Digestive Issues 3 Months - Terrified of Cancer

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Hi Everyone!

I'm 28 and having debilitating digestive issues - I've always had a "sensitive stomach" and did see a GI specialist 6 years ago she did an Endoscopy only and more or less said I had IBS and sent me on my way. I know lot's of triggers that isn't new to me - dairy will give me issues or deep fried food etc and have had many many a severe stomach pain,diarrhea and nausea moments over this last 6 years just chalking it up to IBS and accepting my fate.

The last 3 months have been HORRIBLE every single morning I have severe cramping (like prior to a diarrhea moment) sometimes I go to the washroom sometimes not and it passes for a few hours and returns with vengeance. I often feel nauseas all day and extremely bloated. It seems like every single night after dinner I'm in a ball with severe cramps again and extreme gas - I'd say the cramping and excessive gas is my main issue. I'm not a stranger to stomach issues but I feel so chronically ill it is hard to do anything - I work shifts full time and am so worried about this affecting my job. I have tried Low FODMAP but did not go completely grain free yet - I eat dairy free for the majority of the time I've tried every probiotic which seems to make matters worse,peppermint oil,apple cider vinegar etc. The fact I have had stomach issues frequently has me feeling I'm not being taken seriously. My dad has had Diverticulitis flares since he was 30 and recently has been diagnosed and very ill with Ulcerative Colitis.

I've seen my GP 3 times since it ramped up and she did a basic CBC and LFT tests the only thing elevated was my bilirubin but all other liver functions were normal and my abdominal US was normal as well. I had a normal range Fecal Calprotectin Level,Normal Stool Culture & Ova & Negative Ova/Parasites test.I went back again insisting I need to see a GI long story short I am seeing one but it is "non urgent" so I have an Endoscopy & Colonoscopy April 30th ...

I am terrified its colon cancer or something sinister because it is PERSISTENT - every single day nausea,bloating,on and off diarrhea,low grade cramping that turns into severe make you sweat cramping and excessive gas 24/7. I am so lost and have such a long wait I feel my GP doesn't now what else it could be and more or less has passed me off to the GI in April.

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    Rather than wait until April you can go now to the nearest hospital E/R. They can give you a CT scan and allay your fears about cancer which is doubtful. An endoscopy and colonoscopy will only confirm what you already know. If you have colitis it can be temporarily cured with anti-biotics but then will return. Unfortunately there is no permanent cure for IBS but a registered dietician can put you on the right track. Good luck.

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    It sounds more like IBS with gastritis. Stop thinking too much as it will worsened your condition. Need to relax your mind. I do have a very similar situation and had gone endoscope 5 times, ultra scan 3 times over the years and as usual negative.. Have practiced yoga, meditation, accupuncture etc... alternative medication, hypnotherapy, all kind of supplements etc. Gradually have improved but most importantly you need a steady mind.

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    Hi kelli , im sorry youre going through such issues . Have you tried stomach enzymes ? You can get these OTC and they help as you replace digestive enzymes you lose when taking antibiotics or PPI . ... Also as a patient you can demand to have answers now ! Your GI shouldnt be off such a time as it is . Nor should any testing ! Demand answers now ! You need to know whats going on and how to treat it ! You need to get your life back !

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    Hi Kallie,, I have ibs with dia unfortunatly,,, I have anywhere between 2 and 3 most days I am better a controlling the stomach pain now because when it started It was so sever right in the middle of my stomach...now I try very hard to focus on something else besides being scared to death... I ignore alot especially first thing in the morning and yesrs ago I got some good advice from a fellow sufferer and not a doctor,, try using a heating pad on the stomach takes your mind of the pain,, Do u ever get yours at night???

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    You can also demand to see the PA in the mean time to calm your nerves maybe!!! Im sorry u are going through this but I know how u feel hugsxxx

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    Kalli , please you and your dad request vitamin D testing ,as it isnt part of labs protocol . Vitamin D deficiency can cause havoc for the gut sysyem ,from IBS , Gastritis , Diverticulitis , Candida Bacteria Overgrowth , HPylori , Bio Unbalance , Enzymes Off Balance , Muscle Restriction , Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth , etc .. Vitamin D is a Pro Hormone that is vital to your functions health from head to toe , and you cant get what your body needs through foods . A deficiency can also cause Anxiety / Panic , also get as bad as having hallucinations and become schizophrenic .. It may pay off to have your levels checked ...

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    Thank you everyone for your replies - its a trying time with such a long wait. I am still suffering with these issues now since October on almost a daily basis. My abdominal cramping (lower) is so severe and comes on so suddenly it really makes me scared this is colon cancer and Im not being taken serious because of my age. My actual bowel movements are often soft or diarrhea with excessive gas and cramping/odd smell. I have never seen blood have not lost weight and am not anemic. I have been back to my GP 4 times this year with hopes they could move up my colonoscopy - she feels i dont even need one and its IBS. I am at the point where Ive built up this horrid diagnosis and read stories and am just looking for any comfort during this time. This intermittent cramping daily is awful.

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