Finally beat Threadworm, here's how I did it.

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Firstly I want to say that I am not a medical doctor and so medical advice should be taken before taking any medication listed below.

I started having the itchy bottom symptoms around September 2011 and booked in an appointment with my doctor. The doctor said it was nothing serious and told me to take Anusol cream for the itch. There is no doubt that the Anusol cream did relieve the itching symptoms for a few hours but I was constantly waking up throughout the night with a horrible urge to itch. It got so bad that I was getting constant baths every few hours just to provide some sort of relief. I was very tired and irritable the next day in work and started feeling depressed and even started losing weight as my appetite had gone.

At the time I was single (30 year old man) with no kids and so thought threadworm would be unlikely the cause and perhaps it was piles. The itching just seemed to get worse and worse even during the day so I started researching the internet for hours and hours and decided it must be threadworms. I also confirmed the presence of threadworm by excreting into a large piece of tinfoil around the toilet seat and the small white thread like worms were visible although not in great numbers.

I took the Ovex (mebendazole) tablet and after 2 or 3 days the itching decreased and finally stopped. I was so thankful that this ordeal was over, then to my horror the symptoms started to appear again after about a week. I immediately took another Ovex and followed a very strict hygiene routine of changing my sheets every day and washing the bath / shower etc with bleach. All carpets were vacuumed and door handles wiped down.

Again I was given several days where the itching stopped but it wasn’t long before the dreading wriggling sensation returned as soon as I got into bed at nights and I was back to square one. I remember feeling so down, I had to cancel a date and just sat in the house depressed and looking up websites about threadworm for hours and hours. It finally got to the point where I was so depressed that I wondered if life was worth living any more. I read many posts online about people who have had this condition for 20+ years which didn’t help my situation.

I remember one night while sitting in the bath at about 2am having being woken up by the itch, I said to myself I am going to beat this problem once and for all. I decided to research herbal remedies and read pages of useful information on how to beat the worms once and for all. I must say that a lot of the useful tips came from this website which is why I have decided to post my experience here in the hope it helps others out.

Materials Needed

The first thing to do is order the following 3 products from Organic nutrition:

50ml Black Walnut Hull Extract (extra strength tincture)

120 Clove Capsules

120 Wormwood Capsules

Full instructions

Total cost = £36.75

1 x Dust Mask which can be bought in a DIY store

1 x Nail Brush

1 x packet of Ovex

1 x Packet of pumpkin seeds from a health store

1 x packet of odourless garlic capsules

4 x packets of chopped up pineapple chunks

Once all the materials and capsules have arrived, you need to do the follow:

Take 1 ovex tablet with water and while wearing the dusk mask you need to vacuum every inch of carpet especially in your bedroom. (The eggs can easily spread during this method so to prevent you from getting re-infected it is advised to wear a dust mask which covers your mouth and nose). After vacuuming, you need to change your bed sheets and wipe down all door handles, tap handles etc. Place the bed sheets and any towels in the wash at 90 degrees and iron once dry. This is the only way to be sure the eggs are killed.

The process must be repeated everyday for at least 10 days, I know it is a pain but believe me the end result is worth the hassle.

You should also start taking your Black Walnut, clove and wormwood capsules as per the instructions that come with them. Also try and eat a few handfuls of the pumpkin seeds throughout the day and take a portion of pineapple chunks daily. These are all well know anti-parasitic remedies that actually work. Follow this routine for 2 weeks.

Finally and very importantly, the eggs that may still be in your house can survive up to 2 weeks in normal conditions. If these are re-inhaled again then you are back to square one. I read in many forums that if the house is warmed up to 50 degrees then the eggs can only survive for 2 hours.

Every morning when I went to work, I left the heat on full blast for 9 hours at the highest temperature and opened the curtains in every room as the eggs are also sensitive to sunlight. Vacuumed every night with my dust mask on and tried not to eat fast foods but stuck to things like brown rice and vegetables.

I am happy to say that so far 2 months have past and the wriggling feeling has not returned and my life has got back to normal and I am now in a relationship again. I never found out how I originally got infected with threadworm but hopefully I have got rid of these horrible parasites once and for all.

I hope this helps some of you to rid these parasites and should you have any questions then please feel free to ask.

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    Just as a post script - I will find out the name of the pessaries I used. They certainly did wonders at the time and may help with your ongoing symptoms.
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    Hi Carly,

    As I said in a previous post, I certainly don't have that wriggling sensation anymore but there is definitely some type of itch down there. I am not sure if that itch will ever go away but it is 10 times less than the suffering I experienced with the worms. I have tried everything on the itch I experience, the latest thing being applying Daktarin Powder ( medicated talc for fungal infections) twice daily and it help significantly. I apply this everyday even know I don't have a fungal infection but it seems to ease the itch nevertheless.

    Have you tried the organic routine I mentioned above in my 1st post?

    "The first thing to do is order the following 3 products from Organic nutrition:

    50ml Black Walnut Hull Extract (extra strength tincture)

    120 Clove Capsules

    120 Wormwood Capsules"

    I still eat pumpkin seeds on a regular basis and in fact have some pineapple chunks at my works desk as I type this. I think once you get these worms, on a rare occasion they can be defeated but realistically you are fighting just to stop them from flaring up again.

    Hope this helps and please do post the name of your pressaries.

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      Hi, I was wondering what happened to you. I have this problem for 6 months already and wonder if I should start with herbs or humaworm besides the meds...albendazol, mendebazol, pamoate pyrantel....

      please help

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    I am currently taking a liquid form of those 3 herbs (combined into one). I am giving up on mebendazole for now. I did manage to actually get a sample of the worm that I found before christmas and took to my doctor - who finally believed me after confirming through tests.

    If the herbal medicine doesn't work I am going back to ask for a prescription for Albendazole, which is a stronger drug and prescription only.

    Thanks for your posts.

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    I cured myself by taking 6cloves of raw garlic and six papaya seeds 3 times a day. The garlic can be chopped and swallowed with water. The seeds should be chewed. I Will repeat for 2 days a week for a month to prevent any hatched eggs reaching maturity. Grapefruit seeds sounds effective too if papaya not available.
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    I cured myself by taking 6cloves of raw garlic and six papaya seeds 3 times a day. The garlic can be chopped and swallowed with water. The seeds should be chewed. I Will repeat for 2 days a week for a month to prevent any hatched eggs reaching maturity. Grapefruit seeds sounds effective too if papaya not available.
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    I'm a new victim to these worms since January 2013,

    while it's great to read information on the Internet about these worms I think it can be harmful too. thinking about these worms 24/7 is NOT good for anyone!!! but it really does help knowing that we are not dealing with this alone.

    I'm confused when I read how "highly contagious" they are but yet I've never had them before, if they are so "highly contagious" everybody would have them! and if they are airborne how would you ever get rid of them!......that's impossible!!!

    if kids get them but are free of them after treatment that means they can be cured? most information says that there is no need to keep kids home from school while they have the worms! so they can't be "highly contagious" !!!!!! PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND !!!!!!!

    My biggest FEAR is giving them to my family and friends,should I never visit them again? or do I only need to keep my hands free of the eggs so I don't leave them behind when I visit family and friends????...but then you read that clothing and other items have eggs stuck to them and can drop off!!!! EGGS MUST BE EVERYWHERE !!!! floating in the air outside? I sounding crazy yet? LOL.

    this is my theory : the worms are hard to get but when you do get them they are with you for life. the only thing you can do for yourself is keep the side effects down as much as possible.

    the cleaning thing seems silly to me if it only takes one egg to start the cycle over again,the house must be full of eggs? how can you be sure you got rid of them all?

    LAST WORDS : keep fingers out of mouth and wash hands many times throughout the day.

    "please god take them away" LOL.

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      My grandpa is 79, and he frequently had them when he was a kid between 1955 - 65, yet he's never had them again. There is absolutely no medical evidence to support the theory that you become permanently infected, so please don't convince yourself so from these pseudoscience fearmongering liars.

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    Hi Donald10, I just wanted to put your mind at ease.

    Threadworm eggs are highly contagious, because they can survive outside the body for up to three weeks. So if you are around someone who has them, and they scratch and don't wash properly, it is very easy to get them on your hands and then into your digestive system.

    They are also very common - but they are not everywhere, so don't worry. Common like headlice. If you are around children (particularly if they are in daycare) you have greater exposure to getting them.

    However, despite some of the information on these forums, they are easily treatable. The cases you are reading here are the exception, not the rule.

    My advice (if this is new for you): There are two types of medication, available over the counter. The drug Mebendazole kills the worms (NOT the eggs). Another drug called Pyrantole paralyses the worms (again, does not kill the eggs). If you use Pyrantole, make sure you are regular - if you do not go regularly, the drug wares off and the worms become active again.

    Either way, cut down sugar as much as possible. The drugs works by starving the worms of glucose, and that's how they die.

    Nothing kills the eggs. So it is important to follow these steps.

    Take the medication once, then three weeks later, then three weeks after that.

    That way you kill the adults first. If there are any eggs you kill them three weeks later, and then again.

    When you take the medication follow the instructions carefully. Wash sheets and towels on a hot wash. Vacuum around beds and mop toilets/bathrooms. Carefully remove clothes in the morning and shower to remove any eggs.

    Don't go crazy cleaning everywhere. Just take a sensible approach and I'm sure they will be gone very soon.

    Take heart - they are very easily treated for most people. I am an exception, but I firmly believe that poor digestion allowed them to take hold while I was pregnant and unable to take the medication. Good luck, and if you need any more advice I am happy to help.

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    wow! thanks for the reply Carly8, but can you please tell me if I should stay away from my family and friends for a month or longer while I treat myself with the medication?

    my mum wanted to visit me and stay for a week and I said "NO" (I must have sounded

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    Definitely not. You should just go about life as you normally would, but just keep in mind the hygiene measures I mentioned. If your Mum comes to stay just give vacuum lounges and floors, wash bedding and towels, clean the toilet and basins, and maybe wipe over door handles with a disinfectant.

    As some people get little to no symptoms I would keep the hygiene measures up while you treat yourself (just to be safe). For example, shower in the morning rather than at night and wash well (below!) for the whole time. And do the washing/disinfecting routine after each treatment.

    Other than that you will be absolutely fine. Have you taken any medication yet?

    I treated my family just before my Mum and Dad visited, and I gave Mum and Dad them the medication too. They were happy to take it - they were used to treating us as kids once a year, so it was no big deal.

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      Hi Carly,

      I have been suffering with this for awhile and i am having a hard time moving on with my life. What is working for me is large amounts of albendazole. I have seen clumps of them in my stool. I have some questions for you that i feel you might be able to answer. Please reach out to me. This is such an awful thing to go through. Best, Chelsea.

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      HI Chelsea, i dont know if you wanted to ask Carly in particular or if i could answer some questions? Ive had it for 8 years now and it keeps coming back more frequently......its horrible. Ive seen countless doctors and a professor in london to! No one has the answer why me....Feeling lost and suspect this is for life! Anna 
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      hi chelsea i used a fingertip full of sudacrem rectally after going to the toilet and this worked, the worms cant get through to lay more eggs to reinfect you and they die out
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      hi I can see this an old post now -I just wanted to know if you have still beaten the threadworms - i am a regular sufferer and am again suffering with them now

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