pinworm hell please help

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 i had extreme itching around my anus for about a month but thought it could have been an infection or my diet as i eat lots of spicy foods but the itching got that bad i started to researchcauses of anal itching online and read that it could be pinworms i read that sticking tape to the anal area could show the worms i tried on a night when the itching was intense  and to my horror was multiple thread like moving worms around 5mm long some a little larger that confirmed that i had pinworms i phoned my doctor the day after and they prescribed a single dose of mebendazole 100mg tablet but they came back in less than a week i returned to the doctor who gave me a single dose again this happened multiple times but they just kept coming back  ive now had them for more than twelve month's and have taken countless doses of mebendazole that i have purchased from internet sites ive even tried uping the dose to 400mg mebendazole per week but it still has no effect  that is the only drug that is on offer in the uk it seemed to work for a day or two but the itching returned a couple of days after taking it ive been looking for other ways to beat them and have found out that there are other drugs that could treat it but they are not licenced for use in the uk and doctors wont prescribe them  i brought 2 doses of pyrantel pamoate off ebay but that too had no effect on them so i looked for other drugs i have recently managed to find albendazole 400 mg tablets from a asian supplier on ebay and managed to get 10 tablets delivered this week i have taken 1 and will continue to take them at 1 week apart im also taking msm 1 gram per day fresh garlic 1 bulb per day 50 ml apple cider vinegar does anyone have any tips or other types of herb supplements that might help ? im doing all the normal showering in morning changing underwear often cleaning hands room etc im at my wits end and worried as im having bleeding from the anus when the itching starts  has anyone got rid of them ?  im willing to try anything to get rid of them at this point please help  

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    Hi there,

    I had threadworms for a couple of years.  I tried a load of different techniques to get rid of them.  The only thing which worked was using petroleum jelly on my anus.  I applied it every morning on waking up, after showering, going to the loo and every time I had an itch. I also applied it before going to bed. I did this routine religiously for about 3 months.  I never left the house without a pot.  It worked!! 

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      thankyou for the reply peter i will get some tomorrow and give it a try and see if it helps thanks 
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    Apparently coconut oil is good for any kind of anal itching, I brought some off amazon today, should be arriving tomorrow. I have been using baby power to sooth any itch so far, it dries the skin so absorbs any moisture back there, so perfect with this current UK weather. Deffo recommend, yet to try the coconut oil but I’ll update you on how I got on with that. I decided on an alternative just because I’m worried the baby powder will dry the skin too much, creating for a whole new set of issues. My itch is pretty mild so can only imagine how frustrating this is for you. I’ve read that TW become active again after 7-10 days so might be worth treating weekly rather than fortnightly
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      thanks for reply i will be doing the albendazole weekly have just took my second tablet haven't felt an itch in the last week since taking the first one the anal bleeding has stopped and im getting a good nights sleep ive tried the baby powder and it does reduce the itch i have read that the raw coconut oil is good to ingest also as they dont like it i have got it on my watch list and will be buying it next pay day will try it around anus as well ive been doing a lot a research trying to find cures for them and have found several more things i will be trying this month one is bromelain tablets its supposed to weaken there skin kind of like dissolving them i will be doing those with daily dose of msm ' neem leaf '  black walnut and grapefruit seeds extract tablets i have more things to try if those fail im determined to find a cure for them 

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      No problem, just an update, so far so good with the coconut oil on the anus, I think the key is not to go overboard with the amount applied as it’s quite wet and moisture can cause irritation. Less is more but I have felt a lot better since last night so will continue to do this as I’ve felt nothing since last night and it’s not as messy as BP. Ingesting it is a shout also. Brought some coconut milk from M&S but I doubt that’s making a difference. Just wish I’d known about it ages ago, also found out that apparently worms show up in blood test, so that’s useful. Where do you get the bromelain tablets from? Just amazon/eBay ?

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      glad the coconut oil working for you lets hope it has a long term effect on them ive started pumpkin seeds today brought a large pack but they dont taste too good also got two fresh papaya fruits as i have read the seeds also have anti parasitic qualities but i have to say they taste awful like a plastic kind of taste hard to describe i found out about the bromelain tablets on a web site that also was about antiparasitics and it says helps fight against pinworms but not found much other info on it other than that site they sell them on ebay in a 500mg tablet but unsure of the dose as the page fails to list dosage they are a bit expensive 60 tablets for 13.95 so going to do two a day for 30 days hope the coconut continues to work for you keep us updated 
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    has anyone tried gentian violet its supposed to be a Victorian cure for pin worm ? but not much info out there on how its used can it be taken by mouth or is it to be applied around the anus can anyone help with dosage or even how to use it ? im starting a ten day fast starting in two weeks i have a plan of action to follow with lots of different herbs and cures 11 different things i will be trying that i will be taking in secession with the fast i will be be keeping a detailed diary of what im taking and applying and how often etc in case it works and will update this page when i start the fast  


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    Hey guys the best way to get rid of pinworms is with diatomaceous earth and wormwood loose tea my family and I are almost 100 % pinworm free and believe me it has been a long journey I've tried everything and I am so happy with the results that we are having from these two things. The diatomaceous earth drys the pinworms up and the wormwood tea paralyzes them so the don't lay more eggs. You also need to take a laxative of your choice I use Aloe Vera caps because it cleans the small intestine and I use pysllium husk to clean my colon orange flavor works best with kids. Hope this helps I know it will work for you be consistent, diligent, and patient and you will be pinworm free parasite cleansing in recommend at least 3 time a year.

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    so far everything i have tried has been unsuccessful the list of herbs and natural cures ive tried is large and to many to name all had no effect on them i am now starting an alkaline diet to see if that helps i have read people have had success with this so have started drinking alkalized water and only fresh green veggies for food currently i am taking 300 mg mebendazole every three days for 30 days im on my third dose so far and the itching has now again gone i just hope this approach has an impact on them and they dont return this is the highest dosage i have tried but at this point im willing to try anything i have brought some ivermectin from ebay and this will be me next approach if the mebendazole again fails when i fist got this i thought it would be gone in weeks after taking the medicen here i am after a year still fighting these things has there been any recent success stories ?

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    well it appears the mebendazole was not working even at 300 mg every three days i was still getting severe itching and bleeding it seems to have no effect on them slows them down for a day or two then the itching comes back so ive gave up on that if the medicine was working and i was reinfecting my self the itching should not return for at least 10 to 14 days when the new adults start to lay eggs this is proof the mebendazole was not killing the adults already in my gut for the time being i have started a new treatment i have taken my first dose of ivermectin two days ago and have also made a paste out of ivermectin and coconut oil i apply this before i go to sleep around my bum in the hopes of paralysing any worms that do try to emerge and lay eggs im taking the ivermectin every four days 4 doses in total then waiting to see if it has worked before doing any more treatments i have three more doses to go the itching has so far gone not a single itch last night got a good nights sleep and no discomfort today while working and walking around i have taken a laxative today to flush out any worms that have been paralysed i will take this laxative the day after i take the ivermectin for the next three doses hope this new approach has a positive effect

    current treatments

    strict hygiene batching daily hand washing etc

    ivermectin every four days

    garlic 1 large bulb every day

    wormwood tincture three times a day

    alkaline diet fresh veg and fruit only

    no added sugar in diet only from natural fruits etc

    home made strong lemon lime and ginger tea

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    so after nearly three weeks free from them they have returned in force never slept last night at all im at my wits end the pain and itching is intense i have finally found piperazine online and have it on the way to me does anyone have any experience with it did it work for you ? and what dosage frequency did you take it ? my doctor has been no help so i dont want to ask him he just keeps telling me about hygiene with i find extremely irritating and it makes me feel like its my fault i have them i have read 2 grams per day for 7 days 7 days off then again for 7 days i also plan on using a laxative to expel any paralysed worms i have read that when it was on sale in the uk it was mixed with a laxative ? i read a thread that said it worked for them but cant find it now any help much appreciated thankyou

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      hey jack. how are your symptoms now? any cure?

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