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Hi folks...just discovered this group. I was diagnosed with gall stones after a very painful attack last year which required a visit to A&E, 2 lots of morphone etc. Pain subsided, long story short, consultant does not want to operate as I am overweight (therefore a risk) so I have been pain managing with Tramadol and Buscapan. Have since had a couple more bad attacks but now I am into a very different constant pain and discomfort from that area.

It;s been over a week now where there is constant discomfort around my upper torso, like I've been trampled by a herd of elephants..a tightening pain under my increasingly got worse so I went to A&E on Saturday night as could bear no more, blood tests ruled out any infection and liver function ok, I was given 2 lots of morphine, IV fluids and paracetamol, none of which shifted the pain, just eased it slightly. Came home for some sleep at 4am as I was told all I could do is increase my painkillers intake, feeling at a loss of just how much suffering do I have to put up with and willit ever pass?!

Aside from this I have a thyroid that doesn't work, high blood pressure, possibly Fibromyaligia (I also have a rubbish Doc who basically said "what difference would it make to you if I did diagnose you with Fybromyalgia?" ) Anxiety and depression....I sleep very poorly so generally always feel like rubbish so losing weight not easy  but I am trying and have started going to a gym regularly...not something I enjoy...but my Doc refuses to see past my weight for ny issue which makes me reluctant to go. Was also diagnised with a folic deficiency recently so dont know if that is connected?

Anyway, my other problem is I go to Florida on holiday at the end of October (travel insurance costs a small fortune with gall stones too!) so have the dilemma of suffering this out because I really dont want to miss out on my much longed for and needed holiday if that is even possible?

All advice will be much appreciated because I am feeling so desperate about this now sad

Thank you


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    Hi dear

    I personally feel u should consult a specialist so that they can guide u much better and dont lift too much weight in gym as it will increase yr pain and u all have to go again with painkillers. Do light exercises and follow a healthy diet stop eating fatty foods try to eat more with vegetables and salad or soups which will decrease yr weight but plz dont lift heavy weights....



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      no danger of lifting heavy weights! I'm just focusing on cardio fitness and have been eating healthily....and bizarrely it's been worse since I have! I am trying to get to speak to a specialist as I am on waiting list for op. 

      Thank you for your response smile

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    Hi Sam, First thing that springs to mind is  they operate on people having gastric bands and gastric by passes so sont let them throw the old over weight excuse at you. I had my op four weeks ago and I was  16 stone when was put on the list . The surgeons siad if i could lose weight it would be good and improve healing  but i was under no pressure and my weight was never an issue. Just to note I have healed up so well with no probs wink

    I had that nagging pain constantly so know how you feel. I also have and fibromylagia for twenty plus years but im not saying this will happen to everyone but my fibro symptoms have totoally gone since the gallbladder has come out.Im also sleeping so much better.  I am in total shock. Its still early days but its looking very promising.Also the weight has just fallen off as I wasnt able to eat anything much.I use to struggle to loose any weight but then with Fibro we are still restricted in  moving around its not surprising we find it hard to loose. I totally understand how you feel as ive been there. If you try and work out what foods are making your symptoms worse i bet you find you loose weight much eaiser. I have lost 2 and a half stone since this all blew up just cause I have not been able to eat hardly. So good things can come out of this. Do look at what your eating. I couldnt tolerate any fat what so ever not even soya milk. Meat was a big no no to. I lived on a very soft bland diet for 6 months (porridge and veg)but it did help me cope a bit better.  Your Dr doesnt sound very supportive any chance you could change ?

    Keep in touch and thinking of you. x


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      Hi Jane

      Thankyou for your response, certainly makes for interesting reading! My doctor is so frustratingly's only "one problem one appointment" whereas I feel like I have so many and all I get is more tablets and the diet lecture it's put me off going. I am trying to find another doctor worth changing to. 

      How long was the operation and recovery time? 


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      Hi Sam,  I had the op four weeks ago yesterday. The first two weeks were a breeze  very little pain. Up and walking the hospital corridor  5 hrs after the op smile  I had some bile problems this last couple of weeks but on some meds now which are settling it but think ill be able to get off them soon. It is taking me longer to recover but then I have had a bad gallbladder for  35 years! It was very inflamed and it seems to be taking time for it to settle down. Just a niggle rond my side and back. My Dr did tell me that due to the fibro it would take me longer to get over but actually I have felt very energentic and as I said before all the fibro pain and brain fog has gone. smile I am so lucky that I have an amazing Gp who is so supportive. I hope you can get a more sympathic one it is so important to have one that you can trust. When they give you the diet lecture I know it would have made me just eat more LOL But i have been  very blessed in having a  good Gp smile So I cant tell you in total how long it is taking to get over it totally as im still in the recovery stage but my Gp siad today that  4 weeks is still very early and I should still be convalesing but then that wont be everyone .

      Keep in touch and let us know how it goes.

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    Hi Sam, sorry to hear your story.

    The only thing I can help you with is your pending holiday.

    I had been suffering for nearly three years with biliary colic, and postponed three operations. I would still do my long haul traveling but would always take medications with me in my hand luggage....2 x Codeine 30mg, 2 paracetamol and 1 tramadol. So should I have an attack on the plane, they were to hand. I Would also pack loads more in my luggage. When abroad I would not go to bed without my medication near to me.

    I finally had my gallbladder out last Tuesday as I could not put up with anymore. This being my last resort!

    Glad to hear you're insured, as I was, this gives you some reassurance should anything happen then you're covered.

    Hope everything goes well for you, keep pressuring the doctor and hopefully things should progress.

    Take care and God Bless x


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      Thanks Elaine....hope you are making a good recovery from your op. I am always armed with plenty of pain killers but I am more worried now that 2 lots of morphine at the hospital didn't help ! 
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      Bless you, Sam. Do you know what triggers your attacks as that way you may be able to ease them. I was quite lucky, I could eat almost anything apart from any Palm Oil product when heated, melted cheese, prawns/crustaceans, black coffee and just eating too much, like taking that extra mouthful when you really don't need it  (not that I have big meals anyway). 

      This did help me, but I got to the stage when I just had enough.

      Im overweight and nothing was mentioned to me regarding my weight.

      Perhaps put some pressure on them, or just keep going to A&E.

      All the very best Sam and keep in touch


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    The overweight issue is in part because gall bladder removal is not without risk.  It could trigger an uncontrollable bleed, or damage the Common Bile Duct or damage the pancreas.  That would result in many days in intensive care followed by a spell in hospital.  The prognosis, if the planned surger goes pear shaped and he has to do an open surgery, isn't very good for seriously overweight people.

    Generally the advice given to sufferes of gallstones is to go for a zero or almost zero fat diet.  If you can manage to do that your weight could well fall off quite quickly.  That might be enough to give the surgeon the confidence that you will comply with doctors' orders and go ahead.

    Fybromyalgia is a nasty thing.  There isn't a cure as such.  A popular first-line treatment in the UK is tricyclic antidepressant called amitriptyline. Your doctor might be amenable to prescribing that or something similar to kill two birds with one stone.  i.e. depression and FM.

    Good luck.

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    I was reading on line where thyroid problems can agrivate or bring on Gall bladders issues. After my attack, I stopped eating all meat and I am pain free now. I'm having to substitute with protien drinks and other forms of protein until I figure what is going on. Everything looks normal regarding blood test although the untrasound did show gall stones. No inflammation. Biliruben is a little high but no blockages as far as what they could see. I now eat lot's of oatmeal. One note of interest. The diarreha stopped after two years since I was diagnosed with Crohn's. I'm thinking it may have just been Gall bladder issues for longer than I realized. Perhaps not Crohn's so much.
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    I agree with Tom Peters here. If you can stick to a low fat or even zero fat diet for a bit you will lose weight. I certainly did.

    Also try to find another Doctor who will actually listen to you and do something about it. It should not be like that but it is often not what you know but who you know.

    Do not let them judge you, none of us is perfect.

    Good luck

    Take care and keep in touch


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