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  • me 1

    please help!!

    i have had thredworms for a few months now and i dont know what to do! i really cant tell my parents! so i need a way i can get rid of them at home, ill try just about anything, i think i have it really bad, somthimes theres heaps like 20-30 at one time i dont know what to do, please some one help!

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  • potatotate 1

    Tell me what your symptoms are

    I'm interested in firsthand experiances of what threadworms/pinworms feel like. For the last week or two, i started to notice a slight tingling itch, but just barely around my anus. From biology class i know this is the main symptom of pinworms/threadworms. I immediately freaked out and read

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  • Guest M

    Advice needed....bad infestation!

    Hi. So glad I found this site! I responed to another thread (how much do I not want to hear that word!) but thought I'd start a fresh one to describe my situation (hell!) and seek advice I teach so I tend to blame the kids for the infections. I've had threadworms twice in 4 years despite being

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  • An_Acupuncturist 2


    This information came from my very knowledgeable and helpful G.P He said, if you catch threadworms you NEVER get rid of all you can do is bring the population down through good hygiene habits such as the ones discussed on this forum and numerous websites; wear tight underwear at bedtime,

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  • OneFamily 1

    Long term threadworms - I think I have found a solution

    6 months ago I suddenly realised that my children and I were infested with threadworms and had been for at least a year prior to that. It has caused me intermittent, unexplained diarrhoea attacks and obviously itchiness. I had put the latter down to thrush as I obviously had them in my vagina. I

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  • Desperate25 1

    Need serious help

    Hi everyone, i have been fighting against depression, anxiety these past everything was going smoothly, i managed to continue my studies in a good univeristy, to get a job, but since three months ago i had this problem everything started with intense itch at nights nothing to worry about

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  • ben29227 1

    What worm is this?

    Hi, been having stomach ache for a week now, I passed yellowish eggs few days ago then what looks like a worm, it's my profile photo as I don't know how to upload it to this thread! been feeling very tired also! Thanks

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  • Anna196444 2

    Returning threadworms for years....

    HI, I've had treadworms for almost 5 years now! Ive been eating loads of Opex and Mebendazole. I tried the pumpkin seeds and eaten garlic every day for 've also gone up to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases In London to see a specialist for the last 8 their treatment has not

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  • lilstar4 1

    Threadworm - mostly during my period

    I am so embarrased about this issue.  Basically since I have been about 13 I have had worms.  I have had treatment for this so many times.  I am in my early twenties now.  They come when I am on my period.  Does this mean they have gone into my uterus?   I mean I am very clean to the point I am

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  • kate31384 2

    cured of threadworms after two years

    My daughter contracted threadworms and then passed them on to me. after two years of a living nightmare i was at my wits end thouroghly depressed ,borderline pyschotic!!. We had at least twenty five doses of mebondazole, spent two hundred pounds on an anti parasite course along with the usual

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  • MMC2000 2
  • Emmybird2 1
  • Guest M

    How long after taking Ovex should threadworms dissapear?

    Having not had threadworms since I was young I was surprised to find that I got them around my 21st birthday (6th Apr). After 2 weeks they seemed to just go away after all the hygiene routines and without medication. Phew! However, just this week my girlfriend complained about having them and I

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  • patricia69480 2

    Threadworm Sufferer

    In the spring of 2013 I decided to try walking barefoot in my yard. It is called Earthing on some health sites. After a few months I felt wiggling in my bottom. I knew right away what it was because my 3 children had pinworms as youngsters. Decided to just try eating garlic to get rid of them. In

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  • Terrorball20 1

    Bad infestation :( please help

    Right we're do I start with this I've had worms since last September which is almost 7 months The worms are white and small I've take ovex about 10-15 times in the past 6 months I've taken pripsen about 4 times Nither have worked My nose has been itching and realy bad inching

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  • kymberly60651 1


    My partner and i are in a temporary housing situation at the moment. Earlier today i noticed what looks like a pinworm in my stool. I have made a doctors appointment to confirm but everything i have read says to immediately wash everything. My problem is that with our accommodation all our bedding

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  • nancy55633 2
  • Antiworm 2

    Finally beat Threadworm, here's how I did it.

    Firstly I want to say that I am not a medical doctor and so medical advice should be taken before taking any medication listed below. I started having the itchy bottom symptoms around September 2011 and booked in an appointment with my doctor. The doctor said it was nothing serious and told me to

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  • Guest M

    Years of misery!

    I have suffered from persistent bouts of threadworms since my early 20's - I'm in my 40's now and until I found this site - I really did think I was the only one. It isnt the type of thing you discuss openly - you pluck up the courage to visit the GP once in your life-time, but find him looking at

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  • An_Acupuncturist 2

    Dispel urban myths - You are not reinfecting yourselves!

    100mg of Mebendazole is RARELY strong enough to get rid of the worms throughout the entire body in a single dose - despite what it says on the box! You can get a stronger drug from your doctor (prescription only) called Albendazole - it's actually one of the ingredients in many animal worming

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  • wormsew 1

    Do I have threadworms or something else? Help!

    So at the start of 2016, I went to the loo and found some white strings in my stool, I googled and found out I had threadworms. Two doses of Ovex and I was all clear after 2 weeks, no symptoms at all. Doctor told me I'd contracted it from biting my nails as I'm a chronic nail biter so I said I'd

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  • help1 1

    Threadworm/Pinworm Hell

    Greetings everyone. Sorry for the big post. I’m a 22 year old female who has been afflicted for about two months now. I work where the only access to a toilet is a public toilet which is rarely cleaned often or well. Never having had threadworms prior to my job, I had to assume that that’s where I

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  • ITworker 2

    Threadworm - reinfestation by migration back inside

    I read in the main article on this site the following: "Eggs must be swallowed and exposed to digestive juices in the upper intestinal tract. Infection or re-infection can occur by directly swallowing, or by inhaling and then swallowing, the eggs. Occasionally, infection may occur when the eggs

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  • Guest M

    Persistent threadworms

    I am posting this in desperation as I am a 59 year old woman and have tries everything!!! to get rid of threadworms- to no avail!!! I have had a colonic irrigation session, tried pripsen and ovex, have applied seroius hygiene- cutting my nails, changed the bed every nght for a fortnight, change

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  • julie51084 2

    I've cured myself of pinworms

    Cured! This worked. I’m convinced that the #1 below is what worked the most.  1. Put some hydrogen peroxide on a paper towel (leave a roll in the bathroom). Every morning, before going to bathroom, wipe very well. Google search told me that hospitals only use bleach or hydrogen peroxide as

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  • julie51084 2


    Cured! This worked. I’m convinced that the #1 below is what worked the most.  1. Soak a paper towel with hydrogen peroxide. Every morning, before going to bathroom, wipe very well. Google search told me that hospitals only use bleach or hydrogen peroxide as antiseptics. Peroxide is powerful stuff

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  • johnboy176 1

    Threadworm advice? Not too sure what to do here.

    Okay so when I was very younger yes I had Threadworms. It took me about a week to muster up the courage to tell my mother about it and we got it sorted, over the counter medicine and all that. But recently I noticed that after wiping my bottom there was a threadworm in the residue of what was left

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  •  poppy 17140 1

    Help threadworms

    Hi I have had threadworms several times now and the last time I had them my mother threatened me that if I had them once more she would take me to the doctors and and that she will be really mad at me. I just found one worm and I have been having some of the symptoms and also I am really afraid

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  • angelis0212 1

    The dreaded threadworm

    So, I found out my family has this a few months back. Followed strict hygiene etc, took Vermox and everyone seems to be clear except me. My symptoms are odd though - mainly issues in the day with a sore bum and weird twitching - sometimes pins and needles. I've no idea if they are active so the dr

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  • ceri11959 2

    threadworm questions and answers

    Hi to all. Here is my stori About 6 months ago my daughter caught up threadworm from school, this is a not the issue however as she was treated and cleared within a fortnight. I on the other hand took the medication mebendazole several times eventually taking it every day for a week, but to no

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  • Stace4 1
  • ruby21369 2

    How to actually get rid of thread worms?

    Realised I had thread worms, went to see the doctor straight away, told my family, washed all bed linen 60 degrees, hoovered, steam cleaned, obsessively washing hands and body etc..   I take Mebendazole Ovex, follow a strict cleaning/hygiene regime, a week later I can still feel the itching, so I

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  • hanhoo90 2
  • sarah85510 2

    Vasaline, garlic and thread worms? HELP

    Hey, I found thread worms last night and was up all night with them, I had to go to work at 7am this morning so I'm very irritable. I've been looking after my brother's son for the past 2 weeks so I think maybe that's how I've got them. I heard that vasaline is a good solution, (applying it to your anus)...

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  • Guest M


    I had threadworms 12 years ago. I got them off a friend. One night she was wriggling in her seat and looked uncomfortable and adjusting her underwear and I thought it was strange. I asked if she was okay and she shrugged it off, too embarrassed I imagine. At that time I knew absolutely NOTHING

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