Advice needed....bad infestation!

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Hi. So glad I found this site! I responed to another thread (how much do I not want to hear that word!) but thought I'd start a fresh one to describe my situation (hell!) and seek advice

I teach so I tend to blame the kids for the infections. I've had threadworms twice in 4 years despite being very hygenic at school. Each time they took some shifting.

My latest infestation is terrible. It started 9 weeks ago (saw worm in anus) and then realised I have been showing other symptoms but hadn't put 2 and 2 together.

I took an Ovex tablet but because you then have to do a massive clean I then took some Ovex liquid formula a week later incase I inhaled eggs in dust. I took the second Ovex at the right time. Things improved.

Into the 3rd week I took another tablet (a right pill popper I am!) just to be safe. Could I have made myself immune to the tablets?

I didn't change my diet and continued to drink quite a bit of alcohol on nights out. Lo and behold they came back with a vengeance.

I had them in my vagina and intestines (very itchy bottom). I freaked and took Ovex. 4 days later it hadn't improved so I saw my Doctor and like a fool, broke down in tears at age 30!

She couldn't work out why Ovex wasn't doing the job so she assumed it was down to my hygene on some level. I said that it was always possible that I was inhaling the eggs when dusting/hoovering etc. What a farce.

She gave me Pripsen (powder sachet). This certainly calmed them and I started to pass them (dead) BUT all the while my vagina was very sore and the discharge (sorry for the detail but it may help others!!) was 'stringy, white and worm like'.

Yes I freaked. Unsure as to whether they were dead. I assumed that Pripsen was getting rid...doing it's job. I made massive change to diet - no wine/beer, chocolate, cheese, bread. Cut down on carbs. Stopped all processed food. Bought stuff from Holland and Barrett herbal shop.

All went well until... the mucus in my nose appeared white and stringy. The flaming things had entered my nasal passages. I don't know how. I'd read on the internet that it was possible (they NEVER say this on the treatment information leaflet!). I freaked. My nose was itchy. I tried nasal spray...this was hurting my nose as there wasn't actually anything wrong per se. I continued with the cleaning and swabbing of all bodily areas.

I took another Ovex a day earlier than recommended (I could tell they were alive in my gut) and sure enough started passing dead worms in stools. Freaked again. Seriously - at this point I thought I was going insane. Couldn't sleep. Felt weak. Spending an absolute fortune on cleaning products. Started to actually throw away clothes, knickers and duvets (see, insane!!)

Okay, let me end this essay...sorry. Basically, I have one Pripsen sachet left to take on Friday but I still have stringy mucus in nose. Vagina is showing 'worm' symptoms again ...and...they are coming out of my eye discharge (not kidding!). I have no idea if they are alive as they are soo small and stringy (like the nose). Worse when I wake up in the morning. I was getting more crusty sleep in the eyes...then I had a proper look...and got a hell of a shock. Nearly vomited even though they were tiny and dead.

I am in hell. I do not know how to kill them in these areas. The internet says it's possible for them to reach these regions but offers no solutions.

I'm eating soo much fruit but I read that this could encourage. I just don't know what to do for the best. I am exhausted - I can't sleep, have rings under eyes, my hands are soo sore and fingers look like I've been in the bath for a month. I won't have friends over and they have noticed 'I'm ill'. School starts tomorrow and I am dreading it.

Sorry for the ramblings but I wanted to be honest and give a complete picture!


Anyone ever had the discharge in the eyes, nose, vagina (sorry guys)

I am at my wits end and soo run down with all this.

Thanks for your time.

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    Its a real bitch that the subscriptions arn't working... I would say keep taking them anyway but seek other remedies. There are herbs you can take and i hear garlic is a really gd one to take. You dont need to stop drinking alchohol i shouldn't think... the toxins should help to kill them. Your not alone here i found out i have them tonight im going to seek a doctor tomorrow. Ive been working on a building site for a year so it think i caught these through dust or something. As for the worms coming out of other areas that is quite unusual but believable. I hear these worms cant live in any other area apart drom the colon and the anus for very long so i think those worms should die quite quickly if not already dead. Keep goin be patient. I'n the meantime try to stay relaxed about it. As discusing as they are they wont cause you any harm in the short term aslong as they dont stay in your sytem for years on end. You should be rid of them before that happens.

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    I've been suffering from this for 10 years. Every single doctor and my mother thinks I'm nuts.

    I had them in my ears several times.

    Here's advice: Use every drug available, including de-worming drugs for dogs. They work better than the human drugs and they wont hurt you.

    Prepare an enema every day. Boil garlic in mineral water then cool it. These things cant stand garlic.

    Make a juice out of carrot and garlic. Add as much garlic as you can stand. Take first thing in the morning with the drugs. Keep the pressure on.

    Never, ever eat sugar or starch, EVER. Drink as much water as you can stand.

    There are soloutions that you drink to promote the growth of healthy intestinal flora and fauna. Get it at your heath food store.

    Papaya extract (papain) and pineapple extract (bromlean) melt the skin off them.

    Tea made from pomagranate skins kills the eggs.

    If you can, consult an Asiatic doctor (chinese). They know the ancient wisdom on this stuff.

    No living thing goes thru it's entire life cycle alone. We are all God's creatures, and we are all mortal. God Bless You,


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    I am so glad I have found this forum. I am 40 and have suffered this on and off since I was 12! I haven't gone to my doctor as I am mortified. I just keep going to different chemists to buy the pills. They go away for a while. I've been clear for months at a time, then they come back. I am clean in myself and my home so don't understand why I can't get rid. In my teens I even took laxatives to dispel them. That was scary, seeing just how many of them came out! I have been married twice and yet my husbands have never known I have this. I am so ashamed. I am going to try the dog tablets if they are ok for humans.
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      it has nothing to to do with dirty or clean! Go to a dermatologist who is a parasitologist as well. You don't need to be ashamed they love this it's what they do!   Drs thought I was nuts  for months but I just kept going till I found one that listened!  You need someone familiar with parasites! He will tell you it's more common then you think! You can't go through life with these! Get the meds you need! These drs are a joke not believing people! They better start practicing real health care! The CDC told me that Fluke worms were from under cook crustations crabs, crawfish lobster! Praying everyone get deformed! Me included! 
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    I work with children and have recently noticed the signs of threadworms. I am very hygienic and am distraught that I have somehow caught them. I have told my partner, though it took me a few days before I could tell him what was bothering me. He's going to take pills with me, as they are easily spread from person to person and he could very well have them without noticing.

    I spotted one on the couch earlier (by spotted, I mean I was looking closely to see if I could find any) and it has freaked me out. I can't possibly wash all of my bedding, clothing, couch covers and cushion covers everyday!

    I am anxious to read that so many people are having a hard time getting rid of them and even when they do, there is a reoccurence.

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    Boil wash all fabric then dry then put in a freezer for 24 hours. Eat walnut tincture, grapefruit seed extract and a bulb of garlic a day.
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    One little question: How are you seeing them? Aren't they too small? I feel sometimes that I may have them due to an itchy anus, but I never see them...?
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      The eggs are microscopic. The worms aren't. I know


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    I think I've felt them in my ear lobes and around the base of my nose, presumably recently-hatched eggs.

    But while I poke them furiously when I feel one in my ear, or blow through my nose equally furiously, I'm not too bothered about actually identifying them visually. Just getting rid of the wretched eggs. What makes me especially mad is feeling them on my face sometimes. And I can't be sure it's not imagination or some small and less objectionable beastie.

    I've also woken up with a more caked matter in my eyes in the last few days, but didn't put it down to the worms, probably erroneously. It makes sense since I'm always poking my eyes.

    Worst of all is the washing in the mornings and at night, which take me an age. A shower would be a godsend.

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    No, Bev, the eggs are invisible, but the worms look like a piece of white, cotton thread with a kind of pinhead at the end.

    I read on here, they disappear pretty much as soon as the stools hit the water, but I saw one on a piece of toilet paper and a number of other dead ones in my stools, after taking an Ovex tablet.

    Sorry to be so blithe, but its pointless being squeamish about going into such details among ourselves, isn't it.

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    I don't know if I have Threadworms because the doctors here in the US are in total denial that anything like this could exist. I have had some kind of worm for more than a year. I am not sure when I may have been exposed but I am pretty sure my husband had them first.

    Last year when I first noticed that something was going on I thought I had Pinworms. I took over the counter worm medicine and tried to give myself an enema with cider vinegar. I noticed that my rectum was clogged with hardened eggs. Didn't think too much about why because I had not researched these worms yet. What happened later caused me so much pain that I thought I would not be able to stand it. They came out and clamped down on the skin along the crack of my buttocks and also laid eggs. When they were laying I could feel them flicking their tail. The skin in the areas that they laid eggs became slick and extremely painful and red. I was given the first dose of Mebendazole 1 pill 2 weeks apart. It did not get rid of the worms. Then I was given a pill 1 week apart for 3 weeks. This time the worms began leaving my skin. I thought that I would be rid of them for good but even after getting a colonoscopy they came back within 3 weeks.

    I tried to take over the counter Pinworm tablets when they became too bad. I was getting control finally in January of this year. I thought they were gone. Then my husband and I had sex and overnight they were back with a vengeance. I took Pinworm meds for three months. Overall during the year from the first time I discovered I had worms I have taken these meds 36 times. Finally decided I had to do something else. I took another enema this time with soda and salt. They went NUTS! again, this time they went all the way up to my tailbone.

    I decided to visit my doctor and did receive some help. A fecal test to do, negative results. Mebendazole again same first dose as before. It seemed to make them worse. My bottom was so painful I could not sleep, I was constantly trying to wash them off-they really attach themselves good when they are laying. It was so bad I could barely sit down. I tried to blow them off of my bottom with the shower spray and the jets of the hot tub with the temp at 104'. Don't do that because even though it does get rid of some eggs and worms from your skin it spreads the eggs in the air and some will land on your skin and attach. When you scratch them off they bleed like you've removed a tick. They also get in your ears and maybe even eyes. I have seen some eggs in my tissue after blowing my nose so I know I must have inhaled some too. As far as the vagina I have had them try to go there and lay eggs but I think I stopped them with a vinegar douche. They did not like the acid I think. Alcohol does not kill the worms or eggs, neither does bleach or any cleaning product we use. I have seen baby worms in underwear that were washed in hot water.

    I went back to the doctor with my totally raw bottom. This time I received a foam rectal treatment, and an itching,anxiety med and sleeping pills. The itch meds helped the most. The foam was a messy joke and if it killed anything it only did something in my rectum.

    My bottom was so bad I went to the ER for help. What a joke. They stood in a half circle and looked at my bottom. Then the ER doctor stuck an alcohol wipe dripping with alcohol up my bottom and pulled it out saying well I don't see anything. Burned for hours afterward. Regardless he did prescribe Alenzadole. I took it for 10 days. Still had worms. And the charges were over $2000.

    I am currently trying to find an infectious disease specialist who will treat me. The first one I tried required a fecal lab test showing there were worms in my stool. I have had two and this lab here cannot find any eggs or worms. It seems strange since when I sent in the sample I was positive that I saw worms in the stool. Needless to say this receptionist would not make an appointment for me with that do

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      I don't think there are any intestinal worms that can migrate through the skin other than some types of schistosomiasis, at least certainly not threadworms.

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      Wow.. Im going thru almost the same thing. I have seen them in my stool and i have white dried worm or fibers coming from my nose. I am from Mass. And have been to several Dr and e.r.'s even MGH who think im crazy. Have you found relief? Please feel freeto email me.

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      Hi there, 

      WOW!! I read your story and my heart just goes out to you... 

      I don't know if I have anything to say to you that's gonna help you but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in this... 

      I discovered that I had a pinworm infestation about a month or so ago.. Don't know where I got it from but my boyfriend is a school teacher and I suspect I got it from him although he says he's fine. 

      At the same time that I discovered I had the worms, through cleansing my nasal passages because like you, I had this weird white substance that kept coming from inside my nose.. It looked like a worm but didn't move.. At this point, I realize it was not worms but worm larvae... Once the worm infestation is allowed to go on for too long, they can and will migrate their eggs to your sinus cavity and other places.. as you said the eggs latch on and mine were coming through the soft skin inside my nose.. Whenever I would get a mirror and look while I irrigated my nose with hydrogen peroxide and sea salt, It made the larvae come out and it basically distroyed the larvae and worms on contact.. TRY THIS is really does work.. Hydrogen Peroxide and sea salt mixture in a nose syringe do this two times a day.. 

      I was seeing some progress after about a week or so of doing this but still the larvae or whatever it was continue to produce and come out of the soft tissue or inside of my nasal cavity.. I figured I had them in my upper sinuses and in my throat too and so I made sure to squirt the solution in one side of the nose and make sure it came out of my mouth.. this will kill those that hide in the back of your throat or sinuses... 

      After irrigating my nose for more than a week with this solution.. One evening I blew my nose and saw what looked like a very big worm.. The hydrogen peroxide had almost melted it but still I could tell it had no business coming out of my nose and appeared to be a big worm.. 

      A few days later, I went and got me some reese's pinworm medicine.. I took it and chased it with castor oil.. ( I had read somewhre that castor oil will make them lose their grip and you can expell them.. 


      This lasted every bit of about 4=5 days and I felt something else again.. I did Reese's again and this time It killed the larvae in my nose.. It just completely cleared up.. 

      I'm two weeks outside of that last treatment and yesterday I felt wigging again in my bottom.. It was a very light wiggliing though.. I'm not sure if t's worms but I bought more reees's pinworm meds.. Took it today with castor oil and it worked to clean me out really good however tonight I felt something moving again.. This tells me that I did not get them all.. 

      Tomorrow I will take Reese's pinworm meds on a EMPTY STOMACH.. to make sure that I get them all.. 

      I think the problem here with this pinworm infestation is NOT BEING ABLE TO KILL OFF THE EGGS.. Which from my understanding become airborne.. I'm thinking each time we pull our panties down to use the bathroom we become infected again.. either through the nose or the mouth,,. somehow these eggs are attaching themselves to us and getting back into our mouths.. thus our bodies... 

      My plan to handle that is from this point forward, I'm going to lubricate my panties with vaseline.. this will keep the eggs confined to my panties or stuck to my bottom and they cannot become airborne.. By doing this, I realize it may be another 2-3 weeks of dealing with another infestation as the eggs I have in me now will have hatched.. and this is what you need to take into consideration when doing your treatments.. EGGS.. are what keeps it coming back and so you must find a way to deal with those airborne eggs.. 

      I wonder if you have alot of them floating around your house and your vehicles too??? You should purchase a ionizer air purifier.. this helped me tremendously and I saw what looked like eggs of some sort almost sucked into the back of it but they got stuck on the outside.. 

      I was so unlucky that I became infested with pinworms and some sort of lice infestation at the same time which really had me believing they came from my boyfriend.. (School teacher).. 

      While I fight the pinworms I'm also fighting the mites too!! Now imagine that? The mites love to live in our noses too!! 

      I was wondering if you were also dealing with some sort of mite?? Some of the things you mentioned just doesn't sound like pinworms.. By no means do I attempt to  disregard your experience or disrespect you.. I'm praying you recieve what I'm saying in good spirit.. I was wondering if you had some sort of fungus??? and that can come from extreme cleaning of your bottom too much to the point tha you may have washed away the good bacteria.. When that happens you feel things crawling on your bottom but it's really CANDIDA OR SOME SORT OF FUNGUS... This may be why the docs can't find any worms too.. 

      Given everything you said you triedl those are the things available to us for this and they have  been proven to work and so I would say keep up the good work but figure out a way to deal with those eggs.. because it's not the mediine, its the fact that you keep ingesting eggs and we don't really have much out here that kills the eggs too... 

      It's so important that we take the medication at the right time.. just when the eggs hatch.. that's when you should be right there to kill them with the meds.. I read the eggs hatch about every week or every two weeks.. This is why when you take mefs and they don't seem to work is because you caught the eggs and not the actual worms.. before they hatched so a few days later or whatever there is movement again.. Well, if htey were still in the egg stage when you took meds then no, they will not appear to work however if you take meds just as eggs have hatched it will work to kill the new hatchinglings..l I've decided to take Reese's pinworm meds once a week every  week for about a month to start off.. 

      I have made great progress killing off the mites.. using cold airconditioner and washing bed linens every day.. and using sulphur on my skin and other products designed to kill them.. such as coconut oil and biofreeze menthol pain relief gel on my feet and bombing my home and using Borax 20 mule deteergent to mp my floors etc..etc... The mite population has drastically been decreased however, I believe thy are inhabiting my nose as well.. smdh.. 

      I don't know whats going on with this new mite infestations but these things are mutating and have turned into SUPER MITES who can jump in and out of your skin like lightening.. and they are becmoing immune to traditiional pesticides.. You must be willing to try whateer you think will work to decrease population becuase they just don't have anything available that kills them on the spot and stops them from reproducing.. it's all trial and error.. 

      Good luck to you.. I pray you find relief.. I just hope you never give up!! 

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      i know this is an old post bit i was wondering if you could tell me - did you dilute the hydrogen peroxide? I have been wiping my nose with a cotton bud with it neat and it's made my nose bleed!

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