Dilemma With Blood Pressure

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I am a 30-a-old, weigh 90 KGs, don't smoke, don't drink alcohol, was moderately active a few months ago (four to five mile runs, etc.).

However every-time I go to visit a doctor they say I have high blood pressure (generally 160) and jump straight away to put me on medication. And every time I take this medication I feel dizzy and fainting-like.

I checked my blood pressure at home myself using a cuff-device and generally get results between 117-130 SYS/mmHg, 77-89 DIA/mmHg and heart-rate 60-77 BPM). I have read online about some proper way to test for blood pressure including resting for 3-5 minutes before, sitting down, not talking, etc...

However all these "guidelines" are never abided to by doctors over here. I once had my blood pressure standing up, almost all doctors engage in conversation while taking the test, they never asked me to sit down for five minutes, etc...

Why I think I have blood pressure? Because I get this throbbing headaches every now and then with a feeling of pressure behind my eyes and I can feel a pulse in my neck and ears. 

But then again whenever I take the very first doses of medication at 5mg such as Renil, I start to feel dizzy and almost faint, symptoms associated with low blood pressure. Also the side effects on the medicine is a bit worrying. With more then 1 in 10 experiencing dizziness and so, and 1 in 10 experiencing headaches, depression, diarrhea, nausea, etc... (and lets not get into the 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000 symptoms!).

So my point is I do not want to "take it just in case" as I believe it is not worth the risk. Then again if my blood pressure is actually high it is worth the risk.

Please help!

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    Sounds to me like you are suffering low blood pressure symptoms. Ask for a 24 hour monitor to wear. It will monitor it constantly for a couple of days. I always have higher BP at docs xx
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    Don’t take the meds, you don’t need them. 
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    Get a second medical opinion from a different provider.  Good luck.


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    I am also going through a similar situation. I have had horrible head pressure, a few episodes of vertigo, fatigue, and the occasional heart beat in left ear for about a month. When this initially started I went to the ER because my headache was so bad a CT scan was done and nothing was found. I followed up with my Dr and she thinks it's my blood pressure since the CT was normal and I don't have any underlying illnesses (that we know of). My blood pressure at the Dr office is always 138/84-90 . So she had me start medication called labetalol and write down my blood pressure readings that I took at home to see how it's doing then meet back with her in 2 weeks. I was hesitant about taking the medicine so I was checking my blood pressure without the medicine for about 5 days and each time it came out normal 105-116/68-74 (I'm 23 female about 5 foot and 138 pounds). I tried the medication to see if it would help thinking maybe my monitor is just wrong but the medication made me feel way worse and put me into a full blown panic attack. I stopped the medication and I am continuing taking my BP until i see her in a few days. I even bought another monitor to make sure the other wasn't broken but it read the same. You could do the same, check your blood pressure 2 or 3 times a day and write down the time you took it and how you are feeling. Then your next appointment I would take your notes and talk to your doctor. I also would take your home monitor in and compare readings there to make sure that it is close to accurate like the one your Dr uses. You could also see if you can get a 24 hour monitor to wear. I'm not sure if you ever heard of white coat hypertension but if not I would look it up and read about it, it seems like a lot of people suffer from this. I hope you get this figured out, hang in there!

    Best wishes.

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    i can sympathise

    i got the nurse to take my bp at the clinic...

    went in sat down and then after a chat i was set up to take the reading

    unfortunately we didnt leave enough time...even so i got a 135/84 reading

    the nurse said this was an improvement over the 155 average on a 24 hour test

    she said after a chat..lets take another.....155!!!!! not a good idea

    where i wore the cuff all the time with a tube from it to the monitor in my pocket

    my clothing during the day kept pulling the tube out of the cuff and during the night as i turned asleep....so that was suspect as far as i am concerned!!

    now i have a personal home bpmonitor and using the 5 minutes restful time and 2-3 minutes between the three readings i take for an average i am getting

    118-124 with diastole 78-84...pulse is always 60

    i take readings morning and evening at the same times each day

    i am on meds but a low dose of amlodipine..5mg which may be the contributing factor for lowering the bp...but i am suspicious of my readings taken at the clinic being affected by surroundings and not getting a chance to really relax.

    i have bought the same model bpmonitor as used at the clinic so when i go back in a month...the nurse suggested we take readings on both instruments and compare...so even if my bp seems excessive on the clinic instrument it should show the same on mine...5 minutes later..:D

    hope that helps

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    Don't even get me started on doctors, but there is this thing called "white coat hypertension" where people get a little tense when visiting the doctor, and this causes bogus high readings.  It is VERY common.  If your home readings are all that low you're fine, don't need any meds.  Period.

    ?My problem is usually that the doctors give me *low* readings in their office, but I trust my home unit over theirs, especially when they do it old school with a squeeze bulb and stethoscope.  What is this, 1890?

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    Thank you for all the invaluable replies! I am now taking readings everyday and monitoring the situation.

    I am taking the suggested 5mg Renil for two weeks. So I can see if there is any stabilization with regards to the readings.

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      this site will tell you how to prepare yourself for taking your BP

      i am particularly aware of not taking readings withing 1 hour of eating or drinking and using quite reliable relaxing procedures, and certainly not after stressful physical or otherwise situations...

      i am not trying to fluke the readings, only to show that my arteries when not under any exterior conditions which do affect blood pressure...or shall we say are natural to those conditions...one condition which is quite natural is relaxation where your arteries are at their best...??

      the readings i get for these then are the lowest for my age (75) and physical and mental state...which means i need to exercise and have a clear and ordered minds state.

      the bottom line here is to ascertain whether meds are required and if so then to monitor their effects, and when the situation arises that they seem to have achieved the object of taking them...satisfactory bp levels...to cease medication and continue to monitor..

      should the situation then worsen again...revert to medications for longer periods..

      it really is an ongoing thing in my opinion and not one that you will be 'cured' of but aware of and respect.



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    keep a detailed journal of what you eat, when you eat, and reactions. Review a week at a time. Also make sure you keep your stress level down and walk at least one hour a day. I am 28 year old female with same history. I found out that I have food sensitivities and am also being tested for Hashimoto's in the next week. 

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