Diagnosed with Gastritis, lower stomach

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Since February I had been experiencing a very mild discomfort with some bloating. Then over a month ago this became pain and was on one occasion extremely painful and was treated with a massive dose of Gaviscon by the hospital I attended which eventually eased the pain. An endoscopy showed I had inflammation of my lower stomach and the 2 H.Pylori tests I had were negative. I'm currently taking Omeprazole which seems to help.

I'm not in any of the following groups: 

People over age 60

People who drink too much alcohol


People who routinely use aspirin or NSAIDs, especially at high doses

So I'm baffled as to why I've ended up with this condition!?

Am I right in thinking this has to do with acidity coming back up from the duodenum/lower intestine?

What foods in general will worsen the Gastritis?

Can I take anything to line my stomach to prevent further problems?

I don't want to be taking Omeprazole for the rest of my life so what can I take instead which is healthier for treating gastritis?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated smile

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    I was also diagnosed with gastritis twice in six months after two endoscopies and I am not in the group of risk for this condition. The first was negative for h pylori and the second six months later was positive. I am now wondering if the first was a false negative although I don't know how accurate the test is. I suppose it will depend on the skill of the person performing the test and where the biopsies are taken from. You might like to request one of the other tests - blood, breath or stool to confirm that you really don't have it.

    Certain foods may also irritate the stomach, with inflammation its better to avoid spicy food, sugar, alcohol, there are books that can help with diet, if you check on amazon or other online bookshops. Zinc carnosine is a supplement that can be purchased online and is supposed to be very good at repairing the stomach lining. Slippery elm is also supposed to be soothing fir the gut. Glutamine is also supposed to be good.

    Hope that helps

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      Thank you Debbie. The first H.Pylori test was a stool sample and was negative, the second was a sample taken during an endoscopy and was also negative. I will be checking out Zinc carnosine, Slippery elm and Glutamine. 
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      Were you taking Omeprazole at the time the stool test or endoscopy were done - they can result in the tests being inaccurate, drugs like omeprazole have to be stopped 2 weeks before the tests , you may already know this but I just thought I'd mention it. My GP failed to tell me this and I had a stool test to check whether the bug had gone - I was on 80mg of Omeprazole and 300mg of Ranitidine at the time, so the negative result may not be accurate in my case. I really don't want to be on these meds either long term and thankfully I have managed to half the dose so far without a flare up of my symptoms.

      Pinkcatfairy has also given good advice on diet.

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      Yes I was actually taking Omeprazole. I only stopped it about 8 days before the endoscopy and hadn't been taking it for long i.e. for a couple of days before that. Does the Mastic clear H.Pylori? I've ordered this in the hope it will improve my overall situation. I've now stopped taking the Omeprazole as I'm finding the water is helping me more.
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    I was diagnosed with gastitis last year, i have a hernia and is peri menopause so i think this is what attributed to mine. I was advised to avoid tea and coffee, chocolate and fats and acidic things including tomatoes and spicy things. Yes acid reflux coming back up can cause this. I always have my bed raised at the top so i am sleeping on a slight incline to stop acid coming back up

    I was on omeprezole for some time but after a while the omeprezole made my stomach really gassy and uncomfortable so i switched to zantac. Being on these medications for a long time can cause side affects i found (which you dont want on top of your problem) It took me about five months to safely say it had cleared up and then i came off the zantac, like you, i didnt want to be on them forever. X

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      My sentiments exactly so am looking at alternative more natural remedies.
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    Have decided to give Mastic Gum a go having seen some glowing reports on Amazon. What I have also noticed the last day or two is drinking a pint of water before eating and after seems to help!!
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      Yes im all for water helping the digestion! I think when i had my flare up i wasnt drinking as much, it really helps things flow through a must for digestion
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    I hope you get over this asap but like i said it really can take a long time to go away, i kept worrying myself that it was going on too long but if you realise that it can take some time to go it takes some of the stress away! I lost my appetite too for a few weeks so dont be too alarmed if this happens, also i think the tablets can supress the appetite!
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      I agree with you in that it can take a long time - mines been going on for over 9 months and I'm only just starting to be able to eat with being in agony. I've lost a stone and a half in weight (about 20 pounds) due to physically not being able to eat along with other symptoms of gastritis such as severe nausea which can last days on end and loss of appetite. Its only the last couple of weeks when I've found the pain easing off somewhat.
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      I can see from reading the threads that this could be around for longer than I had anticipated. Really hoping the Mastic will also help but am amazed at how drinking a pint of water before eating eases the pain a hell of a lot after eating a meal to the point there is only minor discomfort.
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      Yes i heard alot about mastic gum but never tried it, even now i do try to drink plenty of water it flushes the digestive system i believe!

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