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Desperate for sleep

Last week I was started on .625 Premarin and 100mg of progesterone. I had a full hysterectomy in 2012 and was on hormones for 2 years and took myself off I regret it because now I have been suffering from insomnia for 3 months. I am 45 years old so I guess I'm going through menopause which I didn't think since I had my ovaries and uterus removed. Doctor wanted to get me back on the hormones when will this help me with my sleep? I have not experience hot flashes or really any symptoms except insomnia, anxiety and mood swings. The doctor gave me the progesterone to help with sleep but since I've only been on it for a week hasn't done much except make me dizzy and a little tired. I sometimes have to take a sleeping pill to help me fall asleep if that's the biggest problem but even then I take this pill I still wake up in the middle of night and hard time falling back to sleep. When will this end?

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  • acfierros

    hi  what progesterone is it, 100mg?  Are you taking it just before you go to bed?  I didnt think that you needed progesterone when you've had ovaries and uterus removed.  As well as that, it's only been a week.  I have uterus so was given estrogen patch and 10mg progesterone pill.  I found my sleep improved on the estrogen alone along with the anxiety and mood swings.  Just a thought

  • acfierros


    Regardless of your hysterectomy progesterone is helpful in many women.  Progesterone has an effect on the GABA receptors causing you to feel more relaxed.  Some women take as low as 25mg and up to 300mg (for a short time) to help with low progesterone symptoms.  Of course I say this with the disclaimer... contact your physician for recommendations.  The other issue may be is it an ER or IR.  The immediate release progesterone seems to be better in my experience.  My clinic uses a compound with olive oil for better absorption.  I also have experienced that many women do not respond to topical hormone replacement, and that is when they are switched to pellet placement for optimal results.  



    • Rlattner

      Thanks for your reply.  I take 100mg at night.  It kind of relaxes me.  I know it is not a sleeping pill.  I sometimes take 3mg melatonin.  My doctor only wants me on the progesterone to help balance with the estrogen.  I have only been on it for almost 2 weeks.  I hope to see improvement with my sleep.  Do you know how long it takes for the progesterone to kick in after taking it.  I usually take mine at 9 9:30 in the evening and then go lay down for  bed at 10.  Sometimes I feel it takes an hour before I actually go to sleep.

    • acfierros

      Taking Melatonin is a good option.  Typically 30min - 1 hour after ingesting it starts to work but like I said you could have the ER and not the IR which would make a difference.  Its good your taking it at night. What about taking it earlier than 9?  You may be able to get more sleep that way too.  

    • Rlattner

      I apologize what is the ER?  You said IR is immediate.  I don't think mine is IR.  I could try taking it around 8:30 and then do a 3mg melatonin.  My doctor did give me Rozerem too to take as needed.  I am one that does not like taking sleeping pills.  Even melatonin bothers me because I just want to be able to go to sleep own my own without taking anything.  Though the hormones are important.  I do take Premarin in the morning at Pro at night.  Monday will be two weeks.  I hope I don't have to wait a month!

    • acfierros

      ER is extended release.  Your hormones are low in general so progesterone and the estrogen maybe something you have to take for years.... its not a one time fix and I think you realize that after taking it for a while then stopping. I would ask your Dr. to increase the dose to 150mg IR.  See if that helps.  I think once your levels are better you should be more leveled, and may not need as much.

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