Diagnosed with svt two months back

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I am nineteen years old. I am diagnosed with SVT a month back. This happened when I ran more than my capacity. It was 5 O clock in the morning, I ran three rounds of 400 m. each. But soon it came to my mind that I had run more than the day before. So, I started to run again. But I was not able to complete even a lap, I laid down on grass. Fifteen minutes passed but I noticed that my heart didn't slow down. I was damn scared, went to the nearby hospital. They took my ECG and found out that my heartbeat was around 200bpm. It took about 30 minutes for my heart to slow down.

Since then they have kept me on beta-blockers (metoprolol). I take 50 mg. of the same per day. I tried to skip the dose but I experienced shortness of breath, stinging pain in left chest, the coldness of left hand etc. The doctor had said me to undergo EP study and cardiac ablation.

Though I have not got any episode till now. My left chest and left-hand constantly have pain.

What do you say? please give me your feedback.

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    Hello Shree,

    You are just 19. 

    I am 31 and experience the same but havent diagnosed yet as when i reach hospital everything shows normal. 

    I suggest you start doing yoga. 

    Yoga has cure for tachycardia and it helps a lot. Restrcit some diet.

    Most imp one is vayu yoga.. i am also doing the same which is helping me a lot.  Let me know if you need to know more about it.

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      Thanks for the reply...

      I have been doing pranayama and Kapalabhati... but no results are showing up. I still feel short breathiness when I reduce the dose of metoprolol. it seems my body is addicted to metoprolol.

      can you suggest me some yoga asanas? and veg diet?

      if you describe your experience with SVT it would be helpful...

      please reply



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    Try vayu yoga. 



    These 3 would help. Mostly vayu yoga..

    Try these yoga for 2 weeks continuously and then start dropping doze... skip 1 day later when u feel good... skip 2 days....and later 3 days.... this is how you should stop any medication if you want...

    Do vayu yoga 2-3 times a day... 10-15 min everytime....  more you do... faster you recover.... and try to relax....do things that makes u happy... dnt get too excited or stressed... 

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    The EP study and ablation is the only hope for a cure. You are young, it's probably best to not be on medication for the rest of your life, though there is no harm sticking with the metoprolol for a while and seeing how it goes. But for most people the SVT tends to get worse as they get older and the medications may not always be effective. It's best not to skip doses, I can't skip a day of my metoprolol or I will have horrible SVT attacks. I also find abruptly going off of them leads to high blood pressure, high resting heart rate, anxiety and various other unpleasant effects. 

    I lived with mine on metorpolol for 4 years before doing an ablation. Initially metoprolol kept things in check and I really had no issues. But that changed and I had my first ablation last summer. Unfortunately for me it did not work and I'm now planning a second atempt sometime this year. In the meantime I've mostly just learned to live with it and not let it rule my life. I find the more I can stay calm during episodes, the quicker they are over. When it happens I just sit or lie down and relax for a bit and it passes in short order (but note that this is different for everyone and there are different causes of SVT which may lead to either shorter or longer episodes). I don't mind being on metoprolol but it's not working anymore, and the other drug options are fairly scary, so I'll opt to try a second ablation and hope for the best. 

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    Hi - I have not officially been diagnosed with PSVT yet, however my cardiologist suspects that's what I have.  I'm 41, fairly athletic, and I to had my first episode 3 weeks ago while spinning in a competitive class.  My heart rate was stuck at 180 at the end of my work out, and it wouldn't go down.  So I got of the bike and one of the girls at the front desk gave an ice cold towel - put it on my face and it instantly went away.  At the time, I was using a pre work out shake and some other performance pills which I stopped immediately.  I had an episode 1.5 weeks ago where my heart shot up to 145 - 150 for no reason as I was getting ready for work.  I tried putting ice on my face, and then felt like I was going to faint so I called 911.  When paramedics came, they got my highest heart rate at 135 - all my tests were normal at the ER so Doc gave me fluids and released me.  I came home and it happened again, so went back into ER - they gave me propanolol.  Saw cardiologist 2 days later and that's when he suspected PSVT.  I was scheduled to go on vacation 2 days after, so he told me - go on vacation, take a propanolol 1 hour before your flight (I was on a 5.5 hour flight over the ocean) which actually made me feel so paranoid on the plane.  Now, I'm in Hawaii, and I had an episode yesterday - went into ER and they gave me metoprolol which didn't make me feel as bad.  I think what triggered it was being out in the sun too long, got sunburned and was dehyrdated - my resting heart rate was 145, it would go away and come back for about 3 hours and literally exhausted me.  All blood work was fine again, and the highest my resting heart rate was at the ER was 120.

    When I'm back home in Seattle next week, I get an ECHO and a monitor for a couple weeks.  Cardiologist suggest ablation if it is PSVT.  It's just insane - I've been physically fit my whole life, don't ever really overdue it.  But I have genetic heart disease in my family, and this is something that is in my genes.  It is more scary than anything

    Shree - since I took the metoprolol I also have a weird feeling in the right side of my heart - it's not pain, just a weird pressing feeling.  The ER dr last night did not tell me to take this everyday - only as needed.  

    I'm paranoid it will happen on the plane ride back home, but I'll try and relax and will resort to ice or breathing techniques.  I'm kind of screwed either way if I'm up in the air.

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