Discomfort and heart palpitations

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Last night I was up from 2:30 am to around 5 am.  I could not go back to sleep for this long time. I felt discomfort but did not know exactly what it was. I was tossing and turning and at one point I think I was about to fall asleep however I felt a discomfort in my chest. I noticed my heart started raising and pounding. When I checked my Fitbit watch it showed 90 pulse rate while I was in bed. It started getting higher and last time I checked it was 104. At that point, I sat up and tried not to listen to my heartbeat. It was hard not to pay attention to the rapid beats because when you lay down I guess it is more noticeable. Yesterday I  walked and I did my other regular activities. I had about 140000 steps altogether. I like keeping myself busty which keeps my mind away from the tension that something is wrong with me or with my heart. But this kind of episodes brings my anxiety back. I thought I would get a good night sleep but it was the other way. My palpitation was not for too long but I just don't know why it came to me last night. Exercise should help not to make us sick. I am a regular walker and even lately I started taking stairs too. I take about two flights of stairs when I can. 

Do you think I should consult a doctor? Every time I go to him he talks about anxiety. I guess I am on my own. I am sad and don't know why I am going through this Thanks to all. 


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    Is your fitbit one you can download to your computer, and printout, compare your tracing of yours when you are having palpitations to when you are not, you should be able to see the difference in pattern, other than being fast, if their is an issue, and if in doubt show it to a Dr.

    ?I don't want to scare you, but 6 years ago now, husband had a minor procedure, biopsy that turned out to be nothing, and we were given a printout of his heartbeat at the local hospital, and told to get our GP to have a look at it, GP dismissed heartbeat as nothing to worry about.

    ?Something told me there was an issue, my little inner voice, and I demanded to see a cardiologist, here in Australia they will not make an appt for you without a GP's referral, GP did not want to give me referral, we ended up in a big argument that I was not losing, he agreed, gave us a referral letter that said wife insists, and this is a waste of yours and my time.

    ?Thank goodness the cardiologist did not take any notice of the GP's referral, she did echocardiogram, charged us nearly a $1000.00 for it, and discovered husband did have a major heart issue.

    ?So how did I know, in all the excitement of diagnoses and worry about husband being so sick, I realized that my father died of the same issue my husband has, 35 years previous, and I had forgotten that his symptoms were exactly the same, no wonder I recognized the symptoms.

    ?Husband is doing very well, now nearly seven years later with medication and a pacemaker that has stablised his heart condition, and although he will never be 100% he can live a relatively normal life.


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      First of all, I would like to thank you for your kind reply.

      I have seen a cardiologist back in July. He did echocardiogram, stress test and put me on a loop monitor for two weeks. He was able to detect that I have to skip beats and premature beats which I never had before. However, he told me that is very normal to have to skip beats a few here and there. Happily, I walked out of his office finding out that I don't have anything serious. Every once in a while I still get weird symptoms and I started believing that it might have something to do with my activities. When I go for a fast walk I notice that I get a pinching ache in my both of jaws but it is very mild. Twice my eyes went completely blurry and I thought I was going to have a stroke due to lack of oxygen or blood flow in the head. My symptoms are very random and I don't know for sure when it is going happen. I keep my very busy. If I sit and do nothing I become very worried about health. I still don't know why I get this kind of symptoms. I don't want to see my doctor because I know he will tell I have anxiety and he worked hard to detect my problems. It is my feeling that maybe I just have a little something that did not show up on the tests. I recently found out about "tachycardia" from someone on the forum and online. I searching for a good heart meditation guidelines online that might help me. I don't know which one is appropriate and safe for me though. 

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      Those skipped beats and premmi beats can cause dizziness, and also make you breathless, as your heart needs time to fill with blood before it beats again, or that's how I understand it and why you get the dizziness.

      ?Where it is dangerous if not when it happens occasionally, but when it starts happening for some time, I would be starting to get worried if you have more than half an hour of these skipped and or premmi beats, don't muck around call an ambulance, and tell them you are having skipped beats, breathless and dizzy, they can get you on a ECG and get a tracing while the symptoms are happening, waiting to see GP is not an option, your need that tracing when it is happening.

      ?Husband who has a major heart issue is on various cardiologist prescribed meds, but took a while to work out which were the best for him, he spent a week in heart hospital to stablise him 6 years ago now, nearly 7 years, our local GP never wants to change anything, he always just refers him back to the cardiologist.

      ?He has a check up every six months for his pacemaker, and if anything is picked up with his history, we get an apt within a couple of weeks, and then yearly we see the senior cardiologist, who goes through his issues if there are any.

      He has had some issues again this year, he caught a virus (they think), which gave us incl the cardio's a big fright, local GP did not believe he was sick, I kept on at him, visiting twice a day, until he saw what I was seeing, husband had shivers and shakes, and it wasn't normal shivering, as in having a temp, Dr's at the heart hospital were as puzzled as was local GP, they kept him in isolation for 4 days incase it was catching, but they never figured out what it was, despite multiple tests.

      ?I have educated myself, firstly from the local library, and then Dr to Dr's papers on the internet, university sites, rather than trying to diagnose from forums (sorry forum), and have a pretty good understanding of my husbands heart condition, but even some of his symptoms have fooled Dr's incl our GP, as he does not have the swollen ankles of most heart patients, and or blood pressure issues, even when his heart down to 30BPM, blood pressure still at normal, that's when they installed a pacemaker, but even that was a battle, I could not get through to junior staff at the hospital that he was dying in front of them, took the senior consultant, (we have met him previously) to realize what was happening, and he was the one who overruled everybody else and said get a pacemaker into him now.

      ?It has now been nearly two years since pacemaker installed and he is better than he has been for some years, but the underlying heart issue is still there, and it is going to shorten his life.

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      =10.5ptI don’t know how to put into words but I can say that your husband is getting the best treatment from you. I pray that your husband continues his combat with you for the longest time.=10.5ptYou are right forum won't give us any solutions other than sharing our concerns. However, I am finding it helpful because we can see that many of us have issues that are not being solved just visiting our GP. =10.5pt My pulse is higher than my blood pressure. Today it was 87/62 and pulse was 104 after doing my groceries. It noticed higher pulse before too. I questioned my doctor why pressure is lower than pulse rate but he did not say anything about it. Next time, I go to visit my doctor I will ask what could be the reason for my pulse to go over 100 beats while I was in bed doing nothing. =10.5ptFive days a week I go for a walk at least for a fast 15 mins and some days I go for even longer. For two days I am having a necklace and mild cheek pains. Usually, I walk a lot in summer but this winter I would like to continue walking. I am nervous about taking the stair and I don’t even know if it is safe for me to do although my doctors never told me not to do it. It seems like I am looking for problems but actually I become worried every time I experienced something weird.   Every time I start to think I am fine and start doing normal activities more and more I end up getting problems. I was fine till two nights ago my heart rose to over 100 beats. This morning I tried breathing exercise that made me feel uncomfortable and my pulse was 106.  

      =10.5ptI recently went for a yearly blood work which showed my Cholesterol, Thyroid, hemoglobin, and the iron levels are within normal ranges. 

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