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I've been signed off work for 2 months I had a massive flare up, undiagnosed not knowing what was wrong, then put on amitriptyline which did not agree with me one bit. Made me crazy and emphasised all my symptoms and aches for weeks. Anyway, I've been on new meds so been trying to adjust along with meetings about being off and being called by my manager literally every week I've been stressing out, which doesn't help. Along with my desk at work causing pain I've tried to return to work a couple of times. Due to the pain my desk leaves me in it brought on another flare up of only one day sitting at I had to go off on the sick again. Asking them if every time I try and meet the business needs and try and come to work, if I can't manage at my old desk does this count as another instance of absence against me?! Apparently so...

Work got me an OH desk assessment and they took one look at me and said I was at the wrong sized desk. I needed an electronic raised desk so I can move about rather than sitting in the same position. This was the conclusion of the assessment on Monday just past. I received my letter of dismissal on Wednesday. The business hadn't put in any of the adjustments for me to return to work before sacking me. I do have previous absence and I feel like they've just got me out the door based on my previous absence and due to the length of time I've been off and haven't given me the adjustments for my disability to return to work.

They said I've got 5 weeks notice and they'll compensate me 25%. I've been there 18 months be lucky if I get £700! I have been diagnosed with fibro since 26th September. I have tried to get back into work as I need my job. At reduced hours I thought I could actually make it work and was counting on the desk to be changed.

Basically, I'm stressing out it's 27 days til Xmas. I'm going to appeal but I don't know where I stand with it all?! I know nothing about it having to get your head around everything I'll be honest it's knocked me for six. Best of it is I work for the government! So sack me and I'll have to claim more benefits. Makes sense!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated... Thanksfir reading. .x.

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    The stress you are under is also causing you to flare. It's a vicious cycle that we go through with this illness. Right now you have to focus on your health. As strange as it sounds, losing my job saved me. The stress I was under to work crazy hours and perform tasks that my body couldn't handle was making me worse. It took a few weeks after to start feeling better. But as unemployment was running out I stressed over Financials and flared up again. I know that I can't return to my career and have to find a new one. Hate starting over but I have to do what's best for my body and not my wallet. My savings are now depleted and find myself almost in a mid life crisis. Trying to stay strong. You need to do the same.

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      Thank you for your reply! Bless you! You're right though! Maybe some time to myself to get better is what I need! Stay strong! I hope you're getting everything you're entitled to.

      Take care xx

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      Thank you!

      Use this time to figure out what your body can and can't do now. It's hard to come to terms that you are no longer who you used to be. Our brains tell us things need to get done but our bodies don't allow us to. When you learn your limits and how to cope, then you can start charting a new course. Don't despair as we are here for you! Hope you get well soon and things work out for you. Remember when God closes a door he opens a window.

      Keep me posted on your progress!

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    Warm hug...take a deep breath...here, you are among people who understand and will support you. We have all gone through similar problems...I amso sorry that you have lost your job.

    In the USA we have the Americans With Disabilities Act which prohibits descrimmination against the disabled and gives us certain rights....like a reasonable accommodation.

    Perhaps a less costly solution would be to elevate your desk on wooden blocks...how much height difference do you need.

    As a disabled person, I come to my own conclusions as to what I need to make a situation work...and I try to bring my own solution witb me. This allows others to choose to help me. Whenever we back someone into a corner and make demands of them, they wilm fight back.

    It is easier to catch flies with honey than it is to chase them with a fly swatter.

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    Hi Meh;  my suggestions relies   on which country you live in?  You mentioned that you worked for the a Government Agency: does this mean that you may have a "Permanent Disability Protection Policy" with your superannuation, from your company/government? Here in Australia, there is a policy in our Super that gives us this Income/Illness protection. Is this the case for you?  If so, then read, and look into this answer to your finances???

    ?I, too, had to retire from my career due to the inability to do my work that I was trained for.  I then moved onto something simpler (workded as a check-out chick, which was a LOT different to my nursing career), and was able to manage abut 20 hrs per week.  This, though,ended too, when I developed a Tendonites in L) arm, hence had to resign from there, as well.

    ?I then proceeded to do a Diploma in Counselling, thinking I could work from home, in my own time/hours.  Alas, this didn't go far, as I found I was "taking on other people's problems, so only do voluntary work, now, when I can.

    ?I really feel that whatever Country you live in, it maybe time to talk to a Social Worker who will give you Many Options: some related to income, and others to what kind of work you maybe able to do, if you have not accepted that you are not ready to "retire" (which is one of the stages that we all have to go through).

    ?As to Pain Relief, it also is a case of Trial and Error for what works for you.  It is a shame that Amitriptylline didn't work for you (what doseage did you start on?)

    ?I use this, and others: such as Gabapentin 400mgms daily (and can iincrease if having a really bad day, as we do.  Others have trialed Cymbalta, Lyrica, (but these did nothing for me).  I also rely on Valium for Muscle spasms and tenseness, and have a long-term opioid (this I also know  does not agree with some).  Another anti-depressant tha helps when we are feeling down, and helps me in these situations, is Zoloft. I don't take it every day, just on really down days.

    ?Physio, and Remedial massages really help us too.

    ?I AM HOPING that you have been referred to a Rhuematologist who Understands Fibro, and it is this specialist who should be the one advising you on suitable treatments???

    Hoping that this answers some of your queries, but if you would like some of the other aids/ideas that I have found that have worked for me, please don't hesitate to Private Message me. (I have been this way for over 16+ years, and have trialed many things to help myself).                                             Hugs and thoughts ,  Bron

    ?Hoping that some this maybe of use to you, in helping to move forward?

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      Hi Bron

      Thanks so much for your reply and advise. I really appreciate it! I live in the UK and I work for HMRC.

      The doctor said there was no point in referring me to a Rheumatologist as there isn't a test they can do and she diagnosed me there and then. Over the next 3/4 visits about my amitriptyline I mentioned gabapentin and a referral to the pain clinic, as a friend with the condition suggested to me, the student doctor left me in the room for half an hour while he went to ask someone else then came back and told me that I didn't need referred as fibromyalgia wasn't considered a condition the pain clinic deal with. Which now I know is a load of poop! I'm going to attend hysrotherapy hot pool therapy as I'm fortunate enough to have one in my city! They do light physio in the pool.

      I'm going to speak to disability and welfare rights this week as I need to appeal my works decision.

      The amitriptyline was 10mg then 20mg then 30mg then I had to come off them. I chucked my partner out every weekend I was on them. I laugh now but at the time they sent me completely off my head! Over reacting, over thinking, and anger I just couldnt control! I feel so much better I'm off them and haven't behaved that irratically since!

      Maybe if I had been referred quicker I'd of had my condition under control and been back at work.. ill state that in my appeal.

      Just a waiting game now to see what happens really and get back on st the docs for referrals! It's a very lengthy process!

      I do hope you're well! Thank you I shall take you up on that! Take care for now xxx

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