Finally beat Threadworm, here's how I did it.

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Firstly I want to say that I am not a medical doctor and so medical advice should be taken before taking any medication listed below.

I started having the itchy bottom symptoms around September 2011 and booked in an appointment with my doctor. The doctor said it was nothing serious and told me to take Anusol cream for the itch. There is no doubt that the Anusol cream did relieve the itching symptoms for a few hours but I was constantly waking up throughout the night with a horrible urge to itch. It got so bad that I was getting constant baths every few hours just to provide some sort of relief. I was very tired and irritable the next day in work and started feeling depressed and even started losing weight as my appetite had gone.

At the time I was single (30 year old man) with no kids and so thought threadworm would be unlikely the cause and perhaps it was piles. The itching just seemed to get worse and worse even during the day so I started researching the internet for hours and hours and decided it must be threadworms. I also confirmed the presence of threadworm by excreting into a large piece of tinfoil around the toilet seat and the small white thread like worms were visible although not in great numbers.

I took the Ovex (mebendazole) tablet and after 2 or 3 days the itching decreased and finally stopped. I was so thankful that this ordeal was over, then to my horror the symptoms started to appear again after about a week. I immediately took another Ovex and followed a very strict hygiene routine of changing my sheets every day and washing the bath / shower etc with bleach. All carpets were vacuumed and door handles wiped down.

Again I was given several days where the itching stopped but it wasn’t long before the dreading wriggling sensation returned as soon as I got into bed at nights and I was back to square one. I remember feeling so down, I had to cancel a date and just sat in the house depressed and looking up websites about threadworm for hours and hours. It finally got to the point where I was so depressed that I wondered if life was worth living any more. I read many posts online about people who have had this condition for 20+ years which didn’t help my situation.

I remember one night while sitting in the bath at about 2am having being woken up by the itch, I said to myself I am going to beat this problem once and for all. I decided to research herbal remedies and read pages of useful information on how to beat the worms once and for all. I must say that a lot of the useful tips came from this website which is why I have decided to post my experience here in the hope it helps others out.

Materials Needed

The first thing to do is order the following 3 products from Organic nutrition:

50ml Black Walnut Hull Extract (extra strength tincture)

120 Clove Capsules

120 Wormwood Capsules

Full instructions

Total cost = £36.75

1 x Dust Mask which can be bought in a DIY store

1 x Nail Brush

1 x packet of Ovex

1 x Packet of pumpkin seeds from a health store

1 x packet of odourless garlic capsules

4 x packets of chopped up pineapple chunks

Once all the materials and capsules have arrived, you need to do the follow:

Take 1 ovex tablet with water and while wearing the dusk mask you need to vacuum every inch of carpet especially in your bedroom. (The eggs can easily spread during this method so to prevent you from getting re-infected it is advised to wear a dust mask which covers your mouth and nose). After vacuuming, you need to change your bed sheets and wipe down all door handles, tap handles etc. Place the bed sheets and any towels in the wash at 90 degrees and iron once dry. This is the only way to be sure the eggs are killed.

The process must be repeated everyday for at least 10 days, I know it is a pain but believe me the end result is worth the hassle.

You should also start taking your Black Walnut, clove and wormwood capsules as per the instructions that come with them. Also try and eat a few handfuls of the pumpkin seeds throughout the day and take a portion of pineapple chunks daily. These are all well know anti-parasitic remedies that actually work. Follow this routine for 2 weeks.

Finally and very importantly, the eggs that may still be in your house can survive up to 2 weeks in normal conditions. If these are re-inhaled again then you are back to square one. I read in many forums that if the house is warmed up to 50 degrees then the eggs can only survive for 2 hours.

Every morning when I went to work, I left the heat on full blast for 9 hours at the highest temperature and opened the curtains in every room as the eggs are also sensitive to sunlight. Vacuumed every night with my dust mask on and tried not to eat fast foods but stuck to things like brown rice and vegetables.

I am happy to say that so far 2 months have past and the wriggling feeling has not returned and my life has got back to normal and I am now in a relationship again. I never found out how I originally got infected with threadworm but hopefully I have got rid of these horrible parasites once and for all.

I hope this helps some of you to rid these parasites and should you have any questions then please feel free to ask.

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    In my view, what it is that's gotten rid isn't all the incessant cleaning every day, I mean that can hardly be necessary. You should only need to do a mass clean once, after that it's the hygiene of your own body that has stopped them coming back. If you're washing regular, not scratching, cleaning nails, fresh pants all the time obviously, washing bed sheets every few days TOPS, should be all tha's required. Your's probably came back simply because the medication had missed just one worm who'd had time to mature enough to lay eggs. Also trying different meds instead of JUST Ovex would be an idea. I know it's still the same mebenza whatever it's called but still, one might work better than another u just never know. If it comes back take PRIPSEN. I can be pretty sure that continuously washing and hoovering everything every single day didn't contribute one bit to getting rid, though.
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      Did you ever find out what this product is?
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       First of all, do not clean incessantly during such an experience is probably impossible for some people like myself. Second, if you learned enough about that condition, you'll find that hundreds or more of these eggs can be laid or airborne dispersed at one time.  For the most part invisible to the naked eye however you feel like you're eating dirt. Water and it wet floors must be avoided at all costs also and never walk on the floor without shoes on the matter how many times you vacuum.  however, I was in denial because everyone else in my life was in denial so I am not healed yet so what do I know  besides the life altering allergic reaction I have incurred DERMAGRAPHISM. This can be incredibly painful and widespread full body on a day like today I have done two or three days now without sleep and I'm on fire without break for the most part. How can you tell someone in such chaos and repulsion towards life that they're cleaning too much in such circumstances. On the other hand a steam cleaner is it much cheaper routeand less toxic for sure. I use grown so much that I burned it out unfortunately and have lost my job and can't seem to keep my thoughts together to get or keep another job and I'm watching everything fell apart in front of me.

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    Yes I have a question for antiworm - are your threadworms still gone? I think they can go for a while and then come back again. They lure you into a false sense of security and then re-appear out of nowhere! I think there are just so many people infected with them in the world who don't even realise, that they are passing them onto others etc.... and hence the cycle continues.
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      Yes this has to be true. People with sensitive or injures nerves can't help but squirm while others joke insanely about such a topic.

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    Hi Carrie, As far as I know the threadworms are completely gone. Although anytime I feel a slight itch I automatically panic thinking they have returned. I had a bad itch for four days a few weeks ago and seriously wondered if they had returned but It has died down since thankfully and wasn't as bad as the wriggling sensation you get with threadworms. You may be correct about never being able to fully get rid of them, I just live in hope that they never return.
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    I know what you mean about panic. I have been getting these things since I was 4 and yet only now at the age of 36 have I got really depressed about it!! I think maybe because up til now I haven't really read up about them and realised how damn infectious they are. I can go 4 years without medication and then boom out of nowhere they come (even though I haven't seen one this time at all). Well thank God I'm feeling better, there's nothing worse than that horibble uncomfortable feeling of worms yuck!!! Just on time for my holiday as well lol... can you imagine being on holiday and thinking about these horrible things 24/7 can't think of anything worse. I will definitely be more careful about what I am eating from now on though, makes you paranoid doesn't it?
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    Meant to say to you as well I clean every day for 2 weeks maybe not as much as you but I just take the Ovex every week for about 4 or 5 weeks til they are gone. It is very safe to do that because for other worm infections the instructions are 2 tablets every day for 3 days so I know it's safe for you to take more than the recommended threadworm dose. I would never just take 2 tablets, really doesn't work. Good luck.
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    Hi Antiworm

    Have these worms still not returned?

    I took desperate measures and the worms went for over 7months and then out of no where bam! They were back

    Just like carrie said, these are also in other peoples bodys, ie. Cousins, sons, daughter, uncles, friends etc.. so the cycle isn't going to stop unless either you dont go and stay at there homes or even go to there homes or the government/nhs finally find away to solve this horrible times for people, there is just not enough research in these wigglers and there is not enough attention with the media coz people don't want to say out loud they have theadworms.

    I think there should be an immune injection you can have so as soon as these wigglers get in your body they cant live in there and die straight away.

    And I think the same should go to fleas on animals, they are also just a big pain for animals and again the treatment isn't working for long term.

    I now live on tablets, I take one threadworm tablet once a month and so far I have nothing, so im gonna keep taking a tablet once a month forever. Silly I have to but there is nothing else to do. As long as the wiggling isn't there then Im happy.

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      Once worms are in your body and lay eggs. They can die off, But the eggs hatch. Depending on how long you've had adult worms in your body. A adult worm can lay anywhere from 10,000 to 35,000 egg a day.The amount of eggs and worms is called parasite load. There are places in the human body that meds can't reach. That why it would seem as if they just reappeared from egg to adult takes 1 to 1 1/2 month. Thats if some adults did go in to a hibernation like state because of the meds. Which can last for a month to 5 years. I hope this helps

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    Hi Unknown79,

    I am pretty sure they are still gone although I have never been the same in that area since. It still gets quite itchy down there but not anywhere near as bad. I booked an appointment with a dermatologist and he asked me to try Doxepin cream which stops the itching sensation but side effects are it makes you sleepy. I am sorry to hear they have returned for you and I agree more needs to be done to address this problem.

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    Yeh I aslo still have itchy bottom from time to time, they must have irritated that area so much that its probably now broken skin, I can live with it tho.

    So livin on a tablet once a month and a lil ichy now and then is nothing I can't live with smile

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    So Antiworm are you still certain that you are 100% free of these awful parities? Like unkown79 said there is very little research that actually goes towards finding a permanent cure but makes seance really as they are not really lethal they are just a pain in the butt quite literally. smile But I will probably take up some strict cleaning habit to try relieve myself of this infection. So annoying how you think you have removed them and then they j-ust return.

    But oh well if you could get back to me Antiworm that would be great as I would really love to find a permanent solution to this problem. Thanks smile

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    Hi Antiworm

    I just wondered if you were still having success. I have been driven mad. I got them just before my third pregnancy (3 years ago). I took the recommended doses - plus extra, but still felt I had them. The worst thing was I could never find evidence, I just knew. My doctor thought I was mad. Once I was pregnant I couldn't take the medication. Over the next 12 months, I found a single worm on 4 seperate occasions. Went back to the GP and he did a stool test (even though I suggested these were accurate in 5-12% of cases. Came back clear. But I still had the weird tickly feeling, a strange sensation in my ears now and again, and a tickle inside my nose - just like down below.

    I actually think they drove me totally insane. I ended up back at the doctor in desperation 12 months ago, and was prescribed a pessary for your bottom. She said I probably did have a case of them at some stage, but my nerves were basically on high alert and for that reason, I still felt the symptoms. I didn't believe her but used them each day for two weeks as prescribed. Symptoms disappeared, and I regained my life for 8 months.

    Just prior to Christmas I felt that same weird feeling, and found a single worm. I have taken mebendazole at 2 week intervals for 6 weeks. Symptoms went away, then felt a tickle again 2 days ago. I am at a loss. I have done the hygiene thing to the extreme. I feel like this has taken over my life as there isn't a minute when it's not on my mind. It makes me really anxious at night as I am dreading any movement.

    I feel certain that either some people are resistant to the drug, or the worms take hold in a part of the body that the medication doesn't reach.

    Anyway, I am probably just venting more than anything. But I wondered if you had any success.

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      Hi I know this is an old post. But I'm trying to overcome threadworms and I want a baby so bad. Did you have the worms your entire pregnancy and did it compromise your pregnancy or baby at all?

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      HI CARLY

      im a mum like you who is freaking out every minute of every day due to these worms. and i get the insane tickling and strange sensation in my ears, eyes and nose. i feel terrible . when will this end? are yiu better now?

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