difficulty breathing at night-:(

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For about 3 weeks now I have been experiencing difficulty sufficiently breathing, especially at night. It's a sensation that I can only describe as a feeling of not being able to get enough air in my lungs' or 'a tightness in my chest/airways. It's still apparent during the day but worsens by night. I also have a dry cough accompanied by wheeziness when I inhale and I feel like I might need to phlegm but it hardly ever comes out. On the rare occasions that I do actually phlegm; it's mostly clear and rather sticky.

Moreover, last week I went to see my GP, he examined my chest with a stethoscope and failed to detect any signs of infection in fact; to my surprise he even said that my lungs sounded rather 'healthy'. He did however notice that my pulse was rapid and saw that I had previously come to the doctors with issues regarding anxiety and was very keen on pinning everything down to anxiety. I was quite skeptical of this but went home and tried to ignore the symptoms. A couple of days passed and the symptoms were still there and so I booked an appointment to see a specialist nurse.I explained my symptoms to the nurse and she then examined me with a stethoscope. She said that my chest sounded fine and there was no sign of infection. She then came to a conclusion that I might be suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) as I told her that I occasionally get heartburn. She prescribed me some omeprazole (a medication that controls the amount of acid produced in the stomach.)

I've been taking these every day for the past week but I'm just extremely dazzled and confused. How on earth could a stomach related issue effect my breathing? How was she so keen on pinning it down to acid reflux, even though I wasn't experiencing the main symptoms of it?? I'm just utterly confused! In my opinion I was experiencing asthma like symptoms but neither the doctor or nurse tested me for asthma. I just want some advice and closure on the subject as it's keeping me up at night and getting me worried.

additional information:

-I'm a 17 year old male.

-I used to smoke on occasions but I've completely stopped for about a month. (could the difficulty breathing be connected to quitting smoking?)

-I've had many lifestyle changes recently, for example I've had a change in diet, stopped consuming caffeine and have been doing a lot of exercise (but however have stopped since my symptoms arose)

Thanks you for reading, advice + your opinion would be much appreciated

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    Hello JGoodman,

    I replied to this and I think it ended up in cyber space so .. you may get two replies from me.

    Anyhow, sorry to read you are having breathing issues.   neutral

    If I were you, I would be finding a doctor (and/or ask for a referral to a Respiratory Specialist)  who could give you a Bronchial Challenge Test   ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronchial_challenge_test ) and then you will know for sure if you have asthma and if not, then you can rule that out.

    So stay strong, be forthright, listen to your body and do your best to not get overly anxious. Stress can also do lots of weird things to our body as well, so try to relax as best you can.

    Just for reference, I saw six doctors over seven months, all of whom misdiagnosed me before I asked for a referral to see a Respiratory Specialist and was diagnosed with RADS. As sad as it was to have RADS, I was very relieved to finally know what I had and I wish someone would have passed on what I am suggesting to you. Once you know .. then you can get on with dealing with it.

    As for your anxiety - for me, I used to get anxiety because I couldn’t get air .. not, I have anxiety and then I can't get air. I have had some frustrations trying to explain this at times to those in the medial world.

    Before I go, may I also suggest, take a look at my website, which has some very simple things that have assisted me in regard to breathing issues and anxiety. I hope it's of some use to you.

    All the best and hope you get well soon.

    Ps .. well done with quitting smoking and I have no idea if the ramifications of giving up have perpetuated your breathing issues? These are the questions you need to ask a Respiratory Specialist.

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      Hello V,

      Any suggestions regading breathing solutions and/or website link(s) would be appreciated.


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    Hey! I have all the same symptoms as you and similar habits (such as occasional smoking). Did you ever figure out what's wrong? I've been to the doctor twice and they haven't picked up on anything...
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      I have the same symptoms also..ive been in 3 specialist, Cardiologist, Gastro, EENT..but all of them pointing that this is due to ACID reflux..

      But still no changes since they give me the medicine(proton pump inhibitor).

      How are you now sir any medicine and test they suggested?

      All the best

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    I thi;nk that what is going on is that you are stressed out and that is what is causing the difficult breathing
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      I actually agree with you I think it's some kind of  anxiety myself I first experienced this when I was at a job that I couldn't stand in fact as soon as I quit the symptoms went away amazingly now recently they came back and all I can attribute it to is the stress of being overextended with my credit cards LOL also try to avoid eating late at night !!

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    Oh thats serious about your health.You need to contact with sleep specialist.
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    Hello I have read everyone's responses and thanks a lot cuz it is helping me. I also have acid reflux which cause hiatal hernia. The acid reflex triggered by allergies that I have my whole life and never known that I had it. I never had any problems before then.

    After 6 months of going through so much everything finally calm down and change my diet get on some medication doing really well.

    All of sudden I'm having these breathing problems at night I don't know if they have something to do my allergies or what. They are almost the same thing is J Goodman symptoms .Thank you and stay blessed I wish you all well.Just want to share my story.

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      PS, by the way I have been experiencing a lot of stress in the last 2 days. I have not experienced this amount of stress in a very long time . I'm wondering if stress is triggering this.

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    Look into histamine intolerance this may be of some help to you.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Hey all,

    Currently suffering from this as well, had rentgen check and nothing found, will go visit Respiratory doctor and will update if anything has been found (hopefully not) also i would go for a thorat and maybe allergic check.

    also as everyone else said stress may be a huge factor here.

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    Shortness of breath, also called dyspnea, occurs with GERD because stomach acid that creeps into the esophagus can cause it to narrow. When gastric acid reaches the vocal folds, airways, and lungs, it can cause a swelling of the passages. This can lead to atypical asthma reactions. Such airway damage can affect breathing by causing coughing or wheezing and making swallowing solid foods more difficult.? I had loads of tests just in case but that is what is causing my brathing difficulties - You have my sympathy becouse its a horrible horrible sensation & it it stesses you & why wouldnt you,  it makes it worse. Good luck

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      Thanks for your reply.

      Do you have any suggestions on how to treat Gerd? I believe my Gerd is known as silent reflux since I do not have heartburn associated with my other symptoms, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, lump in throat. My ent has me on PPI's. No noticeable improvement.


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      I have gone through the exact same thing, after many,many tests, they put me on prantaprazole (PPI) for silent reflux. I also suffer from extreme health anxiety. Change of diet will help with the reflux along with the pills, they take time to work after about two months I noticed my breathing and weird cough went away, I stopped my pills after being in them for 8 months because I found I was using them as a crutch to pretty much eat and drink whatever I want and just like anything can have side effects. After being off them for a week I can already notice a bit of reflux, but I heard that can happen after stopping those, so trying to get through it and keep eating super healthy to control the amount of acid. But it deff effect your eshapagus and makes you feel like your trying to catch your breath.

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    I am having all of these similar issues and incredibly discouraged and depressed perhaps from lack of oxygen from breathing problems. All started 4 months ago quit job got flu then pneumonia 2 ER visits and now this awful breathing issue started and have no resolution. I went to pulmonologist. Said i have a little electisis I'm spellingit wrong on my lower right lung whichbis a little scarring and inflammation hospital said emphysema but he ruled that out. Said shouldn't be causing breathing. Apparently found out I'm allergic to cats dogs ants and grasses among others but have been healthy my whole life. So since 4 months in can breathbright and pulmonologist did a battery if tests said my breathing does show some issue when i did breathing test. Cant take inhalers cause make me feel likebhaving a heart attack so not sure if they would help. Its painful and feels like i am breathing through a straw and elephant on my chest sone days are better than others. No one really understands how awfuk this is and i cant seem to find a solution. I am also overweight abiut 240 lbs currentlyband have had heartburn too often. I am dieting and havent smoked in years. I feel tereibly discouraged and i hate not breathibg. I miss my old life and everyobe thibks its goibf to just go away. I am very concerned and ive racked uo a whopping 15 thousand in hospital and medical expenses in last 4 months to no avail. I was given steroid inhaler but had terrible reaction to steroids from hospital. When it started I hadn't been able to eat cause of this extreme bloating forb15vdays. I had an endoscopy which relaxed my system and was able to eat after. Still experiencing abnormal bloating and digestion issues. Seems to be all related. Also said possible hiatal hernia. I am 37 and perfect health my whole life. Am very aware of death and am full of fear as I feel like I'm suffocating very slowly. Also was told I had positive tb result for latent tb which turned out to be a false positive after takibg sexond tb test which tested differently than original.That would have explained small scar but perhaps that was from pneumonia. I'm trying to stay positive but I feel very alone and like I have some unresolved medical issue that no one really ubderstands and I feel like I may just suffocate one day. Going to keep following and see if I can gather more info as I can't work or atleast don't feel up to it anymore since this started and I'm only 37 and apart from this very healthy.

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      I feel the same exact way ! Finally someone who understands . I'm 24 f so everyone thinks Im to young everyone including dr says it's anxiety! There's no way this can be that i know it's something deeper I'm tired of this I'm super depressed it's exhausting and at night it's even worst can sleep can't breath heavy chest even when I go to take deep breaths feels like I can't catch my breath I feel like I'm dying slowly everyone thinks I'm over reacting I'm literally miserable I don't want to die I have baby's that need me I wish my life would go back to normal 😢😭

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