Diagnosis of persistent nausea?

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Involved in a road traffic accident more than three years ago. Had pain in the abdomen from the seatbelt although that disappeared after a week or so. After that, I had one evening when I vomited continuously. Since then, I've had persistent nausea.

It never goes away and although I've learned to live with it, it's a massive inconvenience.

I've had multiple blood tests, a barium swallow and even an endoscopy, with the doctors still finding nothing wrong.

I've tried changing my diet and eating habits but nothing has worked.

Does anyone know causes of this or experienced it themselves?

Any information greatly appreciated.

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    I see where you have changed your diet. Have you tried eliminating gluten? Celiac disease causes nausea and vomiting. It's an autoimmune disease and I have read that a traumatic event or stress can trigger an autoimmune response when you have not had symptoms before. My entire family has this disease and a gluten free diet has been nothing short of a miracle for us! Hope this helps

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      I'm really thinking about going gluten free although the Celiac  panel came out normal except for IGA which was high, i've heard with Celiac disease it's low. They have to rule out other things but it wouldn't hurt to go gluten free I'm willing to give it a try.

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    I haven't tried it properly, although I'm a little sceptical to do so unless diagnosed. I'm aware that it is a very strict diet to follow and can take time to take affect. Do you think it's something to mention to my GP?
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    ABSOLUTLY! You may so have a gluten sensitivity that may not show up in test. The only reason my family was tested is because I asked for the test. I did not get tested because I already went gluten free and felt so good I refuse to eat it again and I've been to you have to be eating gluten to get an accurate result. I tried to attach a link of celiac symptoms and couldn't so search for a complete list celiac symptoms online. There are 200+symptoms and disorders associated with it. Some sites do not list all of the symptoms. I really hope this helps!
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    By the way I saw almost immediate relief. Within days.
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    Thank you! What changes did you make to your diet i.e. what foods did you avoid?

    Different websites tell you to eat and avoid different things

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    I mostly eat naturally gluten free foods. Meats veggies fruits potatoes. I have found that gluten free oat meal is a no for me. My best advice would be to read every label. Look for wheat barley or rye ingredients. When in doubt, look it up. Most companies have online list of their gluten free products. Keep it simple at first. If something is questionable just don't eat it! Avoid restaurants at first unless they are completely gluten free. If this is in fact your problem, you will feel so much better!
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    Thank you for your help. I hope this is the case. After countless GP and hospital appointments I'm a bit bored of it now, as you can imagine. I'll book an appointment with my GP (I haven't bothered to see him in over a year) and tell him I'm still feeling nauseous and that it could be due to gluten intolerance or sensitivity.
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    Great! I spent thousands of dollars before we found out what was going on so I completely understand! Good luck!
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    Hi, seanmays

    Just curious to know that if you are now nausea free.

    I have persistent nausea for almost a year now, and have done all sorts of tests that didn't find anything conclusive.



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    Hopefully changing the diet may help.  I work in the area of trauma so my other thought may be that your nausea and your experience in the car accident may be related. In other words sometimes our body holds the memory of an event or unconsciously we may guard our bodies after experiencing a traumatic event.  As an example, a man came to my office with persistent left arm pain after being in a car accident in which he was thrown against the door on his left side.  Later in the process of resolving this experience he recalled many years earlier hiking in a foreign country when a hurricane came through. He described being abandoned by his other hikers and clinging to the mountain in his left side (another trauma). I have had the experience of having a mild injury (inflammation of one of my metatarsals in my foot from running) turn into full blown nerve pain (neuropathy) in my feet which baffled my doctors. I believe my condition was related to early childhood when I had a very bad case of planters warts in my feet. In those days the treatment involved putting needles in a patient's foot to freeze the foot and carving out the warts with a knife. For a six year old it was very traumatic and I had to have it repeated several times. I believe my body's over reaction to harm in the area of my feet was related to these early events.  If the car accident was traumatic for you it would be worthwhile investigating both physical and emotional/psychological areas and there are some good treatment options for trauma such as EMDR or somatic experiencing therapy that deals specifically with the body.  I may be way out on left field for you and hopefully you found resolution through diet but it may be helpful for readers to know that about this mind/body connection that can sometimes explain mysterious physical challenges when medical tests can't. 
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    Hi there everybody, sprry it's been so long. I thought I'd just give you an update to how it's all going. Unfortunately I'm not nausea free, in fact the nausea hasn't subsided at all, and it's annoyance is just increasing. Furthermore, I have recently noticed some blood in my stool, which I will see my GP about in due course (although my stool has already been sent for examination and everything was absolutely fine). 

    I spoke to my GP about 9 months ago and discussed the option of trying a gluten free diet. Without any testing, he agreed that a gluten intolerance was a possibility (based on my symptoms) and we concluded I should try and gluten free diet. I did this for 6 months, and I have to say, I've never felt worse for a sustained period in my life. Not only did the "diet" cause me to eat less and lose an alarming amount of weight, I constantly felt weak and lethargic. I saw my doctor at the 6 month period and he told me I looked worryling thin, and I said it was due to a lack of hunger to eat, like, EVER. SO he pretty much made me stop the diet. Gluten intolerance ruled out.

    I then said that I needed to get back to eating properly (as in square meals a day) to my GP. We discussed further and he suggested that I may have IBS and prescribed y with Mebeverine to take before meals and alleviate symptoms. I've been taking these pills for the last 3 months, 3 times a day (at least), and once again I haven't noticed any difference. 

    It seems to me that I'm going through all the potential diagnoses and just ruling them out when they medicine for them doesn't work. Obviously this is not my GP's fault (after all, nausea is pretty much a symptom of everything), but it's just so annoying.

    I'm now at a crossroads. I definitely want to pursue this further and I'm not just going to lie down and accept feelish rubbish constantly, but I'm not sure how to go about it. In the early days of visiting the hospital (and GP) I was asked whether I thought it was PTSD after the car accidently. I said "no" based on the fact that the accident has barely crossed my mind since that day and hasn;t worried me at all. However, I wonder whether to pursue this route as nothing else has worked. Just a note on the more 'mental' side of things, I have very obsessive tendencies and have been told by family and friends that I am emotionally detached and have little or no empathy. Not sure whether any of that helps.

    Anyway, thanks for all your posts, any more informaiton and guidance would be much appreciated, 


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      I am keeping an eye on your posts - I have a posting going as well regard post op nausea. I'm going on 5 weeks of nausea following leg and knee surgery and it's really taking its toll on me. So I can only imagine your state of mind for as long as you've had it.

      I'm praying for you and pray someone posts a solution - soon!

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      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for the post, and sorry it's taken so long for me to reply. This is for two reasons 1) I was getting too many spam emails from patient.co.uk so I unsubscribed to email alerts, and 2) I've got to the point where I'm not even sure there is an adequate diagnosis.

      As an update, still feeling exactly the same. No improvements at all unfortunately. I've finished a course of Mebeverine tablets (for IBS) which had absolutely no positive effects. I'm now taking Nexium for acid reflux, and, once again, no luck thus far!

      How are you doing Susan? (physically and emotionally). Have you been tested for adhesions??? If your systems began after surgery, this could be a possibility...

      As for me, the search continues. It's getting rather monotonous feeling constantly nauseas and not being able to enjoy things normal people would (i.e. going out for a pint at the pub) haha.

      Anyway, anyone else with ANY information, please please please do not hesistate to spout it here. And, for anyone suffering, I empathise, and hope you have some better luck in regards to the diagnoses!!!

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      I am doing mch better. I went to the GI specialist. He had me clean out my system for an endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. As soon as I was cleaned out I started feeling better. From there, twice a day, I took a mixture of acidophilus, aloe Vera juice, and lemon juice(all liquids and need to be refidgerated) - a tablespoon of each, twice a day (down to one now). Started feeling better and better every day. As for my leg, I just started walking on it, so that is slowly getting better there.

      Keep trying - I'm sure improved health will improve soon

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      Hi there,drink warm water 20 minutes before every meal,and walk 10 minutes after every meal..hope it would work for you good luck

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