diazepam withdrawal advice 7 days in

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i had to come on here to try and get some advice iv been taking 10 mg vallium unprescribed due to the cost for about a year now became some what of a habbit where i would take them every thew days of the week towards the end up to 100mg in one day recently the source  i went to has gone dry so i cant get them iv had no option but to go cold turkey its been 7 days since i last took diazpam im having bad withdrawles i feel terrible confused edgey apittite loss feel completly lost iv been to the doctors today he said he cant help because i was getting them unprescribed etc gave me a number to ring like a drug help line i rung them in my local area they also couldnt do anything and reffered me back to my gp or to go to a and e .. i dont no what to do does anyone have any advice if i go to a and e cos i rly dont feel good will they even be able to help me ? if i choose to just wait this out cold turkey does anyone no how long the withdrawle will last any feedback appreicated 

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    Hi Adam,

    you really should not stop taking valium all at once. You have to reduce your'e dose slowly. If you have some left take youre normal dose now, then go to youre most local drug support centre. If youre in the UK it'll be somewhere like 'Lifeline'.  They have helped me in reducing valium - by taking over the prescription and reducing it steadily and after a while they handed this over to my GP who agreed to do it, and now I'm on a dose of about 2mg a day after being on 25mg a day a year ago.

    Seriously it takes this long, otherwise the withdrawal is too much of a shock for your body to cope with. 

    it took a while for me to get the drug support people to help - they dont normally deal with people with this sort of problem, although there is no reason why they shouldnt and I think they are starting to review their policies regarding this as it is such a widespread problem.

    Lots of luck.  If you have totally run out of valium - do go to A & E!

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    Adam I really feel for you, I was on zopiclone for 13 years via gp and Internet up to 10 tablets a night , I am off them after a massive panic attack as I was trying by myself to get down the dose ,, my hubbie called nhs24/7 who sent a cpn around and the came in every day , and referred my to local drug and alcohol centre , I was so frightened but knew I needed some intervention , I am a nurse ! You would think I would it have got in this situation . I have a key worker now and although am on a reducing dose of diazepam the zops are out of my system takes 2_3 weeks don't give up , you doing the right thing book with another gp at your surgery took my son hours to get me out of the house , addiction is not your fault like a diabetic look up arch they are brill I couldn't have done this without help , you can do it believe in yourself god bless amanda x
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    Hi. DO NOT suddenly stop taking this amount of diazepam. It is dangerous and you have already noticed the withdrawal symptoms.

    I think your GP has let you down badly. You MUST find a legitimate source to help you to taper off safely.

    I was on huge amounts, too, but finally got help from my local drug addiction walk-in clinic. If you google help for drug users + wherever you live you should get the right place and phone number.

    You must be feeling really awful. I actually think that, given the very large amounts you've been taking, you SHOULD go to A & E. They will at least prescribe you enough to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay until you see the doctor at the drug addiction clinic. They will also know where to refer you to i.e. your local drug addiction clinic. Also, ring the Crisis Team at your nearest psychiatric hospital and get their help.

    GPs are just plain awkward when it comes to diazepam. Your GP should know perfectly well that you are in severe withdrawal and what the consequences of that could be.

    Option for this evening - wait till GP surgery closed, then dial 111 and ask for an out of hours appointment. Stress that this urgent. You'll have a wait, but you will eventually see an on-call doctor, and with any luck they'll prescribe some diazepam to keep you going. If all fails, take a book and go to A & E. People can have epileptic fits if they withdraw suddenly. Well done on taking the first steps to recovery. Let us know how you're doing. Good Luck.


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      thanks for the replys everyone the gps have been no help what so ever iv been in contact with my local drug addiction etc clinic there was nothign they could do except give me advise both my gp and them said it would be best to go to a and e and get them to help me the last time i took vallium was a week ago i havent felt great but if iv lasted this long im willing to just go cold turkey and last it out or is this not a good idea i mean how long does the withdrawle effects usually last for ? if its only a week or two i dont mind waiting it out if im going to feel like this for any longer then its best i go to a and e and taper of them if its going to make me feel better 
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      Adam it certainly wont be in the next few weeks as withdrawal can last a long time for some people.
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      Adam, I really can't recommend you going cold turkey for any particular length of time. The withdrawal symptoms carry ln for many weeks, if not months. Please don't fight this alone. Dial 111 and ask for en emergency appointment with one of the out of hours GPs. Alternatively, go to A & E. I once had a terrible binge, taking different sleeping pills, and I got through 336 tablets in four days. When I went to my GP he threw me out of the door (not literally) and got me deregistered from the practice as well. I made a formal complaint to the General Medical Council. That night, in desperate withdrawal, I went to A & E. Yes, I had to wait for quite a while, but the doctor there gave me a prescription (valid only for the hospital pharmacy for 12 x 10 mg diazepam. He also made sure I took 20 mg whilst I was waiting and I remember asking him, "Could I have died?" and his simple answer, "Yes." He advised me to report my GP to the GMC and my complaint was upheld, although I noticed that the doctor was still allowed to practice.

      Do, please, Adam, get some help tonight. Good luck from Tess.

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      just to let everyone no i went to a and e last night they couldnt give me anything either so thats my gp local drug services and a and e that couldnt prescribe me anything so i have no choice to go cold turkey im managing to get through it with my willpower if it really was dangerous i wouldnt be in the best of positions as no one wants to help iv been sent round in one big circle 
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      Adam you can do it , addiction to most drugs inc heroin is usually 21 days , stay strong , if you are having panic and anxiety the gp can give you propanalol to take the edge off I spent 3 weeks either in bed on the sofa , scared of my own shadow , we understand what your going through , what area are you in , I can look for the nearest centre to help , call nhs 24/7 there is help and we are here for you x
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      That is appalling. Why do doctors put us through this?  Maybe I just struck lucky with the one who I saw in A & E.

      I'm boggled - don't know what to suggest next. I've read Amanda's post and she recommends NHS 24/7. I hope they will help. In the meantime, remember that we're all doing our best to support you so stay in touch and keep strong. Tess.

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      thanks people yeah i no the whole health care system has been really bad since this has started they have been useless im 8 days in so it would be pointless to take anymore now and start tappering even if i could get them i think im in the worst part now so i might aswell fight through it and come out feeling better than pro long it by taking more its not easy really hard to sleep at night wake up with hot sweats general feelings off feeling disconectted etc im quit strong minded so im managing to get by plus i have some xanax i managed to get before i started withdrawal if i take these will it pro long the process at all does anyone no ? 
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      hey amanada im in hertfordshire iv already spoke to my local drug centre its what my gp sent me to they also couldnt help except giving me adivce so im in it on my own really is 3 weeks how long your withdrale lastesd ? im 8 days in without taking any diaz at all so im hoping it starts to ease in the next week 
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      Hi Adam,

      from my experience - the more times you try to come off valium the harder it gets.

      I did come off it once cold turkey after being addicted a few years - and I did manage it. The main withdrawl problem was lack of sleep. But I made the awful mistake of starting to take it again when anxiety hit me, thinking I could come off it again, but it was much more difficult, and I've tried a couple of since going cold turkey, and I got much worse withdrawal. Disorientation, huge adrenaline rushes which basically never stopped, and palpitations, distortion of vision and hearing. 

      Basically I had to take some more because my body was so exhausted I dont think it could take anymore.

      Xanax are a type of benzodiazepam, so if you take one it will definitely help youre symptoms.  

      If you dont they may get worse.  It depends on whether you want to attempt getting through the withdrawal on youre own.  

      If you have some one with you who can be supportive, that will help. 

      I cannot believe the GP, the drugs service and the hospital refused to help you.  That is awful. 

      I tried using alcohol and other things which are supposed to help you sleep - I used diphenhydramine, - benadryl - which is an antihistamine, and is used in over the counter non-addictive sleeping aids.  It helped for maybe a couple of hours at a time, but never long enough. 

      Try going back to the drug counselling service. I dont know if they are the same as the Lifeline people.  You could tell them that the ones in Sefton - where I am - definitely do help people come off valium now, by providing prescriptions with a reduction programme which can last several months, and also counselling. There is no reason why you shouldnt be able to get the same help.

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      hi thanks for your reply this is helpfull do u remember the first time you come off cold turkey  how long ur withdrawlle lasted symptoms etc before you felt half normal and could sleep okay again ? its been tough so far but tbh nothing i cant deal with its obviouslly very unpleaseant yes im also having trouble sleeping and feel abit disconnectid in the day have some hot sweats and loss of appetite but i can get through this its been 8 days for me so far iv left people close to me no whats going on so i have support there . i have no choice than to cold turkey this because no one will prescribe me or help me taper so i dont really have a choice after im back to normal i deffiently wont be going near vallium again anytime soon im just curious to how long ill be feeling abit rough iv been reading up on the internet and theres alot of people saying different things months years etc i think i should stop because its making me think the worst this is my first time coming off so it should be the easiest as u say i do have some xanax there i took one today and it helped me but do you no if it will prolon withdrawlle at all if it will im going to stay clear just eat healthy and try sweat it out if you have any adivce on how to withdraw cold turkey would be apprecitated 
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      Xanax is another benzo and it is not going  to help matters by taking it.

      It will make things worse for Adam so it isnt a good idea to suggest that he should take it to help with his symptoms.

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      Yes I know. 

      The problem is he seems to be unable to get any help.  I have experienced acute withdrawal and was so disorientated once that I had quite a bad accident and needed physiotherapy for a few months. Sudden withdrawal can be very dangerous. If you are with someone who can support you that will help of course, but if youre on your'e own its more risky.

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      Hi Adam, I did reply to your'e PM.

      Its good that you have people who can support you. That makes a big difference.

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      I have also been through withdrawal myself and was made to take other drugs, Did it help. No it did not. And then I had to come off those drugs.

      I have to say that I get very angry when people suggest taking another

      drug in the hope that it will relieve ones symptoms. Of course they will but for how long and like I have just said anotherdrug to taper off. None of us are doctors we are victims. But I can say that we know moreabout benzos than our supposedly doctors do. And when it comes to wanting to come off they are clueless.

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      I dont see myself as a victim, and I actually know doctors who have been addicted to drugs - both legal and illegal.  Half my husbands family are doctors They are just other people.

      We all make choices and have to deal with the consequences. 

      Talking to me isnt going to help Adam and this is his discussion.

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