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I developed problems with post nasal drip around 2 years ago and after consultations with a specialist i was diagnosed with a deviated septum. at the start of this year i had a septoplasty at west Middlesex and post op the spacialist said it had gone well. Not a perfectly straight septum but much better. Post recovery and now 6 months later and things are worse than ever. Constant runny nose, blocked nasal passages, lack of sleep, terrible snoring at night and a constant battle. I have tried, nasal sprays nasal rinse, anti histamine, plant steroles (recomended for hay fever) and homeopathic remedies suggested by a great local homeopath. I have given up dairy, i only drink hazelnut milk, i have tried scouring the web and no improvement. I must be missing something. A constantly blocked and runny nose cannot be with me for the rest of my life. When it was at its height i developed a hacking cough but i have managed to get rid of that. HELP!

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    Hi nick I am the exact same! I had a septplasty in October after a broken nose and I had to have a septorhinplasty 10 weeks ago as the initial surgery did not fix this! My I broke it again 3 weeks ago and my septum has deviated again! I am having difficulty breathing through my nose with a horrible drip down the back of my throat!

    The only thing my doctor has suggested is waiting a few months to see if things settle and if not to go back and see him then. I hope to get your nose sorted soon!

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    Hi nick,

    Sorry to hear you got worse after the surgery.

    So before the surgery you only had post nasal drips, nothing else, and now you have constant runny nose and blocked nose on the top of it? Is it infected?

    Before the surgery have your doctor tested you for allergies & other possible causes of post nasal drips, or straight put you on the operating table? 

    I had all my life deviated septum, never really caused any major porblem.

    But a few years ago I developed some horrible nasal congestion, I was diagnosed with allergies and had surgery for shrinking the middle turbinates. Surgery didn't help. Andther specialist said that I should get my deviated septum fixed + inferiour turbinates. I didn't go along, I think private doctors would very often advise you that you need surgery just to make some money out of you. 

    I have more faith in the public system.


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      Hi and thanks for it was bad before septoplasty but now its worse and no let up...i had all the allergy tests pre op when i was seeing the consultant...i guess ill just have to keep going with the nasal rinse and occasional steroid spray
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    Hi nick

    i had fess op two months ago so I know all about the nose and sinus lark! 

    TRY PRAYING TO JESUS , he is a great healer ! What have you got to loose

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    Have a nice week-end smile
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    My husband suffered from post nasal drip for years now. He is a artist painter and working with Turpentine made things worse. He got to the point where thid dissorder took over his life and he couldn't do almost anything. He couldn't sleep at night, couldn't work anymore and suffered a lot. Doctors prescribed him everything available on the market but nothing helped. He's been on steroid, antibiotics, all sorts of drops, antihistamine, you name it! Therefore I decided to help and thought I share with you the treatment. I have a line of therapeutic organic products and I designed a nasal drop and a tea that both made him better. Actually he has no symtoms anymore and continue his life like nothing happened. 

    Nasal drops for cleaning/ washing sinuses:

    - 150ml boiled water

    - 2 Tsp salt

    - 2 Tsp baking soda

    - 4 drops organic Eucalyptus oil

    - 3 drops organic Peppermint drops

    - 3 drops organic Sage oil

    - 3 drops organic Thyme oil

    - 4 drops organic Chamomille oil

    - 4 drops organic Manuka oil

    Put it in a bottle with a dripulator. Put drops in your nose every hour for the first 4 days and then 3 times a day.


    - Boil 1 liter of water with fresh Thyme, Manuka and Ginger in water. Take it off heat and cover with a lid. Let it cool. Drink a cup 3 times a day with 1 teaspoon of Honey. 

    I hope this helps. 

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      I am new to this site and also suffer from post nasal drip.  I currently use two nasal sprays (Azelestine and Ipratropium Bromide) but they do not help much. I suck sugar free menthol cough drops almost constantly and that helps some.  I have sensation of constantly needing to clear my throat and when I do, the sensation returns almost immediately. No pain or snoring or blocked breathing from either nostril. Will have to see an ENT and I am afraid he will want to do surgery. Am interested in your homeopathic cure.  How is your husband doing and do his symptoms resemble mine?
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    You need to try it and see. No pain, no gain. It was quick, though it hurt a lot. I only needed pain pills for a couple days. I hated not being able to blow my tickly nose for 10 days.

    I just had a septoplasty 2 weeks ago. I feel like a dried pea is in the tip of my nosr. I think it is glue on the stitches. I wish I could ignore it, but it is very distracting. I accidentally picked some off becauseI thought it was dry mucous.

    Swelling has gone down, but a drop of water on the glue makes it feel like a drippy nose, and it tickles like crazy.

    I won't take the rest of the glue off, because I am afraid to start bleeding again (expect to drip blood for a week). It is hard to sleep without touching my nose.

    I slept sitting up in a lazy boy the first night. It wasn't comfortable, or I would have done it longer.

    Personal opinion, it has made breathing deeper for me, without having to dry out my mouth. This reduces my stress.

    A side note:

    My dad had a drippy nose since he was born (for almost 89 years.) He got used to wiping his nose on his hand, then on his sock or sleeve. It bothered people but he didn't mind it. His deviated septum makes it hard to sleep, so he always pulls his cheek with his finger every night, pulling one side open until he falls asleep. Interestingly to note, I have given him an antihistamine and it stopped the dripping!

    However, he felt his nose couldn't clean itself out, so he went back to the constant dripping. It was all he had known for his whole life.

    Maybe he thinks that if it "works", why fix it?

    New technology has the Breathe-right strips, but they cost money. He is a miser!

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    I had a septoplasy, turbinate reduction, and bilateral dilation of my eustachian tubes about 9 months ago (April 2017) and I have WAY more problems than before the surgery. My throat is constantly sore from the dryness and I always have very thick mucus in my nose and throat that is hard to remove. My nose also gets extremely dry at night. I didn't have those problems before hand. I use nasal saline daily, which I didn't have to use much before. I would highly recommend others not to have a septoplasy. If I could go back and undo it I would. I don't think this far out I should still have any problems. It almost seems at it's getting worse instead of better.

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      Thank you so much for the advice. I just got diagnosed with a moderate deviated septum. Sinus surgery is very risky especially when the surgeon wants to operate on your turbinates. That can create a slew of problems, like empty nose syndrome. Its odd that a lot people on the internet have major problems after septoplasty. Either initially or a few months later. Do the ent doctors know what they are doing? I feel bad for you. Have you found any type of remedy? My right nostril cloggs up while I'm sleeping. I do get post nasal drip on and off. I also feel really dry in throat and nose in the morning. I feel very scared on anybody touching my sinuses. The turbinates are there for a reason, to humidity and warm the air before it goes into your lungs. But these doctors like to always shrink them, not good. Please keep me posted. Have you tried the nose dialators?. I like the lavender Vicks around my nostrils, makes me sleep better. Drink lots of water, and vitamin c. Hope you feel better soon

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    New to this site happy I have found it iv had nasal problems my whole life can't remember what it feels like to breath properly atleast one nostril is blocked 24/7 IV had 2 nasal septoplasty ops which has done f**k all some days it's just like a dripping tape try to blow my nose and instantly I need to again know that I have a family I'm getting depressed alot as it's not only affecting my work but also any time I get to spend with family

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