Diagnosed w/ arrhythmia at 20yo. Quality of life has suddenly declined, no help or treatment

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20 year old male, have always been healthy and active. suddenly started having faint spells, trouble breathing, fluttering heartbeat, overall feeling of sick. Have done many tests and seen many doctors. They diagnosed me with an arrhythmia and syncope (fainting spells). The arrhythmia is irregular, and episodes usually occur when I resting/not doing much activity. All the doctors I've talked to have said my condition is not life threatening or life altering, and basically there is nothing to do. Obviously this has altered my life, and I constantly feel faint, weak, tired, out of breath, edgy, depressed, have a sense of 'floating', and have headaches or pins-and-needle feelings on limbs. What do I do? They've started giving me anxiety medication but I want to return to my normal healthy carefree self. Please share advice.

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    Same situation (33 female fit, thin runner). I've had this for almost 8 months now. They offered me betablockers but as they only have a 50% chance of helping the symptoms and don't fix the arrhythmia, I declined. I'm by no means cured, but the following has helped me (check with your own Dr first).

    - more exercise -ramped up my running

    - magnesium powder every morning

    - try to get as much sleep as possible

    - no coffee (no caffeine)

    - no alcohol

    - reduce stress

    - ask to see a cardiologist (I had an echo to confirm the heart was healthy (aside from my arrhythmia and now we are simply monitoring every 6 months to watch out for changes or atrial fribrillation)

    - work with you GP to try to find a cause (electrolyte or thyroid imbalances can cause the arrhythmia as can many other fixable things, worth excluding them).

    Best of luck! It gets easier to manage and you get more and more used to the strange symptoms. Some people on this forum have suffered for years or most of their lives, so I try to count myself lucky it's only been 8 months.

    Chin up, apparently many are in the same boat. Others please share what works for you. Great YouTube channel on this topic is Dr gupta (York cardiology).

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      Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it! We've seen the cardiologist several times, thyroid is fine, I think the doctors have hit a dead end. So hopefully through prayer, healthy lifestyle, and Potassium and magnesium supplements, we will be able to manage. Best of luck to all experiencing the same issues

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    I also take magnesium in tablet form and it has helped me it also helps you to sleep
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      Hi, what dose of magnesium do you take for palpitations? Thanks
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      Great tip! I used to have horrible cramps and would take potassium everyday but haven't in a few years. And I recently read in a few articles how potassium can help the hearts electrical system. So I will start taking it regularly again and will also try the magnesium. Thank you!

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    There is medication besides beta blockers they can give you for your problem I'm going through same thing feel like I can't breath all day for 4 months I had palps for ten years beta blockers helped now they are not the are going to do a cath ablation have to wait a month when I had it years ago the never found the problem that's why my heart doctor sent me to another one that deals with the electric part of the heart I ask if he could give me medicine if he can't find the problem he said yes if he don't I will try another doctor I feel the same way you do everyday find another doctor one that deals with the electrical part of the heart don't give up

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      No doctor has yet to prescribe me beta blockers but I'm not sure if I'd even take them if they did.. I live in a pretty small area and feel like each doctor I get sent to doesn't really have much knowledge/experience. But maybe we will keep searching, as I'm sure you understand, it's just mentally and financially training to be sent to doctor after doctor because each one can't explain or comprehend my situation. But thank you for your reply, I will try to remain positive! Best of luck to you

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    HI there, I would be inclined to peruse this if I were you as there is a small, outside chance of you having an arrythmia disorder called 'arrythmiogenic right ventriclar cardiomyopathy'. It can cause lightheadness, fainting and palpitations. Sometimes it can only be picked up on a cardiac MRI. I have just been diagnosed with after years of ectopic beats and lightheadness, it was only after an MRI that I got a diagnosis. It is notoriously difficult to diagnose. Good luck in your search for diagnosis. X

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    I have had those for 2 years... Im 23 years old and had myocarditis 5 years ago. I used to smoke a pack a day for a year before all that.. Very unhealthy and bad. I know.

    But for what i found for myself is that proper healthy diet and workout can cure them. It takes time and you must start off very easy. I used to walk.. then brisk walking and now I jog and do HIIT.

    It helps when you push your cardiovascular system to its limit. Theres no point of running more than 30 minutes a day. Just keep yourself active. Get a bike and take small adventures. PVCs arent lethal most of the time. Its only you who can help you smile

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    He , I think you need a new heart Dr. If you are passing out, dizzy, all your Skype sound like Sick sinus syndrome!Which I have!I have a pacemaker now, because a Holter monitor caught 2 pauses of 3 inland 4 seconds. This could happen at any time. While driving, you could pass out, fall, very dangerous. Look it up. Don't think it is a old persons disease. If you go to the Pacemaker club online, you will see some people have it from birth or childhood. You can live a normal life, long and healthy. You may not need a pacemaker yet, but iwoulddefinitly have a few weeks with a holster monitor. I had one implanted in my chest because they could not catch my problem. Now I am fine, no dizziness, etc. Don't have to worry about passing g out or worse. Hope you go see rhythm cardio Dr.He will help you . Called an EP. Hope this helps. Let me know how you are do i g. Hugs, Mabel27

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