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I am having success with pain.

I have 2 disc prolapses, the usual L4.5 L3.4 and coming along nicely is S1/L5

I have lost weight.   I started going for a walk every day (I know its difficult for people living in the UK) 40 Minute there and 40 minute back.   I started to lose weight, although I seem to be stuck at the moment despite doing 3 hr walks.  

Also I am eating differently. I am not eating bread, pasta or rice. 

I have a good breakfast with fruit and a fruit drink or tomato juice. At lunchtime I have soup or a salad and a yogart, I don't particularly go and buy slimming this and that, and I love Danone creamy yogarts with either fruit or breakfast cereal.

I may even, now have a mince pie at 3.30

In the evening, I just eat nornmally except I don't eat carbs.

I lost a stone in 4 weeks but as I say I have got stuck now.

But. ... this is the important thing, I have not been in pain as much OK I know that its 9 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 10 at night when I take Pazital and lyrica but otherwise, I can round the city near me for 3 hrs and I am ok.  I don't know whether this is appropriate or not but I bought myself a good pair of Reebok trainers and I wear the appripriate gear in the city. So what, I would have minded a year ago but not now  

I know that losing weight is the answer to my pain.


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    Well done for loosing weight any one who is over weight . Risk s the problem within mobility and joints because of all the extra weight and pressure on joints . As well as other health risks. I a step in the right direction.unfortunately weight is not the issue for everyone. Keep up the good work
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    Well done great effort.

    I use a resitance band most days when I am walking the dog and I also do a few exercises on the park bench such as step ups and press ups; building strength can contribute to about 20% of weightloss. 

    However, I am also on a low carb diet (so easy to do) and I believe the best measurement for weight loss is to measure your waist, scales can be misleading especially if your are weighing yourself every morning.

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    Hi Enna

    That is great smile Success is not discussed on these boards enough.

    Weight is one part of the equation. Strength is another. Reducing the pressure on the disc is the key.

    Those long walks will really be helping with weight and one part of your strength. The walking uses some of the muscles in your back to brace as your move your body past your standing leg. Overall, less load and more strength is the way to go.

    The other thing that usually helps is working on your core and abs. This can be tricky to start with as some of the exercises may cause pain so start easy if you need to but the ones I had success with are

    - lower stomach crunches, so lie on your back, tense the muscles that run right down at the bottom of your tummy just inside from your pelvis. Pull your belly button down and feel for the muscles contracting and hold for 5 or 10 seconds, then repeat sets of 5 or 10, keeping increasing the number and quantity. Once you are good at these do them bringing your head up to crunch a few more muscles, then finally holding a small weight out above you each time, say 1.25 or 2.5kg.

    - iso abs crunches: on your back, knees up at 90 degrees. Put your hands on your knees and push slightly then bring you head up and try to pull your knees towards you but hold them in place with your hands. Make sure your lower back stays pressed against the floor rather than letting it arch up. Again, similar reps to above. This one is hard work.

    - stabilisation using legs; again on you back with knees up. Hands tucked under the small of your back on either side and gently pressing your back down onto them. Now, keeping the 90 degrees in the knee, lower left foot to the ground slowly, then slowly back up. Then the right foot. Repeat for total 50 (25 each side)

    Do them every day and You will feel the difference in your muscles in a few weeks. The effect on your back takes longer as this only allows your back to start to recover more quickly. That part takes time.

    There are loads of others but these will work the lower segments of your abs well, and help create the girdle of muscle that will support the weight of your upper body instead of it going through your spine. Less pressure on those discs will result in less pain. 

    A friend of mine had a serious hernia (not ruptured mind you) in his L5S1. In 6 months he built a massively strong core and abs and mostly reversed the herniation by just taking the pressure off the disk and letting his body slowly correct the shape of the disc.

    if you can get help from a physio, even better, but hopefully this helps (and I am not telling my granny I how to suck eggs!)

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      I absolutely agree with you Michael. Strengthening the Core muscles of the back, legs and stomach go a long way in relieving stress on the spine and straightens it.

      I had L5-S1 open discectomy and Laminectomy a year and a half back. Have had the enormous good fortune of being largely painfree except for some days.

      I am religiously doing my physiotherapy workouts for a minimum of 10 minutes every morning and evening. Any time I feel the pain coming on I get on my back to do the 6 inch straight single leg raises and it subsides. I am also maintaining my weight with a 5 Km walk, at least 5 days a week.  

      I have probably been luckier than so many people on this blog. My prayers are with all of you for a quick recovery. I just thought I would come back to share this with people hare.

      Keep trying and don't give up guys.



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    How very inspirig!

    Thank you

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    I did strengthen my core , it not prevent my back giving up and once it's gone it's about making wise choices. Everyone is individual and reacts different to different things. Most things are done by statistics not my favourite word as not one person is the same, similar me be but not the same.

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