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recently i have found myself to be completely different from how i was say a year ago. i find myself crying at nights because i feel so small and unrelevent, i question my exsistance everyday and constantly feel horrible. i sleep for almost days on end because its like the easiest thing i can do. i am 15 years old and have removed myself from education because of the way people these day treat me and make me feel. im always feeling self concious and unworthy, i have no idea what to do?! i threw my mobile away because of fear of the people i could call friends. the only human interaction i get is from family and social work, which i guess is not healthy. i stay with my mum but we really don't get on in the slightest, which hurts me. i want out of the town i stay in as i feel trapped here, i feel i have no place in this world. i mean, where am i going to end up in a few years with no qualifications or social skills? before, i would stay out for hours after my curfew, most times the police would get involved and i couldn't have a care in the world. but then i guess i realised i was hurting the people i loved the most because of a group of people threw me so far off my path, now i am sitting here wondering what to do with my life as i fear there is nothing there, whereas these people are still in school, yes they may not behaving but at least the'll get somewhere. but all i here is 'jasmine, why can't you just man up and go to school?'

and i just guess i have no answer, i cant go to the shops without wanting to go home, let alone go to a school where i hate everyone there!! i'm wondering if anyone who reads this can give me advice? i'm so fed up of feeling this way, i think i'm loosing my mind. i've not been out properly for almost 6 months!!!! thanks for reading.

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    Hello Jasmine, do you think you may be depressed as you say your not interested in anything and wanting to sleep a lot, crying and feeling worthless, these feelings can be signs of depression. Your symptoms could also be fluctuating hormones or a combination of both. You do seem to have some issues with your self esteem and confidence. You say you do not get on with your mum but have you got a close family member that you can talk to about how you are feeling? It maybe worth you going to see your GP for a chat and see what can be offered. Hope this helps.


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      thanks for the help, i will book an appointment with my GP now, i wasn't sure about it before as i have been before but she said that i should just try keep my stress levels down which is almost impossible.
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    It can be difficult for young people today, not only because there are so many distractions, but because depression among younger people is rife.

    I don't not mean to offend you in any way by saying that I think you may well be suffering from circumstantial depression.

    A way out of it?

    Well for one thing you are certainly not too old to return to education and attempt to complete it, but it is for you to decide how and where.

    Although you say you do not get on with your mum it would do no harm at all to sit down quietly with her (or someone else that you feel you can talk to) and discuss your concerns about your future, and at the same time try and work out a few options for you, whereby you might be able to break out of this vicious circle of despair.

    One option I would mention is to ask your mum to accompany you to your doctor so it can be established if you are in fact suffering from depression, and if so maybe to request a course of cbt.

    Although you are still quite young you have been forced to face the reality that life is not at all easy, and to make anything of it you will need to do something meaningful with it.

    From what you say, it does sound very much to me that you feel in a hopeless situation and are desperate to make changes. If this is the case I would urge you to regard this as one of the most important challenges in your life, and act accordingly.

    Please do not allow anything or anyone to distact you from making something of your life.


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      thank you, i will be going to the doctors soon, but my mum and grandma both suffered from depression and went to the GP to get pills, and both said they felt very ill after so it does throw me off.
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      There are quite a few different medications available today, one or more of which should be ok for you.

      Don't expect an immediate improvement as they all take a while to work into your system, but inspite of this they do offer great improvement opportunities.

      Just try to remember that things can and will improve for you - it will just take a bit of patience on your part.

      My very best wishes

      R x

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      Hello again don't think about the pills your grandma and mum had. Everybody is different, your experience of depression is yours alone. Meds have different effects so what works for one doesn't always work for another. There are other forms of treatment such as counselling and cbt. If you were still at school i would say see the school counseller, because you have left you may have to wait for adult counselling with the nhs. 

      What Archemedes has said is true that you can still get back into education. You are too young to give up on this. treat your depression first then you will be in a better place to look at your future. 


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      To people who don't suffer with depression, because they cannot she the problem (like you would for example with a broken arm) feel it's ok  to say 'pull yourself together'.

      But that doesn't really work.

      To those who suffer with it, it can be an absolute nightmare with no light appearing to be at the end of the tunnel.

      This is why is so important for sufferers to get as much help as possible and to be able to speak freely about what they feel, so that the load can be shared, and every attempt be made to fix things.

      This is why, as in your case it is essential that as much medical help can be sought and received as possible, and this is why I have advised you to please go to your doctor quickly before things deteriorate any further.

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    Hi Jasmine,

    I am 28 and must say I admire your bravery. The first step is realising that you don't feel 100% right or yourself.

    People who tell you to "man up" or "snap out of it" have obviously never felt how you feel. You don't need this at all!

    I feel like screaming when people say this to me.

    I think seeing your GP is a very sensible idea and don't worry about tablets there are lots out there and different doses so I am sure with a little time they are bound to find one to suit you.

    Try not to dwell on the future too much, just concerntrate on yourself and try to think back at what made you happy, laugh, giggle, smile and maybe try this.

    Mine was horse riding. I did it as a child and booked a few classes for myself when I started feeling low and it did help. I felt free, like I was escaping all my worries.

    I have only just recently joined this site myself but already finding it helpful.

    At 15 it is the law that you are going to fall out with your Mum but at 28 I now know that she just wanted to protect me and love me. Although it didn't feel like this at the time.

    Still to this day I HATE shopping! Clothes or food shopping and I do alot online. On the days I do feel okish I do try and go even if it's for a chocolate or sandwich.

    I then think I have had a "little win". With depression/anxiety it is important to give yourself credit for normal everyday things that other people do without even thinking about.

    Big Loves & Hugs to you


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    Depression is very common problem today and number of depressed people increaseing daily at repit way.

    I will suggest you to do some activity like below describe, that will definitely work for you.

    1. Smile. Smile. Smile. Observe how you cannot be depressed and smile at the same time.

    2. Make a list with all the crazy stuff you want to do. Do it.

    3. Get a pet and start talking about all your woes to this pet, who will be the greatest listener in the world.

    4. Dance with wild abandon. Go to the nearest (best) discotheque, night club, fun place and dance. Dancing is an excellent depression repellent.

    5. Learn and practice meditation. If you cannot fight depression – at least you will get philosophical about it and attract appreciation.

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