Depression and Menopause

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So I have been on Patient for a little while, and posted in the menopause forum as Im having major issues, but predominately with depression and anxiety.

Are their ladies out there who are seriously depressed and going through menopause/perimenopause?

Im almost thinking at this point that it may not be 100% hormonal. Im thinking I may have just fallen into depression given my lifes stressors right now, 

Are there people who are finding relief with a good antidepressant? ive tried a few very briefly but did not like at all.

I may have not given them enough time, but Im open to them if they at least get me out of this.

I have moments where im feeling ok..and it lasts maybe 4-6 hrs

then i'm down into the depression again. No joy, absolutely no zest or love for life. What in the hell happened?

I am doing as much research as I possibly can. Im studying about nutritional therapy and epigentetics which seems to be the way the health care is going..instead of sick care..

Im using bio identical hormones, seeing an awesome clinical social worker, meditations and affirmations, knowing that my thoughts create my emotions etc. Eating fairly well with limited resources to eat super healthy..

I have never been depressed like this before in my life and im 53. Ive been down and had sadness etc. all of which i bounce back out of in no time.

This is a very no bueno place to be. Dark dark dark.

I can not role model this for my boys. I feel helpless.

Anybody have a magic bullet? My doc suggested a few things, but he thought that Effexor might be suitable for me.

How do we even know whats good to take? Zoloft and Lexapro didn't do well.

Thank you


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    Hi there: wow!  You sound just like me! I had a hysterectomy 14 years ago and have been on hormone replacement ever since and now  that I hit 54 years of age, I have fallen into this depression and anxiety and although I feel that there's some hormonal component to it, I don't not think that it is all of it. I have not yet started  antidepressants. I may be quickly on my way though. I don't have any experience with any particular type of anti-depressant currently.  But I feel exactly like you. Anxiety/depression all morning and by the afternoon and evening it improves and the next day it starts all over again.  It's so painful and draining to feel this way! It sucks the life out of you! I have many friends who are on at different anti-depressants usually around when they hit menopausal age.  Its not uncommon. Maybe somebody that has experience with antidepressants can chime in. I just wanted you to know  that I'm going through the same thing and it's very painful. 

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    Thank you OhLucy.

    Yes its usually worse in the morning, but to be honest, there is very little relief even during the day..only a bit late in the afternoon evening if im lucky, then as you say, it starts all over again.

    I am going to be getting Vit. B shots that are methylated because i do not tolerate folic acid, and not able to convert it into folate. (something i want to post about later)

    Thank you for sharing and reassuring me that is not just me. I see a lot of women have few problems, but then there are lots of women who DO have the mood component of this, and often times pretty bad.

    Im thankful that im old enough and mature enough to manage anxiety through my thoughts...otherwise id be in trouble. I can step out of myself and observe the anxiety and know that its just what it is, and it passes.

    BUT the depression i have no control over.

    Hang in Lucy

    I will try to also.. 


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    I am glad you are asking questions.

    Don't stop looking for help.

    Menopause is difficult. 

    I go to an Auryvedic practitioner (east Indian ) who uses herbs to treat some of my issues with fantastic results. There is an herb used to treat the symptoms of menopause but at the moment I cannot remember what it is. I have also heard that St. Johns Wort is of some help to women in menopause.

    Best of luck!

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    Hi I took HRT which helped me a lot.  The change of life doesn't last forever so look forward to the day it finishes.  It's wonderful.  x 


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      Thank you for the replies hypercat and brenda. I suspect you were dealing with depression then?

      Yes Im hoping it helps, so far its done nothig and things are getting worse, so its not balanced quite right.

      Im hoping the labs give more information.

      Thank you for your posts


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      Yes, I have lived with Major depressive disorder,anxiety and PTSD for over 15 years.

      It has never been easy...but I try to remember I am not alone.

      Never give up hope,one day you will get the answers you need.

      Always ask for help from everyone here....we understand it.

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      Thank you Brenda

      Nope we arent alone and that is consoling, especially since i feel so alone and can not allow myself to be vunerable very much around my boys.

      thank you

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      Thank you so much for inquiring on my boys. Do you have children that are grown? And how are they doing? Do they help you or support you?

      I read my post and it was a typo, i said that we aren't alone. (i meant to say that we ARE) alone..but we have each other. And I have this forum that's been helpful.

      I'm trying to just take it one day at a time, mind over matter for sure. Playing detective and advocating for myself and my health..what else is there ?

      Do you believe in recovering from depression, or do you believe yours to be life long?


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      Hello. How was your day today? I hope it was a bit better than yesterday ?!

      Yes,I have two grown children. They are amazing,confident and married (one with 2 children).

      They are two of my best friends. My daughter was just 19 when I shared my diagnosis of mental illness with her...she started laughing and said "is that all ? I was afraid you were going to tell me you were dying." She really helped me put things into perspective; amazing for someone so young !

      We talk almost daily, she truely is my best female friend !

      I absolutely believe in recovering from depression. I will always be on the lookout for the darkness but I will not let it slow me down. Life is precious!

      I saw an Ayurvedic practitioner who has helped me more in six months than Western medicine did in 15 years. I now avoid dairy products,processed meats, caffiene, refined sugar and alcohol. These are known to trigger depressive episodes. I take many herbal supplements to help the chemical balance in the brain. I also have learned meditation,yoga and most importantly to be kind to myself.

      Since going to this practitioner I have been able to get off of the anti-depressants ( April 2017) that I had taken for 15 years 1

      Depression can be put behind us! I will need to continue with the herbs and lifestyle changes forever--but I feel that is a small price to pay. At least they have NO nasty side effects!

      Take care, Hugs

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      Thanks Brenda for the reply.

      I was wondering what supplements you are taking and if they are Ayurvedic? I would love to know.

      I take the basic minerals now, that are zinc and magnesium and big doses of Vit. C. Seems to help.

      Its also interesting to know that depression is a mental illness. It has such a stigma but I believe we all 

      basically have varying levels of mental illness. All humanity does, its just the human condition.

      For me though its like im waking up to a new person, im morphing into somebody new, and its a slow struggle. There are many things now that i do not care about. (egoic things such as personal agendas, material gain etc.) 

      So menopause, and being this depressed has taught me many things. I want to feel balanced so im taking the hrt, and just the supplements.

      I dont drink alcohol or eat meat to speak of a bite here and there..but the sweets and the caffeine i have not let go of.

      You sound very optimistic so i think that i am drawing some of this out of of your posts..your positive energy. Your kids sound like they are solid. My boys are young still, i am challenged with them parenting singlehanded..trying to be tough.....but i take time for myself, that is for certain.

      Hope to chat more, its a long journey  smile




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      I did the single parenting for  around five years when my children were very young. It was hard work but so much better than staying with a man who had no love for me and was abusive.

      I do have a positive attitude;but it has taken years to develop ! I felt that it was, either change my thought processes or let negativity and depression consume me. I am a determined person and don't like to lose. LOL

      I take vitamin B12, B complex 50, viamin D 1000mg.The herbs are from the Ayrvedic practitioner and are ;turmeric, boswellia, shatavari,and guggul.

      Depression is definately a mental illness. It is one we cannot choose to have or throw out. It is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. These chemicals are affected by diet,exercise, medication and herbal supplements. I believe that CBT can also have a positive effect on our brains too!

      Yes, this is a long journey. are not alone!



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      There is a Phd at the pharmacy that got here doctorate in ayurvedic medicne. Shes the pharmacist at the little pharmacy here. 

      Right now im going with the methylated B complex that i will inject twice a week (taking forever to get it compounded)

      Im not able to take normal B as I have the snipped enzme MTHFR and so it greatly inluences my methylation..

      I will look into these herbs though.

      I agree that the toxic marriages are best divorced. Im raising my boys alone x 4 yrs now, and actually basically did it when i was married as he was absentee mentally, emotionally, you get the picture.

      When you are doing everything in your power to not be depressed, its gets depressing. smile

      I start to lose the faith, because its exhausting to go through every day when you know your brain isnt right, your not thinking right..meaning you lack the joy, the passion, the interest. I even find it 

      physically, psychically painful...i cant explain it.

      I do know that i didnt have it prior to a year ago,, so im very aware that I am not me.

      What AD may I ask were you on for this time period?

      Im going to overcome this. I need to. 

      Thank you for your support im lookin into the herbs and talking to Martha!

      I do feel like i would be in a better place if i had someone in my life, (our lives) because lack of definitely adds to depression.




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      I first took Celexa. I was able to have good results for about five years, then my body adjusted to the medication and it lost its effectiveness. I had to wean down (awful process) and then was put onto effexor for the last ten years.

      When my husband went to the Ayurvedic practitioner for his health problems(western medicine is unable to help him) they discussed my issues as well and he said he could absolutely help me too. The rest is history!

      I certainly recommend trying it ..I feel there is nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

      Message me anytime!

      Chin up and keep smiling,you are doing everything right!


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    Hi kauaiblue... we've talked on the menopause forum... yes, I am going through this, too... the peri on top of major family and work problems, on top of also having Crohn's and lifelong anxiety issues, feels like I am in a dark tunnel with no end in sight.  My sister is in counseling following a horrible divorce and is going to get a referral for me to see someone.  There are isolated moments when I feel okay and they always give way to darkness.  I've had an image in my mind for a long time of falling and seeing a foot appear above my head to push me back down just as I'm climbing up from a dark hole and starting to see light, as though I'm drowning and can't come up for air.  Getting some lab results back this week, too, on hormones, thyroid, and blood glucose.  You say it perfectly - dark, dark, dark.  Know that we're in this together.  I'm also interested in hearing about what has worked for other ladies.  Take care and keep in touch.

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      Im hoping you labs give you some answers and me too smile

      I guess we have to try and find the solution for each of us, or at least find some peace in someway

      I know that sometimes when im overwhelmed, i can just let things BE as they are, just in a way not care about what happens, dont fight it. 

      Know that our minds are powerful, and there has to be a missing link, there just has to be.

      I also know that its annoying to have someone telling you these things as I they probably sound shallow and petty. 

      I dont mean to sound this way, I just know we have to approach it from all anles and not give up. Each time you do, you give up your power. 

      I know you are really battling issues, and they are layers and layers from what i gather...just as i am.

      Do one thing that you can triumph on..ever so slightly, and claim the triumph, as small as it is.

      If its not giving in to the fear, seeing the counselor, play it out in your mind of all the good feelings and wins.

      It gets me through a day at least doing this. Not two days, but i get through the day, crazy miserable but i made that iimprovement however small.

      keep in touch..XX

      (there is something im going to post about when i have more energy) 


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