Depressed when Ramipril gonna work with my BP lower

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Hello I am just new in here wanna ask if how many weeks does this meds works? Been taking Ramipril 2.5 mg. For almost 2 weeks my BP still a bit high like 160/100. Does anyone in here had that experience like bad dairhead? Clamy and dizzy.

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    I'm on Ramipril and wish I wasn't- I hate taking any meds. It may be that the dose is not high enough. I was on 5mg and my BP was still 'high'. My GP upped it to 10mg and my BP came down - a little. But then I developed the Ramipril cough!

    The real difference for me came with a diet change. Go back to your GP but in the meantime try Vit B3 (niacin) it can give you a flush, but that shows it is working and if you are menopausal, like me, the flush is NOTHING like as bad. Also pure coconut water seems to work in bringing down your BP - weird I know, but somehow it works - tastes yummy too!

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      Hi there . I to was on rampiril . I stopped takeing it for few days . It made me feel as if I was in different world to every one else . Feel like a zombie . Can't get my self motivated to do anytning feel drained no energy . Lost all interest in life . I think it effects memory as well . It started with Amlodopine . I had trouble getting GP to change them ,they really are bad meds . But it seem the Rampiril in my eyes are no better . And yes I along with lots of folk on here get chest probs , it's like the sinuses are over acting if that makes sense .  Two days ago I started taking beetroot capsules 1twice a day .too early to tell if they are working yet . Still got meds in my system . Although Rampiril never stablised my BP . You say you take 

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      I hope I get better luck finishing off what I was trying to type . It dissapeared before I finished . You say u take Vit B could you say how much and how often and same with coconut water . Is it working ? I just started with beetroot capsules too soon to tell still got Rampiril in my system . I do think there is a link between these meds and dementia . They are calcium based I believe . And several days ago it was said that women who take calcium tablets etc should stop because there ia a link to dementia . Which is what I thought for a while . My memory issues started with Amlodopine .. Giving that it's usually us folk in later life who gets high BP . Is why we then go on to get dementia . It would be interesting If someone done a study to see if middle aged or elderly people with normal BP had probs with dementia . Good luck with your Vit B please let us know if it works 😊

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      I take one Vit B3 (Niacin) every day usually after my evening meal.

      We found out about the coconut water by accident. We only got it to try out and it really is the most refreshing drink on a hot day! Long story short, we found out that if we tested out BP then had a drink of coconut water, then about a hour later tested again both numbers had dropped.

      We have tried it a couple of times and it is always the same - I can't put it down to anything else. Plus the fact my OH later read that trials are being done into the same thing.

      If you need calcium get it from food not supplements. You need to juggle calcium with magnesium to get the right balance and not end up with calcium deposits where they should not be! Far easier to get it from your diet.

      I am convinced that the rise in Alzheimers is linked to statins. 25% of the cholesterol in our bodies is in the brain. Reduce that and what do you get? I also truly believe that the problem with 'fuzzed' up arteries is down to calcium NOT cholesterol, which is acting like a lubricant to your calcified 'pipes' - think about kettles in hard water areas.

      As for your memory problems, may I ask how old you are? If, like me , you are in your 50's brain fog is all a part of menopause - sorry about that!rolleyes

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    may01869...To me, there isn't anything worse than not feeling well due to medication. Meds are supposed to help us, not make us sick!. However, as with

    all drugs, there are side effects that can occur. 

    Actually 2 weeks isn't a long time for you not to see much difference in your bp readings. It COULD take a month. Don't take your readings when you're feeling unwell, in pain, or anxious. Also, don't take readings within 30min of eating, drinking, showering, or bathing. Sit with your back supported on a chair, with feet flat on the floor. If you're using an arm cuff,be sure the cuff is even with your heart. Have the cuff tight enough so you can insert two fingers comfortably in the top, otherwise if the cuff is too loose, or too tight, you could get innacurate readings. Also be sure the tube going from the cuff is lined down  your arm so it meets with your middle finger. Sit with the palm UP. Take 3 readings, each about 1min. apart, then average them out. If you have a machine that you can program 3 readings consecutively, that's even better. 

    Remember, relax...that's important when taking bp readings. 

    If after a while, you may want to consult your Dr. He/she may need to adjust the medication to perhaps 5mgs. 

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    Hi there, It will probably vary from person to person. If your GP is not happy with your BP then they will probably increase the dosage to 5 mg or 10mg. If that does not lower your BP sufficiently then they may also put you on a diuretic. Apparently the dizziness can happen when you start taking the medication according to other patients. If you are worried then go back to your GP but worrying about your BP may not help with your BP either smile

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