Distal femoral varus osteotomy

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I had this surgery done 5 weeks ago yesterday and last couple days my knee feels in flamed and also since the surgery the right side of my knee is numb. Has anyone had this problem before with this surgery?

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    Hi, don't know about the inflammation but may have that checked out in case of infection. Right knee? Numbness on outside of incision is pretty normal from all the nerves that were cut. I had my left knee PKR two years ago and that outside area still is not completely back to normal. The  four month old is still very numb. Part of the game. 
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    You are still early days and the medical team should told you what to expect.  Remember that you have had a bone in your leg court out and a piece of metal in its place.  Any normal bone break would take 6 weeks to heal.  It will take some time to go down and a long time after that before you feel that you have your own leg back.  Anaesthetics need to leave your system, the bones need to knit as do the nerves (they will take much longer). At this stage if you are worried you are entitled to speak to your surgeon/consultant. Hue they will just tell you it is. To sleep, and they will be correct.  Lots of patience is needed as well as a will to work through the pain (but not the agony, when you reach that, stop). You are going to have up days and down days and everything in between. Take your pain meds and sleeping meds regularly, not just when you think you need them! That way you will avoid the peaks and troughs.  Keep positive and treat your pain as healing pain.  At the very minimum you are looking at 6 months, but realistically you are looking at a year before feeling normal and pain free.
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    After 12 weeks the left side of my knee is still numb in places. Doc says its because they cut some of the nerves during surgery. May last 6 months. Sometimes my knee burns too.it's because of the stretching of the skin. Feels like a sunburn to the touch. It will all go away eventually. Try to be patient. Recovery is a lengthy process. I know it can be depressing at times. As they say time heals all wounds. We will be laughing at this next year .

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    i had bilateral tkr's 7 months ago.  Both knees have numbness still and surgeon said it is most likely permanent.  It's a really strange feeling.  If I accidently bump a knee it doesn't hurt as such, just buzzes like its asleep.  I recovered quite quickly from the operation but am still getting pain but I think that's my fault.  I don't walk at all much, just around my unit or a grocery store sometimes.  If I have to stand for too long they ache, if I have them bent from sitting too long, they ache.  Still have swelling but I can bend and straighten.  Once I left hospital, I had no follow up physio.  They said I didn't need it. 

    I suffer from from depression and part of that is I don't leave home much but my knees are only adding to the problem.   I'm a great actress and to anyone else, I'm getting on marvelessly.  Family and doctors.  I read this forum and it helps make me feel less alone.  I feel I don't deserve these new knees because I don't make the most of them.   It's a vicious circle.

    See,  even now, I'm supposed to be advising you on the numbness but I've made it all about me.  

    I hope you you get on great with your new knee and appreciate it.  Don't be like me, make the most of it.

    sue x


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      Depression is insidious, it creeps in and before you know it, it is all encompassing.  Are you taking anything for it?  Over the years I have dipped down to the depths to the point that you think "what is the point"? That's when I get out the patchouli, neroli, rose, yang ylang, geranium and lavender oils and the smelly candles. something in every room and just deep breath whilst listening to music (I even have a playlist just for that).  At some point that dark cloud will lift.  

      You say you don't get out much, can I ask why, do you live in a city or are you rural? House or apartment?

      The buzzing you are experiencing are the nerve ends complaining, but you sound as if you have a handle on your knee issues.  You most probably had your hard hat on when you left hospital and they assumed you were ok and knew what you were doing!!! It is not too late to go for check ups or physio. just because they say you don't need it sometimes it is nice just to know you are doing everything right. 

      If you hadn't got new knees, you might have become wheelchair bound, that would have been worse for you.  You do deserve your knees. If you are in pain still ask your doctor for an appointment for the pain management course; you get access to all sorts of treatment, even a psychiatrist. Not to deem you crazy or anything, but just to talk, they go through everything that is on your mind, stressing you out, you can be as rambling as you like.  They just put everything in order for you (well they should anyway)

      Summer is on its way, the sun would be shining.  Raise your face to the sun, put weight on your knee and face the world.  

      Wishing you well


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      Hi Sueisobel,

      thank you for your advice and taking the time to message me.

      i think only someone that has suffered from depression can understand it.  I don't want to go into what causes mine too much because this isn't the right forum.  I will share that I have battled depression for 40yrs off and on.  It's mainly due to childhood events, abuse etc.  latter years, a divorce after 30yrs of marriage and an assault have affected me greatly.  I don't like leaving my unit because I don't like people much.  They've  let me down badly and I don't trust anyone anymore.  I only leave my unit, which is up 14 steps, to visit my daughter every few weeks when I babysit or to go to the supermarket once a week.  Also doctors and psychiatrist visits.  Psych has said I'm suffering from " borderline personality disorder".  I see him monthly and have done so for the last couple of years.  I used my knees being worn out as an excuse as to why I wasn't getting out.  Now I have my new knees, I don't have that excuse anymore.  I think of how I don't use them and I feel extra bad that I've not made the most of them.  I have other health problems . Mainly, bad circulation from blood clots.  In my head I'm nearly 60 going on 30 but my body is as bad as an 80yr old, that's how I feel anyway.

      this forum is great to read.  Kind of makes me feel like a member of a special club. 

      Thanks  again

      Sue xx


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