Dispel urban myths - You are not reinfecting yourselves!

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100mg of Mebendazole is RARELY strong enough to get rid of the worms throughout the entire body in a single dose - despite what it says on the box!

You can get a stronger drug from your doctor (prescription only) called Albendazole - it's actually one of the ingredients in many animal worming tablets and Mebendazole is derived from it (so it works in a similar way - starving the little critters of glucose) - and the sad thing is your doctor probably hasn't even heard of it! - he keeps giving out the same old 100mg of Mebendazole (in the form of Ovex for example) which is simply just not strong enough to kill all the live worms in a single dose.

I have been reading lots of academic journals on threadworms to try and get through to the truth about them and get past all the urban myths! and I can tell you now THERE ARE NO KNOWN INCIDENTS OF THREADWORMS BECOMING RESISTANT TO MEBENDAZOLE! It's just that in laboratory testing 100mg Mebendazole works... and in practical trials it SEEMED to work because the worms went.

Maybe over time with good hygiene the numbers of worms can be whittled down and eradicated... but the problem is they often migrate...

Let me tell you my own experience... A couple of months ago I had a very bad infestation ...I had them up my nose, in my ears (I found them dead on the end of cotton buds), lungs (I coughed a live one up whilst running), and even experienced a very painful one in my eye at night (which laid eggs which I had to remove the next morning) - places really that I never knew they could go. I took Mebendazole instantly, and then again 14 days later, I blitzed my home as advised, washed bed sheets, damp dusted and cleaned everything on the first day of medication. All my symptoms went. Just over a week ago however, I felt I had them back again... slight itching around the anus and a wriggling sensation on and off at night. I bought a family pack of Ovex (4 x tablets of 100mg Mebendazole) I took one tablet, but on the 3rd night I was still getting wriggling sensations and the sticky substance around that area in the morning, eventually on the 4th night I got no more symptoms. On the 7th day I got a wriggling sensation right at the top of my nose, and my tummy didn't feel good either so I took another dose of Mebendazole, later that afternoon I sneezed out an adult dead female worm! (recognizable as longer than the males). Mebendazole is supposed to act all over the body yet this was an adult worm - if the Mebendazole had worked properly 7 days ago surely this would have come out long ago. Threadworms are very delicate and decompose very quickly, this worm had not decomposed and was very much still in tact; implying it had died recently - most likely within hours. This confirmed to me that the single dose of Mebendazole I'd had 7 nights before just hadn't been strong enough to kill this one.

I then read somewhere on this forum that one guy suggested taking 2x Mebendazole tablets every day for 3 days - and even suggested taking dog worming tablets as they were alot stronger. I now go along with this advice! I'm on my second day of taking 2x daily Mebendazole tablets (so have just taken my 4th ) and I have found I am getting streams of dead worms coming out; some I'm 'hocking up' from the lungs (Just FYI worms in the lungs is a very common but often unnoticed symptom after egg inhalation - the worms after hatching, climb to the top of the lungs and enter the throat to restart the cycle), others are coming out from my nose with mucus and yet since that 3rd day I've had no symptoms of worms 'down below'. In fact without taking the medication and seeing these dead worms, I'd have no idea I had them at all! Many of the websites say that people can have them without symptoms - How many people must have them who don't know they have them I dread to think!

I read an article published in a journal called GUT by a G.C.Cook, it was published in 1994 so might be considered old now... but it still contains some invaluable information.


This should interest and hopefully calm the people frantically going round cleaning everywhere thinking they are reinfecting themselves...

He says that the eggs prefer a moist and cool (body temperature) environment; if the environment is warm and dry, most of the eggs will become infertile in 1-2 days: \"In warm dry conditions infectivity declines after 1-2 days\" (p1159). He also states \"Household detergents exert little impact on the viability of eggs; cleaning a bathroom using a damp cloth moistened with an anti-bacterial agent or bleach merely spreads viable eggs. Simple laundering of clothes and linen disinfects them; shaking disseminates infective eggs\" (p1161) - So using cleaning fluids won't penetrate the eggs but will just move them around but the good news is that just the movement of the washing machine will deactivate the eggs in your laundry.

If vibrations alone can 'disseminate infective eggs' then that dispels the idea that fruit could have infective eggs on it (as suggested might be the case somewhere on this forum) ..to be quite honest the idea that we could catch worms from any other human exchange is a very scary thought! - we would have to wash our post, our cash, credit cards, and tins and packets on the shelves at your local supermarket constantly... and it's just not true we can catch worms easily that way.

In my opinion you should just do a thorough clean on the first day of medication (or as soon as you realize you have an infestation) and then let things settle - don't clean anything more until after two weeks. Leave the eggs to become infertile over time (the max amount of which is 2 weeks as we keep being told by the websites - but according to this article - 2 days is more probable).

So long as you are following the advice of wearing the tight underwear at night, washing 'down there' in the morning and washing your hands and and nails (especially if you're scratching) thoroughly afterwards and before meals, then there is an extremely low chance of reinfection. The only danger left then is 'autoinfection' within the body.

The advice on most packets of Mebendazole state to take first a tablet, then another, 14 days later... but I'm not convinced...

Cook states that if the environment is right, the eggs will hatch and become worms within 6 hours. This is particularly pertinent for those eggs within the body as they will be in the most ideal environment. I also read on the NHS site:


that \"After two weeks, the worms reach adult size and begin to reproduce, starting the cycle again.\" - so remind me again? ....why are we waiting 14 days before taking the next tablet??

If reinfection is as unlikely as it seems, then the horrible reality is that the medicine G.Ps are giving out are realistically not effective enough to get rid of all the worms in a single dose. The answer is to either take a stronger medicine (like Albendazole) with the doctor's consent, or take matters into your own hands with more frequent-than-recommended doses of Mebendazole (or take Animal worming tablets - not investigated this yet! ...but might make myself a human guinea pig soon!)

Think about it - if Mebendazole is ok for children of the age of 2, it makes sense that adults with much stronger digestive constitutions (and bigger and longer large intestines) should need something stronger. It would seem to me that recurring incidents of worms are to do with autoinfection within the body rather than reinfection from outside the body. The Mebendazole in its present recommended dosage is just not strong enough to do the job. Mebendazole may be safe - but in my opinion it's too safe for the worms aswell...

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    My GP prescribed 4 Mebendazole tablets to be taken on successive days. So far, so good. I can but hope.

    However, we also managed to buy a pretty expensive, old-fashioned, bag-type, German vacuum cleaner, which seems very high-powered and brilliantly effective.

    It's called a SEBO Automatic 4 Extra, and if we're ever to get rid of ambient eggs, this thing seems likely to play a major role.

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    I would like to know if you have taken albendazole ??? does it work as I am still desperate and am still searching for a solution.


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    Hi An_Acupuncturist,

    Fascinated by your thoughtful post. So all this happened to you over a year ago? Did you win the war against threadworm in the end? I have just discovered that our family of five has this - after an outbreak at my son's school. Can you let us know what happened after you upped your dose of Ovex? Many thanks

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    I'm thinking of trying the dog dewormers but wondered which type and what dose and if they have any side effects? Every time I think I'm shot of these things the twitchy bum sensation and a bit if itching returns, along with nausea, bladder irritation and loose stools. Mebendazole is the only remedy that does anything, but it only seems to kill a few off a few days after taking it and within a week or two the symptoms are back. Still never seen a live one on me or in the toilet. Started to wonder if I was making it up but felt markedly better after 1.5 dose of Meb. So it must be threadworms
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      Soulreaver, those symptoms could be due to something other than worms, and the relief you feel after de-worming could very well be due to the placebo effect.

      While I do feel that if the OP did have worms to the extent described then it's no wonder he has not been cured by the normal dosages (at recommended dosages, only worms in the digestive system are killed, I believe); however I don't think it's wise for other's to emulate his choice of treatment, especially if they are certain they are similarly afflicted.

      If a doctor or surgeon believes you have worms outside of your guts then they will not have you take the usual strenght of de-worming medication because it will not be effective.

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      I have them in my nose ears and eyes but the GP refuses to believe me!! It's  soooo frustrating!! But I have finally videoed 1 moving around and it came from my ear. I will be showing the doctor on wed. I have taken loads of ovex and it's done nothing,
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    Well I have had two disappointing non-productive gp consultations about my inability to gain back weight I lost since the threadworms came into my life (still have no concrete proof that I have had them or still have them though). The latest comment was 'you just have a high metabolism. Think yourself lucky'. Helpful! She ignored my comments about itchy bum, urinary tract irritation, nausea, acid reflux and diarrhea which seem to reduce after taking Ovex but then come back a week or two later. It's so frustrating! Still don't truly know if it's worms or not. Thyroid tests are always normal. Everything's 'normal' except it isn't!
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      I've heard that these things don't trigger diarrhoea as it suppresses your immune system. If this is correct, I think it might not be worms you have.
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      worms definitely cause diarrhoea. I been trying to get rid of them with mebenzadol for the past month. I can see them in my poo. they have caused severe stomach pain, gas, bloating, nausea, diarrhoea and heart burn. Same issue as everyone on here, take the medication they go away for around a week then come right back.

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    Does anyone know a good source for Alblendazole?  I checked with my pharmacist and he says they are something like $300 a pill and my insurance doesn't cover them.  My insurance also doesn't cover Mebendazole. They are around $4 a pill but haven't been very effective.
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      I seen them on Amazon cheap but I would be weary buying medication from Amazon.

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    Folks, the problem is that if this is strongyloides then there is a possibility for autoinfection to take place by eggs laid inside your body;


    the diagram shows the route for autoinfection on the bottom right.

    I have now decided to combine ivermectin 200 micrograms / kg with mebendazole (i'd like to get albendazole but difficult in the UK).

    one study I saw says that in the case of this autoinfection situation you need two mebendazole per day for 28 days as 1 x course with something liken 73% successful irradication iirc.

    The study tested for as many as four courses with 100% irradication after the fourth course and something like 97% after three ( I am going by memory).

    The study also mentioned thiamendazole, which was withdrawn years ago because it can cause liver damage even with just one dose.  

    My strategy will be a full ivermectin does, then two days of nothing as the ivermectin serum level drops, then two or perhaps 3 days of 2 x mebendazole, repeated for 28 days.  that will be one course.

    I haven't decided yet if I am going to plum for more than one course - but my feeling is that it's war, and I want to use nuclear armaments on them.

    The first two doses I took of ivermectin (1 week apart) caused me to have fevers and persperation at night, this is due to die of and toxic products from the invaders.

    The next dose barely did anything.  But the problem was when the serum level dropped, they used that as a window of opportunity.  The trick is to not give them an opportunity.

    all the best.

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      What is ivermectin? Is that gp prescription? My doctor (UK) has only one drug on his list available which is the mebendazole. I take this, maybe once a month. Initially great, the nausea goes, the acid reflux goes, the diarrhea is better but not completely gone. Gradually it all gets worse and I start to feel ill like there's something really not right. There are other things going on with my health but I think the threadworms are still lurking somehow inside of me. My daughter has not been reinfected so I think it is something happening inside my body. So frustrating. If the mebendazole didn't keep improving it I would give up and conclude that it's not threadworms but there is always an improvement for a few weeks and feeling a lot better in myself.
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      Can you tell strongyloides from common threadworm by appearance. How can I tell which I have?
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      i was  battleing  this for three years on ovex does not work i try taking it for two weeks evary two days still didnt work got some pin x from amozon it worked i got a bottle of papaya extract and drank that with it i was free for five years  i still kept up a harsh ocd washing regime never ate whithout wash my hands but the other day woke up in the middle of the night i  new wat it was straightaway these things are now evary were no big deal would love to no how much the company that owns  ovex make for there useless meds  .see they have removed all other meds from amozon so i try the dog brand allways never been worried about things like that better than worms it gave me mild upset but seems to have worked papaya seem good choice.ive try all the herbal renedy not  a chance didnt touch it if you have a infection tell your doctor and try to get something stronger i have industrial gas tumble dry in my house and live in a very clean and swanky big house and have spent thousands on meds try to cure this dont matter how hard you clean i recon stonger meds or give papaya ago is the only way to get rid of this problem it can hit any body and the drug company are rake it in thats why you cant get the stronger meds in uk 


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      High the worms peeps are get in there nose and eyes are hook worms vary closely related but thread worms don't go in to you eyes nose or ears just your gut

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