Has anyone beat pinworm/threadworm after having them for a long time?

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I've now had pinworms for about 5 months, they've migrated to my female parts, and I believe they are also in my nose and ears. They don't really itch anymore in my lower half, I keep those areas very clean -- BUT that incessant squirming is an ongoing nightmare. I'm 33 and single and really want to be dating, but I know as long as I have them I can't risk giving them to somebody else. It's a very depressing realization to know that I may never be able to have a boyfriend again or get married. I think my doctor believes me, but the internal diseases specialist he referred me to does not and told me I probably just have dry skin down there (dry skin that WRIGGLES? I don't think so). The samples I gave them of course had no eggs on them, I'm guessing it's because I am now being retroinfected, otherwise I really have no explanation.

What I want to know is -- has ANYBODY else who had them for many months (or years, or decades) been able to finally get rid of them??? How did you do it?? Here's what I have tried that has NOT worked:

MEDICINES: Reese's, Albenza, Vermox (high doses). Yeast infection cream mixed with garlic.

NATURAL REMEDIES: Diatomaceous earth (food grade - taken orally and also spread on maxi pads and vaginal wipes), garlic cloves and powder, vinegar, pumpkin seeds, clove & wormwood tincture. Garlic and vinegar douche. Eating mainly vegetarian foods.

PILLS: Garlic, zinc, wormwood, clove and black walnut.

I read that some mountain folk eat tobacco to get rid of them, but it makes you really sick. I am afraid to try it, but I feel like I better try absolutely everything. I just can't fathom living with these things potentially for the rest of my life sad

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    hi there,

    Yesterday i found out i had threadworms (i was so disgusted) i told my bf and i went the next day to get

    mebendazole from just over the counter as its non prescription. its supposed to take 2-3 days to kill the live

    worms but it doesn't kill the eggs.

    so to do that you just need to be thorough with hand washing and shower in

    the morning to wash away any eggs etc. i have been sat here for hours on this site trying to convince myself

    that the horrible 'itch' will go away easily but if anything its made it worse..

    i have read that once you have them, you're stuck with them. the symptoms can get better but apparently we can never be cleared 100% sad I'm really worried now.

    i was also thinking, and a while ago i had felt some weird crawling sensation around my butt and was really

    freaked out! but i had a look and couldn't see anything so brushed it off my mind. occasionally tho the

    feeling would come back for a bit and, again, i would just ignore it cos it wasn't that bad.

    but the other day, in the daytime, i was absolutely fine until i was lying in bed at night and felt really itchy.

    i then felt crawling around my actual vagina and also a bit of pain so i ran to the toilet. i peed and when i

    wiped i found 2 worms on the loo roll.. (which was when i told my bf and got mebendazole the today)

    so I know realise that the feeling i felt a while ago was most likely worms which means I've had them for quite a while.. great.

    i dunno if this effects the ease as to which i can get rid of them or not, i hope not.

    even though I'm yet to have any effects from the mebendazole cos i only took it today - i would suggest you

    try that as its something you haven't tried yet.

    fingers crossed they go away sad i would hate to be stuck with them forever.. good luck.

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    Did you have any luck? I have exactly the same problem.....and about the same amount of time with this issue....please let me know if you find or found the solution
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    Hi MMC2000, how are you now? I hope you got rid of the menace by now. You mentioned use of the garlic, but I am not sure in which way you had tried it. What my wife did for my son, was: Dice several garlic cloves and mix them with a small amount of coconut oil in a small mason jar.  It is important to store it in a warm place (the longer it sits the stronger it gets).  Rub this mixture onto private parts before bedtime and first thing in the morning.  Doing this repels the adults from laying more eggs and kills any eggs that are present.

    Another remedy is grapefruit seed extract. Mix 10 drops in a large glass of water and drink three times a day for a week. This product is commercially available and has other health benefits as well.

    It is important to remember that you must continue to treat for pinworms to avoid re-infestation. There is every possibility that you may be able to wipe out the adult pinworms, then their eggs will hatch and you're infested again. You need to maintain whatever regimen you follow long enough to kill the second "wave". Good hygiene must be observed. A second treatment two weeks after the first is recommended to kill worms that hatch from eggs present at the first treatment. The medications do not kill the eggs.

    You have to be diligent when eliminating them from your home; this requires lots of work and bunch of energy.

    Keep us posted about the progress. Take care.


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      Thanks for the comment....I have been washing all bed clothes and clothes of the whole house everyday for almost 6 months. I only use the underwear once and then throw them away....

      I wash my hands so frequently that my skin feels like sand....

      I use clove oil, coconut oil, take ground clove, garlic in pills, fresh garlic, papaya with seeds, pinapple, bitter melon, carrots....etc....all my nutrition is based on fighting them....

      I am in my fifth round of meds followed by herbs, hopefully they go away now, but I feel this crawling in the nose and ears....

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      I found out elmers glue..I put it on my face thick...let it dry...completely they don't like OT and it run them out ...take your meds on top of that👌👍...I put it on and peel it off before and after I get in bath...it works...I put it on my face and can sir threads of it when it dries on my legs and feet...it slows them down and dries them out...cucumber masks don't work...the oil that the thread worm makes your skin feel like doesn't dry under the FACIAL type masks but elmers glue works and pulls the eggs out too...only problem you can't cover your whole body...but it does cut the population down quite a bit.

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      wondering what you ended up doing for the nose and ears? going thru same issues - doing all home remedies, cleanse, diet and started emverm... tyia
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    Hi there, I sympathize as I heve been in the same position. Don't despair (though I do

    know how hard it is not to). So, have you tried a complete fast? 10 days of eating

    nothing, and just drinking water with fresh lemon juice squeezed in to it, and a little

    cayen pepper. This did it for me once, many years ago. It is also a great test of the


    Secondly, I have successfully used red wine - I kid you not - it was used by the ancientEgyptions (due to its very high acidity) to flush out worms. After a long trip to South

    America, my gut was full of them. I faster for two days - with the exception of lemon

    water, then drank two bottles of strong red wine on the second evening. Follow this up with an anal flush of a strong salt water solution. Go to a sex shop (or online) and buy

    one of the inserts (which looks like a penis) you attatch a bottle/ bag which has the rinse in it. They are used by anal lovers, apparently. Squeeze it in, and leave for 15-30 mins. Again, I kid you not!

    As for your nose infestation, go to the chemist and buy something called nettipot, which is a brand of nasal rinse. You basically squeeze a saline solution up one nostril, which

    then runs out of the other, and flushes the nasal passages out.

    If this all seems a little Cuckoo to you, sorry, but I travelled much as a younger man,

    picked up all sorts of worms, and have tried it all.

    The best of luck.

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      Hi, thanks for the comment. Did you have experience with the nettipot? I saw one in amazon but not sure how it works and if this is effective.

      I have not fasted yet because I am afraid of getting worse since I have been taking a lot of meds to get rid of them. Also afraid of my liver reaction if I drink two bottles of red wine after fasting. I barely drink one glass of wine without vomiting.....however, if you really tried everything and this is the only thing that worked out then I might give it a try....

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      Hi getting better...never go outside in bare feet..especially spring

      Do a second rinse on all clothes and bedding with a quart of white vinegar

      You can the use a fabric sheet if the smell bothers you.

      South Americans use Papaya seeds.. the fresh ones.grind up and eat every three days.Vacuum every day.Damp mop all floors every day and add 2C white vinegar to water.Wipe toilet and bathtub with white vinegar in scrub water.....Pay attention to ingredients on cleaners. I once mixed lysol for floors with a cup of clorox. I did not know lysol had ammonia in it and I almost suffocated. Never mix ammonia and clorox and I knew this but did not read the lysol bottle.

      Keep finger nails and toe nails very short and clean every day .Lightly wipe phones, computer equipment,door knobs and the fridge door handle with 91%alcohol.70% is rubbing alcohol and rarely kills the worms.Watch the tub,clean after each use.put tooth brushes in a peroxide rinse.Floss every time you brush. Be careful with peroxide in mouth you do not want to use much on teeth.Good Luck.It takes a while but it goes away. Also 10% sulfur solutions for hair and scalp,10%sulfur soap for bath.It works.Available from Amazon and its cheap.Check out Organic Cider Vinegar.Couple TBLS per day.

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      Hi fran06834, which remedy works the best? 10 days fast with lemon water or two days fast and red wine?
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      Hello magnet, I have just realized I had pinworms/threadworms about five days ago and I have been saying things to my dad like "oh I saw a pinworm on the floor today please take me to the doctor because I could get infested" I was trying to hint at him that I had them since I'm too scared to tell him being that I have three older siblings and I'm quite young. Plus I think he would be highly discussed and not want to get close to me. ?? I just wanted to know which remedie did you try? The fasting one? Because I can't drink whine and I feel that fasting would be easiest. And don't worry about me asking my dad because I want to break it to him tomorrow reply as fast as you can PLLLLLLLLEASE


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      MSM. Its magical. Have to be careful about source I hear buy a good brand and drink a little in water every day for a month or so. Good luck!
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      Thank you. Could I find this at a near by CVS or pharmacy?
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      I ordered it online. We all took a dose of the OTC pinworm treatment while we waited for it to arrive because it helped us sleep better while we waited.

      We had been fighting them off and on for about 5 years. MSM had given us 5 months totally free of them. We still take it periodically just incase but did tiny doses in water for about a month when we first got it. So grateful to have my life back!!

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      Joey! Hi there. My name is Chelsea and I live in Arizona. I caught pinworms from living with someone 5 years ago!! I can't believe it's been that long since I've had them. I recently was able to spot them and was diagnosed with pinworms. I have tried everything; diet; cleaning; washing; and of course meds both Albenza and herbals. What is this MSM?? I am at a point where I cannot live with them and I desperately need some help!

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      You had pinworms?? Fasting for 10 days but with only lemon and cayenne pepper in your water?? Really???
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      I just purchased some MSM from Amazon ( I looked at the reviews, and all were amazing but one ( she doesn't like the taste, which I can understand). I took one tablespoon with water this morning and one tablespoon again just now. I read that if you safe fighting a parasite to start off within 5000 mg a day and then decrease to 3000 after week 3 or so. I'm curious, when did you stop feeling them after taking this? And how are you now?? I look forward to your response. Best, Chelsea

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      Hi Magnet, can you please specify which if the remedies you tried that worked for you? I am not sure. Thanks! I pray it works for my family and I as well. We are so miserable. 😣

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      How did this MSM work for you?  I just recently discovered I have pinworms.  I took Reese's pinworm medicine the other day and gave it to my husband and son even though they show no signs of having pinworms.  I know I do because of night time crawling sensation.  Uggh!! I want to get rid of these and have them never come back.  Are you using the MSM ?  What brand and has it been working for you?  I appreciate your response.  thank you.


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      Sandy, it has been since ive posted that i still have them but i can give you great advice on what IS working for me. Chewing tobacco. Im FINALLY starting to see the effers come out alonh with tapeworms, roundworms. If you are really battling them, as in no prescription medicine, herbs, or over the counter medicine is working, then i highly recommend this. Redman chewing tobacco. I adjusted to it fairly well because ive been smoking cigaretter prior but if you have not then go easy into it but still remain aggresive. Pinworms are very difficult to eliminate (in my experience). MSM didnt touch them nor help but it might help with your infestation. I hope this information helps you and any others looking for help! Ive also been praying immensley. God bless.
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      Hi just want to know whether youre still free of worms?
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      Hi Joey, my family & I have pinworms...I saw two in my three year old's stool and I felt wiggling in my rectum so my husband did the flashlight test on me and saw one...we recently started drinking apple cider vinegar and lemon water and taking diatomaceous earth...I was just wondering if you & your family are still pinworm free? What brand of MSM/Organic Sulfur did you use? And how much did you take daily? And also your kids? And when you had pinworms what oil were you putting on your children that made it worse? I just started putting coconut oil on my children's bottoms, but will stop if it makes it worse...we're going to cut out all sugar and simple carbs and make sure we're drinking enough water...we're also planning on taking digestive enzymes and probiotics, but hoping the MSM indefinitely will get rid of the pinworms for good

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      What did you do exactly that worked? I feel like I might die from this damn thing and I don't want to die. Please help if possible! Thank you!

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      what company do you get msm..i ve had this for years like 31

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      Im Begging you what is MSM.. I'm from London so have no idea.. I've told my family people about my suspension of Threadworms I have taken OVEX twice now & flowed it up 14 days again 5mil each dose.. I cannot get to sleep until silly o'clock in the morning 4am 5am somtimes 6am.. I allso suffer with ptsd.. That doesn't help I have told my family but because they don't have any symptoms.. They obviously ain't taking the treatment or taking things seriously.. I really need help here please someone... 🙉🙉🙉

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      seven years in with 4 kiddos...please tell me what worked. I have done all of the things you listed. help!

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