Diarrhoea 5 Minutes/Less After Fatty Meal Stabbing Pain Right Upper Back Below Shoulder Blade

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Hello I have been having bits and bobs with stomach problems main big one are underneath the right right that comes and goes in severyity at times and a reason I don't drink or normally eat fatty foods. Tried omep/lanspop and ranitidine neither seem very good really but alverine citrate three times a day seems to have helped loads and been even having fizzy drinks more often. 

I then took it a step further had a Mchicken burger with fries and it seemed ok normally stomach pain wasn't there, but very shortly after felt like lots of wind around my navel and had a large bout of diarrhoea that just literally came out (how grim!)

Then felt a bit groggy but not too bad, but later in the evening while making green tea I had some stabbing pain my back that was very sore, just about 2 thirds way up on back I'd say that didn't go away for a few days and settled now it seems.

Just wondered if anyone has had similar experiences with this smile

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    I presume you have seen a doctor if you are taking Alverine Citrate?  What tests have you had done?  Did they check your gallbladder since your pain is rightsided and is bellow your shoulder blade?  Alverine is used for IBS. Has your doctor mentioned or diagnosed IBS?
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      Yes I have on and off I don't try and over do the meds as a lot in the past haven't really helped. Had most blood tests related round the area and an endoscopy for the stomach which was completely fine. ALT is raised, I also have very high IGE (past 1200) but the only thing allergic too is moulds. Candida has been found on a recent urine culture which seemed bizarre. They haven't really mentioned IBS though, occasionally gastritis but a lot of the drugs for that I tried didn't seem to work too well

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      Maybe try a food diary if you have a high IGE level and keep going back to your doctor for a definitive diagnosis.
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    I can say with a high degree of confidence that you have problems related to access acid. Your symptoms are very common indeed and I experienced the same over many years. Ppis did 

    little for me until I’d been taking them for six months plus. Came off of them and a few years later it would return. That was 30 odd years ago. Tried this that and the other but now on a low dose continuously. The ppis would work after a year and off I would come only to suffer worse and worse bouts. The time between bouts would reduce and the symptoms would become more severe each time. I now have scared tissues to my stomach and oesophagus something you don’t want. The pain under your right hand ribs will never be diagnosed and you will have tests for gallstones and liver tests that will come back negative. 


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      I would admit I haven't tried PPI for the long term always getting frustrated (not to mention head aches with them) and I know you can have different strengths as well! I did have an endoscopy four years ago when it started and nothing came up although my pain then was more manageable still ate and drunk like a fool haha.

      You are right I had a few tests regarding gall bladder and liver tests, ALT was slightly raised but nothing on the other, I think I could do with trying the PPI again, did you have a change of diet as well I take it? 

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    The pain in your shoulder will have them perplexed mate, well it did everyone I saw when I had it.  I did not experience it every time I had a flare up but it was like someone was pushing their knuckle into your rear shoulder blade, well just under it to be precise 24/7, this would last for the full flare up around 12 months. No-one could pin it down and it would just go, literally just go.  Now some have said this pointed to a passing gall stone but they never showed up as you would expect them to? Some have said fatter liver which caused the liver to swell and press on 'something', could be. When I first experienced it and had my first endoscopy? in 96-97ish it also came back clear but they don't now. It did not matter what i had eaten the pain would remain constant which drove me mad as I was working and had kids and a full life to manage as most of us do.  I was then told I had IBS as it was the only answer lol. The pain would move to my pancreas and right through to my back SOMETIMES only. This lead doctors to think I had pancreatitis? also, phewwwww. Only once when I was 37 the pain in my shoulder was so bad in the middle of the night I thought that's it I'm done for.  I just went downstairs and curled up on the sofa and the pain got worse and worse and just went, it just went from 10 -0.  Now this would point to me that something was blocked and had passed yet nothing was ever seen. This was before you could get a CAT scan easy and has been put down to a blocked Pancras duct??  I think it was lets just pick something to tell this man time.   I honestly think that most of us with chronic stomach problems have more than one issue going on at any one time. I have no way of putting this in a nice way, but when I had erosive gastritis? I would eat something and before I could finish the meal I would have to run to the toilet and sometimes would not make it even.  Yet tell someone you have a dickey tum and they think your putting it on so to speak. 

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      Wow so many similarities in that story! I thankfully haven't got the children but working + college same time working very hard but the pain in the back did perplex them you are very right! I did ring them up today and not much really has been mentioned of it so I will again to bother them why to no answers really, and I think with anything stomach related you can look normal one minute then be very ill but because your arm isn't in a cask it doesn't look as bad.

      If only you found out what was wrong with you at the time the story would be complete haha smile


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    Off topic here. The medical profession (and I'm not being critical here ) are excellent at informing you of what you've NOT got, yet still in 2018 finds it difficult to provide you with a positive and correct diagnoses.  If you look at most terminal illnesses they are found at A&E as people present themselves there as a last resort so to speak when ongoing symptoms have been missed at Doctor level. I did not mean to scare anyone with that fact or as a base for criticism. I'm learning each year that I live that we are indeed still in the dark ages with health issues and its really down to your medical team and you providing them with as much information as possible each and every time you see them. Let me give you an example here: I saw one doctor 2 years ago that greeted me with "what would you like form todays visit".  I informed him that I would like to know what the pain was and for him to relieve the pain. Humm, what did your dad die of? Stomach problems I informed him. OH  that means nothing, we all have to die from something!!!!!!  OMG, I came out of there feeling bloody great & positive lol. This was my turning point, I now go with my information loaded and make them work and provide answers to question which I now write down even so I don't miss anything.  I also have succumbed to the fact that I will not get all the answer or even part thereof to my health as they just don't know. Maybe if you or I was Royalty we'd have the answer biggrin 

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