Dermoid Cyst and My Doctor is not listening to me😢

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My doctor found a dermoid cyst two years ago. They recently just did another ultrasound and it hasn't changed in size at all. But they did say that it had calcification now and that it looked irregular. So they have ordered an MRI which I can't get for another 4 months. 😑 My symptoms that I have are very intense urination problems. It makes me so depressed because all I do is pee. I can't even sleep right because of it. I always have to pee and I can barely even go for a walk now.😖 Sometimes I can't even hold it at all. Having to pee all the time is even causing problems in my sex life with my husband. 😰I also have severe debilitating fatigue, constipation problems, off and on severe bloating. My appetite has decreased recently. There are many more symptoms BUT my doctor said there is no way any of these symptoms are related to a dermoid cyst.😡 He wants to put me on overactive bladder pills even though I have told him over and over that I had no issues until the cyst appeared. 🙄

It clearly says on every single site that one of the main symptoms of a dermoid cyst can be urination issues and everything else I have described. I'm also having some serious stomach palpitations on the left side and my cyst is located on the left side. Any thoughts?

One more question when you all had an MRI done did they inject you with the dye or did they just do a regular MRI?

Thanks for any help provided??

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    MRI is both it will say with or without dye. Its loud so they will give you headphones for music. The dye will not hurt you just a feeling of warmth and feels like your peeing. Its for the doctors to see everything better whats inside you causing the problem. As for me a 5cmm cyst and i have adenomyosi so the cure for that is c-section. Pain every month and hot and cold feeling.
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    I think you should change doctors asap. I'm surprised your doctor didn't do anything about the cyst 2 years ago! I went to the doctor, had a mri then had surgery to remove my cyst all in one year. I'm no expert but all of the symptoms you have descirbed definitely sound related. I am still experiencing frequent urination, just not as much.

    Based on what you have described, your cyst must be pretty big. It sounds like it is taking up a lot of space and is pushing against other organs in your body, so everything is malfuctioning.

    I had a regular MRI; no dye. I urge you to seek a second opinion if you haven't already. If there is a way to have an earlier MRI scheduled, take it.

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      Thank you so much for your advice. I did go get a second opinion and she said the same thing. I just don't get why they don't think all of the symptoms are related. My main doctor was going to wait up to 8 months for the MRI while the doctor I got the second opinion from got me in within 4 months. I will call today and see if I can go on a cancellation list. Another symptom I forgot to mesntion is I feel freezing cold a lot.

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    You say 'your' doctor found the cyst? Sounds like he couldn't find his axxe with both hands!frown Get back to him and start being a squeaky wheel (squeaky wheel gets the oil) Have you had a ca125 blood test? If you ask for one of those he might just take you more seriously.

    I've had MRI's with and without dye - depends what they are looking for.

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      He said they are looking to rule out "C" word. I hate using that word as it took my momma. I call it a much nastier name that sat arts with the letter "F"... I went into him a couple of months ago concerned about the "C" word so he knows I'm very worried about that. He didn't even call me with my results that I needed a follow up MRI. I had to go in to find out. The ultrasound tech suggested an MRI or a follow up ultrasound in one year. So maybe they're simply not worried. 😏 He has suggested no blood test nothing. Just a follow up MRI to rule out "C" They said they aren't really worried because it hasn't grown although it did change.

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      Ca125 is a marker for ovarian cancer. I would have thought if he is considering a 'follow up MRI to rule out "C"' then he should be open to a blood test for it (with results back in weeks rather than months)

      If you have ever had things like endometriosis it may give a 'false positive' - slightly raised numbers. But if it is low it will help put your mind at ease and if it is high it should put a rocket under your GP.

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      Yes I know what it is as I have researched this endlessly. You would think he would but he just cringes when I suggest anything. He's the only doctor I can get as I live in Alberta, Canada and you take whichever doctor will take you. My dr is not ok with me getting second opinions. He calls that doctor jumping and it is frowned upon. He's probably not going to be to happy I went to another doctor for a second opion and I don't really care. I have never had endometriosis. I'm a huge advocate for fighting for my health rights as well as my children's and my husband. But even though I'm advocating for myself he seems to just roll his eyes harder. I don't want to make this into a big deal but it feels like a big deal. Uggg. I'm keeping myself calm by reading everyone else's posts that have turned out to be nothing. ??

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      The senior doc in our local practice retired last month. The senior doc there now is a nice guy (well I get on with him - many don't) but not the most forward thinking of doctors. He seems to have a little bag of meds that he hopes is a 'pill for every ill'. Beyond that, nada.

      Of the other 2 more junior doctors one is quite dismissive of anything I say and the other seems more concerned that your alloted time doesn't run over and he misses his flight home. Something tells me his heart is not in rural Ireland.frown

      So you are not alone in a second rate healthcare service. Is it any wonder folks turn to alternative meds? I tell you, I'd go to a guy with a bone through his nose and a shrunken head on a stick, if he could make me

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    only when it is taken out and histologically cut up and looked at,

    will the diagnose be 100%.

    It is great, when it looks like a benign dermoid cyst.

    Dermoid cysts can develope bones (mine had it, with hair, nerves and bone) or teeth, so the 'calcification' does not bother me either.

    A CA125 blood marker is good in series, but not to determine - rule in or out- cancer at all since it goes up in inflammation, too

    and can be negative in some ovarian cancer as well.

    It is a good indication, direction giver as a puzzle piece together with imaging, but again not a definite answer for status now,

    a great marker for follow up people, getting CA125 retested for whatever reason to see if it rose, sank or stayed roughly the same.

    It can go into 100s of Units even in benign events, not only cancer.

    I would be very careful with this marker, tested only once and standing alone.

    I would see another doc,

    I would not even bother about an MRI, if then yes please quicker,

    did they offer you another ultrasound (quicker), did they tell you how big it was in diameter? 

    I would just like to have it out and gone. 

    Many people don't like the 'surgery' approach, which is ok,

    but you seem to suffer symptoms that can be very well related

    and seem not to refuse surgery. ?

    I had no symptoms with a 9cm dermoid cyst, still wanted it out since the doc wanted to wait and see since he thought it was only a functional cyst (for 2 years), but at hospital they thought it looked more like cancer.

    There is no way to know what it is made of 100% until it comes out.

    There are good hints, like doppler ultrasound = vascularisation, MRI, but at a certain size and combined with symtpoms I am really surprised, removal was not offered even if it was pretty sure 'just' a benign form of dermoid cyst.

    Best of luck!

    Get another opinion please and all your results in print/writing and pics, to gather your results and move to a different doc for review.

    I always ask my GP or specialist to hand me a print of the result, that came in.

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