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im Mia and I'm 19. I've always had an intense fear of death but I've never ever been one to assume the worst when it comes to my health. However a while back I innocently searched what might be behind the twitches I sometimes get in the morning and the first thing that came up was huntingtons disease. This triggered probably one of the most severe panic attacks I've ever had. It was like just seeing those words meant I had it. Since then worrying about my health has been constant to the point where it's taken over my life completely more so than my anxiety and depression ever has. I've come to the conclusion that I don't have huntingtons but at this point I've diagnosed myself with so many neurological illnesses, I'm terrified I have something incurable and degenerative. My twitches have got ten times worse, not a day goes by where I don't twitch, they literally are everywhere hands feet face legs arms etc. My hands shake and I get tingly feelings in my feet all the time. I also deal with a lot of back pain which ranges from ache to felling like it's burning. I feel like on one hand I've sent myself into a health anxiety induced tail spin on the other hand I feel like I'm dying. I've booked an appointment for the doctors but I'm terrified to go incase he tells me my life is over which sounds silly I know. I just want to know if what I'm experiencing is common?

PS never go on google in regard to symptoms. Ever. It's a trap. It will turn even the most logical and critical thinking person into a paranoid mess haha

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    Oh mia Dr. Google is cruel! The symptoms of anxiety fit the bill on everything. They are human reactions to stress. Dr. Google will surely provide you with the worst case scenarios on Earth and guess what stress/anxiety symptoms will always overlap. We have all made this mistake. The media pushes people to "be there own doctor" "take responsibility for your own care" dr. Google sucks. Its wrong so many times, or at least for the average lay person because of the severe lack of knowledge of what you are even googling. Its not regulated its freedom of speech and will usually give or side with what you type in. It doesnt know you lol. It doesnt take into consideration your blood or your body. Try  search common symptoms of a panic disorder or anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Read thru this forum. Utube had quick and pretty good videos on the science of a panic attack. Best help i found is mindfullness. Mindful breathing a fantastic little video in utube to teach you breathing with ni thought. Works catch a break and help calm the body. Dont be terrified of the doctors. They hear this all this time. 26% of the world is suffering with amxiety or anxiety related disorders. The media is very negative in and of itself. Fear sells. Its a booming, i mean booming money maker for the pharmaceutical companies.second most prescribed meds.  *Doctor exam is always the first starting point if all is well.. *Therapy is next. let a therapist decide what going on with you. Knowledge is imperitive on anxiety disorders. There is cbt as well many do not teach it long enough or correctly so it seems some now dislike it or preach its useless. It isnt. Knowledge is always useful. But in a combo with therapy makes more sense. You can get yourself a cbt work book online and self teach this as a companion to therapy. You are mist likely in the intial stage of a

    l this and will be focusing on the mysteriius disease behinf what you are feeling and experiencing. Maybe youll even come uo with an ailment. But know the reality that oanic disorders co exist with ailments or all by themselves so they need to be addressed. There are traditional doctors that handle all this and there are alternative/complimentray doctors that handle all this. But first things first is a full exam with bloodwork and chem scan (minerals) of your blood, maybe a nuero exam if deemed necessary to attain a diagnosis. ****If you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder after you see a nuerologist after the standard family doctor accept it after the exams have concluded. Good luck and feel better. 

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    Physical effects of Anxiety can be scary, and lead you into thinking the worst possible diseases imaginable, and as previously stated, Dr. Google is the worst Dr on the planet, im currently sturggling myself with anxiety induced symptoms, however after being checked by my doctor and recieved tests, im perfectly healthy, and just that reassurance alone has eased my symptoms massively, just talking to someone who understands you and when you begin to realise your creating your own fears, you will see clarity. Once your GP assures you your well (and believe what they say, they know alot more than google ever could about YOU) take control of your own mind and show yourself that its all anxiety and you can conquer it, i would say get well soon, but im sure your already well so ill say , stop worrying soon
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    Hi, Mia. I am so sorry for your discomfort. First, you very much are not alone. I remember many years ago while in college doing preparation for teaching, the professor of our child psychology class asked us to write down, without giving our names, our greatest fear(s). She revealed that most of us had written fear of death. She was very helpful. She taught us that the main obstacle was the fear of lonliness. She asked us how many of us felt lonely during the time George Washington was active, or during the dinosaur era before humans were around. In other words, we simply did not [u]exist,[/u] just as after death. I like whoever said, "When you die, you don't know you're dead. You simply no longer exist. It's difficult only for those alive who miss you. It's the same thing with stupidity. You don't know you're stupid, and it's a problem only for those around you." I don't want to get into theology, but as a once liberal Presbyterian lay pastor, I urged that the most important scripture in the entire Judeo-Christian book may be where words attributed to Jesus declare he came not to "save us," but to give [u]life[/u] and to live it abundantly!  Live excitadly for today and don't worry about tomorrow! My favorite quote of all sources is from A.A. Milne:

    Winnie the Pooh: "What day is it?"

    "It's today," squeaked Piglet. "My favorite day," said Pooh?.



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