Threadworm/Pinworm Hell

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Greetings everyone. Sorry for the big post. I’m a 22 year old female who has been afflicted for about two months now.

I work where the only access to a toilet is a public toilet which is rarely cleaned often or well. Never having had threadworms prior to my job, I had to assume that that’s where I contracted them. When I broke out in a rash that would not budge around my perineum as well as noticing the presence of a constant itching feeling around my privates and anus and that I was waking regularly in the night, I did some research and finally noted the presence of threadworms. I swallowed my pride and told my parents (whom I live with), making sure everyone was medicated though no one but me seemed/seems to have any symptoms.

I cleaned everything I could, washing my hands and disinfecting to the point of making my hands a swollen red mess. After about five days of finding dead worms in my stool they seemed to die down. I fell sick. I took other medicine and became constipated. When I got better and my bowel movements became more regular I realised they had come back. I took a second dose of threadworm medicine combined with more cleaning, but the symptoms didn’t seem to change. I began taking the threadworm medicine at a faster pace with copious amounts of odourless garlic tablets hoping to break the cycle before it could start and for a little while they seemed to die down, but they became extremely prevalent around my vagina. Now they seem to be back in full force, around my anus, in my stool, in my vagina, possibly even in my bellybutton.

Living with my parents makes it impossible to change my bed sheets every day. With two other busy adults in the house, limited time and the workload of laundry already high from avoiding wearing possibly ‘infected’ clothing more than necessary – I wear two pairs of tight knickers daily with period pads and a fresh two nightly as well as different pairs of leggings and shirts in bed- it simply isn’t possible. Even taking them to a Laundromat is unfortunately out of the question for how far away we live. I was spraying my bed, pillows and some clothing with surface disinfectant then did so with diluted Dettol when buying brand sprays become too expensive, but research tells me this is basically pointless.

My parents have always had the belief that unless you’re dying, you don’t bother the doctor. The thought of contacting a GP over this makes me want to cry. Plus I’m aware that all they will do is ask me for a tape test, prescribe me with mebendazole (which I have probably made myself immune to) and reinforce that my cleaning isn’t enough. I can’t bear to be seen as unsanitary after the effort I’ve put myself through. I’ve always showered and or cleaned myself daily and have lately been deep cleaning carpets, wet-wiping surfaces every few hours and washing my hands even when there appears no reason to, which has lead others to believe I’m developing OCD.

Where I live pharmacies are limited (we have two, that’s all) and I’m scared to become known as the woman constantly buying threadworm tablets. We have no herbal stores. At the moment I am taking threadworm medicine as often as every two days with odourless garlic tablets every day. I tried to flush my system by eating as much fresh raw garlic as I could muster, which seemed to improve matters, but I was berated harshly for the smell given off until I couldn’t share a room even with family members. I’ve even taken to swabbing my anus and genitals with dry antibacterial hand gel every few hours in the hope that this will lessen their numbers.

Any advice anyone could give on ridding these horrible things I would appreciate highly, and if anyone could answer some of the following questions I’d be deeply grateful.

1.Is wearing the pads despite changing them regularly a hindrance to my recovery? I.e. will this only encourage the spread/propagation of worms?

2.Is it okay to use the same soap bar/shower pouf on infected areas? Are these items self-cleaning or will eggs stick to them and re-transfer?

3.Does using dry antibacterial gel work to prevent spread of threadworms?

4.Will spraying my sheets with antibacterial products make any difference given that I can’t wash them more than once every two weeks at most?

5.Can I make myself immune to threadworm vaccine? Even if I take different brands?

Thank you.

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    I think you'll be okay if you go to the doctor. It's more common than you think. And the pharmaceutical companies probably know perfectly well that their products don't work effectively. But they've cornered the market and they make a lot of money from the repeat customers. Think about it. They've got a trapped audience.

    If you're taking Mebendazole, stop. Another poster has explained how it 'cures' the problem for a while by killing the adult worms, but it leaves the eggs in your gut, where they hatch and reinfest you. Use Pripsen POWDER (not tablets) and use it regularly - every few days. It will paralyse the worms, and allow you to pass them whole. Other posters have devised regimes that take into account the breeding cycle of the worms. Read up on it. Okay, Pripsen tastes like cack, but it's more likely to get rid of the worms without releasing the eggs inside you.

    Please go to the doctor. Honestly, if you explain about the toilet at work, they will understand, and you will feel better.

    One last point. If they're in your bellybutton, they're not threadworms.

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    Thanks for the advice ItsJustLife. I'll try using Pripsen Powder and I intend to contact my GP- at this stage having terrible tasting medicine and owning up to a problem that won't clear doesn't seem so horrific. I find in most situations having another person tell you how is it can be a phenomenal catalyst, so thank you again.
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    I promise you, your GP sees kids every week who've picked them up. I work in retail, and there's nothing worse than handling money. I've picked them two or three times over the years. It's no big deal. I used to wonder why the tablets were so useless for getting rid of them, but the things that An_Accupuncturist has written elsewhere on this site make a lot of sense.

    I remember the first time I got threadworms, I was a kid. About 7 years old. Mum made us take Pripsen. It gave us diarrhea, but it got rid of the worms. I got them again in my late teens. I went to the chemist and got some Pripsen, and that worked. I didn't have any for another 20 years. Then I got a job in retail. I've got them twice. I tried Ovex, but I don't think it solves the problem. Couple of weeks later, you get reinfected. I've taken Ovex and I've got some Pripsen on order. It's vile stuff, but I reckon I can wrap the powder up in rice paper or something and swallow it, then quickly glug a drink down to dilute it in my stomach! If I mix it up as a milkshake, I'll just gag. : )

    It's really no big deal, you know. We worm our cats and dogs, our horses, our sheep and cows. We even worm our chickens. Humans are just animals too. Why wouldn't we need to worm ourselves once in a while?

    As for your questions, I don't know the answers, really. I'm not sure anybody does. But this is what I think, for what it's worth: It's probably best to use a mild pump action soap. Don't use harsh chemicals. Just tell yourself, 'They're worms, not germs!' The objective should be to wash away the worm eggs, not your natural, healthy skin oils and bacteria. Use your hands to soap yourself in the shower, and avoid sponges and wet flannels just in case. Wear clean panties every day. I don't think sanitary towels or panty pads are necessary. In fact, I'm sure that wearing them all the time is not good for your skin. Change the sheets regularly but not obsessively (without shaking them too much). If you must scratch, do it over the toilet using paper and wash your hands and your bottom immediately. It is a good idea to keep a stack of clean, dry flannels handy in the bathroom, and use them as mini towels instead of your regular towel for drying your groin and bottom. You can use a jug of warm water and pump action soap to wash while sitting on the toilet if you don't have a bidet. Do this first thing in the morning (if you don't have time for a shower) and each time after going to the toilet. Avoid putting your fingers in your mouth - or nose. It is possible to accidentally breathe the eggs in and swallow them.

    Some doctors say that threadworms are self-limiting if you practice good hygiene. I'm not so sure about that, but good discipline combined with effective medicine will help.

    Make sure you treat all members of the household at the same time. I think your parents are going to have to be patient with you on this!

    I don't think you can make yourself immune to threadworm medicine, but I do wonder if the threadworms are becoming immune. I think the threadworm treatments we have available in this country are ineffective. I also think that the pharmaceutical companies know that. Your best bet is Pripsen powder. Buy enough to dose the whole family at least two to three times. If you buy from an online pharmacy, look to see if they have free shipping over a certain price and bulk buy. Learn about the worm's reproductive cycle and the limitations of the medicine. Mebendazole kills the adult worms slowly, but doesn't get rid of the eggs. Piperazine Phosphate paralyses the worms for a while, but if you don't expell them in that time, they recover and get back to the business of infesting you again. This is why Pripsen powder has a laxative in it. Pripsen tablets are Mebendazole, the same as Ovex. They will give you a couple of weeks of relief, but you will still have eggs inside you. Using the available information, try to work out a regimen that will get rid of the new worms after they have hatched but before they have a chance to breed again. I'm still trying to figure this out. If I come up with an idea, I'll let you know. Other people have worked out regimens.

    Please excuse the rambling email, but I'm trying to cover all bases.

    Write back and tell me how you are getting on. I'm sure you'll be okay. : )

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    hi help1, i'm 25 and i've had them on and off since after i left school, so that's 6 years anyway. Got them again this week, horrible itching on train home in the evening and i had to be back at work the next day. i've been reading postings on this site and i agree the pripsen semms the best, but arent they changing now so we won;t get it? I've tried ovex but the single dose is no good at all. Let's know how you;re getting on.
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      Would you please advise where I can get pripsen in either Turkey or the US? Many thanks in advance!
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    hi there help1~ i am no expert but have been researching parasite for quite some time. put all shame

    aside & get to a doctor. Many people feel that others will think they are unclean. there's over a billion people living with parasites and i doubt if 10% of the people are aware. if you have netflix (and even if you

    don't) get it. Get the free 30 day trial and watch Monsters Inside Me. Parasites are not to be overlooked.

    My reply is not to put fear in you ~ just to pass some important and i hope helpful info to you. where do

    you live? is there a bigger town not far from you? Travel! do what you have to to get the help even if you have to travel 2 hours. this is your life. live in comfort? or dis ease? Travel outside your town if you have

    to. this way you don't have to be concerned with who knows your personal business in your area. if the

    parasites keep coming back, remember they do lay many eggs. we all have parasites within us laying

    dormant for their host to become available to them. keep your immune system up. once a person's

    immune system goes down, this gives the parasite(s) the opportunity to move. here are some herbs that will help kill off and or maintain the parasites. there are many types of parasites. parasites love the

    "junk food" we eat or have eaten. Parasite can stay dormant within the body for decades. yes, from your childhood. you'll have to change your diet if you haven't already. a whole foods diet is key and taking an

    digestive enzyme to help break down foods is also helpful. i suggest a parasite cleanse. many don't do

    this cleanse bcuz you have to be committed to 90 days at least. well, that's what's recommended. just

    keep in mind 90 days can save you 10- 30 years of discomfort in your life.

    oh, the herbs & spices etc: cloves or clove oil, cloves kills parasite eggs in the small intestine. fresh garlic, papaya, raw pumpkin seeds, thyme, sage, rosemary, grapefruit seed extract, undiluted cranberry juice. there's more but this should get you started with your own research. you have a computer, google & youtube are blessings! i hope this helps! it sure helped me.

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    HELLO! I GOT RID OF PINWORMS!!! i made an account to actually share my story and give hope to all of you who are going though this. I cried every single day because I hadto live with the problem for 4 months because I went through a couple doctors to approve albenza for me because reeses pinworm medicine did not work and FYI Mebendazole is not sold in the US anymore! So you must get albenza. A doctor told me that some patients take up to three rounds of albenza to get rid of the worms. I only needed two rounds (so at the end of october I took 400 mg of albenza/albendazole and then again in two weeks.... the worms didnt go away so in january I did it again my second time around and now ive been pinworm free for a month with no sign coming back. I highly reccomned you talk to your doctor and clean your house and bathroom and bed sheets every week or two especially when you first take the pills. I know all these sites are talking about how people have lived with pinwomrs for years and I think you must see a doctor. the strongest medicince in the US is albendazole and even then I needed to take the treatment twice. I cried because I felt that I couldnt continue seeing my new boyfriend anymore but now im perfectly happy with him and dont have to worry about those horrible pests. I was infested!!! the relief I found was getting clove oil and rubbing it on my anus before sleeping. It burned so much the first could times but they didnt come out at night to make me itchy! I stopped doing this while I was on the treatmemnet just to be sure and made sure to take a shower every morning. For inching relief I used hydroxzine my doc prescibed to me but it did make me a little drowsy in the morning so I reccomend you take it 2-3 hours before bed. I cut my nails and made my whole family do the same. They took reeses pinwomr medicince like the doctor instructed but none of my family had symptoms. I will warn that after the treatment, sometimes it might still feel like you have the worms and for me i thought I still had them after my two rounds of albenza because I would see dead worms in my toilet paper and felt a wringling feeling down there. So my  mom and I decided to test it out since sometimes i'd still feel itchy in that area. I made sure to wipe my butt very clean at night with baby wipes and see if it still itched in the morning, and it didnt! It was just the fact that I washed too much down there. I would say that also if you feel itchy in the day after washing your anal area in the morning it may just be irritation from washing too much like I did. There is hope and I promise you will get better. Just make sure you wash your hands and abide to all those CDC instructions, etc. I sort of became a clean freak after all of this always washing my hands and they got so dry so if you become like this I would use gloves so the constant washing wont always be necessary. also, face masks if youre doing laundry. DONT SHAKE THE BLANKETS AND CLOTHES. the eggs can become air borne. Dont let all these hopeless forums scare you. There is a cure and those natural remedies dont work. Trust me I wasted money on that crap. The wormwood, grapefruit extract, garlic pills, etc. Dont kill yourself with eating so much garlic either. It doesnt hurt to stop eating sweets and limiting meats to only chicken or none if possible and eating beans and eggs and veggies. Im clear and so can you. Dont despair and listen to these hopeless threads because it just made me more depressed that I should have. Im so glad I dont have them anymore. Take care and you will be cured. Take a paddle test and take it to the lab to be extra sure youre rid of them (for better results take it 3x) but I only needed it once and youll be ok. Chin up smile 
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      Hello. I am new to this site. I have had pinworm for about 2 months. I work as a school nurse in the US. I assume that is where I picked these up from. I am very frustrated as I just took another dose of Albenda 400mg and I still find worms in the morning and sometimes during the day. I have tried Reeses 3 times. It worked for 2 days then started again. I've taken Albenza 2 other times, same thing. Never seemed to work. I am cleaning and disinfecting, washing several times a day. What do I do? Doctors here act like they know nothing about Pinworm.

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      Did your worms come back are you still free . My daughter and son have them .my husband and I have no symptoms yet we still took the Reese's med . What med did you use brand name ? Reading all of the threads has me up all night and feeling hopeless for my children , dr didn't seem like it was a big deal . I'm going crazy and feel like I'm loosing my mind cleaning my house and doing laundry . Any reply would be great . Thank you for your post I feel some relief with dealing with this crap .

      Brianna smile

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    After 1 and a half years of hell with this there was only two things that worked besides the 91% alcohol spraying on myself for itching was "Selsun Blue Shampoo" the see through only from head to toe, be careful to use with care & something from Home Depot called "Organocide" it claims to be a pesticide but it organic of "fish oil & Sesame oil" it killed and cleaned with amusement, 1 quart gives 10,000 coverage of yard, I used it everywhere even inside my home floors and counters, I promised nothing else worked. Oh and noticed my cars steering wheel was reinfesting me over & over again, I had to change out to a clean new steering wheel also.

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      Order ivermectin and albenazole from Canada pharmacy on-line without a prescription after cleaning your home and yard out, take 3 mg For each 30 pounds of weight you have, is also safe for children over 2 years old, take a first dose to your weight then a mandatory second dose no later after 2 weeks to get the newly hatched eggs then do it once a month for a year if your older or heavily. Infested. God bless
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      Can you elaborate on 'my cars steering wheel was reinfesting me ...' - how could you possibly determine that?  Thanks.

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    Someone please help me... I've had pinworms for about three months now and I had told my parents about it and my mom bought me medicine from the store... but they've kept coming back!! They felt gone for a couple weeks and then they suddenly reappear. And believe me I disinfected everything and I took that medicine another two times in separate times and they were gone for about a month now and today they've returned and my mom thinks I'm disgusting because they keep returning but really I believe I got them from work where we use the public bathroom... but I'm scared to tell my mom partly cuz she'll call me nasty and because I don't think that medicine really works and I don't think she'll take me to the doctor either

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      Hi there,

      I have had pinworms.. The way I got rid of them finally was with Vaseline. I applied it all the time and especially after an itch. Also before going to sleep and waking up. I believe it catches the eggs and stops them spreading. I did that every day for two to three months (and carried on for a while even after no itching for weeks). It worked!! Also use after going to the loo...

      Best regards.

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