Signs you might not have threadworms

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I thought I had threadworms 3 times, and I spent several months of my life going crazy trying to get rid of them. It turns out I was actually making the problem worse, and I'm so glad I found out the real cause, because otherwise I could have carried on that way forever. Here are some things I learned that I think are worth sharing, so hopefully other people don't go through the same thing I did.

Signs you might not have threadworms:

1) You feel them crawling during the day and not just at night.

2) Other people in your family don't catch them or don't feel them.

3) You have repeatedly taken the medication and been through the hygiene measures and it seems to have little or no effect.

4) You have not actually seen a definitive living threadworm, and you have tried doing tape tests, for example even right after you feel them crawling.

In my case, the cause of the crawling feeling was actually overwashing. I expect this is common problem in association with threadworms. See, I did originally have a threadworm infection (a year and a half earlier), and that made me become obsessive about washing my bottom. After reading the horror stories here, I wanted to make sure I completely got rid of them. I would spend at least a couple of minutes just washing around my anus to make sure no threadworm eggs got left behind. It turns out that washing so thoroughly, with soap, makes the skin in this area super-sensitive, and it starts tickling occasionally for no reason. And that tickling feels EXACTLY like threadworms. I swear it is indistinguishable.

A conversation I had with my mum, when I still thought I had threadworms and she suggested that it might just an itch. I responded with: "It's not an itch, I can feel it crawling out and across my skin. I KNOW what threadworms feel like. I first found out I had them BECAUSE I could feel them, it was only afterwards that I saw one. I've never had that feeling before then, ever in my life. So I know this is them again, because there's nothing else that would cause a sensation like that."

Turns out I was wrong! It honestly can feel like they are crawling 'out and across your skin' even when they are not.

Other thoughts:

* All the scientific studies say that threadworms come out only at night, e.g. after 9 pm. I believe this is correct.

* A few people have asked how quickly mebendazole works, and how effective it is. I don't know for definite, but I personally believe it kills worms quickly (within 5 days), and is probably close to 100% effective. This is because my own feelings of having worms changed from nighttime-only to daytime within a few days, and so I think it is quite common for the over-sensitive skin thing to kick in quickly once you start washing to get rid of the threadworms.

What I would do if I ever thought I had threadworms again:

1) take the mebendazole once a week for a few weeks (6 at maximum)

2) make sure I don't wash too thoroughly after the first few weeks, and get an emollient-based soap-substitute (available from a pharmacist, usually used for eczema).

3) go and see a doctor if it didn't go away.

My problem went away within a couple of days after I stopped over-washing.

I hope this helps other people, and if it does, please, PLEASE come back and post to say so. Or if it doesn't work, or you disagree with me, or you don't believe me, you're welcome to post that too. I feel like this forum has become over-run with scare stories and unhelpful advice, and nobody seems aware of other possible causes for threadworm-like symptoms.

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    I've wondered if you have them forever then you can pass then to someone is your dating. I'm worried. I've taken Medicine again and wormwood twice a week and nothing due few weeks. Think they're gone bit how do I know because this gp says you have then for life. I can never be with someone ever freon what he says
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      I had them really bad two years ago. Got medicine they cane back with vengence. Got medicine again. Still there. Went to another doctor he didn't believe me for medicine again stayed taking wormwood parasite stiff did colon cleanse. This year almost gone but took a lot of wormwood wad tired of feeling then. Tired of doctors. One didn't believe me so anyway. One more doctor and wormwood twice week 6 pills. Finally I believe they're gone omg. Still cleaning excessively but the gp on here days you can't hey rid of them ever. I'm worried I don't want to pass then on even though now I don't feel them so not sure what to do
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      I'm confused... I kinda feel like you didn't read what I wrote! You say that you're still 'cleaning excessively' and that your GPs don't believe you have them; the whole point of my story is that the cleaning can actually cause a feeling that is exactly like threadworms, but isn't. The solution is to stop washing yourself so excessively. What has made you think you have them - was it just the feeling?

      Either way, you said it seems better at the moment, so I hope that has continued to the be the case.

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      Well have to tell you if you go to the wrong GPS or whatever one said I never had them. uh I beg the differ. he thought I just had a twitch so he was full of himself. I went back to the doctors who believed me. it's something you can't prove. you just know. I'm still cleaning; because I just do. there afte other germs you can get sick from from letting your house get dirty- Good Luck.
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      didn't mean to sound rude there. 2 years ago I worked in a daycare- actually saw one felt them and took several parasite cleansers back to Back to stop feeling them. doctors medicine worked but 1stv doctor forgot refill so they cane back stronger but but but they're gone afterseveral ok 3 doctor visits abs a year in cleanses and another doctor after a year and more liver\colon cleanse. Good lord much prayer.....the gp on here said that you never you know I'm just glad I'm done. yes yes yes
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      I'm so happy to be reading this. I have spent a half of a year in my Apt cleaning from 7am til 12pm. I feel itchy constantly have never seen any except creepy fuzz balls with shiny threads all over clothes even when washed twice. Im beginning to think my future is quite grimm. I shower 2xs and vacuum during the day, laundry everyday & spent a lot of money on chemical that have made me sick. I pray that you are right. Did you start with any specific lotions or even anything?

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      lesly13 - I'm glad this was helpful to you!

      For my part, I didn't end up using any lotions on my bottom, I just stopped washing it like crazy - of course I do still wash, but not for a full 2 minutes, every morning. As soon as I did that, the itchiness decreased. But if it happens that you would prefer to continue washing yourself a lot, then I would say use a moisturiser, any one that you like. I noticed just now someone else here used vaseline on her anus and said that solved it for her.

      If you've tried this and found that your threadworms and itchiness have cleared - please do report back to give hope to others smile

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    I just wanted to check in and say, 6 months later on, I'm still clear. So yes you can definitely suffer threadworms once (I did) and go on to beat them. 

    I do hope my information has helped some people beacuse it seems like a lot of people are struggling with threadworm infections they find impossible to get rid of, and I think at least some might be in the same situation that I was, in that the problem isn’t threadworms any more, it’s overwashing. If anyone has found this useful please do post to say so, so that other people will be more likely to see it.

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      Also, mine were also vaginal and bladder/urethra. Various credible sites can confirm the actual findings on these cases.
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      I read your message and am happy for you. But, in my husband's case, he sees the worms daily and nightly. We have tried Rx, OTC and herbs, nothing at all is working. He has now eliminated all refined sugar, alcohol, etc. and nothing is working. He cannot do DE because he suffers from PKD which is a kidney disease. This really limits anyone that gets pinworms. We are looking for a solution. Here is everything we have done so far:

      Reeses ($120.00)

      Albenza ($400.00)

      Colon cleanses for parasites ($200.00)

      Now Green Walnut/Wormwood extract ($130.00)


      Boiling clothing

      It is getting frustrating and ridiculous. I am not infected for some reason. I take all the same meds and herbs, but I have never had a sympton. I am open to suggestions, but we do have the added situation of his having a serious kidney disease, which limits treatment. I recently was in a message forum where a woman was talking about killing herself because of it. I can only hope she was joking. We are talking about a specialist, but you need to be referred first and our GP thinks that the meds should be working. Albenza is very expensive. In the USA they have discontinued Vermox and Pipsen, so that is out.

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      Hi, did you rid yourself of these worms? How did you know you had them in more parts?
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      what were your symptoms if having the worms in your vagina and bladder? how did you treat it?

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    I only disagree with one comment: the doctor is wrong about them only coming out after 9 pm. Mine were active at approximately 6 pm and it was dark, and I wasn't in bed. Is it possible that your doctor meant "usually?"
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      I actually said 'for example after 9pm', not ‘only after 9pm'. If you were experiencing activity starting clearly at 6pm then I agree that indicates threadworms. In my case (after the initial threadworm infection ended) I was feeling activity all throughout the day, with no particular increase in the evening, so I believe this is a good indicator for the point at which you no longer have threadworms.
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      I do apologize for my confusion on your statement. I was still frustrated with this whole situation, especially with my experience with DOCTORS. I personally know for myself that yes, if they start anytime in the dark or even if sitting for a couple of hours where your bum is shielded from the light, they may start up then too. I Did take absolutely into account what you said about the itching due to over washing, so I added a canestin/cortisone cream both on my anus and somewhat inside to calm things down. I was sooo glad you shared that overwashing bit. I also added pureed garlic on those same areas to scare them away. I've lost sooooo much weight from this experience. Sigh.

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