Dermoid ovarian cyst...should I opt for sugery?

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I have been following up on a dermoid cyst, so not completly fluid filled has "solid areas" and wont go on its own, for a few years now(about 3). It has not changed much according to Gyn. She has said right now having sugery is personal choice. I have another appointment in about a months time in which I have to tell her if I want the sugery or I d rather wait and watch.

I dont know what to do. There are complications with sugery,obviously. But there's also complications associated with keeping the cyst, it may grow, ovarian torsion etc.

Has anyone been in this postion?What  is the longest amount of time anyones waited?

I am 25, single and would like to have children one day.

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    Hi. How large is your dermoid cyst?  Mine was originally said to be 5cm, and I was given the same choice as you, but decided to have it removed as it had gone into torsion at one point and that was agonising.  When it was removed via laparoscopy, I was told it was actually 9cm x 9cm so it was just as well I'd had it removed.   I was past childbearing age, so having an ovary and a fallopian tube wasn't an issue in relation to that, but check how large your cyst is when you see your consultant.
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    Hi.  I think there may be some minimum size that a dermoid cyst has to reach before the NHS will approve an operation - I think it was 5cm or 6cm.  I wasn't told this by my consultant but think I've seen it on one of the forum posts - maybe someone else, with more technical knowledge, will see your post and will respond.  If it's being monitored on a regular basis, and hasn't grown, maybe leave it alone?
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    Dermoid cysts have to be surgically removed as they do not resolve on their own, however if it is less than 5cm and not causing symptoms surgery is not recommended. Most are discovered by accident as few cause symptoms.

    Incase you are worried it could turn cancerous less than 1% do.

    If you do decide on surgery ask for it to be done Laporoscopically - keyhole

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    Hi. My advise is to get it removed if you want to have children in future.

    I am 32 years and had a dermatoid cyst removed in June 2013. I was rushed into a &e as it was twisting and it destroyed my right ovary and tubes. So now I only have one ovary and one tube.

    The consultant have said that if u have dermatoid cyst it can happen again so I am worried if another one growing g and I loose ny last ovary.

    my dermatoid cyst was 9 cm and had teeth hair and bone inside it. 

    I want children but I have had pain still in area.  Possible nerve damage son just recently had mri.  But I am hoping to try and have babies eventually. 

    Having one ovary does mean u can go into menopause few years earlier than u would normally.  Maybe 36 instead of 40... you would really need to look at when your mum went into menopause and then take few year off that. That's what my consultant said. Can be any from 10 to few years.

    so for me am looking from could start from 34 years of age.

    I am 33 in June next year.

    I didn't have any real pain from cyst till last few months and then it got uncomfortable and then I was rushed into hospital with it twisting and that's when did scan and couldn't see my ovary. And operated but it had destroyed my ovary and tube so it was removed. 

    I personally wouldn't wait cause then you could save your ovary and tube which would mean you wouldn't go into menopause either earlier. X x 

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    Hi hun, I had a 14 cm dermoid cyst removed back on 10th Oct and had to have it done via open surgery being cut right across my bikini line. 

    I only just had my follow up from my surgery yesterday and was told that cysts don't normally get operated in until they are 5cm or bigger as they normally go on their own.

    I personally would get it removed if given the opportunity as the problems you can get from leaving them are not nice.

    I only found out about mine when I woke up with immense pain one night and had to be admitted to hospital. A ultrasound showed up a mass of fluid so they had to do a internal and found out was a cyst. 

    I had no other option to have surgery.

    I was hoping for keyhole but my cyst had grown from 8.9cm - 14cm from April-October so had no choice but to have open surgery but I have recovered ok despite 8 weeks off work.

    I am now being re checked tho as getting that pressure feeling I had when had the cyst before so awaiting scans to rule out further cysts and fibroids.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    My cyst contained bone and hair. I have photos the surgeon took of the cyst but not cut open in histology.

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      Hi kt.84, 

      I just read your story and I wanted to talk to you more abou it, if you didn't mind. I am in a similar situation and am waiting to go to the doctor on Monday. If you get this, would you mind responding back. I could really use some good insight about this situation. Thanks so much!

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    Hi.. I believe the other commentary about the size of the cyst will determine if surgery is recommneded (less than 5cm surgery not an option).  I had 2 dermoid cysts removed a few years ago.. 14cm and 11cm. I didn't know I had them.. normal cycle, until I started experiencing agonising pain in lower right side of my abdomen (like a stabbing pain), nauseated, vomiting etc. Never experienced pain like it.. turned out it was the torsion/twisting of the dermoid cyst.  If the cyst had started to twist, it could have grown larger and ruptured. My ultrsound only showed up 1 cycts and then 3 weeks later, had my operation and surgeon found 2nd large cyst - one on each ovary, so both cysts and ovaries were removed - straight into menopause. I was 40 years old, didn't have any children.  Now that you know you have a dermoid cyst, continue with your medical reviews and if it grows in excess of operational size (5cm), I would recommend surgery.  I know that one of my cysts grew 3cm in about 3 weeks!  Good luck.
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