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hello all my good friends

how u all doing....what is this weather like eh.... no wonder we all are in more pain...

im of to a christing tomorrow morning so hoping its a nice day not got my winter gear out yet lol

hope u are all well xx

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    Hi Di and all!

    Hopeyou had good time at the christening today! We have had a mixture of weather today some sun and blue sky then black sky and thunder and lightning all in one day :cry: What a mix! Think you are right about your winter woolies! Hope it brightens up for the weekend as off to Preston on Friday and two days in Buxton Derbyshire.

    We are lucky some places have had a lot of rain and flooding! Have you been ok. How are you feeling now with your aches and pains. I had terrible ones this morning and again tonight couldn't sleep and had to get up and walk around.! :cry:

    Going for my first physio session on Friday don't no what to expect. I am lucky though don't have to go to the hospital that is 7 miles from us. I can go to my own doctors surgery which is easier for me as I don't drive lol :cry:

    Well take care and hope you all are not in too much pain! :cry:

    Love Tess x x

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    hi tessa and all

    christening went well but i was so sore standing up and down in the church. anyway i spent 3 hours when i got home sorting out all my craft stuff..im started doing homemade cards which im really enjoying when i feel well enough to do them...

    its getting nearer my app at rhymatoligy on the 19th and im getting myself all worked up cause if they say they cant find out whats wrong i think i will just end it... im 99% sure its fibro..i have all the symptoms and have been on many sites and listened to many stories and its like listening to myself... well tom is another day so lets hope its a well one for all of us xx

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    Hi Di, Tess and Everyone xxxx

    Hi there everyone in so much pain again today in my hip, I do hope you all are having a better day than me????

    Di I have replied to your email and I do hope you get the answers on the 19th, I do however hope the Rhumetologist listens to you as when I went to see one she was not interested because I had not been to physio before seeing her, she just said I needed to loose weight and that was that......... so get writing a diary or something to show him/her and that could help with your diagnosis? the thing is when you try to explain yourself on how this condition effects you your brain can go numb too otherwise known as \"fibrofog\" .

    Hi there Tess I do hope you have had lots of sleep too aswell as everyone else? I do hope your trip to Preston was not too distressing too, I do hope you enjoyed your weekend? :wink:

    Take care everyone and gentle hugs to all us fibroites xxxx

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    Hi Ses, Di and Everyone

    Ses is right would be a good idea to have a diary of symptoms to show your rheumatologist. When I went for mine I was lucky to have a good experience. I hadn't like Ses rheum said had any physio first before seeing him. My first session on Friday this week. Bit apprehensive about that don't no why!

    I did take a pain diary only a weeks worth and was going to show it to him.

    I didn't have to as he asked me what symptoms I had and what medications of was taking for didn't things. At that time didn't reelise that irritable bowel was on the list for Fibro. He examined me and felt for pressure points and I had enough for him to say was Fibro. He gave me a steriod injection at the top of my leg. Think to see if it work for Fibro or OA. Didn't work for fibro or OA seem to make everything far worse lol :cry: I go back at end of October and saw him in June. In the end didn't show him the pain diary as wasn't any need. Don 't know what my doctor put in the letter to him but feel it must have done some good! :lol:

    I hope they take you seriously! Is anyone going with you!

    Hi Ses I am still catching up from my late night on friday after weddding reception. Got lots of terrible aches and pains in back and all over my legs. Think it is worse due to hormonal time again! :cry:

    Its this weekend off to Preston and Derbyshire. Hopefully weather be a bit better! Got some new walking boots so don't know how I shall get on with them lol :cry:

    I do feel for you with the pain in your hips! Keep going thats all we can do!

    Love Tess x x

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    Hi Tess, Ses and everyone,

    Have been having a real problem with my knees the last week, the GP I saw in July said he \"suspected \"I had arthritis and \"noticed I had had Fibro in the past\"!! Lol So am going to see my own GP tomorrow, who has been very good with the Fibro and see what he thinks.

    Have been busy with appointments for my husband so haven`t had much chance to get on here lately. I`m so exhausted when we get home that I just fall asleep. Wish I could sleep so easily at night!

    Should be going for my appointment about the exercise programme next week but will see what GP says about my knees, I can`t get in or our of the chair or car, or manage stairs at the moment so not quite sure how I will manage any real exercise!

    Hope everyone is doing better than me at the moment, that`s the big thing about Fibro you never know what things are going to be like from one minute to the next. Good luck with physio appointment Tess, I had several months of physio just after I was diagnosed.

    Love Linda

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    Hi Linda, Ses and Everyone

    Thanks Linda! I hope you get some answers from your doctor when you see him. I have OA in my knees, toes, ankles, fingers and wrists. Luckily not to bad at the moment. Really achy all over today! :lol: I don't know how you do it looking after your husband and having fibro yourself. :lol: I know you do it because you care about your husband as we all care about our partners. But you also need some help for you bless :lol:

    Keep smiling :lol:

    Love Tess x x

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    Hello my dear friends

    I was in so much pain in my hip last night along with my shoulders and arms last night I was unable to sleep well, and to put the icing on the cake I was woke up by my little boy at 7.10 am and so all in all I had about four hours sleep :oops: it was a lovely morning however and the pain seemed to ease off a little everywhere other than my hip as still it is so painful putting one step forward!!!!!! just got to grim and bear it, my little boy keeps my spirits up....... his cheeky laugh tickles me :lol: as he is speaking more now...... choo choo thomas he says when he sees a train and he knows the difference between an aeroplane and a helicopter due to sound and he is only three jan 02 so he is very bright....... he puts his glasses on and he sees the pictures and tells you what most things are so this lightens my day....... keeps my mind off the pain :oops:

    Linda I do hope your hubby starts to feel better soon and so you can take care of yourself too hun as it is only us \"fibroites\" that know how we feel like the plug may have been pulled out or the skin feeling bruised but there is no visible sign of it!!!!!! and your little one can poke you and you jump severely........ anyway do take some time to get yourself sorted as it is no good that you are not well as how can you look after each other as one has to be able to support the other if you know what I mean? xxxxx :cheerup:

    Tess how do you keep up to date on here? as OA in your fingers and wrists bless you,and with looking after your grand-daughter in the past I guess it must have been more than a handful, but like I say they do cheer you up and keep your mind off the pain x, and now you are a lady of leisure :wink: you will be very busy though soon with the new baby soon :rose: so make sure you get your rest before xxxxx the delightful avent xx

    I do hope you are putting together a diary Di? so that all your symptoms are not forgotten, as sometimes I forget what happened 10 minutes previously I do hope if you don't you can think on the spot as again I sometimes can't depending how fatigued I am or the severity of the pain :oops: good luck with your appointment xxxx :goodluck:

    I do hope we all have a \"good night\" sleep so I wish you all sweet dreams and speak to you all soon xxxxx

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    Hi Ses, Linda & Everyone

    Ses you are right about little ones taking your mine of the pain! :lol:

    Molly did that with me when I was feeling down and in pain. Although I have my time back I still miss my little granddaughter. My daughter has only about 2 1/2 weeks to go now before her new little girl will be here.

    I hope she doesn't go into labour while we are away :lol: My other daughters will be here to look after Molly if she does. :lol:

    My OA in wrist and fingers isn't too bad at times. It comes and goes and of course worse when weather is wet and damp lol :cry: I always notice it more after I have been gardening!

    My boys when they were younger both loved Thomas Tank. They even went to thomas birthday party once. Where we live they have a steam train and have thomas painted on it. Don't no whether you have heard of the Nene Valley Railway! Even got a thomas tank engine train set up in my attic for when we get a grandson lol :lol:

    Well hope you are not in too much pain Ses and wish this horrible wet weather will go away! :cry:

    Will pack my wellies and walking boots for weekend and good raincoat lol :cry:

    Take care and catch up soon!

    Love Tess XX

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    Hello Tess, Ses and everyone,

    Confirmed by my GP today that I have OA in my knees!! I asked him about the \"normal\" x-ray which his locum sent me for and he said x-rays look for very specific things and they do not always class OA as being that specific as sometimes its thought of as being normal wear and tear for the age of the person.

    Thanks for your kind words both of you it really means quite a lot to me knowing that there is someone out there who understands this dreaded Fibro. I do get quite lonely sometimes since I had to give up work, as we often don`t see anyone else to talk to all day.

    At least now though with no job to worry about I can just rest if I want to and let the dust gather!!

    Well take care all, we are promised a better day tomorrow so hopefully we won`t have so much pain. Lol

    Love Linda

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    Hi there Tess, Linda, Di and Everyone

    I have phoned all my members today to see if they are attending the group meeting tomorrow and I am fuming that out of 12 of us there is only maybe two attending, it makes me sick that it is only one hour per month which they had been told about the month before and yet dental appointments etc seem to apply on this day? I am infuriated as I am the same as them, I have a two year old to attend with and it has took me a lot of time and effort to put together a newsletter for the group........ I think why do I bother? anyway I have to see what days and time people may like to attend as I have given them the choice, my little one goes in nursery and this is why a wednesday afternoon is the day I chose but why? I could moan on and on?

    The pain in my hip is still severe and my shoulders and arms are pain too but hey I still get on with trying to help others??? :oops: Sorry I am having a windge but I am fed up :roll:

    I do hope everyone has a good day tomorow?

    Take care everyone and keep smiling as that is all we can do.......... :twisted:

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    Hi Di Tess and everyone

    I was reading my local paper today and found with great joy that this week is frbro awareness week. Was any one else aware of this. I have not heard about it any where else so it might be just my local area but from what it was saying I dont think so.

    Still in a fair bit of pain my arms and legs feel so achy and heavy today and am still waiting to see the back specilist.

    Am finding it difficult to try to take things slowly even though I am not currently in work at the moment. Yesterday was so bored have made enough chocolate fairy cakes to feed the country!!!!!lol

    Hope every one is not suffering too much with the weather but it does promise to get better for the weekend.

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    Hi Linda, Ses, Di and Everyone

    I don't understand the doctors when they talk about OA. They make it sound as it is just old age! It is more than that and really painful! :lol: When I asked about my xrays was told it is no worse for someone of my age. What exactly does that mean lol :roll: When people hear about reumatoid they seem to take it more seriously :cry: It doesen't matter that we have OA and have to live with it daily as well as Fibro :cry: As you can see I am a bit annoyed about this.. :cry:

    I suppose at least it answered some questions about your pains in your knees Linda :lol: For the last three days have had horrible pains in the top of my thigh on my right leg! Having a dreadful time with my period this time and think it has all stemmed from that! Not what I want when going away at the weekend. Hopefully be over by then. Been busy today loading up the van with all my sons belongings for his house and then have to fit all out stuff for three days. We have done it before so should be able to manage one night with it scattered around. As long as I don't fall over anything will be fine. :cry:

    Hi Ses how could you forget to tell us it is fibro awareness week! :lol: Its ok only joking don't think many people even know what it is never mind that it is fibro week. So disappointing for you with a poor turnout for your meeting. Some people don't appreciate all the hard work you put into it for their benefit lol. I do hope your husband is ok now. What are you both like :roll:

    I really enjoyed reading the bit about fibro who ever wrote it certainly knows what it is like to live with it. Shall have to type that out and put up in my house somewhere so everyone can see it :lol:

    Well hope everyone isn't in too much pain today! We will all just keep soldering on! Thats all we can do our little band of fibrorites! :lol:

    Love Tess x x

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    Hi there folks xxxx

    I do hope you are all ok? yeah Tess I know what you mean when the doctors say that \"wear and tear\" so I have this in my spine and hips and if anyone has to walk around with this all day and with fibro the doctor would know that it [b:406721208d]IS [/b:406721208d]painful, I feel the doctors try to put it this way so the individual can except it more, but the point is these so called professionals should realize that we know more about our ailments than them as we live with it :shock: and as it is one of my members of the group went to see the same Rhuematologist as me and she more or less treated her the same as me, I think this so called professional thinks that Fibroites are benefit scroungers or something or other as this doctor did not seem interested in either one of us, I was told to loose weight and my friend was asked if she was a lone parent?, what real relevance has this got to do with pain and as it is I have lost a stone and the pain is worse than before :oops: I think this Rhuematolgist is one of those that does not believe in fibromyalgia and as it was she just said I had mechanical back strain and yet the x-rays prove I have Osteo :roll:

    Anyway I could go on and on :roll: I do hope you are having a better day? as my pain as been ok today considering I did not sleep all that well at first..... I got off to sleep at 1.30 but got up at 12.30, did wake up at 7.30 (my hubbys turn to get up) as my little lad woke up so I had a drink and then went back to bed????

    Take care everyone and gentle hugs xxxxx

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