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I've had a few problems over the last few months with my mental health. I constantly get thoughts of paranoia. For example i thought my mother put bleach in my bath. And that my family were all trying to have me arrested when they left me at home alone one day. I also get delusional thoughts like i'll do something and convince myself i haven't done it after and no matter what people tell me i wont believe ive done it till i think about it the next day. I also regularly convince myself i own things that i don't for maybe a day. It feels like im going mad and people are all plotting against me some days then other days im fine. I also sometimes think people have planted cameras in mirrors to watch me.

Any help as to what, if anything, is wrong would be much appreciated

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    These are just some examples of the thoughts i have. I obviously wouldn't be able to list them all
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      Cath, You can't get a diagnosis on a forum. You really need to get expert help. You should start with your GP, if you haven't already. He/she will be able to refer you for psychiatric help. That doesn't mean you'll be locked up in a mental hospital, but you'll have people to support you.

      You don't say how old you are, but I'm wondering whether you're still quite young, as you're clearly living with your parents. It's not all that rare to suffer mental health disturbances in your teenage years, so it doesn't mean you'll always be like this. But you still need to get proper help. If your parents won't let you see a doctor, you should try talking to your teacher or counsellor if you're still at school or college. If you're in the UK you could also call Childline or chat with them on-line. (Google them.)

      Please don't suffer alone with this problem. Help is available.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm 21 years old. Male. I have booked doctors appointments but always get too scared to go at the last second. I just wondered if people had experienced anything similar or knew what it could be
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      Sorry for misreading your name, Caht!

      Well, teenage problems often spill over into your early 20s. I went through a severe depression in my 20s, though I didn't have your symptoms.

      I'm wondering what it is that scares you about talking to your doctor. Is it because you think you'll be stigmatised for having a mental illness, or detained in hospital? The first certainly won't happen, and it's highly unlikely you'll be put into a mental hospital, especially if you're in the UK, where there are so few beds that even people with very severe mental illnesses are left to sleep on the street! Or might it be on cultural grounds? I'm flying blind here, as you haven't given a lot of information about yourself.

      As to what this might be - well, I'm quite sure you'll have googled your symptoms by now and will have a pretty good idea of the possible diagnoses. Once again, no one can diagnose you on a forum (and they shouldn't be trying to) though it can be useful to talk to people with similar problems.

      Sorry for suggesting Childline - it was just a hunch. However, both MIND and SANE (mental health charities) have helplines you can call if you want to speak to a counsellor (always provided you're in the UK). You can google these too. If you're outside of the UK, most countries have crisis lines these days. Though very useful as a next step in addressing your problem (the first step having been to post on a forum) they still can't replace face-to-face professional help.

      I can't stress enough that you really need to get medical help before your symptoms get out of hand. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain.

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    Hi there. What you need to do is get to the Drs. I understand that you find it hard getting there. In that Cass I would either go with a mate, especially if you have one you've shared with. Even if you haven't shared with them just say something like you need some company because there could be some problems and you just need some help, or even you get bored type thing and arrange to go for a coffee afterwards.

    If that doesn't help phone your Drs surgery and then ask them to come to you. The Dr will probably phone you back first but be honest. It sounds as though you are having panic attacks at even getting to the Drs, or even through the door - mention that, they are used to this and will understand and come to you if needed.

    There's obviously some problems with paranoia, and delusion, maybe even hallucinations. All that needs to be addressed between you and a Dr. Have you/can you speak to your parents, and/or friends?

    If ever you have thoughts of self harm though dial 999, because then it is life threatening. It doesn't mean you'll get locked up - just the help you need.

    As a by-product though of you actually recognising that it's paranoia, delusions, hallucinations then that's good - it shows that you still have self awareness of the situation, and are not "mad" (as the world would term it) but rather just ill and in need of treatment!

    All the best. Keep us posted. Call your Dr tomorrow and try to tell the secretary briefly why you need to see a Dr ASAP, and again if you need it request a home visit!

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