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Just found this site didnt know other people like me.

Ive nine prolapse disks seen three consultants cant op

too many. I feel like a prisoner in my own body.

Was a dog groomer for 15 years guess that what gave me them.

Havent worked for three years fed up. :?

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    hi shibainu,

    :shock: 9!!!!!! prolapsed!!!!! disc's!!!!!! how on earth are you copeing???

    you must be in agonising pain, i do feel for you :cheerup:

    not quite sure what else to say, i'm shocked and feel a bit silly moaning about my two!!!

    i think consultants operate due to the pain and also i think if left some can interfere with the spinal cord and nerves, if they not already!

    have you got any other probs with you limbs??

    i can't even lift a cup of coffee somedays!!

    i think maybe you should get a second oppinion, i know you seen 3 consultants already but they surely can't leave you like that!!!

    are you having any treatment at all??

    what meds you on??

    if you tell us more about you symptoms, we (on the site) can give you some advice, on how to cope bit better or ideas on how to relieve some, we not doc's just peps with same probs, :ok:

    take care, and let us know,

    :rose: mandy :rose:

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    Hi AKA paul thanku for replying can u believe it nine.

    spondylosis of cervical and lower lumber spine.

    disc prolapse at T11-12 spine levels with minor cord displacement

    multiple small disc prolapses at the lumber disc spaces.

    I'm on amitriptyline med strength was on high dose made me high as

    a kite.I go for a lie down in afternoon to manage my pain.

    I shouldnt have to do that at my age only 50.

    Another journey to hospital on mon for check up.

    With what ive got i got turned down for DLA. :blue:

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    Hi Shibainu,

    You sound in a really bad way. If surgery isn't the answer, can they at least give you some phsyio or something? Don't give up. I think though that you will have quite a struggle on your hands to get proper help. It would be quite a fight even if you were fit and well, but when you're sick and in pain then the mountain can seem impossible to climb. I know.

    I think that for most people here the biggest problem in trying to get help is not knowing our way around the NHS. Not only what they can and can't do, but also what they are supposed to do. Unfortunately, they are far from transparent. I liken it to fighting blindfold with your hands tied behind your back.

    For me, I have spent literally hundreds of hours trawling through the internet in the quest to understand my condition. It has really helped.

    I wish I had an easy answer for you. Incidentally I have a giant breed dog who weights 10 stone and I have sometimes wondered if lugging him around has been a part of my problem.

    Best wishes


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    hi paul

    wow when you get it you get it bad eh!!!!, i to have cervical disc prolapses with significant compression and displacement at c5-6 and another prolapse at c6-7, and guess what i to was turned down for dla???? it does make you think. im on amytrilptalyne at night med strengh but my gp doesnt want me taking them in day on top off the other pain meds, but has referd me now for a collar for the night as the amatriptalyne is not working as well been up for 2 nights now and am apsolutly shattered.are the neuro s going to do anything surgicly or suggesting another form of treatment? i do wonder if i will make a full recovery after waiting over two years now for my surgery, i do hope so. i wish you well and we,r always here if you need to chat. gail

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    hi paul,

    yeh i think its unfair to happen so young, i too have cs, and lower too with a disc bulge (not sure what that means lol) at L4/L5, so i can imagine a little of how you feel, i'm due to go to kings for an op on my neck! don't know if they will in time try and sort out me lower back, have too wait and see :shock:

    i too got turned down for dla, but i kept fighting, i asked them to look at it again twice!! :steam: i first applied in jan and finally got it in oct!!! i think they need to know more how the condition effects your day to day living and getting around, so don't give up :ok: i know thats easier said than done, cos i felt like giving up plenty of times,

    hope you get on ok monday at hospital :cheers:

    take care,

    :rose: mandy :rose:

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    Hi all not so good today disc has come out can't get it to go

    back in. I was going to have epidural in spine beginning of year

    didn't go heard bad reports about it however i did have nerve root

    injection last year did'nt help one bit.

    I find standing in hot shower long time does ease it.

    I used to be so active working with dogs until i got this trouble with

    spine.Let you know what happends on monday. smile


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    hi paul

    thats the bad thing with prolapse discs the pain that just wont go away, think we all have to find what pain relief is best for us as individuals, as everyone is different with different pain thresh-holds, maybe they can offer some advise on mon, do you have a wheatbag as sometimes that helps when been put in the freezer for an hour or two as this helps to reduce the inflammation, and warmed in the micro for the benefit of the heat for pain. gail

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    Hi all just to say a friend bought me a plaque once with words on.

    I have it on the wall i look at it everyday [never,never,never give up]

    Paul :dog:

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    hi paul you sure about that tip??? we,r dealing with the nhs now :nurse: i,m just about all out of fight. :sleepy: ive resigned myself to the fact i have to wait, (its not like ive not been for the last 2 yrs) and hope that one day ill get my surgery and hopfully back to living a \"normal\" life. gail
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    Hi Paul,

    God how have you coped 9 Prolapsed Discs I totally feel for you, I had 1 (L5/S1) and that's bad enough.

    I had my Op in Jan this year it never worked, I've had 2 Sacral Epidural Injections and a Nerve Root Block these also never worked. So 11 months on and I'm still not back at work and in pain every day and waiting to go for another Op (PLIF). I haven't worked at all this year, I don't know how they think we are to carry on for so long without it getting to us. I'm taking Tramadol, Indometacin, Fluoxetine, Amitripyline and Morphine Patches.

    They must be able to do something to ease your pain if they only knew what the pain felt like.

    Take care and keep your chin up.


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    Hi all went hospital im going to give epidural a try what

    can i expect. Its funny how one tells you one thing

    another tells you another im confussed more than ever.

    PAUL :?

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