Dermoid cyst 😖😖

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hi guys,

Read a lot of interesting stories on here, so I though I would post one of my first surgery.

So I just had my surgery (keyhole) for what was suppose to be a 4cm dermoid cyst in my right ovaries.

Prep- I was told to do bowel prep Monday 22. That was better then I expected. Was so nervous but nothing to worry about. Had to fast from noon onwards only drinking fluids an soup. Went to the toilet a bit but I have read it's normally a lot worst with people not being able to leave the toilet so i was one of the lucky ones. My surgery was booked for Tuesday 23 at 7am.

Day of surgery- I was there 7am but didn't get changed an onto the bed til 1230 so the wait was so boring. Then from 1230 til 130 I was on the bed waiting to go into the surgery room. This was frustrating because I was so hungry and thirsty. Once in the surgery room all the nurses an doctors We're lovely talking to you trying to take your mind off everything while they were placing cords needles an the socks that ensure you don't get blood clots an get you to explain why your there.

Waking up- I woke up to a lady calling my name. I was too high to really understand what was happening an fell back asleep.

The doctor then came past to wake me up an told me they had to do a laparotomy (bikini line incision) as they saw a 20cm cyst on my left ovaries which they removed an saved my ovaries. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜› I was just a little confused over everything cuz it was suppose to be my right not left. They also found endemoteious an removed that successfully as well.

After the recovery room they moved me to my own ward. I had a catheter an also another drain thing to remove the excess blood (I'm guessing) and the legs that massage you were left on over night. The pain wasn't that bad at all. The doctors kept giving me pain killers even tho I didn't need it but I guess it to make sure pain doesn't rise.

Was in hospital for 2 nights an it was fairly good. Didn't really eat for 3 days. Forced myself to eat some conflates tho knew it couldn't be too good not eating. I did feel Nausea for the 3 days. The worst thing ever. An a little bit of pain getting in an out of bed. Was able to shower the Thursday once they took the catheter out.

Going home- the car ride made me nauseous. Got home and was sleeping an watching TV. Pain was nothing only felt pain here an there an was in no need for pain killers. Worst pain would be when you cough. I didn't realise an I wanted to cry. So if you guys know a way for the pain to stop please let me know, they say curling up is a good idea?

It's now Thursday the 2nd July, just a week over my surgery an feel great. This probably sounds weird but I do feel a bit more pain then normal but I think maybe because the nerves are getting more sensation back. I'm walking around a lot but slowly and it hurts when I sit down in a certain position so I rather stand. Overall I panicked so much about this surgery but is not bad as I worked it up to be. Suppose to have 6 weeks of work but feel I'm ready to get back next week. My check up is also 6 weeks with my doctor who did the surgery so be good to see how things went.

Last thing today I got a phone call from the hospital today. The doctor said that they got the test results back today an want to see me at 130. I asked if everything was ok and she said it's ok just need to see you at 130. Is this a normal process as when I was there they told me that it would take about a month. I always thought they only call u if they found something bad. Well keeping my mind open. I feel healthy an I'm recovering quickly πŸ˜―πŸ˜πŸ˜†

Also I do have a few dry rashes on my belly in different spots. Weird not to sure why have tried reading about. Guess it's just a reaction.

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    Hi, keep a glass of water nearby to help suppress the cough, if it doesn't have a cushion ready to hold to your stomach. Same with sneezing, either pinch your nose to stifle the sneeze or keep a cushion handy.

    Don't push yourself to do too much too soon, I was exactly the same but you'll find that you do certain activities which don't seem much but you'll find your heart racing or scar aching and you'll know you've done too much. Rest yourself and go for regular walks.

    I know I had my check up after two weeks so try not to worry about it till you've actually spoken to the doctor xx

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      Thanks for the advice. smile

      Returned back to work today was not bad. I do consulting work so not much lifting thanks god.

      I got my results back. The doctors said they found cells but the didn't know what they were. He said the chance of it being cancer is 2% but could be the start of something. So they gave me 2 options to either operate again once I've finished healing so they can remove my right ovary an my appendix in case there are any cells left that they may have missed or that they just keep an eye on it for the next couple of months to make sure it doesn't grow.

      So I guess the good news is that it's not cancer but not sure what I want to do whether I want to go through it all again.

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    My advice is do not rush back to work you have had a laparotomy and that takes 6 weeks to heal inside. You do not want to cause yourself a hernia or another other damage following your surgery. Take it easy and be very cautious with any lifting. I hope everything went ok with your appointment.

    Louise x

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      Thanks Louise definitely will take it easy.

      My results did come back they were better then I was expecting.

      They found cells but they didn't know what they were. 2% chance of it turning into cancer. So they gave me 2 options to do surgery again an remove my right ovary an appendix or to just keep an eye on it. So just need to make a decision by Thursday. I'm leaning more towards keeping an eye on things. The thought of surgery again an losing my ovaries is not something I want to do if they don't really know what it is.

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      Sounds the same as mine which was borderline. They took my right ovary but they'll still have to keep an eye on the other ovary anyways.

      Definitely take it easy in work with lots of regular breaks ☺ x

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      Mine was suspected as malignant from when they looked at my ultrasound and CT scan so I only had the one op so I can't help you there. Vertical laparotomy because it was so big.

      If you want to read up on borderline ovarian cysts take a look at the ovacome website it has a really helpful leaflet xx

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    Aw that's good that the risk of cancer is very low, only you can make that decision on further surgery or keeping an eye.

    I had a miscarrage in December and while dealing with that they found a 6cm dermiod cyst which I finally had removed in May. I had many months of worrying about the what if it is cancer. Thankfully everything came back fine. I think my surgeon thought I was crazy as before my op I was advising him to give me a full hysterectomy if he found any thing suspect (I'm 32 years old). My way of thinking is minimise the risk i would take the surgical option. If you choose the wait & see option I would ask for a detailed plan on how they propose to do that.

    It is a difficult decision to make and only you can make that based on the information you have been given from your medical team.

    Take care

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      Aww I'm so sorry to hear bout ur miscarriage hope ur ok.

      Yea my first reaction was to just remove an not take the chances. But the doctor had said it wasn't cancer an it's not something he is concerned with but he just didn't know what cells they were so just as a pre caution an I guess to save there bums an to fill me in on it. But I don't want to also lose my ovary an appendix for something they don't really know. It's def a tough decision

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