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tigerbolt tigerbolt

diarrhea almost every day for 3 years?

For the past 3 years I have been having some problems with my stomach. I have been having diarrhea every day multiple times to every other day. It is mainly triggered if I eat anything or do something simple like taking a walk or going outside. A lot of times when I eat, my stomach will get a lot of pain and I will have diarrhea in the middle of eating or shortly after. When it first started, it only happened occasionally, but lately, I have been having diarrhea several times a day. It might sound strange, but I noticed when the weather is bad outside, like cold or rainy, it will make my symptoms worse. Rarely, I won't have diarrhea for 1-2 days and I consider it a miracle. It really is stressful and sad since if I go anywhere, I have to immediately search for the nearest bathroom to feel safe. I can't go out to eat somewhere since I will always have diarrhea and it's embarrasing to always leave every time during the meal. Sometimes I can't barely even eat a few bites of food at home before I have to go to the bathroom.

I heard it's not normal to have diarrhea so much, so it really worries me. I love walking outside and even jogging, but I'm terrified do those things because I know something can go wrong with my stomach. I've been taking a medicine called metamucil. It does help a little, but not nearly as much as I need it too. I talked to my doctor about my problem and he recommended I get a Endoscopy, so I've been waiting a while for the hospital to respond. It is driving me crazy having to wait so long since I wish this problem could get fixed and I could have a clear diagnoses of what's wrong with me. I am really scared and worried. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or opinions to what could be wrong with me since I've been trying to figure it out for years. I have been wondering if I could have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) since a lot of my symptoms sound similar, but I'm not sure. Also I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of Endoscopy I would need. Do you think I would need a Colonoscope   inserted through the anus to examine the colon (bowel) or a Gastroscope, inserted down the throat to the oesophagus to examine the stomach. I just really want to know if the camera will be going through my mouth or anus and is the problem could be with my colon, bowls, stomach, or digestion.

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  • KT47 KT47 tigerbolt

    Your seems very similar to mine although I haven't had diarreah for quite as long. I've had the Endoscopy (through the anus) which was clear apart from some inflammation the two biopsis came back clear, this was in July since when the episodes have gotten worse, motion is now very watery and I have no control of my bowel and very little warning. My Dr is now trying me on Fybogel to try and bulk up the motion there by giving me more control. The Loperamide he had me on caused more problems that it cured.I don't know where to go from here as the Colonoscopy came back clear so I suppose in a way that should be some consolation. It's mortifying to be in the middle of a supermarket and knowing your not going to make it to the toilets 

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt KT47

      I've actually put off the Endoscopy for a long time since I'm terrified of it sad I'm even more afraid of it coming back with no results and having to go through that for nothing. It is good yours came back clear, but it also is sad since it's hard to find out what's wrong then. I know exactly how you feel. I have no control over my bowels and little warning as well. When it happens, I have to go right that second and can't barely hold it for even 1 minute! It really is sad to live like that. I'm sorry to hear the Loperamide was causing you more problems than it helped. It really is terrifying being out in public and having to worry about this problem or trying to make it to the bathroom in time.

    • KT47 KT47 tigerbolt

      Oh Tigerbolt please don't be put off having an endoscopy I can honestly say it was fine they offered me a sedative which I accepted and no you are not asleep but so relaxed it doesn't matter. After the procedure you are taken to a bed for a rest then they give you a drink and something to eat. I must admit I was surprised that I had a bowel movement the following day.  Please don't be afraid. KT47

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt KT47

      Thank you so much KT47! I am such a wimp when it comes to any kind of pain and I am terrified of having something stuck up me. I am worried about the sedative since you will be awake the whole time. I also have a little anxiety, so I really work myself up a lot of times over nothing ha ha. It really makes me feel a lot better hearing your experience though and knowing it didn't hurt. I really do regret putting off the procedure for so long and not going through with it sooner. The only reason I really want ot go through with it now is because my problem is getting a lot worse lately and January 11th, me, my husband, and his family are going to Thailand for a month of vacation. I'm absolutely terrified with my stomach and can't stop worrying what is going to go wrong.

    • jeff4242 jeff4242 KT47


      Are you still having diarrhea everyday? Like 3bm or more a day? Does your first bowel movement in a day starts with very soft small stools? Or always very loose and watery throughout the entire day? And you have diarrhea that woke you up in the middle of the night?

    • Oliverbill Oliverbill tigerbolt

      I know this post is more than a year old, but others might find this useful.

      I suffer from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), and I elected to have the "twilight" anesthesia when they did my colonoscopy. You aren't put to sleep as deeply as you would be under general anesthesia, but I don't remember anything, and I wasn't sore at all.

      It might cost a little more, but with it if you have a lot of anxiety.

  • ann11007 ann11007 tigerbolt

    Hello tigerbolt,

    I suffered from constant diarrhoea for years. Had endoscopy and a barium meal test too which didn't help. However, since I have starting taking very high doses of very expensive probiotics, the diarrhoea is under control for the first time in many years. I will now be seeing a dietician to try the FODMAP diet as everything I eat seems to upset me and as soon as I stop the probiotics the problem starts again. So I'm hoping with the support of a dietician I may be able to improve as the probiotics are just too expensive.


    • tigerbolt tigerbolt ann11007

      Hello 185,

      I'm sorry to hear you also had constant diarrhoea for years. It's sad that I've heard a lot of people with this problem get a endoscopy done and the results come back fine. It really sucks not having a solution to your problem. I'm glad to hear the probiotics work, but it is a shame there so expensive. I really hope your dietician and FODMAP diet are able to help. It's strange, but my stomach also gets upset by any kind of food. Heck even drinking water can upset it!

    • KT47 KT47 ann11007

      Hi tigerbolt and I are in touch,I started taking  Fybogel crystals on my doctors advise, I thought Fybolgel was a laxative!!!!!! but having taken three sachets so far 1 in a morning and 1 at night (then again this morning) it was well into the afternoon before I needed the loo!! this is a tremendous difference to my usual days.  I know it is early days yet but will keep you informed, so far so good.  I may get to go away on Monday yet.KT47

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt KT47

      Hello KT47,

      I haven't heard of Fybogel crystals before. I'm really happy that the medicine is helping you smile!!! I was prescribed omeprazol mylan and domperidon (not sure if you've ever heard of them), but unfortunately they didn't work sad I did start taking a medicine called metamucil which is a medicine that helps with diarrhea. It did help me a lot in the beginning. It didn't make my symptoms go away complete, but it did turn my diarrhea into solid stool which I was happy about since it was some progress. It did help when I ate also, but not 100%. But after about a week and a half of taking one packet every day, I think my body became immune to it or something because it stopped working and all my symptoms returned. I also should've mentioned this, but I found that asprin, paracetamol, and norit's help relief the symptoms. Those are the medicne's that help the most so far. They don't always work though, but sometimes it does help ease the pain and calm the diarrhea. But of course I don't want to always take asprin or things like that since it's not good to always take them, but it is difficult since they provide relief and do help a little. It's sad because I really feel like a freak sometimes and I wish my body could just be normal again.

      I also wanted to ask a very important question. The hospital contacted me finally and said I would need to do a stool sample and blood test first. Do you know if IBS can be diagnosed from either of those tests? I really hope so since I would really prefer that to a Colonoscopy ha ha.

    • ann11007 ann11007 KT47

      Hi KT47,

      The issue of dietary fibre seems quite complex. There are many other over the counter supplements which also provide soluble fibre. Some have ingredeints which contain a mixture of soluble and non soluble fibre. Also in my experience I react differently to the various brands and combinations. helpforibs site has a useful explanation (though it is a commercial site) for supplements with soluble fibre for IBS, if this is what it turns out to be your diagnosis. Also they is no evidence that you can take these supplements indefinetly without side effects.

    • KT47 KT47 ann11007

      Thanks for input the prescribed Fybogel seems to be doing the trick and I will continue to take them as long as my Doctor approves.  We already know I don't have IBS but I do have SLE (Lupus).I shall return to the doctor when I've finished this treatment which should last long enough for me to go away this coming week.

    • irene89569 irene89569 ann11007

      Would you be willing to give me the name of the probiotic you are taking. Right now I am going without solid food for four days because I want to see if I can stop the diarreah. I'm on clear liquids. I'm not in a lot of pain but plenty of gas. I had a colonoscopy five months ago and everything was clear. I'm going to have more tests but if the probiotic helps that would be great. Thank you

  • mjmdesk mjmdesk tigerbolt

    Hi tigerbot: Ever since my apendectomy decades ago I've had problems having a solid poop. As it turns out when they removed my apendix they also removed a few feet of my colon. Lately my sister in Vancouver Canada gave some pills to help me with my problem. As it turns out, when she went on a cruise a few months back she and my Dad had similar problems. They were given a pill called Bentonite Clay which solved their problem. As it turns out, after taking the pill after a meal I ended up having no more diahrea that day. Now I take one pill afgter evey meal and no more diahrea. Check your local health food store to see if they have them. If not, surf on Google to see where you can buy some.

     They are a real blessing. They help me because I drink too much coffee and coffee can act as a laxative. Now when I start drinking my coffee I take one Bentonite Clay pill and no more diahrea. These pills may just be the answer for you as well. Better than paying for expensive medication. You may also want to do some research on the web about these pills and their positive effects. You're likely not the only one with this problem. These are a natural cure for people who want to stay away from doctors' expensive prescriptions.

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt mjmdesk

      Helo mjmdesk,

      I also have a lot of problems having solid poop and I'm not sure why. I'm 85 to 90% more likely to have diarrhea. That really is sad they took out a few feet of your colon away. I think they could also cause your problem. I've never heard of Bentonite Clay, I will really have to check that out! I have had several medicine's prescribed to me which were suppose to help with the diarrhea and I needed to take one before I ate. But none of them helped unfortunately.

      It's strange, but my symptoms are triggered by anything and not by a certain food. If I eat something small as a cherry tomato, cracker, or even a cup of water/tea, it can trigger it! Thank you for the information smile I will do some research on them. I like that there a nature cure.

    • ann11007 ann11007 mjmdesk

      Hi mjmdesk,

      I was curious about the bentonite clay and checked it on the site where I found a warning dated 2012 from the FSA (food standards agengy) of the lead and arsenic content of this clay and a list of some of the retailers who stock it. I don't mean to be alarmist but you may want to check it out.

    • mjmdesk mjmdesk ann11007

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