Diagnosed a week ago. I felt fine until I returned to work today .

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I was diagnosed with Bilateral PE 1 week ago.

My doctor told me to take a week off from work.

The only symptom I had was shortness of breath while walking. No pain and I was fine if sitting or lying down. So I was off the whole week and felt totally fine. In fact, I was starting to feel better.

I have a desk job In an office. I returned to work today. and after being there 2 hours I started mildly coughing. Then my heart started rapidly beating, I got light headed and shortness of breath.

I seriously thought I was gonna die. I jumped up and told everyone in my office , " I need to go! You might need to call 911. No, please don't call an ambulance. I don't have time to wait for an ambulance. Can someone take me to the ER?"

Noone in my office responded.( I think they were in shock.)

Again I said "Please, can someone take me to the hospital????" Again no one responded so I just left and drove myself to the ER.

There was a long line and I just went to the desk and said " I have a Bilateral PE and I am having trouble breathing and I feel like I am going to die."

They quickly took me in. They did an EKG, chest X-rays and blood testing. The doctors says he thinks I was suffering from an anxiety attack,

I have never had one before. So they sent me home & told me not to go back to work until Thursday .

I rested the whole day and felt much better.

Tonight, I went by my office to drop off my doctors note and after being there for about 10 minute I started coughing and my breathing felt labored.

I am wondering if being in my workplace is unconsciously triggering these symptoms on me.

I need to say that while I was at work, I never felt stressed or upset. In fact it was a pretty easy day.

The doctor said that although i feel fine, I might be unconsciously stressed about my condition.

Has anyone had an experience like this!

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    Yes i did for months. And i had my bilateral pes in November. I still jabe it sometimes and im off blood thinners. Laast night i was i. The er because my cjest hurt and my legs ankles where swollen from a long car ride. Bit i was all clear. Thank god
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      I had a DVT about 3 years ago. I go to the ER 2-3X's a year because of weird pain and swelling in my leg. I figure better safe than sorry. That was the case with my PE. I had shortness of breath and went to ER & was diagnosed with PE. You just never know, I am so glad you are ok!

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    Hi Carey- I'm really sorry that you got such a fright. I had massive PE's last August bank holiday and went back to work in October mainly because I was feeling anxious about going back to work. I had something similar to you ( I have a desk job and also use the telephone alot) I felt as though I couldn't breath my heart was racing and I felt like I was suffocating. I ended up in the sick room at work with sky high blood pressureand pulse.  Months later I still get breathless and when I am on the phone I have to pace my sentences to my breathing. I get anxious but kind of get on with it now. I get swollen ankles and feet but not as bad since I cut alot of carbs out of my diet. I can't run for a bus and get pains in the chest and down my calf even now.. but I am still on 20mg rivaoxiban so I just have to trust it. I don't know if this helps at all. I hope you start to feel more in control but it takes time. Good luck Carey 


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      Thank you Madeline for your response. And YES, it does help. I am going to the doctor today and gonna ask for anti aniexty meds. From reading this forum, it sounds like aniexty is common with PE.

      Praying for you and us all to get through this. smile

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      Anxiety is a big part of it and will be for a while but I'm on the tail end of it. You will get through it just takes time. Take it easy and try and stay calm. I was in hospital every week then I told myself one day to stop worrying just get on with life and it help me so much I would try and stay of the medication if you can because it could be hard to get off

      Take care

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    Hi there , I had bilateral pe's lots of them last February and for me personally I think rivaroxaban could be a part of any anxiety I am having . I forgot to take 3 days in a row and I felt an awful lot less anxious, less skittish and generally calmer . I have now been back on 4 days and I am literally sweating , more fidgety and nervous about silly things so I think I need to speak to doctors about this as it's not a listed side effect but maybe it should be .

    I hope you can get something sorted out soon



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    I received a prescription for aniexty.

    I haven't had to use it yet. But I feel better just knowing I have it if necessary.

    I am feeling better and have decided just not to discuss it at all at work. That seems to really help too.

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