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tigerbolt tigerbolt

diarrhea almost every day for 3 years?

For the past 3 years I have been having some problems with my stomach. I have been having diarrhea every day multiple times to every other day. It is mainly triggered if I eat anything or do something simple like taking a walk or going outside. A lot of times when I eat, my stomach will get a lot of pain and I will have diarrhea in the middle of eating or shortly after. When it first started, it only happened occasionally, but lately, I have been having diarrhea several times a day. It might sound strange, but I noticed when the weather is bad outside, like cold or rainy, it will make my symptoms worse. Rarely, I won't have diarrhea for 1-2 days and I consider it a miracle. It really is stressful and sad since if I go anywhere, I have to immediately search for the nearest bathroom to feel safe. I can't go out to eat somewhere since I will always have diarrhea and it's embarrasing to always leave every time during the meal. Sometimes I can't barely even eat a few bites of food at home before I have to go to the bathroom.

I heard it's not normal to have diarrhea so much, so it really worries me. I love walking outside and even jogging, but I'm terrified do those things because I know something can go wrong with my stomach. I've been taking a medicine called metamucil. It does help a little, but not nearly as much as I need it too. I talked to my doctor about my problem and he recommended I get a Endoscopy, so I've been waiting a while for the hospital to respond. It is driving me crazy having to wait so long since I wish this problem could get fixed and I could have a clear diagnoses of what's wrong with me. I am really scared and worried. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or opinions to what could be wrong with me since I've been trying to figure it out for years. I have been wondering if I could have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) since a lot of my symptoms sound similar, but I'm not sure. Also I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of Endoscopy I would need. Do you think I would need a Colonoscope   inserted through the anus to examine the colon (bowel) or a Gastroscope, inserted down the throat to the oesophagus to examine the stomach. I just really want to know if the camera will be going through my mouth or anus and is the problem could be with my colon, bowls, stomach, or digestion.

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  • KT47 KT47 tigerbolt

    Your seems very similar to mine although I haven't had diarreah for quite as long. I've had the Endoscopy (through the anus) which was clear apart from some inflammation the two biopsis came back clear, this was in July since when the episodes have gotten worse, motion is now very watery and I have no control of my bowel and very little warning. My Dr is now trying me on Fybogel to try and bulk up the motion there by giving me more control. The Loperamide he had me on caused more problems that it cured.I don't know where to go from here as the Colonoscopy came back clear so I suppose in a way that should be some consolation. It's mortifying to be in the middle of a supermarket and knowing your not going to make it to the toilets 

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt KT47

      I've actually put off the Endoscopy for a long time since I'm terrified of it sad I'm even more afraid of it coming back with no results and having to go through that for nothing. It is good yours came back clear, but it also is sad since it's hard to find out what's wrong then. I know exactly how you feel. I have no control over my bowels and little warning as well. When it happens, I have to go right that second and can't barely hold it for even 1 minute! It really is sad to live like that. I'm sorry to hear the Loperamide was causing you more problems than it helped. It really is terrifying being out in public and having to worry about this problem or trying to make it to the bathroom in time.

    • KT47 KT47 tigerbolt

      Oh Tigerbolt please don't be put off having an endoscopy I can honestly say it was fine they offered me a sedative which I accepted and no you are not asleep but so relaxed it doesn't matter. After the procedure you are taken to a bed for a rest then they give you a drink and something to eat. I must admit I was surprised that I had a bowel movement the following day.  Please don't be afraid. KT47

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt KT47

      Thank you so much KT47! I am such a wimp when it comes to any kind of pain and I am terrified of having something stuck up me. I am worried about the sedative since you will be awake the whole time. I also have a little anxiety, so I really work myself up a lot of times over nothing ha ha. It really makes me feel a lot better hearing your experience though and knowing it didn't hurt. I really do regret putting off the procedure for so long and not going through with it sooner. The only reason I really want ot go through with it now is because my problem is getting a lot worse lately and January 11th, me, my husband, and his family are going to Thailand for a month of vacation. I'm absolutely terrified with my stomach and can't stop worrying what is going to go wrong.

    • jeff4242 jeff4242 KT47


      Are you still having diarrhea everyday? Like 3bm or more a day? Does your first bowel movement in a day starts with very soft small stools? Or always very loose and watery throughout the entire day? And you have diarrhea that woke you up in the middle of the night?

    • Oliverbill Oliverbill tigerbolt

      I know this post is more than a year old, but others might find this useful.

      I suffer from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), and I elected to have the "twilight" anesthesia when they did my colonoscopy. You aren't put to sleep as deeply as you would be under general anesthesia, but I don't remember anything, and I wasn't sore at all.

      It might cost a little more, but with it if you have a lot of anxiety.

  • ann11007 ann11007 tigerbolt

    Hello tigerbolt,

    I suffered from constant diarrhoea for years. Had endoscopy and a barium meal test too which didn't help. However, since I have starting taking very high doses of very expensive probiotics, the diarrhoea is under control for the first time in many years. I will now be seeing a dietician to try the FODMAP diet as everything I eat seems to upset me and as soon as I stop the probiotics the problem starts again. So I'm hoping with the support of a dietician I may be able to improve as the probiotics are just too expensive.


    • tigerbolt tigerbolt ann11007

      Hello 185,

      I'm sorry to hear you also had constant diarrhoea for years. It's sad that I've heard a lot of people with this problem get a endoscopy done and the results come back fine. It really sucks not having a solution to your problem. I'm glad to hear the probiotics work, but it is a shame there so expensive. I really hope your dietician and FODMAP diet are able to help. It's strange, but my stomach also gets upset by any kind of food. Heck even drinking water can upset it!

    • KT47 KT47 ann11007

      Hi tigerbolt and I are in touch,I started taking  Fybogel crystals on my doctors advise, I thought Fybolgel was a laxative!!!!!! but having taken three sachets so far 1 in a morning and 1 at night (then again this morning) it was well into the afternoon before I needed the loo!! this is a tremendous difference to my usual days.  I know it is early days yet but will keep you informed, so far so good.  I may get to go away on Monday yet.KT47

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt KT47

      Hello KT47,

      I haven't heard of Fybogel crystals before. I'm really happy that the medicine is helping you smile!!! I was prescribed omeprazol mylan and domperidon (not sure if you've ever heard of them), but unfortunately they didn't work sad I did start taking a medicine called metamucil which is a medicine that helps with diarrhea. It did help me a lot in the beginning. It didn't make my symptoms go away complete, but it did turn my diarrhea into solid stool which I was happy about since it was some progress. It did help when I ate also, but not 100%. But after about a week and a half of taking one packet every day, I think my body became immune to it or something because it stopped working and all my symptoms returned. I also should've mentioned this, but I found that asprin, paracetamol, and norit's help relief the symptoms. Those are the medicne's that help the most so far. They don't always work though, but sometimes it does help ease the pain and calm the diarrhea. But of course I don't want to always take asprin or things like that since it's not good to always take them, but it is difficult since they provide relief and do help a little. It's sad because I really feel like a freak sometimes and I wish my body could just be normal again.

      I also wanted to ask a very important question. The hospital contacted me finally and said I would need to do a stool sample and blood test first. Do you know if IBS can be diagnosed from either of those tests? I really hope so since I would really prefer that to a Colonoscopy ha ha.

    • ann11007 ann11007 KT47

      Hi KT47,

      The issue of dietary fibre seems quite complex. There are many other over the counter supplements which also provide soluble fibre. Some have ingredeints which contain a mixture of soluble and non soluble fibre. Also in my experience I react differently to the various brands and combinations. helpforibs site has a useful explanation (though it is a commercial site) for supplements with soluble fibre for IBS, if this is what it turns out to be your diagnosis. Also they is no evidence that you can take these supplements indefinetly without side effects.

    • KT47 KT47 ann11007

      Thanks for input the prescribed Fybogel seems to be doing the trick and I will continue to take them as long as my Doctor approves.  We already know I don't have IBS but I do have SLE (Lupus).I shall return to the doctor when I've finished this treatment which should last long enough for me to go away this coming week.

    • irene89569 irene89569 ann11007

      Would you be willing to give me the name of the probiotic you are taking. Right now I am going without solid food for four days because I want to see if I can stop the diarreah. I'm on clear liquids. I'm not in a lot of pain but plenty of gas. I had a colonoscopy five months ago and everything was clear. I'm going to have more tests but if the probiotic helps that would be great. Thank you

  • mjmdesk mjmdesk tigerbolt

    Hi tigerbot: Ever since my apendectomy decades ago I've had problems having a solid poop. As it turns out when they removed my apendix they also removed a few feet of my colon. Lately my sister in Vancouver Canada gave some pills to help me with my problem. As it turns out, when she went on a cruise a few months back she and my Dad had similar problems. They were given a pill called Bentonite Clay which solved their problem. As it turns out, after taking the pill after a meal I ended up having no more diahrea that day. Now I take one pill afgter evey meal and no more diahrea. Check your local health food store to see if they have them. If not, surf on Google to see where you can buy some.

     They are a real blessing. They help me because I drink too much coffee and coffee can act as a laxative. Now when I start drinking my coffee I take one Bentonite Clay pill and no more diahrea. These pills may just be the answer for you as well. Better than paying for expensive medication. You may also want to do some research on the web about these pills and their positive effects. You're likely not the only one with this problem. These are a natural cure for people who want to stay away from doctors' expensive prescriptions.

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt mjmdesk

      Helo mjmdesk,

      I also have a lot of problems having solid poop and I'm not sure why. I'm 85 to 90% more likely to have diarrhea. That really is sad they took out a few feet of your colon away. I think they could also cause your problem. I've never heard of Bentonite Clay, I will really have to check that out! I have had several medicine's prescribed to me which were suppose to help with the diarrhea and I needed to take one before I ate. But none of them helped unfortunately.

      It's strange, but my symptoms are triggered by anything and not by a certain food. If I eat something small as a cherry tomato, cracker, or even a cup of water/tea, it can trigger it! Thank you for the information smile I will do some research on them. I like that there a nature cure.

    • ann11007 ann11007 mjmdesk

      Hi mjmdesk,

      I was curious about the bentonite clay and checked it on the site where I found a warning dated 2012 from the FSA (food standards agengy) of the lead and arsenic content of this clay and a list of some of the retailers who stock it. I don't mean to be alarmist but you may want to check it out.

    • mjmdesk mjmdesk ann11007

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  • tigerbolt tigerbolt

    Another thing I found really strange is that when I have to go to the bathroom to have diarrhea, I get extremely stomach pain and discomfort. But once I go to the bathroom and am finished, I am normally fine! Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but then I am still fine after that. I always thought that was very strange and it's been happening since the beginning of this all. I just found out that it's a common symptom of IBS which is good since I really thought something was wrong with my digestion or stomach. It still sucks though, while trying to fight myself to gain a little control over my body while I rush to the bathroom to make it in time, I also am having to deal with intensive stomach pain.

    • bjaye42444 bjaye42444 tigerbolt

      Tigerbolt i am experiencing the same symptoms as you and the others. Im waiting for my insurance to start. But my question to all of you is. Did you use Depends and did it stop the odor if you didnt make it to restroom in time?

  • KT47 KT47 tigerbolt

    Hi tigerbolt I would be very careful of taking too many pain killers as these can effect the lining of your stomach and bowels.  I know it's only two days since starting the Fybogel (can be bought at any Chemists over the  counter) but in that time I have only had one bowel movement with regard to the blood tests and stool test I did these and IBS was ruled out so I think that answers your question.

  • tigerbolt tigerbolt

    Hello KT47,

    I really do try to be careful taking pain killers and try avoid taking to many. I heard they can damage your stomach and other areas of your body. It is difficult sometimes though since this is the only relief I can get. Any other medicine the doctors prescribed me provided no relief at all and I don't even think they were for IBS. That's wonderful the Fybogel are working! smile I'm actually from the Netherlands, so I'm not sure if we have Fybogel. I'm really glad to hear IBS can be discovered from a stool test! I'm only 22 years old, so I think I am pretty young for a Endoscopy.

  • KT47 KT47 tigerbolt

    Hello again, I believe there are people younger than you under going this procedure

    re: Fybogel if you put it into a search engine on your computer it should give you details plus if it goes under a different name where you are it's made from Ispaghula Husk  export distributor is Recket & Colman (overseas) Hull, UK. I hope this is helpful to you and any one else suffering. Day 3 and all is well* 

  • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt


    What is your diagnostic? Have ever gone through colonoscopy etc?

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      Hey Jeff!

      Thank you for asking smile I actually have a colonoscopy scheduled May 6th! It's taken a few months to get this appointment. First I had to get referred to a specialist, then I get to get blood and stool samples, and now I have to get the colonoscopy. I'm so nervous and terrfied it will be painful! sad I'm also worried abou the prep.

    • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt

      Welcome smile i kinda have the same experiences like yours but mines not everyday. My expereinces more like every week. I have not gone to have it checked out yet. I am turning 32. I'm quit of a worrier that's why i browse for some answers. How old arw you? And what is the result of your blood and stool test?

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      Be lucky yours is not everyday! When my symptoms first started, they weren't very often, then it got worse and worse. I put off going to the doctor for so long since I knew it would result in a colonoscopy which is something I'm terrfied of. But it's gotten to the point that my symptoms are so bad that I have no other choice. I can't even drink 2-3 cups of water without having to run to the bathroom! It use to be only food, but now liquid as well. I'm only 22, so I'm pretty young. sad This problem started when I was 17. My best advice would be just to go to the doctor and get the necessary tests. That way you will know 100% what's wrong, what you can do, and hopefully avoid having the symptoms get worse like with me. When I had a blood test, they tested a lot of different stuff like Thyroid, Aids (ha ha), infections, ect. With stool samples, they were looking for paracites and things like that. Everything came back normal and I had no problems besides a slight infection in my blood results. That's why i have to undergo the colonosophy, to see what the infection is which absolutly sucks since the infection is sooo low.

    • bjaye42444 bjaye42444 tigerbolt

      Tigerbolt dont fret about the colonoscopy . I had one a couple years ago. No pain , but the sleep was enjoyable. But after the procedure it got worse for me. Sometime I dont even know that my bowels has leaked. EMBARRASSING

    • pat16303 pat16303 tigerbolt

      I have been going threw this since 1999 just the dirreah, inthe last 3yrs the pain has started everytime i eat also i have chill and fever and neasua once i get the food ot my stomach i feel a little better. I have even had several accidents own my self and has lead me to be very depress, i have seen several Doctors in the area priscribe medince for what they had no idea, now im seeing a dr at UAB just had a colonoscopy no it was not fun the prep nor the procedure a little while into the procedure i start feeling it. My results came back this week i had 12 polyps the only remove 6 because he said it would be to much on me to remove all 12 the pathology report state they were called TUBULAR ADENOMAS and they were not cancer but if not remove has a high rate of being cancer , now have to do it all over again to remove the other six im very upset and depressed and to have to do that prep again. Still have to go for more test to get to a DX. so i feel you.

  • liam28734 liam28734 tigerbolt

    Hello, I had the same sort of problem a few months back it all started on the 22nd of December 2014 when while I was at work I got a mocha drink from a vending machine and about 15 minutes after I was having lots of direaha. This carried on for months and months! After anything I eat about 20 minutes after I would feel extremely sick to a point were I think I'm going to vomit but I never ever did vomit it always came out the other end which was either diereha or very loose stools.

    This continued to the end of March 2015 I had to go for an endoscropy and a colonscopy. I was lucky to get a cancellation because I had lost 2 stone and was at the point were I was so weak and couldn't do anything. However what I believe that sorted my whole stomach problem was the laxatives I was given to clear your stomach out before the endoscopy, I prayed that knowing everything will be clear it might flush out something that's causing the problem like a nasty bug or something. Going through the endoscropy I was nervous especially for the endoscopy. I was given throat spray which numbs your throat but that did not stop me from gagging throughout the whole entire time tbh it was horrible but it's only because I have really strong gag reflexs, the colonscopy wasn't at all bad, I was sedated at this point and i didn't feel a thing which was goodsmile. I don't know my results until may which I cannot understand why I have to wait 2 long months but since that day I have gotten better and better and I have about 1 loose stool a week maybe which is completey normal to have it's all down to the diet. Before I would have yellow/ really light stools but now it's normal coloured. It's the anxiety which is the hardest part for me, I'm so used to being nervous where I go and must know where a toilet is but I'm slowly getting better and going out places each day to get over the anxiety.

    I really hope this helps someone because I never ever want myself or wish it upon anyone to go through pretty much hell.

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt liam28734

      Hello Liam,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I'm sorry about your experience. This diarrheaproblem really just comes out of no where, so it's difficult to know when it will happen. It was horrible when it first started getting worse for me since I never had anything like this happen to me and I wasn't always prepared for it. Now that I've had it a long time, I'm more prepared and always locate a bathroom anywhere we go. But it is really a sad way to live and you can't always be prepared 100% of the time. I never got the filling of vomit lucky, that would be horrible. sad That's crazy you had to go for both the endoscropy and a colonscopy!! Maybe you have to do for the endosophy also from the vomiting feeling. I have a horrible gag reflex, so I'm glad I don't have to go through that. I'm really happy to hear the laxatives actually helped you a lot and that the colonscopy wasn't bad! It's such a relief to hear that since I've been really stressing out about it. That really sucks you have to wait 2 months just to hear you results! That is way to long! But yeah it really is a horrible condition and it's sad so many people have to go through it sad It's so sad to be afraid to go anywhere because you never know when it will strike.

  • danielle96783 danielle96783 tigerbolt


    I'm currently having the same issue. Constant diarrhoea throughout the day. Sometimes up to 15 times. This has been going on now for almost 8 months now. It's got to the point where I can go out for a meal because I need to rush to the toilet during the meal or straight after. At first I thought it was a wheat allergy, however it doesn't matter what I eat as I always need to rush to the toilet.

    I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy a few years ago after a trip to Thailand and there was no issue so they doctors just assumed I'd picked up a bug abroad and no further action taken. Although my GP was adamant that my weight loss was due to me being anorexic, despite my partner coming to appointments to dispute that and me keeping a food diary. I've always had a high metabolism and I used to eat around 5 or 6 times a day as well as snacks too. Now, I dread eating but have made an appointment to see my Dr. as I can't continue to live like this and plan my life around proximity to toilets.

    Have you had any real answers to your issue yet? Or anything that has helped?

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt danielle96783

      Hello Danielle,

      I'm sorry to hear you are having a similar issue. sad It really is horrible to have uncontrolable diarrhea, especially multiple times a day. That's horrible you can have it up to 15 times a day! I also have problems eating a meal since I have diarrhea shortly after and have to rush to the bathroom. I've tried elimating certain foods to see if anything triggers it, but it happens no matter what I eat or if I am drinking water!

      That's good you had a colonoscopy and a endoscopy done. Even if there were no issues found which is especially common with IBS since it can't be seen and it is only diagnoised if all other causes are ruled out, your doctor shoul've been able to give you some kind of diagnoses. It's impossible to have this issue and have no causes. My doctor told me it is a possibility that I could have IBS, but it's impossible to see it. The only way to determine IBS is if they rule out any other possible problems and causes. I'm sorry ou had to go through all that and have no answers. Maybe you should consider getting a second opinion from another doctor and brining your results from the colonoscopy and endoscopy there? It wouldn't hurt to have another opinion. Your lucky that you have a high metabolism! I sure wish I did! I don't think it's right of your doctor to give you problems about your weight. Some people really do have a super high metabolism and it burns literally everything they eat! There are higher calorie foods you can eat like nuts and avocado which will give you more calories for less food and they are a healthy option instead of junk food. But yes, this really is no way to live. It's horrible having to plan your life around your stomach.

  • mjmdesk mjmdesk tigerbolt

    Hi tigerbolt,

     I went through a similar situation about 3 months ago. My sister in Vancouver made a sugestion. She sugested that I try Bentonite Clay pills. They worked immediately. Now I have solid poop. You can do a search on the Internet to try and find a supplier. I drink a lot of coffee which acts as a laxative which is the root cause of my diahrea. Now whenever I have a cup of coffee, I take a Bentonite Clay pill. No more diahrea. See if you can find some pills on the Net. They work wonders.

     Mike also known as mjmdesk

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt mjmdesk

      Hey mjmdesk,

      The Clay pills sound really interesting! Thank you so much for recommending something that could help. I've tried charcoal and imodium pills, but they haven't helped me much. They sometimes do help lessen the effects, but not completely and not always. The problem is I live in the Netherlands, so I'm not sure if we have Clay pills here. It's crazy, but even drinking some water can set my stomach off! I will search for clay pills, thank you!

  • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt

    Tigerbolt and to others, thanx for sharing your experiences! I really appreciate reading stuff like this, that way i know that some people besides me experiencing stuff like this, that i am not alone. Although, i might sat Tigerbolt, such a young age that you've experiencing this kind of problem.

    I am 32 male from US, Cali and i am quite of a big worrier so little stuff happening health and such just kinda of scares me smile Well my story is like i always have a normal bm every morning i i wake up, soft stool and sometimes after several minutes it could be followed by a sortha loose stool. I could be having 1 normal bm in a week or less. Then all of a sudden diarrhea again will attack me minimum of 3trips a day will last for a day or two. So i don't know if i have something serious? just kinda worried. By the way guys thanks again for sharing your experiences! I know it's kinda weird talking about this to people you don't even know smile but i really appreciate it! smile

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      It really is wonderful that everyone is sharing their experiences. It's nice to know we're not alone and that we can realte to other people. A lot of times I feel like a freak since no one else I know has this problem and I have to live my life revolving around a tiolet. It's really inconvient since I've really missed out on a lot of fun activies due to my stomach. I love fishing with my husband, but I'm terrified to go to the lake to fish for even a few hours since I can't predict what my stomach will do. I also feel like I'm such a inconvience for others since they have to stop what there doing to find a bathroom and I'm always so embarrased to have this problem. It really is horrible to experience this problem at such a young age. It happened when I was only 17 and I couldn't understand why since I never had this issue before.

      That's awesome you are from California!! I live in California all my life, but moved away a year in a half ago to be with my husband in the Netherlands! I really do miss the weather there though. I also am a big worry wart, so I'm terrfied something serious is wrong with me. It really does suck that the diarrhea sticks so suddenly and you never know when. It's such a inconvience to live like that and constanty worry. sad But yeah unfortunately there really is no way to tell 100% what you have or what's wrong unless you go to a doctor and get a colonosophy. Believe me, I've tried any way but that ha ha. :P

  • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt

    Have you guys experienced having narrow pencil like stools in the morning?

    • bjaye42444 bjaye42444 jeff4242

      Yes. I have jeff. I work 13 hour days. I thought it was the water. So. I started buying water. No change. Now its becoming an issue at work going to the restroom so many times in a day. Issues. Trying the Depends to see if it will absorb the odor for when i cant get in the restroom or for when the time does not permit me to go at the moment.

  • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt

    Tigerblot, would you pls let us know what your colonoscopy result is? smile

    I have a question to all of you guys commented on this thread. Have you ever had like yellow mucus along with your diarrhea? And did it sometime wake you up at night and go to the restroom?

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      I sure will :D I have the colonoscopy May 6th and results May 11! I'm getting nervous because it's getting closer.

      Haven't had yellow mucus though. But I have woken up at night to use the bathroom because it was diarrhea.

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      Your welcome :D

      I'm doing alright besides the diarrhea every day ha ha. It's sad because it's been kind of a habit for me now that I've had this problem so long, so I expect it to happen every day and sometimes multiple times a day. It is very inconvient though. I've found that eating small and light meals through out the day does help a lot. smile So for breakfast I will have oatmeal, 2 hours later a apple, a little while later a sandwhich, ect. My biggest meal is dinner which is no problem since I'm at home and the bathroom is close by. Really my problem isn't primarly caused by eating, it's also now evolved to if I drink something or just for no reason. It also happens if I'm nervous or worried, but it's always been like that. Too be honest, I this problem didn't cause me to lose weight all the years I've had it. But this last year I've really decided to lose weight and get healthy for myself. So I've been exercising and losing weight. :D I was walking outside which I absolutely loved, but I wasn't able to do that since I had to rush back to the house 15-20 minutes later to go to the bathroom which sucked! But a month ago I signed up for a gym and have been using the elliptical 5 times a week for 1 hour which I really enjoy. Since exercising in doors rather than outside, my stomach has improved a lot which is great! I can't figure out why my stomach is better in doors rather than outside. It seems like the temperature and climate of being out door really set it off and make it worse. It's not the exercise that effects anything since I was exercising outdoors and in doors. It helps with my problem a lot to not be outside and there is a bathroom onsite. But I do admit, it absolutely sucks having to change my whole life due to my stomach. I can't even go to the movies with my husband without this issue which sucks. I have been taking imodium before I go which helps a bit.

    • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt

      it's nice to know that you are doing fine besides the D. Good doing exercise and trying to be fit. smile I really appreciate you telling your side of story smile At least doing all those stuff kinda helps you to cope up with it. I hope you don't mind if i ask the consistency of your stool everyday. Is it like very soft and mushy? Or is it always watery? So you still have bm 3 or more times a day? How often do you experience diarrhea that wakes you up in middle of the night?

      I hope i'm not being nosy about this stuff.

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      I hope your doing well also. Yeah it really is great that I'm exercising and I actually enjoy it :D! I don't mind telling you about my experience, especially since other people can relate and hopefully it will help them. I wouldn't really say I'm coping with my issue, more like tolerating it. It's unfortuantely something I have to live with sad I just hope the doctor will be able to help me and give me a answer. My stool constancy is mostly watery and chunky. Sometimes it's soft and other times it is watery. I'm not sure what causes the difference, but it's always different every time I go ha ha. Everyday I've been going at least 2 times a day. Sometimes more, it really just depends. Yesterday I only went once, so I'm pretty happy about that. smile But that doesn't happen too often. I'm pretty lucky and I rarely get waking up in the middle of the night to rush to the bathroom. It has happened several times, but not too often. Also that's alright, I don't think your noisy at all. smile It actually is nice to talk to someone about my problem that can relate and that I know won't judge me. It's really difficult to deal with this problem alone and not have anyone to talk too.

    • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt

      Hello again smile well 2-3times of bm per day is still considered normal, unless it's watery most of the time then is not normal anymore. If there is solid from your 2-3bm then i don't think its considered diarrhea. It could be normal some people poop right after they eat but then not everytime they swallow or drink something. What do you mean by chunky? Meaning like in a shape of a ball? And is it always watery even starting bm of your day or starting from 2nd bm,3rd and so on? If so then yea that is a big concern specially if accompanied by other symptoms like abdominal pains, vomiting, nausea etc. do you have abdominal pains associated with your bm's?

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      Hey Jeff,

      Sorry for the late response, I've been so busy! It isn't considered normal for me to have this, especially when it's always diarrhea. Sometimes it's chunky because it has some of the food I've eaten in it. Other times it's just watery and loose. I haven't thought about if it was runny or chunky at a certain time, so I'm not sure. Well before I have to "go", my stomach gets a intense burning pain and it's very painful. I can also barely hold my diarrhea. It's like I have to go right that second and I can't wait. After I go to the bathroom, the intense burning pain goes away shortly after. Sometimes last a bit longer and are more painful. But yeah it is pretty strange. Also my diarrhea is yellow sometimes yes. I'm so nervous since my colonosophy is on Wednesday!

  • daniel 80 daniel 80 tigerbolt

    you do need both endoscopy and colonoscopy

    • daniel 80 daniel 80 tigerbolt

      No worries, for your condition...colonoscopy is more imprt as it involves your intestines for condition of diarrhoea. Do not worry too much, it a fast procedure and you feel nothing at all. When I was 23, i too have diarrhea for at least a month everyday. But I was fine after i took soft diet and also pray to God hahaha. It a blessing i am fine after 1 month. 

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt daniel 80

      I will try not to worry, but it is pretty scary, especially since I'm only 22! But yeah I think the colonoscopy is better for my problem and can hopefully tell the doctors whats wrong. I really hope it won't be too painful, that's my main fear since I have such a low tolerance to pain! I'm really happy to hear your doing better! Hopefully I will too. smile! Thank you for the encouragement. I'm super nervous since today is the laxaitives and the opperation is tomorrow!

  • tigerbolt tigerbolt

    Hey guys,

    Just got back from the colonoscopy and wanted to share my experience with everyone.The laxatives actually weren't so bad. I had to drink 1 cup with the pikoprep (laxaitive) yesterday at 7PM then 2 liters of liquid which was tea for me. Then this morning at 6, I had to drink another cup of the pikoprep followed by 2 liters of tea. The prep itself wasn't too bad. It was really inconvenient having to keep going to the bathroom, but my body was cleared out the first few times. Maybe it's because of the diarrhea problem I have. I had to go to the bathroom quiet a bit, but not nearly as much as I thought. I felt nausea a lot though because I had no food in my stomach and I had to drink so much water. I also ate a big pot of rice with chicken and carrots yesterday for breakfast since that was going to be my last meal before the prep. I'm glad I ate so much since it kept me full most of the day. I was pretty hungry at night and in the morning though.  But oh my gosh, the colonoscopy was absolutely horrible for me! They gave me a IV with pain medicine and something that was suppose to help me be sleepy. But it had no effect for me at all! I was awake the entire time and in such severe pain. Everytime they pumped air in me, turned a corner, or moved forward, it was extremely agonising. It was so painful I was almost in tears and constantly saying ow. The nurse was really nice and she let me squeeze her hand. She tried to get my mind off the pain and talk to me, but I could barely answer because I was in such pain. I felt like intense burning pain in my stomach and that it was going to explode. But thankfully it is over now! It only took 15-20 minutes which isn't long, but it is if your in so much pain. The good news is everything looks fine. They are sending samples to the lab and I will get the results back Monday I believe. Hopefully I will find a cure to my problem. I hope I don't have to go through that again for a long time. It was a pretty horrible experience for me. Right now I'm just resting at home and I'm pretty tired since I didn't get much sleep the last few nights. I'm still a bit sore, but not too bad which is good!

  • tigerbolt tigerbolt

    Hey everyone,

    I just got back from the doctors office with the results! The colonoscopy test came back normal and nothings wrong! The bad news is I have to do more tests again. The good news is they ruled it down to 2 causes. It's either Crohn's Disease or IBS (Irritable bowl syndrome) which is what I thought. I've thought for years it's IBS and it most likely is. I have to do a MRI scan of my small intestine's to rule out Chron's disease 100% and 2 more stool samples to make sure it's not parasites. There really sure that the MRI scan will come back negative, but they need to check to make 100% sure it's not Crohn's Disease, but there really sure it's IBS. It kinda sucks because IBS isn't curable and they don't have any medicine or anything that will help with the symptoms which sucks. But at least I will have a for sure answer of what it is! After the colonoscopy, I'm terrified of the MRI scan for my small intestine's and am worried it will hurt. I literally know nothing about the procedure and what will happen or what I need to do to prepare. I only know that I will have a IV pump fluid in me to make my small intestine's have color to see on the scan and that I have to lay still for 20-30 minutes. Does anyone know about the procedure? Let me know your experience and if it was painful!

    • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt

      Hi tigerbolt,

      It's nice to know everything turns out negative for you. However, i know it sucks to not have a solution to what you're dealing with. How's it been though so far? Still having loose stools everyday? How many bms you have a day? 3? Do you ever experience having some pencil thin stools sometimes?

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      Hey Jeff,

      I was waiting to respond until I got my results!

      I do have 2-3 BM's per day (Sometimes more, sometimes less). Sometimes there loose and sometimes there kinda normal, but still watery. It really just depends and I haven't noticed a pattern. I haven't had pencil thin stools though.

      I finally got my results after so many tests! I had a blood test, 2 stool samples, a colonoscopy, a MRI of my small intestine's, and a ultra sound. The doctor has done everything she could to give me a proper diagnoses which I appreciate since I've heard some doctors don't want to go through the trouble of all the tests and they just diagnose people with IBS as a lazy diagnoses. The good news is I don't have Chron's Disease and I finally know what I have after 6 years. I got the offical confirmation that I do have IBS. I am sad though because there is no cure for it, not a lot of medicine to make the symptoms less, and it's something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. For a month I was taking a medicine called Metamuscil which is suppose to help with diarhea, but it only helps a tiny bit. So now the doctor upped my dosage to taking it twice a day. It does suck since the liquid is awful and it really is unfortunate to do this the rest of my life, especially if it only helps partially. The things the help me the best are Norit's and Metamucil's. Norit's help me a lot more than imodium does strangly. Also paracatamoles help a bit as well.

      I heard some people have IBS where they are constipated instead of having a lot of diarhea. I think the IBS with costipation would be a lot more painful and horrible.

    • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt

      Hi tigerbolt,

      Good to know everything came out negative. I mean better than having a serious illness you know. Mine kinda tricky ima have 1-3bms a day. I don't usually have watery unless i have a very bad diarrhea bouts. I have loose stool if it's my 3rd bm of the day and sometimes i gives me a slight cramp perhaps signalizing that i need to poop? Not painful though, maybe in a pain level of 1-2 out of 10. Do you experience having stomach cramps before you poop? Ans when you wipe what color is mostly in the tissue? Sorry if i ask a very digusting questions lol. Hope to get a reply from you again! Thanx!

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      Hey Jeff,

      Yeah it's great everything came out negative. It does suck having IBS, but I'm really glad it's not something worse. That's good you normally don't having watery diarrhea. Yeah, always before I have to go the bathroom for diarrhea, I have extreme pain in my stomach and I have to go right that second. Normally once I do go, the pain disspears immediently or shortly after. But it is just incrediably painful at the time! Lucky it only happens when I need to go. It is a bit disguesting ha ha, but I would say the color is normally brown/black/or yellowish.

  • ozzie746 ozzie746 tigerbolt

    I have diarrhea for 3 years and I have been in ER with bleeding nothing found. I tried digestion pill no help, my diarrhea is uncontrolabe just plane watery. For now I also get sharp testicle burning and pain and pain on  both side of my abdominal  also suffer  pelvic muscle pain. I am going to have ultrasound for testicle in two weeks. I tried stopping eating gluten and stoped my midicatipns no change. I am so tired of pain and diarrhea. Sorry don't feel typing due to pain and diarrhea.

    • nick68162 nick68162 ozzie746

      hey ozzie.

      I have been having similar symptoms for 5 months now.

      I had testicle ultrasound twice and everything seems to be fine.

      i also had colonoscopy and gastroscopy and everything seems to be more or less fine there too.

      Had upper and lower abdomen ultrasound too, and things also turn up ok.

      However, the pain on both sides of lower abdomen is present and irritating and i also keep on having testicle sensitivity and pain.

      I am thinking of doing a lower abdomen mri, but i don't want to get injected with GBC (gadolinium based contrast) or get the magnetic radiation from the mri.

      Doctors tell me i don't need to do it and that this all situation is because of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. But, its been almost 5 months now and the pains seem to be there and very irritating at times.

      What about you? Did you have any tests? How are you doing?

  • mjmdesk mjmdesk tigerbolt

    Good day tigerbolt,

     I had a similar problem but not as bad as yours. I found that drinking tooo much (especially coffee) made me have the runs. Thankfully my sister in Vancouver who had been on a cruise with my Dad had experienced that problem during their voyage. The doctor on the ship prescribed a herbal medication called Bentonite Clay capsules. That solved their problem with diahrea. She told me to get a hold of my Dad since he might have a few of the capsules left over... and he did. I tried them and voila! My poop went solid again. I told her about my success so she volunteered to make  me about 50 pills and mailed them out to me. As  it turned out I found out how to make them myself. There is a gadget called Tap'n Go where you insert the Bentonite Clay powder yoursef into empty capsules. She ordered the gadget for me and I was able to  find the powder from a good health food store. I find that whenever I drink a cup of coffee I take one of the capsules for prevention sake. You may have to take one evey time you eat something. I hope that the moderators of this forum allow my post. It (the Bentonite Clay) works for many people with diahrea problems. It's a natural product that has been used for centuries by people all around the world. Good luck finding the product yourself.

    • mjmdesk mjmdesk

      Hello tigerbolt,

       I made a mistake in my reply to you. The gizmo is actually called Cap'n Quick not Cap'n Go. I now make  my own Bentonite Clay capsules 25 at a time. You could make more if you have the patience. Working with the Bentonite Clay powder is messy.  Don't wear a black t-shirt or dark colored clothing. Wear white. The Bentonite Clay powder seems to get everywhere. I have pretty well been diahrea free for 6 months now. What a relief.

       P.S. I have read somewhere that it is best to use a platic spoon to distribute the powder. Apparently using a metal spoon cancels the healing properties of the powder. Better safe than sorry.

       Good luck in finding the ingredients.

       Mike, AKA mjmdesk

  • jeff4242 jeff4242 tigerbolt

    Hi everyone,

    So how's everybody doing? Does some of you still experiencing diarrhea? Are you guys still dealing with it from time to time? How was the experiences now a days? Appreciate to read from you guys again

    • tigerbolt tigerbolt jeff4242

      Hey Jeff,

      I would also love to hear how everyone is doing smile As for me, it's been the same as before. I'm just trying to deal and live with the problem. The doctor told me to take metamucil 2-3 times a day. It's a powder you put in a drink. But I mean, I just don't honestly know how she can expect anyone to do that 2-3 times a day for the rest of their life. I was taking it 2 times a day for a while and it does help a bit, but it's just tedious, so I haven't been taking it in a while. I have been taking norit's (pill that helps with diarrhea) and lucky it does help a bit. But it really sucks that there is no medicine for IBS or anything that can really help. There are only things that make it slightly less, but nothing that really helps. I just wish I could be normal for a while. There isn't one day where I don't have diarrhea or where I'm constantly scanning for bathrooms every where I go. It does suck a lot, but there's nothing else I can do. I am happy to know 100% that it is IBS and I did everything to help it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find Bentonite Clay capsules or Bentonite Clay here in the Netherlands. I would've loved to try it and see if it worked. So if anyone else has tried it, let me know smile


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