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Cardiovascular Disorders

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  • Frizzychris 1

    Do You Know of Anyone Suffering with Myocarditis?

    My story in short. While riding my bike at an extremely slow pace. I became short of breath, dizzy and experienced numbness in my arms. Went to the emergency room told them what an ecg that came back normal, my chest xray came back normal. But thanks to the wonderful doctor he said

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  • NosrednaM 2

    Turned out to not be anxiety

    I'll start from the beginning.  I'm at 28 year old female. I have had severe anxiety/panic disorder for the last 12 years or so, with it being the worst the last 4 years. I've been trying to "manage" my anxiety by drinking basically every night. It makes me feel better for just the moment, then I

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  • GYDA 3

    Chest pains

    Sorry to post this in here but i'm dying for answers, its driving me crazy. Basically about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with anxiety after weeks of chest pains and dizziness, i had 2 ECG's one at A&E and one at my doctors which both came back normal and then i had a stress ECG, which also came back

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  • Aliens05 2
  • emilia47047 3

    Pinching on left side of chest.

    Let me start by saying that I am 23 years old, 5'2 and weigh 100lbs. I am slightly underweight and really out of shape, I don't work out at all. I suffer from panic and anxiety and depression.  With that being said, I've been having this horrible pinching on the left side of my chest. It will be

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  • jodie77731 3
  • drake14 2

    Local doctors can't find diagnosis.

    Hello. I went to ER in early march for chest pains. They tried to say pericarditis or anxiety. Sent home with benzos. Needless to say I've been to ER 7 times since, a physician three times, psych ward once. Cardiologist once. They did blood test, EKG, CT scan. Supposedly normal. They refused stress

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  • howie1000 1

    Constantly worried about my hearts health...

    Hi, In May 2015 I had a couple of episode when my heart rate suddenly rocketed from resting to over 200bpm. On the second occasion I called the emergency services as I was terrified something wasn't okay but when on the phone my heart rate went back to normal. The opperator told me to go to A&E so

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  • megan63427 2

    Needing advice please

    I had chest pain yesterday that was sharp an lasted about 10 hasn't came today I have weakness an numbness in left arm .I'm 24 female.I have been through cardiac arrest .also I'm 6 months pregnant .my symptoms are stomach pain ,some blood in stool.I been told I'm to young for heart

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  • Onespeed 1

    having angiogram and worried

    I had a regular stress test done and they told me it was inconclusive so I had a Nuclear Stress test done ordered by a cardialogist. 5 days later my regular doctor called and said that the results indicated that I need to have an angogram done with possible stents. When I called the cardioligists

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  • Smiley47 2

    Surviving Heart Failure

    My name is Annie, but every one calls me Smiley. I have been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure that was triggered from battling a Septicema Infection (blood poisoning) in 2009. After leaening the cons of this illness. I took the next step in learning how to bring the pros of this illness

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  • Blank Purposely 2

    Very visible pulse in neck from clavical to jaw

    Hello, i have been having issues for the past year that have got progressively worse. They are more neurological in nature and I am currently having a raft of tests done under a consultant neurologist at my local hospital. The symptoms involve a lot of random muscle twitching over my entire body,

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  • lilly55291 2

    Slow, pounding heart rate upon standing

    For the past few weeks, I've been getting this very slow, forceful/pounding heart rate every time I stand up or while I'm standing. It pounds so hard that it makes my chest hurt a little, I can feel it pounding on the roof of my mouth and especially in my head. It creates a great amount of pressure

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  • Nathanda 1
  • laura62283 2

    Bicuspid valve and aortic stenosis age 32

    I am under a consultant for my heart problems, I was diagnosed with heart failure and bicuspid valve and aortic stenosis and regurgitation last year , am due to go back end of this month after my MRI scan an 2nd echo scan , my symptoms seem to be getting worse I had to pull over the other day as I

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  • ati372 1
  • rohit19405 2

    Little exertion high heart beat ??!!

    Hi everyone I have been facing some issues lately to be frank I have anxiety issues that is generalized anxiety about my health specially heart every small thing I have a thumping heartbeat .. yesterday I took a run for. Only small distance I don't know what happened but my heart was thumping

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  • mila17 1


    Hello everyone,  I hope all of you is doing well and recovering from this horrible ilness.  My mother is was diagnosed with myocarditis following few days of flu like symptoms(extreme fatigue, sweats,unusual cough, high temperature). On 17th of March 2017 she was taken to the hospital with

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  • Majesty01 1

    Pinching pain in the chest

    I ve been having this pinching pain in my chest, ve been to the hospital, the doctor got tested with both ECG and chest x-ray. D result is fine, I ve history of ulcer, am battling with ulcer. This pain mostly start if I ve less than 6 hours sleep at night. I don't know what is really wrong. Can

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  • cooledwhip 1

    Do I have Supraventricular tachycardia?? I've been to DOCTOR

    I have been a healthy person for all my life but just recently I have had some issues with my heart and I believe I have SVT. I will try to keep this brief and not waste time by going into so much detail, so here goes. I've been healthy all my life. Currently I am 17 years old male. I have had an

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  • wendy42884 2

    Chest pain

    Been having chest pains for like 2 weeks now on and off been to the hospital 6 times already had ekgs xrays bloob work all comes back normal but pains hasnt gone any where. I am a 28 year old femal in gd health other then this pain i do smoke cigs no drugs dont drink yhe hospital just sends me home

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  • wendy42884 2

    Heart problems or not

    Chest pain for 2 weeks now been to hospital 6 times already had ekg xrays bloob work all comes back fine any ideas going crazy please help

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  • george46caravan 2
  • george46caravan 2

    Am I going to have a stroke or heart attack from cocaine?

    Hi. Please, you don't have to tell me how stupid I have been, I already know now. I was very naive and didn't know a lot about cocaine. On Sunday night I was out drinking with mates and we decided to go back to one of their houses for a party. They all bought cocaine, and I did too not realising

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  • gary5579 2

    Emotional aftereffects of Open Heart Surgery?

    Hello all.  A little over 5 years ago I had triple bypass surgery.  At that time I was working at a local hospital and when I went back to work following the surgery I was talking to a nurse who asked me if I felt depressed.  Surprisingly enough she was right, I did feel depressed, and she

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  • mary82804 2

    Heart issue

    Husband had a heart attack 2 years ago. Has 1 stent. Before heart attack was walking up to 10 mikes a day. Now he is tired all the time, can only walk a few holes of golf before he gets dizzy. Has done blood tests, stress tests and even had his stent checked but still has an issue. His heart rate

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  • karen21607 2

    Constant palpitations

    I'm a 50 year old female. I've had palpitations for over 20 years. I was on antenalol for several years but came off it about 4 months ago as my palpitations had eased. 2 wks ago they came back worse than ever! Constant big thumps. Worse in the evening when I am sat relaxing. Im now taking

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  • kenzo94 1

    1 year oh chest discomfort, but only when laying down

    A bit of background. 23 years old, 230lbs, 6 1. Canaa For the last year, i havent been able to sleep on my back,  i get an intense presure feeling in the middle of my chest, and my throat gets really tight. Feels like im suffocating, but if i take really deep breathes its fine. I have had a couple ecgs,...

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  • Keira8488 2
  • Noni T.1 2

    Cardiac, or pulmonary problem?

    Hello everyone I am female, 19 years & 10 months old, not married I used to have high blood pressure months a year, but i didn't go to my doctor once I knew Anyway, when I visited my primary care physician, he ordered a medication for two months and then discontinue, and ordered

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  • brenwag68 3


    Hi, I have been diagnosed with having arrhythmia. I am taking metoprolol three times a day, but it is not working.. I suffer with extreme heart palpitations, chest pain & problems breathing (I have a hole in my heart, although not severe) I also have autoimmune diseases (sjogrens, for one) my

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  • dpatl58 2

    Heart rate monitors for cardiac patients

    I have afib that is under control via beta blocker, ace inhibitor & blood thinner.  When I use a heart rate monitor while exercising, I get inconsistent readings that I cannot take seriously.  What heart rate monitors have others used that give believable readings? 

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  • alastaire63529 2

    SVT and palpitations after eating.

    Hi I'm 31 male and suffered with SVT for a few years, when I drink alcahol I get really bad palpitations the next day, especially after eating, I have acid reflux as well but is it the aclahol or acid reflux that causes this, does anyone else get this? I just need reassurance as it worries me abit

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  • Lydia1960 2


    Had a calcium score test and had a score of 16, above average for my age, 56, and sex, female. With slight furring of the arteries and now taking aspirin, 75mg, daily. just want to know what that calcium score means with regard to the internal damage in my body and what it implies for the future.

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  • rose63684 2

    ectopic heartbeats are driving me mad!

    Hi Can anyone suggest a remedy for stopping my ectopic beats?   They started about 6 months ago, probably due to prolonged anxiety.   I've had 2 ecgs, an eco test and a 24 hour monitor.  My doctor has said everything looks normal but it feels far from that once the ectopic beats take hold. I seem

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