have improved vastly, I'm just about reaching recovery now but i'm not even close to where I was.

All that ive i've been sinking slowly in depression, some days worse than others. For a while now, i've just lost interest in hobbies, people, everything. All the colour has drained from the world and it's just grey.

My mind its just turning over, idling away. Not complex though, nothing. I don't do anything, when I think about doing things I plan them and when it comes to it I never have the will/motivation or interst to do them, despite enjoying them before. I feel tired all the time, despite being rested.

I don't want to see anyone or do anything, it's like a asphyxiating blanket. I don't smile, I just exist.

I tried to boost my energy with coffee etc, didn't change anthing. Occasionally somthing will break through the surface and i'll get a laugh although it's very short lived.

I'm well aware my problems both what I went through and this depression are mild by comparison to what others experiance.

The accident happened right at the end of my studies at University and smashed my confidence to peices. I haven't got a job since leaving Uni 2 years ago, it was impossible before. It's possible now but I'm getting rejection emails for jobs weekly.

I haven't had a gf in a very long time, I'm not even interested in women or persuing any kind of relationship right now anyway.

I don't want to see or do anything with my friends either.

All emotion seems... muted. They say you're supposed to bounce back, i'm not exactly sure how much 'bounce' I have left. Some of the darker thoughs have flittered through my mind.

It's a slow spiral and it seems very difficult to pull up and get out of.

Well i'm sure all those ramblings don't make much sense but it's how i've been feeling for a while now and I think it needed to come out actually.

Any advice to break the cycle would be useful. Thanks.


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    It seems you're about to turn a corner. Things are about to become possible. And you held on through your injury and still have friends . it seems now you live life thinking it through rather than enjoying the moment. You will get a job and reclaim your life

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    Hello Pegg

    If you are feeling dark I would strongly advise you make an appointment with your GP and explain your oncerns. The sooner you do that the better.

    You need to understand a good perentage of people with Depression recover, although sometimes it will return at various times of your life, it will not be a continueous disability.That is why you need to make that appointment.

    One thing you need to understand however is that to know the cause of your low mood you become halfway there in your recovery.

    Sometimes if we have an accident in our mid twenties we find when we recover we cannot do the things we used to do in our teens and early twenties. What causes this is the bones stop growing as we reach our mid to late twenties. When we have an accident, you become out of trim and that can make you feel low, as you need to fight to get back into the flow of exersise. This can affect your mood as toneing will now take additional effort.

    With regard your completion of Uni you would leav with the feeling the Worlds your Oyster. If you have not found a position comensurate to your skills, job search becomes a trail and your confidence may take a further whollope.especially if you have been of with that disabiity and then everything just begins to build up, we beome lacking in the spring in your step and you fall in towards yourself, you loose confidence.

    Mind this is my opinion, talk to your GP and get that mood lifted.

    All the best, good luck


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    Hi there,

    You have been through a lot and it is not surprising you feel low. It is not always easy to bounce back, especially when you are still facing some problems of finding a job and are still not back to full fitness. It is particularly hard when you are young and lived a full fast life before! smile

    If you haven't already done so, please visit your doctor as soon as possible and tell him exactly how you are feeling. You r dr. will advise the best course of action - maybe antidepressants or therapy. In the meantime there are some good books on depression, have a look on amazon. Keep posting on here and you will get support from others, some will understand exactly how you feel as they are going through the same thing. You WILL get better, hold on to that thought, and see your doc. You have a wonderful life in front of you to look forward to. All the best,x 

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    Hi pegg. I am so sorry to hear that you are so low, try to remember that you can get back to your original fitness level...and even more....

    I know how horrible it feels when life is grey and flat...even hopeless...but do not lose hope ever...please see your doctor....they really can help you with a mild anti-depressant....and sedative at night ( short term of course )

    DO you know of any SPORTS THERAPISTS...who could help you regain your strength and agility....try going for a say...half a mile jog...every morning...and then build up to an hour or two....

    Also maybe pamper yourself ( i am sure that you deserve to )

    Have a massage and sauna....relaxation sessions.....swimming....acupuncture..... and something just for ...sheer fun.... a new outfit. A new hairdo...or a fun filled day with family and friends...

    But before anything else...please pegg...have a word with your doctor...I wish you fitness...enjoyment...fulfillment....and most of all ...happiness....sincere regards and warm hugs lovey....xxxx

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    Hi Pegg - have to agree with all the other posts here telling you to see your doctor. Explain how you feel and ask that you be referred to a counsellor/psychologist. You will be able to talk out your issues in a safe and private environment with someone skilled at looking under the layers of depression. It may take a little time to get comfortable with the counsellor/psychologist and the routine, but if you are uncomfortable and dread the sessions, seek another counsellor/psychologist. It's important you trust them. You may require meds to help you over the hump period - these will lighten your mood and help you tackle issues from an intellectual rather than emotional perspective. Meds are not a permanent fixture or solution. They are part of the tool kit that can be used to get you back to your old self again.

    You will find the grey days subsiding and be able to engage better with the world and people around you. You will feel empowered that you are doing something focussed on getting better with someone who can guide you. Be kind to yourself and remember this is a temporary issue that will pass. Best of luck to you and your thrilling future.

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    Pegg live for the day the future will take care of itself.

    Make that appointment


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    Hello everyone

    Well I bottomed out a few days ago. Since then i've had a small bit of boyancy, it's not much but i'll take anything. I'm not out of the woods by quite a way but better than I was and we'll see where this goes.

    Just posting how I felt and talking about stuff helped quite a bit. It felt like a bit of a release putting my feelings into words and letting others know. Thank you for your replies, I read them all and appreciate them.


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      Pegg depressives need the support of others  who also suffer this cruel disability. We are generally the only ones who can understand what we are going through


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    go and do some confidence building in the local gym
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