Thread worms cleared after 5 years, now free of infestation for 3 year

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I am just writing to tell you my story. I suffered from major threadworm infections for 5 years, and have now been free of any infection for 3 years. Hopefully this might help someone.

My adult daughter and myself suffered from this. My daughter works with children and consequently suffered a few bouts that were resolved with Ovex, however we both ended up with an infestation that did not clear with Ovex, and the GP could not help us, even after several visits. This developed into a major infestation which neither of us could resolve. This was driving us both insane. We found a way, that I will not discuss or recommend to stop the infection, but could not stop re-infestation.

We believe my daughter’s case may have been eventually resolved after having General Anaesthetic for two unconnected operations over a short period of time (as when she came round the itching and wriggling had stopped). My daughter has over the last few years proven to have malabsorption to many medications somehow connected to EDS which also thought to have possible links to neurodiverse people. She now has to have antibiotics through IV in hospital if she has an infection of any type. Whilst this has no connection to thread worm it may be a reason for OVEX becoming ineffective for her. And it may be ineffective for other people for other reasons. I seem to also have malabsorption to a few medications.

My symptoms started off with itching around my back passage, which although was annoying causing a lack of sleep it was bearable. Every infestation got worse until the symptoms to my back passage were the least of my problems. I was getting itching and wriggling high up in my urinary system and around my vagina, in my ears, my nose – I often felt like I had and itchy web around my nose (nothing visible), I would wipe my nose and within a few seconds it would be back. I felt wriggling in my urinary tract, under the skin on my thighs and my abdomen, and I would get very sharp pains and cramps across my abdomen, a burning sensation in my vagina, and constipation. I then got two urinary infections on two different reoccurring infestations, and on one episode I got a chest infection. It was particularly unusual for me as I have been lucky enough never to have suffered anything through my life more than an occasional light cold, no infections or viruses. The infections were treated but no one would believe any of my other symptoms.

During this time I took all advice, I became exhausted through a lack of sleep and spending every waking hour cleaning, washing and taking every herbal medicine I could find. Even though I have a low sugar healthy diet, I tried many natural remedies and seeds. I was run so ragged with cleaning I finally used disposable sheets to change every day as I could not keep up with the washing. I believe you could eat a meal off any surface in the house.

Of course all tests came back negative, this is no surprise, samples are said to be positive on about 5% of tests. I finally got a referral to the Tropical medicine hospital in London (which I had to insist on), again tests came back negative. The consultant that I saw told me that it must be stress related, as my father had passed away during this period (my father was 95 years old, had a good life, but due to health problems his quality of life was non-existent, it was the right time for him), the same as the GP’s they assumed it must be psychological. I did not have a psychological problem. The consultant told me that the pains in my abdomen were probably due to dryness on the inside of my body, I would have thought if the inside of my body was that dry I would have serious health issues, how does dryness wriggle? Shortly after I found a message on this forum where he had told someone else exactly the same thing. I was desperate and appalled with the lack of help, and to be treated like a neurotic idiot, although he was very polite in his manner.

I was in a mess, I could not sit still for more than a few minutes day and night when I was re-infested, it was so bad I could not drive and I had to give up working. I would spend half the night in the bath to stop the burning, every infestation became worse. Re-infestations happened every 13 weeks like clockwork.

After 1 to 2 weeks getting rid of the infestation I would be able to continue my life as normal with no issues until the next infestation. How could something affect me psychologically every 13 weeks? I told the GP and consultant what I was taking to stop the infections, they both told me to stop without offering any help. I am shocked that they did not find it odd that I had not caused any damage to my body with the products I was taking, as someone else took a 20th of what I was taking and almost ended in A&E. I am not prone to taking meds, the only reason I found out about this method was in desperation on this focus group, I needed a way to attend my fathers funeral, so went ahead with the advice. I then found I had to take a little more with every infestation.

After 4 years I went to a 3rd GP as I wanted to stop the meds. I told him some of my more believable symptoms and told him that I got serious constipation (which would not budge with laxatives) with every infestation. This would only clear when the infestation cleared, he told me there was no way it was part of the same problem. And asked me to stop saying it as it was not connected. He told me he could refer me to a psychologist. I absolutely knew that the constipation has something to do with the infestations as it happened every time. This left me feeling totally helpless and angry, and that I had to stop mentioning my symptoms in order to not appear unbalanced.

I decided at this point that next time I had an infestation, I would get rid of the infestation, and then make sure I had a poo every day for 14 weeks what ever it took. Very often it took a few tablespoons of food grade caster oil (if you do this, follow the instructions on the Caster oil bottle, I started with a teaspoon).

After 13 weeks I waited for the next infection and it did not happen.

I recently found information where a really heavy infestation can cause a blockage in the large intestine.

I am sure this may not help most people, but hopefully may help someone.

The reason I feel it is difficult to get knowledgeable help for continuous thread worm is due to the embarrassment surrounding the issue. It would be really good if we were able to do an anonymous petition, as it can destroy lives and is very isolating due to its nature (I have read many desperate posts on this forum), but that is not the way petitions work.

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    I am so desperate for help as most of this rings true for me but I cannot rid myself of them whatsoever, I have suffered for years since being a baby. Please could you tell me how you treat the infection, I know you have said you do not want to discuss that on here but if you could please private message me, I really am desperate and I really have tried everything! I really would appreciate this, Thank you

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    can I ask are you still free from this ?

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