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I’m a 15 year old girl who’s has pinworms for a while now . I’m so depressed as I’ve been reading all the horror stories online with all these worms. I have questions urgently answered :

Do pinworms in vagina go away? Because where would the worms lay their eggs?

Can pinworms go in nose eyes and ears? If if yes how? And what are the chances of them surviving there?

Do you have them forever?

If you take medication or ginger will the pinworms be killed in the vagina also?

How do you kill pinworms in vagina?

If pinworms are eradicated in butt, would the ones in the vagina still live ?

I’m so depressed and stressed and I need information to relieve my mind. My nose is itchy and I’m panicking so bad. I missed school today because I’ve never felt this worse ever. I wash my butt and vagina everyday when I wake up to remove those eggs but my vagina is still itchy. Many people said that mabendazole and albandezole etc haven’t worked for them  so I’ve practically lost hope. I don’t really see any worms in my poop but I’m also scared to look. I blowed my nose once and Thisbe worm like thing came out but it was like dried up and kinda hard to rip in half. HELP PLEASE 😓

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    Hi jessica, sorry to hear you are suffering. I had pinworms when i was about 10 years old it didnt really bother me then mentally anyway. I had itchy bum my mum gave me med and it went away and that was that! until march 2017 myself now 40 yrs old and 6 yr old daughter got it. I felt a tickle in my but and checked it out straight away it was a pinworm i didnt see anymore i checked daughter while she was asleep i didnt see an adult worm but saw the lave which freaked me out. We all took the meds the next day and i cleaned everything even threw some stuff away it really affected me mentally i became very anxious and developed ocd so i know how horrible you must be feeling. Try not to worry i do believe it goes away We took mebebanzol once then again 2 weeks later and very strict hygiene for about 6 weeks tbh im still very strict. The medicine will kill worms and lave that are inside gut as for those in vagina i believe they cant survive there so would die anyway. You have to be very careful of reinfection so its best that the first 2 weeks you change bedding and night clothes everyday and very strict hand washing its a good idea to damp dust everywhere on diognosis but you dont need to do this everyday most important wash hands before eating and after the toilet and all other times try to keep hands out of mouth. Hope this isnt patronising just sharing what i did. We havent seen any since.
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      Thank you so much !!😊 

      It’s such a relief to hear somebody’s cured and that those pesky worms can’t live in the vagina 

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    I dont know what i had when i was 10 it was a horrible drink but that was 30 years ago my daughter and i took boots own mebebenzole. Last year when we got it and it done the trick.
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    Hello, I myself have struggled with success with the medication, probably taken about 30+ doses over the last couple months, Taking 1 every week for 3 weeks rather than 1 fortnightly. Makes me feel better. At least mentally. Since my most recent attempt I've had very little to no itching at all. Been able to reclaim my life back for a week or so which is nice. Hopefully it lasts. But you're still on high alert any sensation and you're almost back to square one mentally. I'm not cured yet, but I have hope. I have had extreme itching in the vagina once assuming it was related, although I never saw anything and it was very distressing so can only imagine what you're going though so deepest sympathy but never had it since. Studies say that threadworms are unable to live there and they die out. Your problem might be that with every new set of worms some can't help but get lost.  I've read that worms feed on feces, not sure how true that is but they definitely feed on glucose, (that's how the medication kills them, starves them) almost certain they can't get that in the vagina so it's pretty much guaranteed the ones that stray will die. Maybe put Vaseline around the vagina only to deter them from going there. I might try this myself TBH just in case because that is a nightmare. Worse than having them wandering around the anus. 

    Good luck. Hope you get that sorted.

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    Hi Jessica I had them a lot when I was a lil girl not my seven year old gets them she got them last year and now agin tonight I use Reese’s pinworm medicine you can buy it over the counter it works fast and effective it goes my your weight and you take a second dose 2 weeks after the first dose to prevent any eggs from hatching 
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      hey i was curious about that medicine. when any if you have taken it, has it made you vomit?

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