Returning threadworms for years....

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HI, I've had treadworms for almost 5 years now! Ive been eating loads of Opex and Mebendazole. I tried the pumpkin seeds and eaten garlic every day for months...I've also gone up to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases In London to see a specialist for the last 8 months....All their treatment has not worked either. It always comes back! My husband or my two children have never had it and we dont have any pets....I keep a very clean house and im so careful with my hygiene...What can i do to get rid of these? Help Please.....Its driving me insane! 

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    Yes I hear you they will drive you insane! I developed anxiety something I had never experienced before. I to went to a tropical disease specialist, useless. When I told them the symptoms, they declared them "impossible".

    At this point I am sure you feeling you have tried everything and you at going to be stuck with them for the rest of your life. 

    Please do yourself a favour go and see a reputable kinesiologist/ chiro. Western medicine does not have all the answers.  In my case they were a god send. I left with answers and a plan, crying in the car on the way home with relief.

    Really what do you have to lose???

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      Hi, I haven't yet looked into that option....have you had a similar experience? Have you been cured or are you still suffering? 
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    What are your symptoms?
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      I have threadworms for sure as I've seen them in my stool sample and also when I get an itch I've used a mirror......I get them between weeks apart or up to two months apart....also done samples to GP and it's been confirmed. There is no doubt in my case of what it is!!
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    I think that if you have had them for 5 years that the rest of your family must also have them.  Lots of people do not experience the symptoms and can transfer eggs onto surfaces without knowing.  Are you taking their word for it or have you checked.  My husband swears blind that he does not have them but his clothes and especially underwear are covered in little white dots.

    The whole family needs to be treated but be careful taking to much ovex etc as they can cause liver damage.

    Good luck.

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      Hi, yes they have all been treated three times even though they have never had it. I would know for sure with my children if they had it and I do believe my hubby tells me the truth. It's really strange that's it is only me who gets it all the time, over and over again..
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    I dont mean to sound critical, but you would not necessarily know for sure if your kids have it as it is quite common to be infected yet symptom free. It also isn't a question of your husband telling you the truth or not, he may genuinely believe he is not infected as he may have no symptoms either. It is a real possibility you should not discount. Good luck!
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      Desiree, thanks for your message. Alla feedback is greatly appreciated. I thought if you have worms you would definitely know about it? So if you have them, don't they always come out at some stage? I thought they did.... 
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    The worms come out at night in the early hours to deposit their eggs, but not everyone is conscious of this and so may scratch even in your sleep without knowing, and if the eggs are microscopic can they not fall through the weave of the material so wearing tight fitting panties doesn't really help as much as we think.  Personally I have only ever seen one live female worm disappear down the loo squirming some time ago and I have had these for over 3 years.

    I am constantly aware of all over body itching which is absolutely terrible and has had a really regative affect upon my self esteem and the idea that there is nothing on the market that can guarantee total elimation is soul destroying.

    I have emailed the School of Parasitology to ask if there is any medication in the offing that can help all of the threadworm sufferers.

    When you think about the reason why we cannot get rid of these parasites, you don't know who has touched what.  When you are out shopping etc and you buy something to eat can you be sure that you are not infecting yourself from the wrappings etc of someone who has handled the item not knowing they are infected.  Where does it all end - if at all.   Soooooo frustrating.

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      The doctor up at Tropical hospital london are also baffled. He's told me they have given me all the medication they have for this issue. It makes me feel like crying. How can I always get it back.? Just me? Can it be, if you've had it once you are more susceptible to it? I'm surely are. Family has all taken medication on several occasions and washed, cleaned etc. but only me getting reinfected again. I've seen the worms almost every time I've had it, so there is not doubt.

      The lasts treatment was from the tropical d hospital, I ate one tablet ( the strongest one that have to offer me...) every days for 6 weeks.. And now after two months I've got it again........ Surely the worms can't still survive and appear again after so long? They says the life spam of a threadworm  is 5-6 weeks.I must be getting re infected again. But how?? 😞😞

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      Anna did you ever find anything to get rid of these Threadworms? I have tried everything holistic and pharmaceutical and can't rid myself of them.....ah!

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      Hi, sorry to say still suffering 8 years now...i can email you if you like with my story and what i have tried...
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      I have them once a year always in Autumn for the past 10 years, I have never infected anyone in my household just myself I get Ovex treat myself and family! Then they appear again the following year!😢 Have you found a cure yet Anna? I’m going to speak with my GP and see if their is anything that can get prescribed. 

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    I believe, from what I have gleened from the internet searches, that the cycle for threadworrms can be as long as 3-4 months.

    Diatomaceous earth is given to animals with parasite problems over a 13 week peiod so I suppose logically it could take as long if not longer than that.

    Having said that I couldn't take it for longer than 5 weeks as I had really bad skin reaction on my hands and they scabbed up and the skin cracked.

    Sorry to be so negative but when you google threadworms it is soul destroying to read that not many folks, if any at all, do actually have a positive result with chemical and herbal medication.  I have sort of resigned myself to the fact that I am in for the long haul if I can stand the irritation that long.


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