Advice needed....bad infestation!

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Hi. So glad I found this site! I responed to another thread (how much do I not want to hear that word!) but thought I'd start a fresh one to describe my situation (hell!) and seek advice

I teach so I tend to blame the kids for the infections. I've had threadworms twice in 4 years despite being very hygenic at school. Each time they took some shifting.

My latest infestation is terrible. It started 9 weeks ago (saw worm in anus) and then realised I have been showing other symptoms but hadn't put 2 and 2 together.

I took an Ovex tablet but because you then have to do a massive clean I then took some Ovex liquid formula a week later incase I inhaled eggs in dust. I took the second Ovex at the right time. Things improved.

Into the 3rd week I took another tablet (a right pill popper I am!) just to be safe. Could I have made myself immune to the tablets?

I didn't change my diet and continued to drink quite a bit of alcohol on nights out. Lo and behold they came back with a vengeance.

I had them in my vagina and intestines (very itchy bottom). I freaked and took Ovex. 4 days later it hadn't improved so I saw my Doctor and like a fool, broke down in tears at age 30!

She couldn't work out why Ovex wasn't doing the job so she assumed it was down to my hygene on some level. I said that it was always possible that I was inhaling the eggs when dusting/hoovering etc. What a farce.

She gave me Pripsen (powder sachet). This certainly calmed them and I started to pass them (dead) BUT all the while my vagina was very sore and the discharge (sorry for the detail but it may help others!!) was 'stringy, white and worm like'.

Yes I freaked. Unsure as to whether they were dead. I assumed that Pripsen was getting rid...doing it's job. I made massive change to diet - no wine/beer, chocolate, cheese, bread. Cut down on carbs. Stopped all processed food. Bought stuff from Holland and Barrett herbal shop.

All went well until... the mucus in my nose appeared white and stringy. The flaming things had entered my nasal passages. I don't know how. I'd read on the internet that it was possible (they NEVER say this on the treatment information leaflet!). I freaked. My nose was itchy. I tried nasal spray...this was hurting my nose as there wasn't actually anything wrong per se. I continued with the cleaning and swabbing of all bodily areas.

I took another Ovex a day earlier than recommended (I could tell they were alive in my gut) and sure enough started passing dead worms in stools. Freaked again. Seriously - at this point I thought I was going insane. Couldn't sleep. Felt weak. Spending an absolute fortune on cleaning products. Started to actually throw away clothes, knickers and duvets (see, insane!!)

Okay, let me end this essay...sorry. Basically, I have one Pripsen sachet left to take on Friday but I still have stringy mucus in nose. Vagina is showing 'worm' symptoms again ...and...they are coming out of my eye discharge (not kidding!). I have no idea if they are alive as they are soo small and stringy (like the nose). Worse when I wake up in the morning. I was getting more crusty sleep in the eyes...then I had a proper look...and got a hell of a shock. Nearly vomited even though they were tiny and dead.

I am in hell. I do not know how to kill them in these areas. The internet says it's possible for them to reach these regions but offers no solutions.

I'm eating soo much fruit but I read that this could encourage. I just don't know what to do for the best. I am exhausted - I can't sleep, have rings under eyes, my hands are soo sore and fingers look like I've been in the bath for a month. I won't have friends over and they have noticed 'I'm ill'. School starts tomorrow and I am dreading it.

Sorry for the ramblings but I wanted to be honest and give a complete picture!


Anyone ever had the discharge in the eyes, nose, vagina (sorry guys)

I am at my wits end and soo run down with all this.

Thanks for your time.

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    To the woman who started the post did you ever get rid. And how ??? Same problem. Feel like killing my self it's depressing me that much

    Thank u

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    Perhaps I can give you some advice. I've had them badly too... I've coughed one up whilst running, I've had them in my nose and have even had them come out of my ears squashed on the end of cotton buds. Now the size of the worms I'm talking about were larger than threadworms, but they were still a form of roundworm. I have not had them officially diagnosed because although I gave some to my GP on the end of a cotton bud, the lab came back saying nothing found! I think what must have happened is that the damn thing must've dehydrated and moulded itself to the bud so it couldn't have been seen. I was shocked though because it was really quite big. Anyway piperazine (the powder) will only get rid of them in the bowel and it's not very thorough and I think it's only useful if you have absolutely masses of them just to clear sheer numbers (good for under 2s aswell and pregnat Mums). It paralyses them (so do the cloves in natural remedies) so that they can't make that 'S' shape and cling on to the sides of your bowel. Piperazine usually has a light laxative too so you can pass them faster. Mebendazole 100mg is the tablet widely available in the form of Pripsen and Ovex and is the only med that will kill them in the vagina, nose, ears etc... It is very attractive to the worms, they eat it and it stops them absorbing protein which they need to live on. Like the piperazine you must ALWAYS have a follow up treatment, Pripsen packets used say to take a repeat dose after 14 days (between the remaining eggs hatching and becoming of reproductive age) but given that in their ideal environment (your intestines) they can hatch within 4-5 hours, and in my experience, I would recommend sooner... 7-10 days. The trouble is you may still have eggs in your environment in the home for 2-3 weeks so I believe you should take a third dose after 14-21 days. Now the amount... the amount recommended for larger roundworm is 100mg twice daily for three days ... so we know this is safe. I follow that when I get any symptoms whatsoever. We don't absorb the mebendazole, they do! Mebendazole is perfectly safe to take in frequent doses, but the timing to clobber them at all lifescycle stages is important to rid yourself of them.

    My advice on herbs is don't take them. I'm sorry but I really do think this. They are too slow to work and the worms hate them and will try to migrate to other parts of the body to get away from them in the bowel, hence, your vagina, nose, ears etc become an attractive alternative. Tempt them with mebendazole nectar and kill!

    Btw they are far more prevalent in Winter than at any time of the year. Again don't know why but they are. So if you suspect you have them, have a pause and think what time of year it is!

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      Thank you so much for that information.. I had only tried the Rees'es pinworm meds with a lot of success but didn't get them all.. I was thinking of ordering the mebendazole or pripton powder but they don't sell that in the us anymore.. I can only get the ovex and so that is what I'm gonna do order that and take it as you suggested.. I'm having great results with everything I'm trying but hthis is the hardest thing ever to eliminate.. Sometimes I feel overwhemd but resolved to continue on and not give up.. 

      Btw, I also have some sort of mite infestation as well as the pinworm and so imagine how I feel.. Don't kow how I got either... I'm almost 50 years old and have never had to deal with anything like this but I found out most of us have some sort of mite living on our skin.. Mine because active when i started trying to kill the pinworms.. The mite populaton has decreased drastically due to me turning on my airconditioner and using a air purifyer and bathign daily sometimes twice daily and using differnt things on my skin,, It's all helping.. 

      Good luck to you.. I pray we are all able to successfully get rid of these thigs

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    Hi There People

    A little background, several years ago ( 10 plus )I got an itch round my anus, I did not know what it was and could not understand it, so I went to the Doctor.

    He then sent me to outpatients for a biopsy, these two junior Doctors were more interested in what they were going to do at the weekend than my problem.

    Consequently they took a small biopsy of the top of my leg [ near my anus, but not near enough ] as you can well imagine it came back negative.

    So that was that, I never put two and two together about the "coming out at night time" effect.

    Several years now went by.

    Anyway I saw a documentary on television related to this subject and thought "YES", I straight away went to my computer and came back with "Mebendazole" on advice from the Pharmacist,I took the course.

    I took two course's and I do not think it was doing any good, so next time I went in the the chemist the Manager was on duty and he told me to try "Ovex" 14 days apart etc.

    I purchased a 4 tablet pack and am now taking them every "SEVEN DAYS" I believe this does not give the little blighter's chance to recover.

    I have to say that the itching has not stopped but slowed down considerably.

    At the end of my fourth table I am going to get another 4 tablet pack.

    Just to re-enforce the full effect

    Sounds like I work for McNeil Products Ltd, the licence holder,but I don't.

    Apart from the itching the main thing that puzzles me is why the Health Authority does not address this problem, because I firmly believe it is more widespread than what is imagined.

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      you are right. Why isn't the health authorities addressing this issue? and why would they take the one of the main medications off the U.S. market? the Pripson powder?? We can't even get it and have to resort to the Ovex instead.. Also, for those of us without insurance who have pinworm infection.. We can forget it.. I went to the ER and the doc tried to prescribe me mebendazole I think it was and the prescription for 10 pills was 4,000 dollars!! Now who in the hell did that? The government is responsible for this bullcrap!! They aren't trying to discuss all these cases of infection and infestation.. the docs are ignorant to it and i don't know why.. It's leaving alot of people out here to deal with this alone feeling as if they are crazy.. I also wonder if this isn't some kind of test.. for warfare too.. 

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    I totally agree with you Tony. Ovex is the best and I had to take them weekly for 6 weeks until I felt better. How are things now?
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    Hi Carrie

    So glad to hear from a fellow sufferer,sorry but that is the English language for you.

    Anyway onwards and upwards

    Things have calmed down now ( at last ) so what I am doing now is as follows.

    I am taking one tablet every two to three days, i.e. last Wednesday > last Friday > last Monday > and today Wednesday and the last one will be this Saturday.

    I have read the covering guidelines and the way I am taking them there is no risk of overdose.

    Guess what I feel a whole lot better.

    Maybe we should start a club or coffee morning or glass of wine in a pub for all the people who who suffer with these problems and we could pass on tips etc to other people.

    Any suggestions ?

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    lol... Tony it has taken me so many years to even talk about them on this forum never mind in a club. I suppose it would be a good idea in theory to get together but unfortunately I don't live on the mainland UK any more so I probably wouldn't be able to drive to where you and possibly a lot of the other sufferers are so if you have any more tips please do let us know on here!! Let me know how you get on.
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    Toni from UK and Carrie 1 So glad you have good news to report. I think I have beaten them in my intestines although I still have some itching around my Anus. My biggest problem is that they got in my eyes and on my face. I have just about healed my face, killed the worms and gotten most of the eggs. I still have some at my hairline on each side. Difficult to get the eggs out of those areas with hair. I would like to try the Ovex but not sure where to get it here. They have some on Amazon but it is not made by the manufacturer you quoted. I think if I could take them and get rid of them in my eyes and ears I could finally be rid of them.
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      I'm sorry but either you're suffering from delusional parasitosis or a completely different parasite. Believe me, threadworms are NOT found anywhere near your face and cannot penetrate through the skin, however they can migrate from the anus to the vagina.

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    Yes apparently they don't sell it in the US anymore for some strange reason it has been discontinued (I am presuming you are from the US anon123. If you go onto Chemist direct. co. uk they sell it
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    Hi There Anon123

    First of all heres a link;

    As you can see it is Ebay in the UK

    This is Ebay in the US;

    BOTH HAVE OVEX, ( these are made by the manufacturer ) cheaper than Chemist Direct

    Now then may I be so bold as to give you some advice

    Before you go to bed either have a shower or wash your hands and face, then I would like you to put either some gloves on or mittens, preferably mittens that way it will hinder the scratching, and if you have more than one pair I would rotate them

    1 wearing

    2 in wash

    3 drying

    I firmly believe over time this will get rid of the problems in and around your eyes.

    The next thing on the agenda where do we have the club house and who is going to run the food section and who is going to run the booze section.

    We now need a member who has a helicopter, so they can fly Carrie1 in from her house.

    But seriously though I would not wish this problem on anybody

    Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the 2 eBay links as we cannot show links encouraging buying medication online. It is up to users if they want to search eBay for medicines.

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    Tony you are hilarious lol.... that really has made me laugh
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      I realize this thread is pretty old but I can relate to having parasites throughout their body especailly in your face and head. I have tried just about every medication out there and nothing I have taken is capable of getting absorbed into the blood stream and getting to the rest of my body. Desperate and with no help from my Dr I decided to try ivermetcin in the injectable form, while it stings like no other medication I have ever taken and its bruised the hell out of my stomach i defintely see the worms trying looking for a more hospitable enviornment

      If you can feel them crawling around your rear end buy some Noxzema, get a zip lock back turn it inside out, put your hand in the zip lock, put a generous amount on the zip lock and apply to your anus. If you can  get some up inside your anus as well and get it in all the creases around your private area. When your done turn the ziplock right side out, seal it shut and throw it away. Do this when you wake up, after a BM, shower and before you go to bed. This will stop the female from crawling out and laying her eggs.

      Ladys, its extemely important to get some around your private parts as sometimes the female worm gets confused and doesnt crawl back in the same place it crawled out of. Im sure for those of you that have had this happen can relate to how uncomfortable that can be.  

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      Albendazole will get worms in all parts of the body, it enters the bloodstream. You can get the suspension Valbazen, it's the same exact thing don't let the label scare you.
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      hi neighborI just wanted to say has anybody's thought about the genetic modified cotton because that's the same problem I have here in the United States that same crawly feeling I did some investigating my doctor thinks I'm crazy but I'm not it's in our cottons check are q-tips the Kotex all our underwear is everything made out of cotton they have these clear parasite worms grown out of it just take a look at your Q tips coming out of the q-tips if you hold it up to light I don't know how to get rid of them I'll tell you a website that will  explain it all Google fiber disease alert oh yeah they're heat-resistant you can't kill him in the dryer with bleach nothing only thing I found the kill them is a flame from a lighter
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      Robert21317. Man u put my problems that I'm having come to life!!!! that's exactly what I'm feeling like an going through.... and the only way to kill them is with a lighter...... it's a f****** nightmare you can see them but then again you can.... they are clear... and they like to swim in clothes any type of lint... they love to get in my socks and go around my toe nails and stuff

      .... I feel like they made a web around my face and my whole head... then when I pick a bump on my face, a white substance will come out and attached to my skin and that will hurt and burn until I pick it... I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but I wish and hope someone can help me... I'm getting skinnier and skinnier... I need help... damn they are in my eyes they are in my mouth... and I feel like that where it begins is on my head.. but it seems like they make a whole web around your body and head and you have to swipe yourself down with your hand for it to go away... but don't worry it will come back really really quick within 2.5 seconds... sometimes I feel like if you kill them you would fill a water bubble butts on you.. I don't know it's weird but I'm infested

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      Hey Keith I wish I knew what to tell you man but I kind of just learn to live with them because I can't kill them there airborne in our air and everything man I tried switching underwear to like polyester workout underwears and that still doesn't work I really wish I knew what to do to kill them besides burning them with a cigarette lighter I think its something to do with the government trying to kill and depopulate us I know it sounds crazy if you read that what I said the Google Fiber disease alert you'll see how they talk about they did a study in Europe or something and that same little clear worm ate up all the rats insides how true that is I don't know but I believe them about the cotton worm don't get all freaked out I learn not to freak myself out there's nothing I can do about it Keith believe me I was freaked out when I first learned about it if you figure something out how to kill them let me know
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      man this is b*******.... they got a cure for AIDS but not this s***??? Yeah they trying to take us out one by one.. Now I'm thinking or anybody else thinking, How long do we got to live??? Is truly we are just spreading it to our family friends .... Man I don't know what to do... Before I die though I will find out the cure.... Have you try lavender?? Anything with lavender un it... it seem to kill them only the ones that are hatched but we will always have the eggs in us for the further nightmare we're going through lol... man I am so lost right now... I know what you thinking right now... Laughing my ass off... You're thinking, What do i do not have sex anymore?? If I got it, you might as well have it too gurl.... lmao!!! Naw but do u feel web that goes around your body?? and look up scabbies... we might have that
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      HEy Keith and Robert. We FINALLY got rid of them. In addition to all the added hygiene crap we had to do (most read on this website...and you're right they can easily become airborne. (I also wash my pillow every other night and change my pillowcase everday with the rest of the bedding. Lysol has become my best friend. This is a copy of what I recently posted on this website to someone else...

      Combantrin taking a second dose after 2 weeks seems to work; along with the extra "regular" hygiene crap you can read on this site. IT will work. But, the one added thing I did was to wipe the toilet seat down before and after each use with rubbing alcohol and always used hand sanitizer after each use with scrubbing it under my nails as well. I also sprayed my door handles with Lysol all the time. Think that's it for the extra things I did not mentioned on this site. Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. I also know how it can be a long haul for all involved. Cheers!

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      I still think it's the same thing as the pinworms. Combantrin works. This is what I posted on the website earlier...we finally got rid of them...along with Lysol becoming my best friend...

      Combantrin taking a second dose after 2 weeks seems to work; along with the extra "regular" hygiene crap you can read on this site. IT will work. But, the one added thing I did was to wipe the toilet seat down before and after each use with rubbing alcohol and always used hand sanitizer after each use with scrubbing it under my nails as well. I also sprayed my door handles with Lysol all the time. Think that's it for the extra things I did not mentioned on this site. Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. I also know how it can be a long haul for all involved. Cheers!

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      Hi Keith did you really get rid of them things man cuz I don't believe there pinworms man I found them to be in the cotton the genetically modified Cotton but if you really did get rid of them good for you my brother because I sure didn't and I treated myself with all that kind of pinworm medicine stuff went to the doctors they think I'm crazy I don't mean to be nosy brother but what state are you in I'm in Tennessee Nashville myself everything that I've seen it looks a Clear String like I said if you look at a q-tip you'll see him sticking out the q-tip that's the same things will text back later gotta pick up my kids
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      I don't think there pin worms either! Robert Im from Pennsyvania and I have what in the picture! 

      I'm taking Ivermectin 3mg 6 tabs as one does then in two weeks 6 more!.

       Believe it paralyzes them and I've been passing them! Mine look like fluke worms and those things in the picture I investigated and majority says it the nest/egg with worms coming out! Doctors need to wake up!there is no blood work of biopsy that positively diagnoses parasitic worms!  Dr.c thought I was nuts too!

      you need a dermatologist who's familiar with parasites! 

      You can try your Sates Health department and tell them your passing worms! Then tell them there contagious ! Maybe they'll take you serious! I'm one week into my treatment and I feel sick and nauseous! Just want this OVER! 

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      if your on facebook check out "Worms in my face"
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      hope you all get a doctor to listen! I was ready to call "60 minutes" or dr Oz if  I didn't get a confirmation soon! Check out national Geographics clip on Fluke worms or blood worms not sure but it reminds me of the fighters/biters I have inside me! 

      I told the dr about the the cycle of sores,slime crust repeat in my head and about finding little while gooey some like things around the house! He said those were skin and I had a parasitic infestation and he "apologize for the rest of the medical community who probably made you feel nuts"! That's an understatement! 

      Theu do t like tea tree oil of bleach but I don't even like to instigate them. I return to dr when month is up and he says that should do it or may need two months! I HATE these things and want them gone'!! 

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      me83163: Can you describe the slime crust? I think I have the same thing as you describe.  No matter how much I wash, I can rub this gray slime off of anywhere on my body without any liquid or soap, just rub my fingers anywhere there's skin: face, ears, neck, buttocks, etc.  I also have nighttime itching / discomfort in the anus, but these days it's just WORSE at night, it goes on all day long all over my body: crawling, biting, itching sensations.  The gray goo I have all over my body has been there for years, and my symptoms have gotten way worse over the last year.

      I noticed that the clear thread-like things poking through my socks and other clothing seem to wiggle when you pull them out of your clothing.  They also seem to poke through every kind of fabric product you have: clothes, bedding, stuffed animals, furniture.  Sometimes when I touch a new towel, threads start to just pop out of the towel and you can see little tiny clear hair-thin worm looking things that are wiggling on their own.  I feel like I am losing it.

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      Baking soda bicarbonate soda bathe in it drink it wash clothes in it cheap and the only thing that kills them x it worse at night and in summer they like oil on our skin and get in ur pores. Make a network all over ur body getting in thru any scars.

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