Diazepam withdrawal

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I have been taking Diazepam daily for over a year for an anxiety disorder. I was first prescribed it by the doctor but I was told it was only for only for short term use. After years of alcohol abuse to stop my anxiety id finally found a drug that keeps me relaxed and feeling normal.

But after a few weeks they stopped giving it me so once again after a bad panic attacks I turned back to alcohol. But then I found a website that sold diazepam which I was a bit jubious about but I didn't want to drink any more so I ordered some. They arrived 3 days later in 10mg form and we're the real deal. I feel that taking Diazepam is a lot safer and healthier than heavy drinking. After starting taking Diazepam my life improved dramatically I got a job , I can socialise without alcohol , life was good.

But now I am in bad Diazepam withdrawal and have turned to alcohol after the company I by tablets from messed up my order and sent me Zopiclone accidentally instead of Diazepam of which I have run out of. I don't know wether to keep drinking until I can get some more diazepam or try the zopiclone to help withthe withdrawal. Any advice please?

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    4 days Zopiclone, 4 days off and u wont get hooked

    Its theonly way!

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      Paul - regarding Denyse's suggestion - you've been addicted to alcohol anad diazepam for a while now. Zopiclone has a short half-life so will only be a temporary fix.

      Diazepam has a long half-life and is the easiest to taper off from. But you must do it gradually.

      I don't think 4 days on and 4 days off is a good idea. That way, you'll have foour days of feeling ok, followed by four days of withdrawal. Not a good idea.

      Google The Ashton Method. All benzo and Z addicts need to taper using diazepam - especially if you've been taking a Z (such as zopiclone.)

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      He might not get hooked but he'll suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms on the four days off. Remember what else he's  been taking - and drinking. We're not talking about someone new to medication and alcohol, Denyse.

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    Even with the zoplicone diazepam withdrawal will be difficult. If you find that your withdrawal symptoms are getting very bad even with the zoplicone, you should go to your doctor and explain the situation. You should be allowed to withdraw from these things slowly, so a responsible Dr will still prescribe you dizepam, but on a programme to reduce it by lowering your dose gradually. Your local drug and alcohol support service should assist you to do this if the Dr won't. I have had this sort of help from both, but you do need to be persistent in asking for it.

    Lots of Luck.


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      The thing is though I went to the doctors before and they put me on a reducing dose a few months ago when I ran out. I don't think they will help me again so soon as they will probably think I don't intend to stop taking them.

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    Take the zopiclone, get some diazepam from your doctor, and wean yourself off both. I can tell you how - just let me know when you have the diazepam.
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    Call Battle Against Tranquilisers, google it etc. I swear by them. Ursula, hope all's going really well xx

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      I'm down to 6mg diazepam after nine months tapering. I don't even want it any more.

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      Oh Thanks alot. Yes, not too badly though I'm not quite of the dreaded diazepam yet. Sometimes I get quite bad tinnitus, and I have read that this can be a withdrawal effect, so I do find it hard to put up with that, and I dont want to drink to mask withdrawal effects. I'm off the booze, and it doesnt really work that well anyway.

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      Same, it just hits the GABA receptors, exactly what diazepam does. Drinking and tapering just leads to an endless yo-yoing effect. This strictly isn't to sound a-know-it-all (I'm in AA, but shouldn't really say that i.e. it's anonymous), just the short-term relief for 6-12 hrs, just rebounds 16-24 hrs later. 

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      I did try AA, but I couldnt get to grips with the semi-religious aspect of it. I know it works well for alot of people. Not drinking compared with stopping diazepam is easy for me. I dont know how people cope with the last stages of the tapering - when you are on tiny doses before stopping. That is the hardest part. I know people manage it, but its very tough. Any tips about this would be very helpful!
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      Look on Amazon for Recovery and Renewal: Your Essential Guide to Overcoming Dependency and Withdrawal from Sleeping Pills, Other 'Benzo' Tranquillisers and Antidepressants 

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      Ursula. the most important thing about tapering off benzos is to to it VERY slowly.

      For example - I've been tapering off diazepam for ten months now and have just reached 6mg daily.

      I started at 30mg daily, which was nowhere near what I was taking. I am under the supervision of an axcellent psychiatrist.

      I stuck at 30mg diazepam for about three months, before dropping (terrified) down to 28mg daily = for a month.

      Then we just tapered down to 26mg daily for a fortnight, and went down 2mg daily every fortnight.

      So, as I say, I am now on 6mg daily, but because it was done so slowly, I really didn't notice any withdrawal effects. That's the key - go slow, so that your brain gradually gets used to working for itself.

      hey, well done on coming off the booze.

      love tess xxx

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      Hi Tess,

      Many thanks for the advice. I have done a very slow tapering for well over a year now, but I just cant to go any lower than about the amount that you take.  I have been honest about this with my doctor. I suppose I use stresses which come up in life as an excuse. Well - somethings do make me very stressed, so is it just an excuse or not. I dont know, but all I know is that if I try to reduce the diazepam further before I have dealt with certain problems, I end up feeling very ill.

      Obviously we cant escape stress in life, so its something I will have to resolve somehow. Everyone's going on about Mindfulness these days. Maybe I'll have a go at that!


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      Wow Tess, you rock. That's makes my taper child's play. 15mg of Valium to eight and it's taken 12 months to reach this stage. 

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      Are you tapering, Joe? I really hope so. I got to the point where i was taking 100mg daily of diazepam plus 28 x 7.5mg of zopiclone.

      I spent a fortune on drug websites before i sought help.

      I hope you never reach the amount I was taking.

      Are you saying that you started at 15mg daily and are now down to 8mg> That's really good. Keep at it.

      Then I'll tell you that You Rock lol.

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      OMG Tess, you have done really well to go from those doses to what you are on.  I know what you mean about spending alot on websites, and sometimes the stuff doesnt come, sometimes it does but it looks very suspect, and you think - I know I'm quite stupid and desperate to be doing this, but even I'm not taking That!

      I do know how to get the real thing now, which is not really a great admission, and I shouldnt need to. But in case my Dr ever gives up on me as a lost cause, and I cant cope, the outlet is there.

      I am thinking maybe my taper was too quick - maybe the Dr's and my expectations were too high. According to the original plan I should have been off it by now, but sadly life and its stresses get in the way!

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      Exactly that Tess, buying off the web May 2014 to Oct 2015, zoplicone, xanax and diazepam. Transferred to prescribed 15mg of Diazepam at end of Oct 15. Now on 8mg prescribed and tapering every 3-5 weeks, 1mg drops with my GP (whose great, and as we all know, an understanding GP is rarer than hen's teeth).   

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