Diagnosed with BPPV, got epley done. still imbalanced. Please Help

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I was diagnosed with BPPV a month back and was treated with epley manuever for right and then left side. Epley stopped the spinning sensation but I still feel imbalanced, have somehow rejoined work but everything is a task nowadays. I am doing some rehabilitation exercises that the Dr. prescribed but feel they dont do anything for me. Please help. I feel I am stuck in this state from too long. Had vertigo 6 months back as well but that went away on its own in 2 weeks, this time it has been 6 weeks .

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    Was the vertigo you had 6 months ago, was that not bppv?

    Vertigo is the sympton that you experience with bppv.

    I get bppv seasonally, |usually Sept/Oct and then again in March/April

    My last episode went on for 6 weeks, so I went for physio. He did the maneauver and that stopped the spinning, but I was off balance for many weeks after.

    Usually my episodes are for about 2 weeks, but not this last time. I just hate it. I do know which ear is affected so I try to react to that. Normally it is my right ear, but this last big one was my left ear. Laying in bed and turning is a killer, or being in the tub with my head back in the water.

    Here is is March, so I am just waiting................

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      Thank you so much for replying. I hope your March goes well and you dont have to experience this.

      6 months ago the Dr. diagnosed it as being caused by an ear infection and it went away in 2 weeks. This time I am having a hard time. He did the maneuver for right ear first and then for the left ear as I was still dizzy. It has been more than a month and I am quite worried now.

      Does the imbalance go away on its own with the exercises or you do something to manage it? I just keep lying in bed till my head feels better.

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      Hi there

      I have heard about Vit D and BPPV>. I had been taking D3 but stopped several months ago. My levels were just at the lowest of normal, but at the time I was withdrawling from a benzo, and was told that D3 can bother you when I am weaning off that nasty med.

      The off balance feeling did last a long time. I am sorry to say. I remember just sitting and then all of a sudden, I would get a quick dizzy that would last just a second. It would make me feel like I was being pulled to the right.

      I was not given exercises to do. All I had done was the ,maneauver to determine which ear was affected, and then the maneuver to put the crystals back in place.

      when he did the testing he could determine which canal was affected as that will determine which maneauver he would do. |I remember him saying that it was the most common canal for crystals to come away. I think he said posterior canal but |I could be mistaken.

      No one knows what this feels like unless you experience it, So nasty

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    Hi, sorry to hear that you having a hard time. I had same vertigo symptoms in August-October last year. Was diagnosed with BPPV and ENT specialist said labyrinthitis, he suggested Epley manuever and exercises.He told me to be more active and do casual staff despite dizziness and imbalance because that is the way to get well quick. I was imbalanced for 3 month. I also prescribed Betahistine and i guess it did helped in my case.

    I am wishing you soonest recovery because i exactly now what you having through. Stay positive and believe that you will get better.

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      Thank you for replying to my post. I hope the imbalance goes away soon. I get very anxious going outside because of this. Will try and be more outside to normalize life. Did your doctor give you any exercise regimen to make things better? Also, did you get epley maneuver done?

      Whenever I roll on my left side I feel the imbalance more. Did any specific side trigger the imbalance for you?

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      Yes i understand how it feels when you are imbalanced. It is frustrating really. I have seen neurologist and ENT specialist and done all tests, they came to conclusion BPPV and labirynthitis. They prescribed exercises and Epley, i have done all by myself at home. After Epley i started to feel better but imbalance gone after a while. I use to walk in the room in the beginning then outside to little distance. Neurologist told me that imbalance just in my head, which is virtual/just feeling but not real. I felt many times that I'm falling. So exercise what he gave was looking to the one point and without moving your head, you should look right- center- left and back again. This exercise on You tube and well explained to be honest - vestibular rehabilitation exercises. When you do this exercise some dizziness may occur then day by day you will use to it and dizziness fades away.

      I had that my right side effected and as soon as i turn right was awful feeling, so i completely avoided right turn and sleeping on my right side.

      I couldn't walk normal or drive and was always feeling sick, it was debilitating. Thank GOD I'm back to my normal life now.

      I'm wishing you soonest recovery. Take care.

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      Thank you for your wishes.

      I changed my ENT doctor as had a lot of imbalance and the earlier one said he has no idea why this is happening. More tests are going on, the doctor started a medicine 'Diamox' which helped a bit but made me breathless so he stopped it again.

      HE said I have a rare syndrome called 'Empty Sella' which might be causing pressure on the ears and making me imbalanced but looks like he isnt too sure so getting more tests done for all type of things.

      Hope this phase passes away soon.

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      Sorry to hear that you still experiencing imbalance. Have you done MRI scan? I dont really know about EMPTY SELLA and its symptoms. Reason of imbalance is inner ear but what is causing inner ear disturbed most if the times is unknown. I meant vertigo is symptom. Tests- for only rule out tumor or etc, none of the tests show exact diagnose from my own experience. I have seen many specialists with different opinions. After all just left with vestibular rehabilitation exercise, because they came to conclusion BPPV. When inner ear crystals dislodged not all the time Epley is helpful but most of the time and symptoms not to going to away straight after exercise. This is my opinion.

      Diamox only antisickness/motion sickness med i had similar Prochlorperazine tabs which did not helped me. Anyway those meds tou cant take ling term.

      I do really wish you to get better, lots of support of family and friends will be helpful, because you think this will never going away - but it will!

      Good luck with all your tests and hopefully soon everything will be sorted for you! TAKE CARE!

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