Threadworm/Pinworm Hell

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Greetings everyone. Sorry for the big post. I’m a 22 year old female who has been afflicted for about two months now.

I work where the only access to a toilet is a public toilet which is rarely cleaned often or well. Never having had threadworms prior to my job, I had to assume that that’s where I contracted them. When I broke out in a rash that would not budge around my perineum as well as noticing the presence of a constant itching feeling around my privates and anus and that I was waking regularly in the night, I did some research and finally noted the presence of threadworms. I swallowed my pride and told my parents (whom I live with), making sure everyone was medicated though no one but me seemed/seems to have any symptoms.

I cleaned everything I could, washing my hands and disinfecting to the point of making my hands a swollen red mess. After about five days of finding dead worms in my stool they seemed to die down. I fell sick. I took other medicine and became constipated. When I got better and my bowel movements became more regular I realised they had come back. I took a second dose of threadworm medicine combined with more cleaning, but the symptoms didn’t seem to change. I began taking the threadworm medicine at a faster pace with copious amounts of odourless garlic tablets hoping to break the cycle before it could start and for a little while they seemed to die down, but they became extremely prevalent around my vagina. Now they seem to be back in full force, around my anus, in my stool, in my vagina, possibly even in my bellybutton.

Living with my parents makes it impossible to change my bed sheets every day. With two other busy adults in the house, limited time and the workload of laundry already high from avoiding wearing possibly ‘infected’ clothing more than necessary – I wear two pairs of tight knickers daily with period pads and a fresh two nightly as well as different pairs of leggings and shirts in bed- it simply isn’t possible. Even taking them to a Laundromat is unfortunately out of the question for how far away we live. I was spraying my bed, pillows and some clothing with surface disinfectant then did so with diluted Dettol when buying brand sprays become too expensive, but research tells me this is basically pointless.

My parents have always had the belief that unless you’re dying, you don’t bother the doctor. The thought of contacting a GP over this makes me want to cry. Plus I’m aware that all they will do is ask me for a tape test, prescribe me with mebendazole (which I have probably made myself immune to) and reinforce that my cleaning isn’t enough. I can’t bear to be seen as unsanitary after the effort I’ve put myself through. I’ve always showered and or cleaned myself daily and have lately been deep cleaning carpets, wet-wiping surfaces every few hours and washing my hands even when there appears no reason to, which has lead others to believe I’m developing OCD.

Where I live pharmacies are limited (we have two, that’s all) and I’m scared to become known as the woman constantly buying threadworm tablets. We have no herbal stores. At the moment I am taking threadworm medicine as often as every two days with odourless garlic tablets every day. I tried to flush my system by eating as much fresh raw garlic as I could muster, which seemed to improve matters, but I was berated harshly for the smell given off until I couldn’t share a room even with family members. I’ve even taken to swabbing my anus and genitals with dry antibacterial hand gel every few hours in the hope that this will lessen their numbers.

Any advice anyone could give on ridding these horrible things I would appreciate highly, and if anyone could answer some of the following questions I’d be deeply grateful.

1.Is wearing the pads despite changing them regularly a hindrance to my recovery? I.e. will this only encourage the spread/propagation of worms?

2.Is it okay to use the same soap bar/shower pouf on infected areas? Are these items self-cleaning or will eggs stick to them and re-transfer?

3.Does using dry antibacterial gel work to prevent spread of threadworms?

4.Will spraying my sheets with antibacterial products make any difference given that I can’t wash them more than once every two weeks at most?

5.Can I make myself immune to threadworm vaccine? Even if I take different brands?

Thank you.

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    I am having it quiet for a while now. I want to propose something never mentioned before. It is tobacco. Shove it up your anus. A few while ago I saw some guy's comment saying 'I had it when I was young. My grandma found out that it was pinworm so she wrapped tobacco with cloth and shove it up my anus and the nex t day I was fine'. I tried it, but it kept falling off so I shoved just only tobacco up my anus. And I had a good night sleep. It is not the ultimate solution, but pinworm subsided I think. Just put a drop of water or two on tobacco to go easy on doing it.

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    hello i have been embaresed about this as you do when you have this problem i know i have them the docters did nothing but now i know i have them i can tell them and i can get that pripsen powder. im 13 ive had them for 7 years  or younger .im a clean person but ive caught my perants not washing their hands im embarresd to tell my mother but i could of got it from steak or anything im just saying your not alone tomorrow i will tell my mother about my problem. 


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    Does anyone on this post like in the US? I feel like I'm the only one in my country that deals with this

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    Hi, I have been dealing with a pinworm infection for about 3 weeks. I've been terribly ill after having the infection move to my lungs, nose and ears. I have used Vermox daily, also Pyrantel chocolate squares. After noticing white bits in the toilet I immediately took Vermox and washed everything in hot water. This has gone on now for the 3 weeks. Every day washing everything, letting sun dry then putting in dryer. Also everything gets wiped down with hot water and either disinfectant or Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. Still it persists and now my husband and father have them. I have immune issues so they may have given to me. Dr said I'm so badly infected due to immune system. I have taken Wormwood, Black Walnut, pineapple, probiotics, pumpkin seeds, papaya seeds, cloves, garlic, flaxseed oil, fennel, lots of fresh vege, No sugar, refined carbs, processed or packaged foods. I am at my wits end! I finally thought last night they'd settled. I was elated..tonight, worse than ever. Downstairs is driving me nuts. I've tried all the remedies short of setting myself on fire! They don't work. I am showering twice a day, wash after going to the toilet, clean my hands and nails, which I've cut short, and like I said clean everything. I'm to see an Infecious Disease Specialist but have been told today an appointment wont be available for maybe a couple of weeks as they only open Wednesday for half a day.  It's depressing. I've tried not using anything, got worse. Had stool tested and have had worms from my mouth sent away for testing. 

    I've honestly never had anything like this before. I suffer bad health issues which are debilitating,  but this is something's the worst thing I've ever experienced,  health wise.

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      Oh wow we’re in the same situation I too have numerous health issues and immune problomes and positive I have pinworms there in my ears causing bad itching up my nose itching there in  My mucous but the biggest issue is I have white cats so I have white hairs everywhere but after a year of watching hairs there’s a big difference the pinworms I see are short and move and seem to attach themselfs even to my cats hairs which cause their hairs to seem “alive” but if you roll the cat hair between your fingers the pinworms come off. Sound familiar 
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    i bought a microscope to learn what's going on. i have allot of kids. it is very difficult to rid kids of pinworms, however, for an adult it's easy. don't let them lay eggs. the worse the infection the more wide range of times they will lay. if it's not that bad they will generally only lay while you are asleep. they start to lay once they hit oxygen so when you wash, focus on your entire private area back and front, not only the anus. you'll want to use a mirror to find and catch a worm you feel before it is far enough out to lay. you can set an alarm at night 3:00 am and shower before the eggs dry out and fall into your sheets. they do not lay eggs inside you only outside in oxygen. if you wait till morning to shower. be ever so careful with your clothing. don't remove them until in the shower. the eggs actually go through the clothing but not too much of you don't move around much. any medicine you try that seems to work for a while but they come back has to be used every two weeks until there has been no occurrences for 8 weeks straight. you can also research UT therapy. one glass a day will treat and prevent further infection. give it a month to be fully effective cuz it seems to take care of the upper gut but not the lower so you have to go through a full cycle to be cleared. the most effective way for an adult is don't let them lay eggs. it's very hard not to reinfect once they have layed and the eggs have dried out. one more thing, carrot juice with garlic helps alot to lower the count to get to the point where you can prevent laying.

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    it would be difficult to get a bad pinworm infection from somewhere else. it's more likely if you have a bad infection, you got a minor infection from somewhere else then was reinfected from yourself being unaware of what's going on. at the least you need to shower first thing in the morning before anything else, any fast movements, don't even remove your clothes until you are standing in the shower. have your clothes bin next to the shower to prevent dropping eggs on the floor. don't use the toilet before your shower to prevent dropping eggs on the seat and floor. do not bath because the eggs will be all through the water and end up all over you. wash thoroughly with soap and water with your hands before using a rag to prevent infecting your rag. you want the eggs down the drain and no where else.

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    if you can, shower at 3:00 am before the eggs have a chance to mature and dry and spread, if you feel anything before falling asleep, wait for the itching to stop, and shower that area right away. once the worm has crawled out the anus itching stops and the worm can be washed away. it is good at holding on though so just rinsing won't due. if you wait to long after itching stops it may already have laid eggs and the Sara should be washed very thoroughly.

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    putting stuff on your anus to prevent them crawling out such as garlic etc will cause them to find another exit spreading them to other areas of the body. I don't think Vaseline prevents them from crawling out but i don't think it's good for your skin as often and as long as it would have to be used to be effective.

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    there are many natural remedies that will decrease the number of worms but won't completely eliminate them. they can be used to get them under control so you can get rid of them by preventing reinfection. you won't catch them from a public toilet if you are careful using it. don't touch any part of the toilet that you haven't washed yourself. put tissue down if you need to sit. use tissue to hit the flusher. wash the tap, then swag your hands. if the work toilet isn't clean, just clean it before you use it. someone has to do it.

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