detox nearly over I feel depressed

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Hi everyone not posted for a few days my detox is coming to a end not had the best of experience with the detox but got through it but now I feel really anxious and depressed I feel as though I have lost my best friend I want a drink so badley it doesn't help seeing my brother drink everyday  just want to snatch it of him and say this is not for me I am struggling don't think I can do this its my 5 day without alchol 

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    this is the worst part- you gotta hang in there, i know its easier said than done- your body and your disease  are screaming at you - its hard , but this is where you make it- prove to yourself you really want it- that you want to stay sober- you have to stay strong - your brother aint helping- try and stay away from being around alcohol if you can- your doing the right thing reaching out- none of us do this on our own- maybe go to an AA meeting - stay on here - its important keep telling us whats going on for you- this feeling will pass - STAY STRONG -STAY SOBER- you CAN beat this - 
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    You've done really well for five days which is the hardest bit. I won't pretend it will be easy, but hey a couple more days and you'll have done a week. Don't know whether or not you work during the day. If you're at home all day how do you occupy your time? I watched telly 24/7 for 3 days. Didn't go to bed as I couldn't sleep. It sounds as though they didn't give you enough Librium to cope with the withdrawal symptoms, so you've done really well.

    Ideally you need to be in an alcohol free environment and IMO your brother is not helping you at all

    youre brother is not helping you by drinking in front of you. You need to be in an alcoho

    whats making it even harder for you is your brother drinking alcohol in front of you. To me that's really cruel. Ideally you need to be in an alcohol free home and not amongst people drinking. The temptation for some people is too great when they are feeling so vulnerable. Some people choose to go into rehab until they are a bit stronger.

    You will get loads of support from this forum, and from people who can emphasise

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    Sorry folks text kept disappearing on my previous post, then coming back again after I'd typed it again. Hope you manage to understand my post
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      Hi vickylou I know you are write right what you're saying I have a meeting on Monday with my  alchol supporter and my cpn and mental health team so they all no that my brother drinks a lot and round me to he is my carear so he'shere much 24 7 he has got a drink problem which the doctors have told him on his last blood results they have told him to cut it down but he has not listened and he is due to have his blood work done again next wk I am really worried about him I  don't know how to get away from alchol unless I tell my support team how I a. Feeling I don't want to go to rehab as I have already go through the detox stage so I don't think you can go after you have done that I don't know what their policies are I do know if I stay here at the moment i will definitely be tempted to pick the bottle up as he drinks everyday please help me I an so depressed and don't know what to do 

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    You have done really well with an appalling detox and poor support. There is no reason why alcohol detox can't be made very easy and comfortable.

    I have been very disappointed to read about your experience because a comfortable detox, done in the right way, helps to get 7 days under your belt without a struggle, as well as makes you feel physically much healthier and more relaxed.

    You are also facing a very difficult situation with your brother drinking in front of you. Maybe you should have a think about how you can deal with that. He needs to accept that you want to stop drinking, even if he doesn't and to do his drinking away from you.

    You won't be having physical withdrawal symptoms now because they are normally gone by the 3rd or 4th day, but the craving will remain. There is a drug called Acamprosate (Campral) which you may be able to get your GP to prescribe for you. It helps with cravings. Do a Google search and have a read about it.

    I would also ask your GP to refer you for counselling for your anxiety and depression.

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      Yes and replied to it. I was really upset that the area you are in and where you got an appalling alcohol detox, is the area where I set up and ran an alcohol home detox service, one of the first in the country. I was never replaced when I left and now I know that, 11 years on, they STILL haven't got a decent service in place.
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    PLZ ck with Paul or any professional. See the help on this site at the bottom of this page.

    my son has been an alcoholic for over half his life. He is 38. He is in the third stage of kidney failure and had a had a very hard life. Been in jail in hospitals on life support.

    you can stop with the appropiate support and evaluations. UR life deserves better once u find why u drink. 

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    Not only have you gone six days without drinking, you've managed it on a low dosage of Librium which made withdrawal much harder than necessary for you. 

    I I feel really sorry for you as regards drinking in front of you. IMO he's not exactly a role model for a carer. Could he do his drinking away from you. Once you've finished your detox ideally you need to be in an alcohol free and calm environment. The temptation to drink is being greatly increased by him openly drinking in front of you. Use this forum whenever you want. You'll get help from people who've been there and can relate from experience. You've also got professional help and advice from Paul. If it helps split your day into 3 parts morning, afternoon, and evening/dinner, rather than a whole day. That way you can tell yourself, 'right, I've gone all morning without a drink, so why should the afternoon be different, then I've done 2 out of 3 parts so I can do the evening/night.

    campral worked for me. I was very skeptical when it was first mentioned. However after a week, I realised suddenly I'd gone all morning without even thinking about alcohol, let alone wanting one!

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