Depression & Anxiety OR Serious Health Issues?

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Hi, I have found many posts relating to symptoms of severe Anxiety & Depression BUT none match exactly how I feel.

Lets start with the overall all day symptoms - I always feel down, I am extremely pessemistic and I feel i have NO value in life for the future. I have had suicidal thoughts but doubt I would act upon them and you shall find out below why I doubt this:

I saw a doctor today and they think i am depressed, here is where I am becoming nervous about my health being overlooked because I keep gettign breathing issues, my heart keeps beating strange, I loose all feeling in my body and i feel completely light (my arms feel non existant) I always get depersonalization and just recently I have has the SCARIEST symptom yet: Feeling like for a brief moment I have lost conciousness and blacked out! I will be driving and feel as though i completely lost conciousness for a second and my surroundings that were once familiar become unfamiliar... I know my bedroom is my bedroom but it lost all of its comfort for me! It seems alien.

HERE IS THE WORST SYMPTOM: Last night i got an overwhelming sesnse of fear rush through my body. Remember you saw that jump scare in that movie or you saw that spider and you get this intense gut rush of butterflies and a huge wave of fear fill your entire body, this occoured on a chronic basis for over 10 minutes. I felt like i was loosing control and that my actions were not going to be my own. I was met with OVERWHELMING sadness and I felt like i was being POSSESSED. I felt like this because i felt like i was going to do something horrible without wanting to, like kill myself. i kept looking arround my room reminding myself of all the contents and ornaments, reciting the objects in my room and what they were, my family and who I was... nothing really worked, everything lost its value and association with me and I was scared that i was going to kil myself right then and there and although I didnt want to i felt like my body was going to do it for me. I felt like I was loosing my own mind!!!

I am terrified, no single day has passed for a month since and whenever i think about it it comes back, not a single DAY where I feel ok

I feel comfort in being sad, happiness feels forced and i dont ;like being happy, but i do not like feeling THIS sad. HELP!"

anyone else!!? Please for the love of god tell me 


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    Sounds like you might have had a panic attack! Also you sound very depressed! Did your doctor prescribed any meds for you? Antidepressants and benzo meds can and will help you! Believe me they have helped me now and previously when I have had depression and anxiety! Talk with your doctor again or go to a mental health clinic near you for help! They will introduce you to a psychiatrist who is better for treatment! Good luck!
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    I believe you really need to work with a therapist... I am sure your Dr can recommend one...I am so sorry your are going through this... It doesn't sound like you are on any meds? and it sounds like that is something your Dr should have Rx'd for you. Please...please insist on one... it will long as you are totally honest and upfront... and don't worry...they have 'heard it all.' I wish you the very best.

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    Dear jedBar....please. please..please go back to see your GP....or if it really, really bad go to your nearest casualty can get help for this, honestly....

    I know that panic attacks can be terrifying and crippling..and they put your life on hold....

    BUT can be helped,,,honestly..see your GP today and be totally honest just how much this is impacting on your life..every single day....MY heart goes out to you....I truly, truly, truly hope that you get help ...take care, and try to sleep well...warm hugs for you always xxxx

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    Hi Jed

    Sounds like you have depression but also severe anxiety disorder or could be a side effect to any meds you are taking, it could also be a combination of both.

    Have you tried deep breaths during these attacks, also what meds are you taking.



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    Hi I agree with the others - you need to see a doctor.  It does sound like a panic attack and you are clearly depressed.  No one is going to feel exactly like you as while the symptoms of depression are familar to all of us,  we are each different in personality and circumstances. 

    Bet you have never had this one:   Many years ago I got up to go to work,  got ready and sat down in a chair for a moment.  It was around 8am.  Next thing I remember it was 5.30pm and I still have no idea what happened during those hours.  I was still sittring in the chair in exactly the same position. I hadn't been asleep or on any drugs or alcohol.  I often have small timeslips but never anything like this before or since.  It was scary. 

    I hope you feel better soon.  x


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    This is both depression and anxiety wreaking its havoc. Those symptoms you are feeling are from panic attacks. I personally suffer from both depression and anxiety, and can tell you with my experience, speaking initially to your GP will put you on the road to healing. They may prescribe a medication to address the imbalance along with therapy. You have to do this for yourself, take my word for it, I went too long feeling this way without seeking help.

    You can do it. You have the ability to feel better once again. I honestly hope you feel better soon. Take care


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