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Cardiovascular Disorders

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  • femi90894 2

    Worried and depressed please help me

    Good day people, please I need your help. I am turning 22 in August. I was having heart palpitations in May and I was rushed to the hospital. My blood pressure was pretty high according to them so they asked I do some tests. Kidney (came out good), ECG (I did it sitting cause I was scared of palpitation...

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  • Tinker5 1

    Should I still be worried for heart disease?

      I got chest x-rays and blood work done after having chest pain, nausea, muscle pain, abnormal heart rate, and other symptoms of heart disease/attack. Everything was normal though. I still have only a little chest and shoulder, neck, and back pain but it's going away and it's not as severe. Should I...

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  • s98188 2

    Ekg readings

    Hey guys, I am freaking out about my ekg readings from a couple months ago. I am scared that I have long qt syndrome. My ekg results were Bpm 99 Qt 353 Qtc 453 Bpm 109 Qt 343 Qtc 463 My doctor wasn't phased by it and I showed it to a retired cardiologist and he wasn't phased by the numbers. I...

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  • alastaire63529 2

    Palpitations after exertion.

    Hi i suffer with SVT, or so a nurse told me when i got rushed to hospital a few years back with my heart rate around 230 BPM, when im not having episodes of SVT which i get now and again and usually last a few seconds, i get palpitations after doing little things like getting up to get a drink or climbing...

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  • lady ami 2

    Heartbeat into 30s and dropping....

    Ever since l can remember lve had problems with my heart , l have POTS and have now been diagnosed with dermatomysits  which is another autonomic disorder . I have all sorts of heart problems and have just come out of hospital after another 999 Each day and even worse come nighttime...

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  • rob92356 2

    I'm looking for support with ectopics

    Hi am am looking for some support with ectopics for someone who has had the same experience, I get extra beats , thuds thumps and also bursts of rapid beats , I'm struggling to cope now and I don't know what to do, I'm terrified of dying

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  • morgan 45877 2

    My hearts playing up

    Ive been to the doctors about my heart being wierd and having a few palpitations and just feeling wierd around in that area and the results came back normal for my blood tests and ecg but I'm still convinced that there's a work today my heart just fluttered and then my left arm went all wierd...

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  • lori83044 1

    Anyone here with cardiovascular issues?

    Began having stents my mid 40's. 8 total now and aortic bypass 2013 and another stent Nov last year. Frequently have what feels like "severe" knots in back calf and happened again this am around 4ish. 10 am and still pain in back of calf. Always had these prior to stenting and really bad prior to...

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  • tw57778 2

    Worried about chest pain and chest tightness

    Hi guys, my biggest fear is getting a heart attack. Every pain around my chest will make me worry. I had 3 ECG and 1 stress test done 6 months ago and everything came back fine. My chest starts to feel pain and tight on and off for about a week. Sometimes my face and neck will turn red suddenly and disappear...

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  • rob92356 2

    Support for ectopics

    Hi I'm 28 years old and I have had ectopics for about 10 years , I wanted to start this discussion to try and help me because I suffer with extreme fear because of this and thought it would help to talk to others about it 😊

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  • fortis47180 1
  • Noni T.1 3

    why my heart rates less than 60, and I wasn't like that before!!

    Hi I'm female going on 20, I used to have period of the last year when I had tachycardia and high pressure. Then I had some treatment and stop.. now I'm having bradycardia or slow heart rate without any treatment. I wasn't like that before, I didn't have heart rate less than 60 at rest.. so somebody...

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  • Jeohealthy 1

    Arjuna for Heart & Blood Pressure

    ARJUNA is one of the famous herb known as Cardio-Tonic. The arjuna bark has many medicinal properties and it is effective in maintaining healthy heart. The stem bark possess many important active compound like glycosides, arjunolic acid, flavonids and tannins which overall function to provide the strength...

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  • AlvinaKim 1

    American Heart Association Says Coconut Oil isn't Healthy For Heart

    The American Heart Association recently released a report advising against the utilization of coconut oil.  AHA said its not good to use coconut oil for your health.  Moderator comment: I have removed the link(s) directing to site(s) unsuitable for inclusion in the forums. If users want this information...

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  • Noni T.1 3

    does mild right ventricular enlargement have symptoms?

    I am female, 19 years & 11 months old, not married I found out that I have moderate pulmonary hypertension (RVSP 42.57 mmHg) in the echo result (high blood pressure in the lungs arteries) , plus trivial leaking valves: (tricusped, mitral and pulmonary valve regurgitation), so when I asked my doctor about...

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  • brenwag68 3

    PFO (whole in the heart) & blood clots

    Hi everyone 😊 I have PFO (whole in the heart), & in most cases (as I am told) people who have this, have no symptoms, I however do. I get severe chest pain, dizziness (with fainting), nausea, & weakness/exhaustion. My doctor has me on metoprolol for the irregular heart beat... My question is if anyone...

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  • howie1000 1

    SVT at 240bpm.. Worried it will kill me if it happens again

    Hi, I am 20 years old and two years ago had my first episode of SVT however the paramedics could never capture it on an ECG as it had always gone back to normal when they arrived.  The otherday I had another episode (the first in two years!) where my heart started racing for about 5 minutes. I have...

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  • ErickNorman 1

    Hypertension in Younger Individual

    Hello. I'm looking for information on how to manage hypertension in an otherwise healthy individual. The person is 6'3'' and about 100kg. They are athletic with an intensive workout regime with high endurance. For example, this person can run 5k in under 24 minutes as a warm up and continue on with 1...

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  • karolis561 2

    Heart problem or anxiety?

    Hello im 16 years old male, i've been having chest, arm, shoulder pains for quite a while now, i had 2 ecg's done months back and 1 blood test before, which again was months back... i've kept going back to my gp and he told me i most likely suffer from anxiety, and he offered me to go to a councelor,...

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  • noah.poirier9 1

    It feels like someone's is stabbing me in the heart.

    For the past year I have been having heart pain and it feels like someone is stabbing me in the heart but it only lasts like 45 seconds at a time. The pain increases a LOT when I breath in. I only get it about 3 or 4 times a month.  Someone please tell tell me what this is and what's do I do about it?

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  • poppyk123 1

    Health Anxiety over heart

    So here's some background information; I'm a 17 year old girl, no family history of heart disease or anything related to the heart to be honest, I don't have the best diet but it's definitely not the worst and I'm quite physical.  So in work, I spend a lot of time cleaning so for example I'll be moving...

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  • rob92356 2

    What do your ectopics feel like ?

    Hi everyone I am a 28 your old male I have had ectopics since I was about 10 -11 years old I'm told they are harmless but they don't feel that way , I get lots of different episodes, skips , thuds , double beats , flutters , bursts of fast beats the lot , what kind of symptoms do you get and have you...

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  • xgemmax1989 3

    Ectopic beats

    Hi, I had a burning sensation in my a back in January.. I got really panicked as I googled it and it told me I could be having a heart attack! I started getting chest pains then had a panic attack. I had to have a ecg and my p waves were inverted, I've seen a cardiologist and he says I just have ectopic...

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  • apolyergus 1

    Cant shake this feeling(Heart related)

    So about a week ago, just before i went to bed. I had a dull pain in both my triceps and my left armpit hurt. When i would take deep breaths it felt like my left pec was being stabbed. I waited two hours and it hadnt changed, so of course i freaked out and went to the hospital. I was there for 9 hours,...

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  • Koeitjie 1

    My sons cardiac results

    Goodday. I would like to get an opinion on how serious my sons condition is. He has many medical conditions, including type 1 diabetes (since 8 months old), autism, connective tissue disease, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, asthma, he was born with an Atrial septum defect (never had surgery for it), left...

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  • rafeclarkevika 2

    Help with chest pain

    Hi there, I was abroad on holiday last week and had alot of alcohol, and one night I had a funny spell where I couldnt breath, my chest was palpitating like mad and my eyes felt tight and out of focus, and I feel confused and out of sorts with bad memory. 5 days later now I still have this. Have not...

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  • ellie82592 1

    Life expectancy after 2 heart attack a

    Hi, I'm after some advice please. Could someone please give me some information about the life expectancy of an 81 year old man who's had 2 heart attacks, already has heart failure and varicose veins. Thanks

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  • peter01729 3
  • s98188 2

    Prolonged qt interval on an ekg

    Hey guys, My anxiety is getting the best out of me lately. I started experiencing anxiety 4 months ago. With the advice of my psychologist I went and had blood work done, ek, etc just to rule out health problems. Everything checked out fine. The 2 ekgs I had were in April. The first one was fine. I...

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  • Maeve70 2

    Superficial thrombophlebitis

    I have had phlebitis and a swollen ankle for 4 weeks.My doctor thinks they are connected.I am starting to get worried.Has anyone else experienced this and if so how long did it last?

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  • maryann0705 3

    Chest tightness/pain

    Hello I have been having chest tightness / pain and I'm scared it's my heart. I'm a 37 year old female who suffers with anxiety most of my life. I have had ecg's, stress test's and echocardiogram and wore a heart monitor. I keep thinking it's my heart. Actually I'm convinced it's my heart. Please help....

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  • jessice98901 2

    Heart rate question

    hello all, just have a question about bpm. I am 21 years old 5'1 and 104 pounds. so a pretty small female. my anxiety makes me constantly check my heart rate. When i'm laying down about to go to sleep my heart rate ranges from 55bpm-58bpm. i do not work out. but i eat pretty healthy and my bloodwork...

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  • melbie40 1

    Is there any point now?

    I woke up last night, shortly after falling asleep with the most painful feeling of burning pressure in my chest and throat. I've had pain from heartburn before, but this eclipsed those episodes by miles! The "rise and fall" feeling of this occurred rapidly, about 30 seconds to a minute or so apart....

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  • babs25 3

    Nuclear Stress Test

    I had a Nuclear Stress test last week for ongoing heart problems. I am bradycardic and the injection given to speed up my heart only managed to get to 73bpm and I had horrendous chest and left arm pain. My heart rate has been down to 38 in the last few weeks and I get dizzy, chest pain and palpitations...

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  • ruben5376 2

    Shortness of Breath and Heart palpitations.

    It started when I was on my way to school and suddenly my heart started racing and it was fluttering. While it was doing that I was feeling for a few moments like a punch in my chest that would take away my breath and I would have to grasp for air. It is hard to explain bit instead of my hear beating...

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